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Diana didn’t leave on the best of terms, but it happened because she’d found a better-paying job, not because I had her removed from the building. I can’t imagine where this came from, but I can assure you that Diana resigned voluntarily when she found another job, and we certainly never had her removed from the building! During that time, a coworker with whom I’d collaborated closely left for another job. I also have an MBA, a master’s in Policy and a BA.

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It’s possible that your former coworker has blacklisted you, but it’s more likely that you simply didn’t get contact for the same reason that the majority of job seekers don’t hear back from a single given company — they have tons of qualified candidate and are only going to interview a few of them. I’ve been in my current job at a university for about 13 years. Last year my position was RIF-ed to half time due to underutilization.

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