Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

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The search for jobs can be quite the daunting task for new graduates. Today’s job market is perhaps the toughest that a college graduate has ever encountered. You can make your job search easier by beefing up your resourcefulness. If you’re determined to get a job that you will like, then nothing will stop you from getting what you want. Try these job search tips in order to make the most of your employment opportunities.

Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

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Although recent graduates haven’t been leaving their colleges and universities with optimistic predictions about finding the jobs of their dreams, the current situation on the job market looks promising. Related: 6 Job Search Tips For New Graduates.

6 Ways Recent Graduates Can Stand Out As Professionals

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So, you are a recent college graduate. You keep hearing about the lack of available jobs and that recent graduates are taking jobs that do not require a degree. Yes, this does not make you feel good about starting a job search.

Four Invaluable Tips to Job Search Less And Interview More


Just how tiring is to have to start all over again and dive into the atrocious process that is job searching and interviews? It’s never just about job hunting. With them, get in touch with other job-seekers or even companies themselves.

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4 Sites Recent Graduates Can Use To Find A Job - BLOG.


How do you find that dream job? Unfortunately, unless you attend a career school you won’t have much help finding a job. Luckily, we have the Internet and advanced technology to help us accomplish the most important step of finding a job.

How to beat the stats and land a job – 10 top tips from a recent graduate

Mildred Talabi

Following on from last week’s post on why graduates should ditch graduate schemes in favour of more attainable options, this week I’ve invited Amy Burton, a recent graduate, to share the secrets and strategies that helped her to land her first job – just one month after graduating.

How to Feel Empowered Throughout Your Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

In my recent post, I discussed the relative complexity, confusion, and uncertainty of life after college. Much of this uncertainty stems from the inevitable career search, that hunt for stability and purpose. But job searches aren’t just for recent graduates.

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Annoucing Ms. Career Girl's Job Search Boot Camp!

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl’s Job Search Boot Camp! I’m writing a pretty cool job search guide for college seniors and recent graduates. Many of you make the same mistakes when it comes to executing your job search.

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How current is that job search advice? | Beware the dinosaur.

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I recently worked with a soon-to-gradate, elementary school teacher. When working with students, I’m careful to explain my approach to resume creation and the reality of Job Search 2012. It is as old as dinosaurs and ineffective in a 2012 job search.

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6 Job Search Tips For New Graduates

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Quite often graduates end up in a job that is well below their qualifications, become unhappy, and question their competence. Job Search Tips For New Graduates. Here are a few job search tips for new graduates that could give your efforts a boost: 1.

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11 New Websites for Your Job Search

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If you’re entering the job market for the first time or haven’t searched for a new job in the last three years, you’re in for a shock over how the process works—and how it has changed in a relatively short period of time. Job search 1.0 = help wanted ads in newspapers.

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How current is that job search advice? | Responding to the dinosaurs.

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Yesterday, I shared a university career center assessment of a cutting-edge, targeted, focused, differentiating career-marketing document I created for a soon-to-graduate student client. Listen to the specialized, customized-for-you-and-your-search information provided.

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4 Steps to Prepare for your Job Search while you’re Still in College

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As many recent graduates will tell you, it's tough out there right now for your age group in the job market. Full-time jobs with benefits are very hard to come by, and most recent graduates will go several months to several years after graduating without ever finding a good job that fits them. Here are some tips: College Grads College Job Search

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A Teacher’s Perspective: Career Advice I Wish I Would Have Followed

Ms. Career Girl

Although I enjoy my job as a teacher, sometimes I wonder what else I could have done with my life. If the job posting says “no office visits or phone calls, please,” visit the office and call them on the phone.

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4 Essential Job Search 2.0 Tips for New Grads

Resume Bear

Entering the job market after college can be an incredibly stressful process, but it’s also equally exciting. Here are some job search tips that are applicable to job seekers at any stage but especially designed for the recent graduate.

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Resumes for Recent College Graduates

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This is a question asked thousands of times every year across the country: “How do I put together a great resume when I’ve only just graduated from college?”

Using HootSuite for the Job Search

Corn on the Job

Emmelie De La Cruz, Founder of The Branding Muse , is the go-to expert for college students and young professionals who want to take control of their personal brand and thrive in the competitive job market. They also found that about 80% of available jobs are never advertised.

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Recruit Your Friends to Help With Your Job Search

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If you on the verge of graduation or have just recently graduated, then a job search is on the horizon. However, entry level jobs and college graduate jobs aren’t easy to come by, especially in today’s unstable economy. Good luck in your search.

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5 Ways To Conquer The Anxiety Of Your First Job Search

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5 Ways To Conquer The Anxiety Of Your First Job Search. College graduation leads to a bevy of complex emotions. Related: 6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search. Delving into your first job search can be a daunting task.

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You don’t know if you don’t ask: Part 2, The Strategy

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Last week, I shared a client story about a young job seeker attempting to launch his career in the oil and gas industry using his geology degree. But, here’s what flattery looks like in a “buyer-driven”, “it’s all about them”, job market: He didn’t ask for a job.

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20 Job Search Tips for 2012 College Graduates

Corn on the Job

The day was March 15, 2005, my college graduation day. For many, graduation signals a new life. For most (if not all) it’s the official birth of a professional — but only after they do land that first job. Focus your search on one or two specific areas.

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Focus: A powerful element in job search

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He was calling to tell me he’d landed a job, in his target field, and started Monday – after only a month of searching with his new and improved resume. He networked, aced the interview, and starts his new job Monday. A job seeker is wise to follow that same plan.

Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses!

Career Alley

So, not much to say in today’s post other than I hope you enjoy the following job search resources. – This site is an online job application resource site. On the left hand side of the site is a listing of job categories.

