Job Search in the Digital Age: Video Resumes

Career Alley

There are also career networking sites like CareerBuilder and Jobster that offer profile fields where you can upload a video directly. Did you know that job recruiters only spend six seconds looking at a resume? That’s not a lot of time to prove your worth to an employer.

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Attitude is everything-Job Hunters

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Jason Goldberg (aka JGo), CEO of Jobster an online referral firm, has discovered a site that allows you to rate your recruiter. Uh-oh! Here it is: The Recruiter-Rater Canadian Headhunter. It’s rarely the best qualified that win the most coveted positions.    It’s often the person who displays the best attitude. Employers want to hire positive people as much as they need to hire people who are competent. 

Missing Privacy in Job Searches

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