Cope with Job Loss: 12 Ways (Infographic)

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Explore how to cope with job loss via this infographic. Like many thousands of people, if you have been thrust into a job loss situation that you probably didn’t want to be in at work, then, you need to know how to cope with job loss. For many, losing a job can be a devastating [.]. The post Cope with Job Loss: 12 Ways (Infographic) appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Related posts: How to Cope Better With Job Loss.

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How to Win Over Your Fired or Laid Off Employees


In fact, it is one of the worst parts of my job in HR. I hate to be the bearer of bad news and there is nothing worse than telling a group of employees there have 30 days before their job and pay is no more. Provide Information Packets and a RIF Kit.

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4 Tips for Yahoo Layoff Victims

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This goes for anyone who gets laid-off as part of a RIF (reduction in force). Step 2: Don’t let getting laid-off paralyze your job search. But, the longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to find a new job. Job Search job layoff search yahoo

think you’re applying for your “dream job”? think again!

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A reader writes: Why do so many folks talk about getting that “dream job” or working for that “dream company”? I’ve had three “dream jobs” in my working life so far. The first turned out to be a nightmare, and the second disappeared due to a series of budget cuts and RIFs (the old term for downsizing) in the area. ” job, and that one turned into the real dream job and dream company … until the final few years.

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? This Checklist is Key to Leaving Any Company Successfully


Ask for job referrals at the same time and attach your newly-updated resume. You never know where a job lead can come from. Deal with them like a professional and the good impressions you leave will only help you in finding your next job.

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Rebuilding Your Career After Being Fired or Laid Off

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And it comes when you thought your “safe” job was forever. This event is being fired or laid off by your employer and it has many different names; fired, laid off, downsized, reorged out, rightsized, riffed, whacked, kicked out, canned or just plain “let go.”

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

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Question 2: If my new employer misled me about my new job, and I leave the new job for this reason, do I have to repay a loan the new employer made to me when I was hired? Question 3: Can an employer say that it will only pay a “retention bonus” if you lose your job after a merger?

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8 Mistakes Companies Make During Layoffs

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They don’t want to look for a new job if they don’t have to, but they also don’t want to walk in one day and find out it’s over. At the time he thought he was lucky because he kept his job. Outplacement Services company fired job layoff mistake search step

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do companies keep do-not-hire lists, I don’t have any work to do, and more

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It’s possible that your former coworker has blacklisted you, but it’s more likely that you simply didn’t get contact for the same reason that the majority of job seekers don’t hear back from a single given company — they have tons of qualified candidate and are only going to interview a few of them. I’ve been in my current job at a university for about 13 years. Last year my position was RIF-ed to half time due to underutilization.

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