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This quote was sent to us by Chrissy P, a member of our Blog Family from Louisville, Kentucky. “Honey, people will be fine when you take what they give you. But, oh, no, dear. be careful if you ask for more.” ” – Kamala Harris’s Mother to Young Kamala. How astute. What a great lesson. Some people think that, if you ask for what you believe you deserve, or what you are worth, then you are “too ambitious,” “overly aggressive,” “demanding,” or even “ungrateful.”

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Bear in Mind The Difference in State Laws If You Drive For Work


For instance, Kentucky drivers file claims themselves with their insurance company for medical bills and financial losses, since this is considered a ‘no fault’ state. Other ‘no fault’ states include Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania – to name just a few. Around 115 million vehicles hit the road every day in the U.S, and the vast majority of these do so for work-related reasons.

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Organization Is The Key to Happiness: Working from Home Zen

Ms. Career Girl

Becca Anderson comes from a long line of preachers and teachers from Ohio and Kentucky. As the Covid-19 restrictions continue, many of us career girls still find ourselves working form home. While working in loungewear can be fun, there is something rewarding about the structure and organization of a physical office.

“Laptop missing before I left my former job. Am I responsible?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Richmond, Kentucky. That surely seems a violation of Kentucky law, specifically Section 337.427 of the Kentucky Code. Mention that you are considering filing a grievance with the Kentucky Bar Association, if they don’t “cease and desist” upsetting you. Information and forms to do that are available from the Kentucky State Bar Association at Question : My ex-employer was extremely upset when I quit to go to work for another company.

Moving For a New Job – Louisville

Career Alley

While you may not get to sip mint juleps on the job, at least you will get to see the Kentucky Derby up close and personal. If Churchill Downs were calling, when you heard “My Old Kentucky Home” and the call to the post, it would be worth the wait. You have just landed the dream job of your career. Your skills in public relations have paid off handsomely, to the point where Churchill Downs has hired you as a PR and events manager.

This Week’s GOOD News in the #Workplace


ShopHQ adds 150 jobs in Bowling Green, Kentucky : Expansion doubles Kentucky operations, costs $25M. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about. As a part of our new Job Seeker Sundays we’re bringing you major news stories each week that shine a good light on companies.

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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Ms. Career Girl

These states include Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. The post Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Last week, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence privately signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act “RFRA” into law.

Download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas & the SHRM Annual Conf #SHRM15


Over the past few weeks we’ve had numerous Facebook messages, emails, and texts into our secret club asking when we’d be launching our annual guide for the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition happening next month. If you’re headed to SHRM and you’d like all the resources necessary to make SHRM and your visit to Las Vegas a success, you’re in luck!

Supreme Court Grants Review for Same-Sex Marriage Issue


On January 16th, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan on the issue of same-sex marriage. In November, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld different same-sex marriage prohibitions in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan, going against the current federal court tide of decisions striking down such laws.

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Download Your 2015 Guide Las Vegas for #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


It’s arrived. The most anticipated guide filled with nuggets of wisdom, insights, where to go and what to do in Las Vegas during the HR Technology Conference. It’s sponsored by our friends, Talent Objects. This guide is filled with information about cabbing it in Vegas, shows to see, restaurants to enjoy and what to do when you aren’t at the HR Technology Conference.

Wanted: 8,400+ Job Seekers For Positions Across The United States

Resume Bear

Within the 4,500+ warehouse positions available in the Louisville, Richwood and Shepardsville areas of Kentucky, and Martinsville, Virginia, ideal candidates will be comfortable in a fast paced setting with the ability to lift items regularly and meet physical demands of standing, walking and bending regularly.

Social & Workplace Influence–When the Grapevine is Good (Part I.


Grosser , University of Kentucky , Virginie Lopez-Kidwell , watercooler Call it whatever you like, the grapevine, water cooler, gossip, or the rumor mill. According to a recent study by the University of Kentucky, 96% of employees admit to engaging in gossip at work.

