Best Tips for Leveraging Your Network in your Job Search

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Your network of friends, coworkers, business acquaintances and family is one of your most important job search assets. How you leverage your network during your job search is equally as important and can often be the deciding factor in how quickly you land a new job. With tools like LinkedIn , that should not be difficult. Boy/Girl Scouting friends, sports team members and coaches. Use networking tools to see who you may know from former employers.

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Tips for Improving Your Job Search

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There are tons of great ways you can improve your job search experience with little to no effort on your part. Whatever you hold in your mind as your ideal job will be what you gravitate towards, so be careful what you wish for. Sure there are tons of sites all over the web like this Government search site that can offer you jobs in every category you could possibly dream of and even more here but you don’t want just any job, you want the best job.

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Keep Up The Job Search Wherever You Are

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A dedicated job search takes eight hours a day , writes Career Cast. Get out, change the scenery, find a comfortable place and continue your job hunt with these recommended apps. Searching For The Ideal Job. recommends a number of job search apps, including one from a premiere job search engine, Indeed. is an aggregator which means it takes your job search criteria and searches a number of job boards.

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4 Ways to Use Video Tools Like #Blab & Periscope in Your Job Search


7 Ways to Land a Job with Social Media. Video is changing the world, y’all, and it has a use case in most every life situation and scenario including looking for a job. Like any social media platform or tool, it’s about connections, building rapport and relationships that are the differentiator in any business including how you look for a job. Job Seekers are 14 Times More Likely to Land a Job With a Referral.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. They don’t seem to realize that LinkedIn is a primary destination for people who are sourcing and assessing good-fit job candidates and people to do business with. Whether or not you’re looking for a new job, are you doing all these things? Build your connections to at least 500, to boost your LinkedIn search ranking.

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Social Recruiting Tool — Social Job Matcher


It’s been said time and time again that the job search is a full time job for not only recruiters but candidates alike. How can I increase candidate engagement and make my career website job seeker friendly?

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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed

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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed. There’s an old adage that one shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket, and this is particularly true of conducting a job search. I advise my clients that to get the best results from any job hunt, they must utilize every method at their disposal. One of the many free and effective tools available is LinkedIn ®. You will see a “Jobs” tab at the top of the page.

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

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We wish you (veterans) much success during your transition, and hopefully, this show will contribute to your needs in finding the right job for you. I would love your feedback, especially if there are tools you need for your job search. If you are a career professional who advise job seekers and adds feedback whether it’s advice or a differing opinion, I will include a link in future show notes and read your comments on an upcoming show.

How to Boost Your Self Confidence During a Job Search


It's ironic when during a job search, just at the time when you need to feel your most confident, you're feeling your most deflated. Earlier this year I met with a client who had been searching for a new job for over five months. Although she had a full-time job, she was looking for a different one because she had been underemployed and underpaid for several years. We worked together to identify how she could strengthen her job search tactics.

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How Tim’s Strategy Tool Can Help Your Job Search

The Undercover Recruiter

Tim is an author, blogger, speaker, coach and consultant in the job search, career and marketing space. This time around, Tim had some exciting news for anyone looking to have a clear job search or career strategy – he and his team have developed a piece of software aptly named Tim’s Strategy : So, what does the software do? Tim’s Strategy offers a structured, step-by-step process to establish a job search strategy.

Job Search Radar

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Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Career Networking Ten 2010 Predictions: job search and otherwise » Job Search Radar Published December 15, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: career marketing , daily job leads , find work faster , job networking , job search contact manager , job search crm , job search radar , linkedin , Linkedin jobsearch This week, Career Brander is announcing a major expansion of our service model.

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How New Job Search & Recruitment Tools are Changing HR

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Today’s blog post will be talking about how the technology surrounding the job search & recruiting is changing the HR landscape. More than 2,000 workers and 225 human resource managers were surveyed on their opinions and attitudes around critical workplace topics such as recruitment, employee engagement, job satisfaction, retention, employee advocacy, social media use, generational differences and work/life balance. What about personal branding tools and blogs?

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Job-Search Lessons From American Idol

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If you ever take a break from your job hunt to watch American Idol, it’s time to connect the dots. No doubt a show that’s about winning the ultimate career break for a singer—a recording contract—holds some important lessons for job seekers.

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How to Create Realistic Expectations During Your Job Search

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Your job search needs to be dynamic, but based on realistic expectations. This is only one part of the job search because smart and savvy job seekers understand it’s a combination of their network, timing, and a strong personal brand in concert. Looking at how easily other job seekers get jobs can hurt your mindset. It was going to take time—so will your job search. Is your job search network friendly?

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The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool


When you’re on the search for a new job, it’s important to pull out all the stops. The competition for jobs is fierce; in order to stand out amongst the crowd you have to market yourself in the best way possible. Activities we take for granted in a job can usually be seen as valuable experience and achievements. Contact the team at RedStarResume! Tips from the Pros elevator speech job search new job resume writing resume writing service

???? How To Defeat Job Search Discrimination Today


More specifically, older job seekers – 40 year-olds and up – send in resumes that never get responses or worse, they show up to interviews only to hear that they're supposedly overqualified. With this happening every day, how are “super-experienced” job seekers supposed to cope? Free bonus: The Midlife Job Search Report is a handy guide I compiled for older job seekers. If you're a foreigner, you need to job search like a local.

