What Industry is Booming? RETAIL!


I’m not saying that having a bachelors in Accounting or Computer Science won’t eventually land you a job. But there is a sector of the market that I never see promoted as a career option – Retail! Job Search

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Job Search News – December 8, 2017

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This is your job search news – THE HOLIDAY JOB SEARCH ADVICE EDITION- with articles and resources centered around learning so enjoy! If you haven’t downloaded my FREE eguide, “118 Job Search Tips for the Modern Job Search in 2018” here.

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Dashing Through The Winter Job Search Infographic

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Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your job search has to stop. Too many job seekers take the winter off to make eggnog and cookies, missing out on great job opportunities. Some takeaways to note: 39% of retail and 18% of IT companies are hiring this winter.

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Don’t Give Up Your Job Search In December

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The holidays are a hard time to be looking for a job, aren’t they? The end of the year can actually be a good time to find a temporary job that leads to permanent employment. Doing something definite about your job search really helps keep you confident.

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How is Technology Changing the Face of Retail Recruitment? #TechTuesday

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For the fast paced and ever-changing world of retail recruitment, there have been major transformations for both employers and candidates that have seen technology pushed to the forefront of everyday communications and management. How is Technology Changing the Face of Retail Recruitment?

How to Get a Job in Retail

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If you’re looking to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment then retail is the industry you need to be in. Working in retail also isn’t limited to just serving on the shop floor, there are a variety of retail jobs to choose from such as forecasting trends as a Merchandiser, designing product displays as a Visual Merchandiser, searching for new products and predicting demand as a Buyer and many, many more. Finally, don’t give up on your search.

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5 Reasons Why Less is More in Your Job Search

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The premise is that the more people who know you are job hunting, the better the chance that you will learn about opportunities. One obvious exception is your network, where you will want everyone in your network who can help you find a job to know you are on the hunt.

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Chasing job search butterflies

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They applied to all kinds of jobs online. Retail Sales. Without focus, the resume reader has no idea how the job seekers specific skill set can benefit them and they won’t take the time to extrapolate skills from a tell-all presentation.

Retail Success

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I worked with one client who specialized in retail merchandizing (POP, planagrams, etc). After developing her resume, we discussed putting together a targeted job search campaign to go after some of the bigger players in retail. While working out her “unique selling proposition” she made the claim that she could walk into any retail environment and recommend how they could make more money through better merchandising.

How To Start Your Own Business In The Retail World

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In the retail world, this can seem like a scary endeavor. A portion of those stores are individually owned, retail operations. There is, however, a market for these small retailers, so those who know, before they get involved, how to start a business stand to do well in the sector.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search


Job seekers can use positive economic forecasts like the one above to their advantage. A haircut and color can go a long way to give you the added confidence to lead with your best qualities in the job search. Most retail companies fiscal year doesn’t end until January 31st, and they want to keep the holiday spending momentum by enticing you to use those holiday gift cards. Up to 80% of jobs go unadvertised.

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Job Search Spring Cleaning

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, March 22nd, 2010 Job Search Spring Cleaning Happy Spring! It’s time to spring into action and add some news strategies to your job search campaign.

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10 Things To Know About A Retail Management Career

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If you are already on the path to becoming a retail manager or simply considering it, here are some important and interesting things to consider before embarking upon a retail management career. Due to the nature of retail, these positions are rarely in the same city.

The Best of CareerAlley Job Search

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Happy Holidays to all and best of luck in your job search. Most Popular Posts (visits): Who’s Hiring in Retail – A listing of a few of the top resources for finding a job in Retail (one retailer, recruiter and other resources). Who’s Hiring in Criminal Justice – A few law enforcement job search sites along with one recruiter. 5 Reasons to Look for a New Job – Not sure if you should be looking for a job?

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Rebounding Retail Sector To Create New Jobs In Local Communities

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Job creation is something that might have been unthinkable as recently as the beginning of this year, as the number of people out of work rose far beyond the two million mark. Those with the resources to do so are opening new outlets, which in turn will mean more jobs.

5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

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5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search. Job search taking way too long? Related: 3 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Job Search. Here Are 5 Big Reasons For Extended Job Search Times: 1. A polished elevator pitch is a powerful job search tool.