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Get the VIP Treatment at #SHRM15 with Our Conference Party Guide


Make sure to download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas and the SHRM Annual Conference Whitepaper while you’re waiting for the VIP Party Guide to launch! . Get the Inside Scoop at the SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas! I can’t believe are 6 weeks away from the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Drinking Without Getting Drunk

Ms. Career Girl

There are fantastic Kentucky bourbons, small-batch micro-brewery beers, and elegant wines produced from every fruit imaginable. The post Drinking Without Getting Drunk appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Alcohol is a product enjoyed around the world. The immense array of ways it can be produced and consumed gives you lots of amazing options for enjoying alcoholic beverages.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know about Las Vegas & #SHRM15


SHRM15 is literally within a week and if you’ve never been you’re in for a treat! This year we’ve put together another one of our ultimate guides to the conference and Las Vegas. Whether you’re going to SHRM to network or you’re going because it’s a free trip to Vegas (let’s face it, some of you reading this are thinking just that!) we have you covered!

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


KentuckyKentucky Departments of Workers Claims. Workers Compensation Definition. Workers compensation is defined as a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Ford investment will roll out 350 new jobs in Louisville, Kentucky : The company is expanding its Louisville Assembly Plant to meet higher demand for its F-Series pickups. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about. As a part of our new Job Seeker Sundays we’re bringing you major news stories each week that shine a good light on companies.

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This Year's Final Four Proves The Value of "Well Placed" over "Top" Talent.

The HR Capitalist

I'd rather my company be Gonzaga than Kentucky from a talent perspective. If you're watching/following the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney this year, your bracket is shot, your team is likely gone and there's only one thing left to do. . What's that thing you ask? . Look at the rosters of the teams that made the Final Four and make a Talent observation. Naturally. . This year, that observation is pretty simple.

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Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace


This coach from University of Kentucky is doing just that. Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top Workplace Blogs of the Week. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that we’ve read throughout the week. If we’ve missed any, let us know. TOP BLOGS OF THE WEEK.

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The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

39 Jobs for Kentucky. Olin Brass and Kentucky officials have confirmed rumors of the imminent move of the company headquarters from East Alton to Louisville. In a joint release issued Wednesday, Kentucky Gov.

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exactly where to report employers for violating shelter-in-place orders, by state

Ask a Manager

In Kentucky , the governor set up a hotline to report violations: 1-833-KY-SAFER or (833)-597-2337. All calls will be answered by a Kentucky Labor Cabinet employee. • When I wrote on Wednesday about what to do if your employer is violating shelter-in-place orders , commenters were a wealth of information for individual states. Here’s crowd-sourced info on where to report non-compliant employers, by state. I will verify and add additional info here as I get it. •

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“Does a repayment obligation in an employment contract become invalid if there is no ‘survival clause?’”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Ashland, Kentucky. First and foremost, because I am not licensed in Kentucky, and because I have not read every single word of your employment contract, my answer is surely limited. Since I am not admitted to practice law in Kentucky, I can’t comment on Kentucky law, except I can say what I have experienced over 30+ years as to laws of most states and countries. Question: I am a physician, and have an employment contract with a hospital.

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“Can an employer take back a Change Of Control ‘trigger’?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Louisville, Kentucky. . If you would like to obtain names of experienced employment attorneys in your city of Louisville, Kentucky [ click here ]. Question: At work, I have a “Change Of Control” agreement that gives me the right to collect severance if two “triggers” take place. That is, if (1) there is a change in ownership (“trigger” #1), and (2) my responsibilities and authority are diminished, I get a large payment.

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Amazon Raising All US Workers to a Minimum of $15/hr Is The Simplest Business Decision Ever.

The HR Capitalist

If you work for Amazon in Kentucky, you're feeling great today. In case you missed it, Amazon announced today that it would establish a $15/hr minimum hourly wage for all 350,000 of its U.S. employees. The new pay threshold will go into effect Nov.

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“What does ‘Prospective Customer’ mean in a Non-Compete or Non-Solicitation Agreement?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Louisville, Kentucky. Question: I am a Business Development Specialist for a large Wealth Management firm. When I started my job four years ago, I was required to sign a non-compete agreement. The non-compete agreement says that, if I ever leave my job with the firm, for any reason, for 12 months I can’t solicit or transact any business with “customers or prospective customers” of the firm. Isn’t everyone a “prospective customer?” If not, then who is and who is not?

