Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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Overall spending on variable pay as a percentage of payroll continues to rise steadily for salaried exempt workers. As a percentage of payroll, employers spent 6.0 Salary Increases by City. cities can expect to see salary increases higher than the national average in 2013. These cities include Denver (3.6 percent); and Houston and Kansas City (3.3 Cities that can expect lower-than-average increases in 2013 include San Francisco (2.7

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What It Takes to Be a Thought Leader


Someone in the Kansas City regional office decided for me that instead of the executive team leader of softlines that I needed to work in HR. Every Sunday I spent 4 hours reallocating the payroll hours to the departments based on sales in real time. What is Thought Leadership? There’s a certain amount of responsibility, finesse and planning that comes into being a thought leader and someone seen as valuable in thought leadership.

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The Hidden Job Report

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3,750 Jobs for Kansas. The Kansas City Assembly Plant is the fourth North American facility Ford is retooling for production of new vehicles that are at the heart of an increasingly balanced lineup of cars, trucks and utilities. Lance Beaty, FSM manager, stated in the release that the call center to be operated by Sykes Enterprises will have a payroll of about $10 million. Officials have said that the new hospital will create 350 new jobs on the city’s East Side.

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