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Who's Hiring in Retail Vol 3

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Don’t Run with Sissors Four Ways To Re-Personalize Your Job Search And Get Noticed » Who’s Hiring in Retail Vol 3 “ There is only one boss. Well into the Holiday shopping season, and what better time to revisit Retail than now? Below this, center page, is the listing of retail jobs.

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Have You Used Geo Location Apps On Your Job Search?

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In the present economy, finding a job that’s ideally suited to your skills can be quite overwhelming, and if you want to take the lead in today’s job market, you might feel that have to keep vigil twenty four hours a day, which as we all know can be a daunting or impossible task.

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Targeted Job Search – Who’s Hiring in Technology Vol 5

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There is no reason not to follow your heart. &# – Steve Jobs. Back to basics with one of my more popular topics – targeted job search. Specifically, job search leads for specific industries. An the most popular of my popular posts is of course jobs in technology. So at first glance you might wonder why anyone would have to tell a technologist how or where to look for jobs on the Internet. You can register for the site or just search.

how can I move from retail into a professional career?

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A reader writes: I currently work full-time at a large retail store as a department lead (no real management responsibilities). I enjoy my job, but it is physically exhausting and the schedule is unpredictable and often requires me to work weekends/early mornings/late evenings. How can I make myself an appealing candidate for entry-level professional jobs? Is there any hope for me to change career fields, or am I doomed to remain in retail? job searching

The Circle of Life for Job Search

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This past week, two former co-workers wrote to let me know they are out of work and looking for a new job (you know, networking). Also last week, two current co-workers resigned (having found new jobs). The counterpoint to that bit of news is all of the new jobs that have been posted on job search sites. While unemployment remains stubbornly high, new jobs are being created every day. Today’s post is all about Job Search Boards.

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How to Dash through Your Winter Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your job search has to stop. Too many job seekers take the winter off to make eggnog and cookies, missing out on great job opportunities. Some takeaways to note: 39% of retail and 18% of IT companies are hiring this winter.

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College Grad Job Search – The Dog Days of Summer

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Half way through the summer and no job prospects? With very few exceptions, most of them have jobs (at the moment) that do not require a college degree. Jobs like, working in the local movie theater, working in a liqueur store or working for a local retail store. Of course all of these jobs are better than not working at all. But I suspect that these individuals are not focused in their job search. Looking for a job is not easy.

Top Picks for Job Search – Companies on “The List”

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So when you look for job opportunities, do you just do a search based on job openings or do you have a “list”? So, just like today’s quote, getting the right job is worth doing right. Part of your plan for job search should include making a list of companies where you would like to work. And, according to Fortune’s summary, these companies have (collectively) over 150,000 jobs to be filed. Good luck in your search.

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The Truth About Job Searching Over 50

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“JT & Dale Talk Jobs” is the largest nationally syndicated career advice column in the country and can be found at JTandDale.com. I have worked many jobs in my life, but now I am in need of a career versus just a job. Job searching over 50 image from Shutterstock.

Why Holiday Job Searches Lead To The Best Presents


While the holidays are a very busy time of year for most people, the time period can also be great for landing a job. 7 Reasons To Job Search This Holiday Season. All of us at one time or another has found ourselves on the job prowl. Surprise!

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#1 Job Search Strategy All Recent Grads Should Use

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” Related: 5 Transferable Skills Job Seekers Need. If you worked in retail during your high school or college years, you likely served customers and often resolved conflict to keep your customers happy. Happy Grad Project Job Search happy grad project

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How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to Improve Your Online Job Search

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Including keywords in your resume is a job search strategy you can’t afford to ignore. Keywords are words or phrases used to help job seekers find jobs and employers find the right candidate to fill available positions. How employers use keywords to find job candidates.

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5 Reasons You Should Continue Your Job Search During The Holidays

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Planning to hold off on your job search during the holiday season, believing that no one hires at this time of year? Related: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Freeze Your Job Search During The Holidays. Job Search career advice holiday job search job search

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4 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Job Search

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I got an email yesterday from a client wanting to know if I had any job search tips. Unfortunately, he had been recently laid off and found himself on the job market. Talking to him got me thinking…what really makes a job search successful?