14 Job Search Tips to Master in 2018

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If it has been a few years since the last time you went on a job search, you need to know that things have changed. That being said, you’ll need to brush up on the latest job search strategies if you want to land a role. One particularly important new development you should know about: Using social media to stay connected, visible, and engaged in your network is critical to job search success today. Listen to How Will You Stand Out at Your Next Job Fair?

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Job Search: Communicate Your Specialty

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Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Online Personal Brand Job Search: Hide & Seek » Job Search: Communicate Your Specialty Published May 11, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: career marketing , differentiating job candidacy , job expertise , linkedin , personal branding Harry Beckwith is one of the great business minds of our generation.

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3 Ways To Stay Focused During Job Search

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Over the years, I’ve enjoyed coaching my sons’ basketball teams as they are growing up. However, because there is no movement, it is easy for the players on the opposing team to surround the player and take the ball away. It is fun to see the light go on, when they realize that having their head up and looking ahead toward the basket, they can see options of passing to open team mates, or open lanes where they can aggressively drive to the basket.

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Structure: Is It Missing In Your Job Search?

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Or if you have, it isn’t something you are conscious of each day during your job search. And you just left a job with a traditional 8-5 company. You are accountable to your boss, your team or the board of directors. Your job is, in part, reliant upon you being good at reacting to situations and the needs of internal and external customers. So what is job search like? Something you never would have done in your old job.

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5 Truths You Must Know For Your Executive Job Search

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With 15 years of executive recruiting and over five years of coaching job seekers around the world, I’ve worked with executives at all levels, in all kinds of industries—from big bank CEOs, CTOs of companies with hundreds of thousands of SKUs, VPs, Directors, and all kinds of executives in every area of the company (finance, operations, sales, marketing, customer support, IT, etc.). RELATED : Need job search tips? Download a Free Executive Job Search report ].

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College Students Still Unsure of Social Media Job Search


When it comes to social media recruitment, much of the reluctance stems from the unknown on the organization’s part – where to start, who “owns” it, what the strategy is, etc… However, once these initial fears and obstacles are conquered, many employers enjoy using social platforms to showcase employer brand, engage their talent community, advertise job openings and source new talent. And those who do it well are reaping the benefits, but the question remains: are job seekers on board?

30 Great Books For Job Search, Career And Life

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30 books that added value to my job search, career or life at different times. A great book for executive-level job seekers looking to optimize their career or job search strategy. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0: I used to be a really big reader.

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BlogTalkRadio Interview: Using Job-Search 2.0 Tools.

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Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « Job Jotes – The Job Lead Tracker New Mistakes People Are Making with Their Resumes in 2009 » BlogTalkRadio Interview: Using Job-Search 2.0 Tools I was invited by Roxanne Ravenel of The Savvy Jobseeker to participate within a live blog/radio chat relative to tapping and properly utilizing job-search 2.0 Some of you might not know what job-search 2.0

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7+ Career Tools Every Professional Needs

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Whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion or just a change of pace, these seven-plus career tools will make sure anyone you encounter in the working world will know exactly how you could help them or someone they know. The SlideShare presentation below guides you through many of the necessary questions and tasks to set these tools up. Check out these related articles and tools: 10 Key Steps To A Successful Job Search.

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Expedite Your Job Search With a Dollar-Driven Executive Resume

Jennifer Anthony

→ Expedite Your Job Search With a Dollar-Driven Executive Resume Posted on December 15, 2009 by Jennifer Anthony By Laura Smith-Proulx Designated Resume Rockstar Readying your resume for an executive job search? Job Search Success System Are you a do-it-yourself type?

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Job Seekers: Most Important Online Tools and Apps

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Over the last decade, how people discover new job opportunities has evolved dramatically. When was the last time that you looked at a newspaper to find your next job? These days, the majority of job searches are conducted online, spawning a whole new industry around job boards, recruitment websites and job posting platforms. However, with all of these advancements, the modern job search can still seem a bit complicated and time consuming.

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5 Ways To Beat The Job Search Blues

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You are energized, excited, positive and motivated – you have finally made up your mind to find a new job and you are off. Starting a new job search is like starting a new relationship. When a job search turns lengthy and uneventful, it is depressing and its effects can be crippling and often devastating for job seekers. Make sure you are marketing a targeted, focused resume with specific keywords, standout achievements and high-level job specifics.

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Focus: A powerful element in job search

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He was calling to tell me he’d landed a job, in his target field, and started Monday – after only a month of searching with his new and improved resume. He networked, aced the interview, and starts his new job Monday. He’d been searching with a “typical”, cookie-cutter resume, carefully following all the “dinosaur-like” resume guidelines shared by university career resources, 20-years behinds the time.