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Definition of Job Search Insanity

Career Rocketeer

Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps As I watched this movie on HBO today it got me thinking how this applies as much to college grads looking to get started in the job market as it does to the Bulls and the Bears looking to make a killing in the stock market. “What is the definition of insanity?

#1 Thing ALL Recent Grads Need To Know Going Into The Workforce

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#1 Thing ALL Recent Grads Need To Know Going Into The Workforce. The time has come,” the walrus said, “to get a job.” But if they’re prepared, new graduates can make that transition a little easier for themselves. So, what do recent grads need to know going into the workforce?

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Preparing for your Job Search while you’re Still in College

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As many recent graduates will tell you, it’s tough out there right now for your age group in the job market. Many students complain that their respective schools did not help them find employment upon graduation. Good luck in your search.

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College

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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College. Full disclosure: I graduated college a LONG time ago. Related: 5 Tips For Recent Grads Entering The Workforce. My first job as a teacher in a rural school district in Virginia paid me $5,800 a year…that’s right, a YEAR!

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You don’t know if you don’t ask: Part 1, The story

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He traveled a non-traditional path toward graduation, taking almost 10 years to complete his degree. Two weeks after finally graduating, a close family member received a terminal diagnosis. Now, two years beyond graduation, he felt behind the curve because of the choices he’d made.

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The Best Time To Look For A Job After College

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The Best Time To Look For A Job After College. Congratulations on graduating from college! Now it’s time for the hard part: finding a job. But when’s the best time to look for a job after college? When should you start looking for a job?

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Secret strategies for your executive job search…with Simon Gray [PODCAST – EP19]

Mildred Talabi

My guest on Episode 19 of The Science of Successful Job Hunting is a highly experienced executive recruiter, the founder and director of Career Codex , and the author of two popular books on job search strategies. I am an employed adult looking for a job.

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7 Common Job Hunting Mistakes Students Make

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It’s because job hunting is complicated, especially for those who are entering a new field as newly graduated professionals. Related: 11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads. Not tailoring cover letters and resumes to the job listing. Graduating?

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3 Ways To Avoid A Minimum Wage Job After College

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Recently, an alarming article came out on Bloomberg , which addressed the increasing amount of ‘underemployed’ college graduates. They quoted a study that showed 44% of Americans ages 22 to 27 with a bachelor’s degree now work a job that doesn’t require their level of education.

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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College

Career Realism

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College. Full disclosure: I graduated college a LONG time ago. Related: 5 Tips For Recent Grads Entering The Workforce. My first job as a teacher in a rural school district in Virginia paid me $5,800 a year…that’s right, a YEAR!

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Your College Degree Doesn’t Matter To Employers – Here’s Why.

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Here’s why… While they are required in certain fields, college degrees have become sort of a prerequisite for jobs. As a result, there’s a LOT of competition out there when it comes to finding your first job after college. So, your shiny college degree doesn’t set you apart from the thousands of other graduates just like you. O’Donnell, your aptitude and personality can really help to set you apart from all of these other recent grads.

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How to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Search

The Undercover Recruiter

If you are ready to begin the search for a great job, chances are you have a lot on your mind! More and more potential employers are turning to social networks to check up on prospective employees, and what you’ve got online could determine whether or not you land the job!

Poll: Do You Use Social Media In Your Job Search?

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According to this this article , social media plays a huge role in today’s job search. Recent graduates “will meet a job market in which 89 percent of companies recruit at least some of their employees online,” the article states. Job Search career

10 Advantages Of A Graduate Job At An SME

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10 Advantages Of A Graduate Job At An SME. Are you already feeling like you’ve missed out on the top graduate jobs and big graduate schemes? Related: How To Get A Graduate Job After College. CAREEREALISM.

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Being a Manager Sucks - BLOG - Career Advice Blog.


You realize you still need to do your old job too. If you ask enough times, many employers will give you the manager job you desire. The problem is there is often no one to step in to do your old job.

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What I Wish I Knew…. about the real world in college


Taking a look back when I first started college, I wish I had known what I knew today about the job search. Unfortunately, the recession happened, and the veterans in the job world were taking all the entry-level jobs. Here I was, happy about graduating, but depressed about finding a job. I have talked with several students that have recently graduated or who are about to graduate and they are all in the same boat.

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Is Vlogging Becoming The Latest Career Path For Graduates?

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According to latest figures , the graduate job market has recovered to its pre-recession peak, with a 12% rise in the number of jobs for university leavers. The post Is Vlogging Becoming The Latest Career Path For Graduates?

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Finding Your Career’s Footing As An Art School Graduate

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Related: 6 Ways Recent Graduates Can Stand Out As Professionals. Those with creative vision can make extraordinary artists, authors, and inventors—but when that vision is applied recklessly or without focus, graduates can be burned by hiring managers like a fledgling Icarus flying too close to the sun. This will keep your rent paid, expand your body of work, and help avoid those dreaded unemployment gaps while you’re looking for a steady job.

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How Graduates Can Strategically Build Their Careers

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Most graduates don’t have an answer ready, and that’s perfectly fine. About 35% of all graduates leave their first job within a year. You can talk about these achievements at a job interview when proving you possess certain skills. So, tell me, what is your passion?

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ATTENTION RECENT GRADS: What’s Your Biggest Fear? [POLL]

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What’s your biggest fear as a recent grad? We want to know what your biggest fear is as a recent grad. Not finding a job? In May, we’re running a major campaign surrounding recent grads and their job search. Take our poll (below) and tell us what your biggest fear(s) is as a recent grad. The post ATTENTION RECENT GRADS: What’s Your Biggest Fear? Job Search college fear poll recent graduates

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