Preparing for the Job Search Post Covid-19

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Either way, with many companies looking to trim staff or even unlikely to survive the pandemic at all, there will likely be countless workers starting a job search in the coming months. If you’re amongst the ranks of those unemployed by the coronavirus and unlikely to get your job back, here are some job search tips to help you stand out against the competition once you get back into the action. Tailor Your Tools. Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Job Search.

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Targeted Job Search – Who’s Hiring in Technology Vol 5

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There is no reason not to follow your heart. &# – Steve Jobs. Back to basics with one of my more popular topics – targeted job search. Specifically, job search leads for specific industries. An the most popular of my popular posts is of course jobs in technology. So at first glance you might wonder why anyone would have to tell a technologist how or where to look for jobs on the Internet. Good luck in your search.

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LinkedIn Job Search Technology

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LinkedIn technology for job search series. In our next few articles we will show you free technologies available to leverage your LinkedIn profile and connections. Sometimes technology can be really cool and of low utility, and other times they can be less cool and of higher utility. One of the more advanced tools that salespeople utilize is something called heat maps. Cool technology, low utility.

6 Job Search Board Resources to Focus Your Job Search

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So many Job Search Boards, so little time. With the vast number of job search resources available on the Internet, it’s very easy to lose focus and spend all of your time using one type of resource. One of our key themes is to managing your time and effort is CareerAlley’s Four Legs of Job Search (Recruiters, Job Search Sites, Social Networks and Company Career Sites). – Simple interface, lots of jobs. jobs by.

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The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

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It’s a good time to be looking for a job. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to break into your first career job or a seasoned professional moving on, you should have little trouble getting a bite on your resume. The fact is, over the past several years technology has drastically changed the way employers evaluate your resume. This is the typical first step of any technology: automation. The latest resume tools use the same technology ATS systems use.

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Overwhelmed with Job Search – Job Search Boards

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Job Search Boards, recruiters, company career sites, social sites and so on. How much time should you spend on all of the millions of things you need to do in your job search? Ensure you have a reasonable representation of all of your job search leads (the stuff I listed at the top of this post). Today’s post covers job search boards and the 10′s of thousands of jobs that are posted (and no, this is not a typo).

How to Create a Job Search Plan

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One of the most under-appreciated aspects of a job search is creating a comprehensive plan and sticking to it. The mistake many professionals make is thinking they can put in a significant amount of time and effort for a couple of weeks and their efforts will be rewarded with their desired job shortly afterward. Here are some steps to take to create a solid job search plan. Treat Your Job Search Like A Job. A job search is a job on its own.

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Spring Cleaning for Job Search

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Yes, even job search requires Spring cleaning every once and awhile. If you’ve been on the job hunt for a few months or more, it is not a bad idea to take another look at everything in your Job Search Marketing Toolkit. So while you are cleaning your attic (or closet), also take a look at your tools of the job search trade. – “Find a Happier Job&# is the tag line for this site.

4 Ways to Use Video Tools Like #Blab & Periscope in Your Job Search


7 Ways to Land a Job with Social Media. Video is changing the world, y’all, and it has a use case in most every life situation and scenario including looking for a job. Like any social media platform or tool, it’s about connections, building rapport and relationships that are the differentiator in any business including how you look for a job. Job Seekers are 14 Times More Likely to Land a Job With a Referral.

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3 Vital Tools that Will Structure Your Job Search #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

Job hunting is a test of organisation and persistence. The job market is more competitive than ever, with an average of 250 CVs received for each job position. 3 Vital Tools that Will Structure Your Job Search #TechTuesday. Career Management Tech Tuesday Technology #TechTuesday applications bookmarks Career Instapaper job search Listango Managment Notational Velocity Pocket Structure Web Pages

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Job Search Technology for LinkedIn

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Below we examine several pieces of job search technology that are applicable to LinkedIn. The power of presentation is often not fully embraced in the job search process. LinkedIn’s resume builder is essentially a formatting tool that attempts to capture your profile then, re-tag and structure it into a quality well formatted resume. The tool certainly grabs the content, but its ability to understand the content and properly structure it is limited.

5 Hot Careers for Technology College Grads

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Are you tired of hearing “The job market has never been tougher and you will need all of the help and tips you can get to land that dream job”? True as it may be, there are jobs out there for those that seek out “under served” careers. Yes, sometimes this requires “re-tooling”, but the time and effort are well with it if you land a great job. Otherwise technical job search boards, and research is the best approach.

The Last Spring Break – Tips for College Grad Job Search

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Now it’s time to pay the price – time to go out into the real world and get a job. If you are really lucky, you already have a job lined up (not very likely these days). And, if you’ve been following the advice of this blog, you’ve been spending part of your college days priming the pumps of your job search. Review your top 5 job search sites. Check jobs on LinkedIn. Register on 3-5 job search sites.

5 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Confidential Executive Job Search

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Whether you foresee a layoff coming, have decided to move to another company, or you’re pursuing a career transition, chances are you’ll be conducting a stealth job search. You want to hang on to your existing job, while you’re looking for another one. If your search is found out by your employer, you may find yourself ushered out the door, before you’re ready. Maintaining confidentiality in a job search is a delicate thing.