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5 Things Veterans Should Do When Job Searching

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Sometimes, without previously holding civilian positions or having broader industry experience, it can be hard to navigate a job search effectively- particularly when it seems as if companies aren’t recognizing what your experience brings to the table. Here are five things veterans should do while job searching: In order to avoid feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, there are a few steps every veteran can take to achieve a happier – and more successful – job search.

Twitter in the job search.

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Arts & Entertainment Life & Style News & Opinion Sports Find a blog Login or Sign Up Featured: No waiting: Become a ChicagoNow blogger now , Pitch us your blog idea Job Stalker Home Archive About Twitter in the job search.

3 LinkedIn Job Search Basics For Targeting Companies


But what should you actually be doing that can help you land a job via LinkedIn? Most jobs that are posted on LinkedIn should be linked to an actual person’s account. So, if you find a job on LinkedIn or even a job on another job board, site, WOM, etc., search the employer’s page on LinkedIn and check out if they have listed the job on LinkedIn also. I would like to take a moment of your time to discuss the [job title] opening.

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Stalled Job Search? Try A New Industry

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Informational interviews allow you to gain great perspective from someone who is working in the field and who can serve as a mentor, job search advisor, and even a referral for viable job opportunities. Stick to a chronological format as much as possible, but emphasize relevant and related job tasks, career achievements and work experience. In addition, get yourself ready for a multifaceted job search. This is a guest blog post by Abby Locke.

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How To Defeat Any Form of Job Search Discrimination


More specifically, older job seekers – 45 year olds and up – send in resumes that never get responses or worse, they show up to interviews only to hear that they’re supposedly overqualified. With this happening every day, how are “super-experienced” job seekers supposed to cope? Besides reading my 40 Tips for Job Seekers Over 40 ). This reminds me of a story from my last salary job in France, managing a team of web developers.

How to Conduct a Successful Job Search

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This is a true story as told to JustJobs Academy which houses career interviews and job search advice for professionals in any industry. Visit to read about how to search for the perfect job and get promoted once you’ve found it. Read on to see how the author found her current position as a technical writer and share job search tips that will hopefully help others find the career they are looking for. Keep applying until you get the job you want.

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Be the Michael Jordan of the Job Search

Corn on the Job

Kaitlin is passionate about career development and is particularly knowledgeable about the job search, social networking, personal branding and interview preparation. Job searching is not just about landing the perfect job; it’s about growth, stamina, and attitude. To withstand the ups and downs of the job search, you have to be positive. It’s about taking calculated measures to take aim at targeted jobs.

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How To Defeat Any Form of Job Search Discrimination


More specifically, older job seekers – 45 year olds and up – send in resumes that never get responses or worse, they show up to interviews only to hear that they’re supposedly overqualified. With this happening every day, how are “super-experienced” job seekers supposed to cope? besides reading my 40 Tips for Job Seekers Over 40 ). This reminds me of a story from my last salary job in France, managing a team of web developers.

7 Signs You’re Slowing Down Your Job Search (Without Even Realizing It)

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7 Signs You’re Slowing Down Your Job Search (Without Even Realizing It). Whether you’re freaking out about finding a job before graduation or you’ve been on the job search for a while now, you’re reading this article because you need help. Or worse, whatever you’re doing is prolonging your job search. Related: How To Land A Job Faster. You might not realize it, but you could be slowing down your job search.

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Sworn Affidavit – Powerful Tool to Resolve Workplace Disputes

Sklover Working Wisdom

She had been with her large corporate employer for 9 years, had risen to a trusted management position, and supervised a team of junior developers she had hired and trained, and over time molded into a very productive and collaborative working group. . After 14-weeks of job search, just weeks before her severance was to expire, Maritza was offered a good job with a small software production firm. “Honesty is telling the truth to other people.

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5 Social Media Tools to Disrupt the Job Application Process

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An online job application is yesterday’s tool. Today’s modern job search is about standing out, and not complying with old processes where you appear as one of the crowd. To succeed, you have to disrupt the normal flow of internal job referrals, perform and get noticed showing social proof through your online presence, and offer value extending beyond a pay scale can measure. The job application quandary. Using social networks is similar to team sports.

6 Job Search Strategies For Graduates With Art Degrees

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Related: 3 Common Job Search Strategies That Don’t Work. And those traits will serve you well in your job search. Many career experts tout the success and expansion of job opportunities in the fields of science and technology. You just need to take a different approach to the job search. Here are six things that will make the job search process of art majors more fruitful: 1. Focus on your own job search.

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10000 Hour Rule - Career Advice, Personal Branding & Job Search.

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15 Generation Y Stereotypes To Overcome on Your Job Search


Stand out in your job search by bucking the stereotypes about you. 4 Ugly stereotypes about Gen-Y job seekers. Emailing us hours before an interview loop is scheduled to start and saying you’ve taken another job is unprofessional. The average GenY professional statistically stays at jobs less than two years. I’ve also had the same part-time job for over nine years. Job hopping : boredom, dissatisfaction with their manager. Gen Yer?

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