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Job Search Marketing 101 – Battling for Prime Shelf Space

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Anyway, my friend told me how retail products battle for shelf space. There are so many brands for a particular product (and so many products), that most manufacturers of new products have to battle just space on the shelf at the supermarket or major retailer. So, may ask, what does this have to do with job search? Just like products competing for shelf space at the store, you are competing with other job seekers for a limited number of roles.

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How Can Older Workers Help Their Job Search? [Top 10 Tips]

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My boss did not give my age more than a passing glance; he was thrilled to find someone with all the right qualifications for the job, PLUS maturity and someone he knew wanted stability and wouldn’t bolt the following year looking for more money. Man, I wanted that job!

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should I push my job-searching friend harder, fired coworker was looking at colleague’s burlesque photos, and more

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Should I push my job-searching friend to tell me what’s holding her back? A good friend of mine was let go from her job (one in her field that she’s had since we graduated college, also located in our college town) in March. She and her husband have since moved down … and she still has not been able to find a job in her field. To ensure she had at least some income, she took a part-time retail job and has been doing that ever since.

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Service Industry is Fastest Growing US Job Market


It is especially important to have a pulse on what your competition is doing and what places job seekers and your employees are applying for jobs. The economy is improving and jobs are being created except not in the places and industries you might expect.

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Working At Target | Work It Daily

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Target is one of the most successful and well-known retailers in the world. P.S – Today, job seekers are more informed than ever before. candidates are doing their research online before applying to a job. dream job? hashtags in your search.

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What are the most popular holiday jobs?


Christmas is the busiest retail season of the year. Between 25% and 50% of total annual retail sales take place during the holidays. If you are looking for extra money this Christmas, then seasonal part time jobs work well. So what are the most popular holiday jobs? Tips from the Pros christmas jobs holiday work job search part time jobs part time work popular holiday jobs redstarresume resume retail jobs

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is my parents’ advice destroying my job search?

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A reader writes: Since I came home from my first year of college in May, I’ve been looking for a new job to no success. I haven’t even gotten so far as to be interviewed, despite having been on a job hunt since May. I’m very hopeful that I will get this job, because I have always “exceeded expectations&# in every performance review, and am overall a very good employee. And moreover, plenty has changed about job-searching in the last 20 years.

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Job Search Advice: Protect Your Dreams

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  I was such an idealist and very naive at the time :-) I had spent the previous year [1985] helping my friends get jobs by cold-calling employers and telling them about, "this great guy who's working in my warehouse but has an MBA and really wants to."  You want it?

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how can I make people stop talking to me about my job search?

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But every time we get together, my job search is a hot topic of conversation (the last four years I have worked either seasonally or in retail while seeking work…thus I’m constantly job searching). Four years later and I officially can’t do it anymore–not only does their advice leave me defending my job choices and annoyed, but it completely dominates conversation and I have a tricky time changing the subject. job searching

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Four Ways To Re-Personalize Your Job Search And Get Noticed

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Who’s Hiring in Retail Vol 3 Job Search from the Beginning – Recruiters Part 2 » Four Ways To Re-Personalize Your Job Search And Get Noticed “ The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is. Good luck in your search.

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short answer Saturday: another job search edition — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager short answer Saturday: another job search edition January 29, 2011 We did a job search edition of short answer Saturday last week , but the questions keep piling up so here’s another one. which job should I take?

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will a pink mohawk be a problem in my job search?

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Before I left, I had a job at a guitar store, but I’m home a bit earlier than expected so I need to start looking for another job until the summer, when they can re-hire me. Do you think this will be a problem, considering that I’m just applying for places in fast food and retail? job searchingA reader writes: I’m 19 and have just returned home from a 3-month exchange trip.

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should you disclose that you’re fat when you’re job-searching?

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In the meantime, I am looking for a job. The problem is I realized (too late, as I had a job back then!) In the past, I also got told at a job fair that they don’t do their uniforms “over a size 12″ (the sneer back then was quite remarkable). Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a few “luxury retail” positions open up, asking for fluent English… hence the fear of being inadequate despite having the required experience.

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