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How to Use Blab or Periscope for Your Job Search

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Become an active participant to embellish your brand or as a strategic part of your job search. Jessica Miller-Merrell suggests that job seekers use it to connect with employers, share about your day, and even for informational interviews. She is the CEO and founder of Xceptional HR and writes a lot about HR technology. You want to use these tools to be comfortable and collective enough to “Wow” the hiring manager.

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Stand Out In Your Job Search with an E-Portfolio

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So you’re finally ready for that new job. Or maybe you’re just about to graduate and you’re looking for the internship or job that will set you on the perfect path to be the [lawyer, teacher, fill in other awesome career here] you’ve always wanted to be. In my job I’ve had the chance to talk to some awesome recruiters from Facebook , Yelp , Rent the Runway , and other great companies.

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8 Inexpensive Mobile Apps to Help Your Job Search

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You’re all about maximizing your phone’s mobile apps—and you’ve probably even used it to apply for jobs. But those basic tools aren’t the only ones you can use to get ahead now. Today’s job search requires some agility and adaptability. Job Search Mobile mobile apps Mobile TechnologyAnd along the way, you’ve depended on apps like Evernote and Dropbox to stay organized and make the process easier.

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The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 2

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Job seekers who take the time to reflect and dig deep will have the tools to excel beyond their competitors. Search your job title on LinkedIn to find others who do the same kind of work. Threats – What obstacles do you face that may threaten your job search? Is your knowledge of products or services for your new job lacking in any important way? Does changing technology or emerging trends pose a threat?

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The Basics of Using Job Search Apps

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For this show, we have looked at a job search app and decided to give an overview of what to expect using it, and give some thoughts to consider it as part of your job search. Staci Parker ( @StaciParker2 ) is a friend, a certified resume writer with a lot of experience helping job seekers. Have you used a job search app yet? All job search apps require complete profile before use. There’s no way to skip that process to search.

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Ready to Give up on Your Job Search? Not Yet!

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The post Ready to Give up on Your Job Search? It’s true what people say—looking for a full-time job really is a full-time job. With all the searching, prep work, resume tweaking, interviewing, and feedback, it can be an emotional roller coaster. People can get easily burned out during a job search, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your dreams. Here are six ways to avoid burnout and keep on track until you find the right job for you.

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Moving Towards Efficiency in the Online Job Search Process

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With the unemployment rate still lingering above eight percent and business owners complaining about a lack of qualified workers, it’s no secret that something’s gone wrong with the evolution of the online job search process. There’s been a lot of change over the past decade as we moved from newspaper Want Ads to job boards, professional networking sites, and social media recruiting tools. Many of these resources even offer free job matching services for candidates.

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The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes is a post from: Executive Career Brand. I recently had a conversation with my friend and colleague, Martin Yate , job search expert and renowned writer of the Knock ‘em Dead series of career and job search books. Here’s what we discussed: What is the biggest mistake executive job seekers make? Social networking is an important tool for helping land an executive job today.

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Job Search Radar

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Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Career Networking Ten 2010 Predictions: job search and otherwise » Job Search Radar Published December 15, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: career marketing , daily job leads , find work faster , job networking , job search contact manager , job search crm , job search radar , linkedin , Linkedin jobsearch This week, Career Brander is announcing a major expansion of our service model.

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A Fresh Look at Job Search

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Job search is no different, and the Internet helps fuel this change. It is almost the two year anniversary of CareerAlley and I’ve watched the explosion of new job search sites, the growth of technology in job search and the sharing of ideas that would not have been possible ten years ago. Today’s post is all about a “fresh look at job search&#. Post your resume, promote your resume and manage your search.

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11 New Websites for Your Job Search

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If you’re entering the job market for the first time or haven’t searched for a new job in the last three years, you’re in for a shock over how the process works—and how it has changed in a relatively short period of time. Job search 1.0 = help wanted ads in newspapers.

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3 Job Search Mistakes Most People are Making

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Blog Directory Contact Subscribe 3 Job Search Mistakes Most People are Making by Nicole Crimaldi on March 24, 2010 I’ve received lots of great emails from college seniors and recent grads this week. Many of you are making 3 serious job search mistakes.

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

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We wish you (veterans) much success during your transition, and hopefully, this show will contribute to your needs in finding the right job for you. I would love your feedback, especially if there are tools you need for your job search. If you are a career professional who advise job seekers and adds feedback whether it’s advice or a differing opinion, I will include a link in future show notes and read your comments on an upcoming show.

Job Search – There Must be an App for That – Part 2 of 5

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“ Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution. I was looking at the LinkedIn “find jobs” tab (found under “Jobs” at the top of your LinkedIn page), did a quick search and found a job opportunity that looked like it would be a perfect fit for me. As I read through the job description I got more and more excited about the opportunity. So many job search apps, so little time.

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The World is Not Flat – Modern Job Search

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My current job is in a small company (several thousand people) and many of the people I work with have been at this company for 15 to 20 years and have never seen modern technology. So I imagine that if any of them had to look for a job they would probably buy the Sunday newspaper and start looking in the classified ads (I’m sure some of you have no idea what I’m talking about). Be Prepared to Look at Job Opportunities When you are Away from Your Computer -.

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The Impact of Wearable Technologies on HR


With the advent of Google Glass wearable technology has taken a big leap forward. That got me thinking how wearable technology might be a tool for HR. I am not certain how may HR people are using technology in that manner. The point about the wearable technology is that your hands are free, where with the iPad or smart phone they are not. I think that wearable technology is going to have a major impact on work.

Job Search Reviews – I Read it on the Web

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Just because something is on the first page of Google’s search engine does not mean that it is good (how many people go to page 10?). You can start with the search engine at the top of the page. – Totaljobs is a UK based job search site with almost 93,000 job opportunities representing almost 5,000 companies. Look for jobs by selecting one of the tabs (Sector, Location or Popular Searches). Good luck with your search.

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How New Job Search & Recruitment Tools are Changing HR

Corn on the Job

Today’s blog post will be talking about how the technology surrounding the job search & recruiting is changing the HR landscape. More than 2,000 workers and 225 human resource managers were surveyed on their opinions and attitudes around critical workplace topics such as recruitment, employee engagement, job satisfaction, retention, employee advocacy, social media use, generational differences and work/life balance.

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One Solution to Conducting a Stealth Job Search–Go Mobile

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More and more job seekers need to conduct a stealth job search to stay at their current gig until they seize the next gig–on a mobile device. Here are some reasons to mobilize your job search: – Increase search efficiency and productivity. Deadlines are critical to meet for new jobs. – Maintain control of your job search. There are many ways to advance your job search from interviews to the final offer.

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Fall Fashion Advice and the Usefulness of Path Source’s Job Search App

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The second segment features Aaron Michel, co-founder of Path Source home of the job search app of the same name which helps you track your career interests, provides tools for you to find the career and resources for your job search. Aaron Michel is the co-founder and CEO of Path Source , the company whose job search app focuses on career navigation. Thanks for joining us for this double guest episode of the podcast.

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A Nifty Personal Brand Writing Tool: Wordnik

Executive Career Brand

Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

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5 Tips for Staying Fit During a Job Search or a Busy Career

Career Alley

Whether you’re busy with a job and family or are without work and making the search your priority, you simply can’t function your best if you don’t exercise. Tip 4: Seek the Exercises, Tools, that Motivate You to Exercise. She also writes about mobile technology and self-improvement. Good luck in your search. Related posts: The Last Spring Break – Tips for College Grad Job Search. Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1.

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3 Tools To Explore An Anonymous Job Search

Career Realism

It is very possible that the next wave in job hunt innovation will surround anonymity. Related: Top 10 Job Search Trends Of 2014. There are three emerging tools in the landscape that are providing talent and employers with a new spin on the job search by “anonymizing” it. All three tools are free to candidates, so it’s worth a look. From there recruiters can make job offers directly to talent listed on Poachee. Job Search

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How to Use Blab or Periscope for Your Job Search

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Become an active participant to embellish your brand or as a strategic part of your job search. Jessica Miller-Merrell suggests that job seekers use it to connect with employers, share about your day, and even for informational interviews. She is the CEO and founder of Xceptional HR and writes a lot about HR technology. You want to use these tools to be comfortable and collective enough to “Wow” the hiring manager.

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Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1

Career Alley

“ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Sometimes we are forced to reinvent ourselves (industries change, companies disappear, skill sets become irrelevant due to changes in technology, etc.) Your Company is Gone or You’ve Lost Your Job: Sometimes a career change opportunity (have to think on the positive side) presents itself. Or, maybe you lost your job (does not matter why). Job security through career planning.

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How I Learned to Leverage Online Job Search Tools

Career Realism

This interview from will take you through the ups and downs you can expect in the position, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn and more. This sales expert suggests how to be well prepared and informed whenever one needs to deal with a new type of job interview. I have worked for the company for the past three years, during a time of frequent change due to increased industry competition and technological changes. I found this job online.

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8 Job Search Mobile Apps To Get it Done

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If you’re the type to rely on their smartphone for everything, then you probably want to use it for your job search , too – if you aren’t already, that is. I won’t say this article is a one-stop shop, but it will definitely help you turn your smartphone into a powerful tool for your mobile job hunt. Here are eight great tools you may want to check out: 1. Use it to search for jobs, research employers, look at job boards – your phone’s browser can do it all.

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19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


This post is sponsored by SHRM’s HR Jobs , a job board dedicated to helping recruiters hire the best human resource professionals. Conversely, the startup and technology industry is filled with males under age 30. Men are the majority job holders in technology and founders in the startup world. To help increase the number of women in technology, Google created a coding education program for women. Women in HR Technology.


Call to Career

We all know that the purpose of technology is to make your life easier. As you would imagine, technology can help you with job search as well. But it may seem a little overwhelming to research all the tech tools out there to find out which ones are the most useful. career advancement job search Career Coach Employment Agencies Executive Search Find a job Find a job with social media Job opportunities LinkedIn

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