My Week at the NBA Summer League In Las Vegas, Part 2 (Featuring Lessons on Talent)

The HR Capitalist

The NCAA was so mad at Kentucky they gave Cleveland State two more years of probation." Went to Vegas this week with a few bloggers of note - Steve Boese, Tim Sackett and Matt Stollak. Our destination had a nerd quality to it - The NBA Summer League, where professional basketball hopefuls convene to prove they have what it takes to be one of 450 players who play in the best hoops league in the world.

Going for the Win on 4th Down


I had the opportunity to see all of the major campuses including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Tulane and yes, even Baton Rouge. In 1991, I decided to go to school at the University of Mississippi, otherwise known as Ole Miss. I am from Austin, Texas and I was the only one from my graduating high school class to go to Ole Miss. I went to Westlake High School where starting NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Nick Foles also attended.

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The Future of Gay Marriage & Human Resources


On November 6, 2014, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals released a decision , upholding the same-sex marriage prohibitions in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. As you probably know, through a number of recent federal district court decisions, state after state saw laws defining marriage as only a union between one man and one woman declared unconstitutional.

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Get the VIP Treatment with our #SHRM16 Party List


INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SHRM 2016 PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS. We are just 5 short weeks away from the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference in Washington DC. I’m currently working on blog content, selecting sessions and trying to develop a plan for all things #SHRM16. I’m sure you are too which is why I’m working to bring you the best insights into what you can expect at the 2016 Annual Conference in Washington DC this year. . WHAT IS THE 2016 #SHRMVIP PARTY & EVENT GUIDE?

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The CEO Who Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K Is Alleged to Have Waterboarded His Wife, Among Other Things.

The HR Capitalist

28 at the University of Kentucky about the power of writing to overcome trauma. OK, all you socialists out there - be prepared to be disappointed, because BusinessWeek dug into the story of Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, and found some issues related to why he raised the minimum salary at his company to $70,000. .

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Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?


The highest gaps occur in Maine, Kentucky, District of Columbia, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Earlier this year a new study was released that highlighted disability statistics around the United States. Are you curious where your home state lands in the disability employment conversation? The 2015 Disability Statistics Annual Report is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics.

Social & Workplace Influence—When the Grapevine is Good (Part II.


Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This!

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Employee Engagement: 5000 Attendees set for Ken Blanchard Quit and Stayed Livecast (January 25)

David Zinger

Instructor, Community and Leadership Development, University of Kentucky. Employee disengagement: Leaving when you haven’t left. Employee Disengagement : I have created a short slide presentation and story based on an employee who left before his actual leaving and was deceiving himself about the ability to engage in retirement when he had not engaged at work. This presentation will be broadcast during the Ken Blanchard Quite and Stayed Livecast this week.

How to Succeed As A Leader [4 Leadership Lessons]

The Undercover Recruiter

I recently heard Candace McGraw, CEO of the Cincinnati-Kentucky International Airport, speak at a Business Networking event. By: Moyan Brenn. As she referenced her career growth and achievements, four competencies stood out for me as contributing to her success as a leader: 1) Think Critically. McGraw shared that her ability to look at an issue in several ways, otherwise called analytical thinking, has created opportunities for success at every stage of her career.

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakato, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. .

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JPMorgan Chase Buys Washington Mutual | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

In the rare instances where I get a paper check, I mail it to their center in Kentucky and it shows up in my account three days later.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Louisville, Kentucky. Since so many blog visitors submit Questions, we’ve decided to devote some of our weekend blogposts to answering several Questions at once, and have chosen those that call for “shorter&# Answers. .

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Goshen, Kentucky. Question 1: Is it legal to downgrade my performance review based on unfounded accusations? The incident in question happened a long time ago, and was just mentioned in a recent review. Is it legal or appropriate to include this unfounded accusation? Overland Park, Kansas. The Very Short Answer is “Yes.” CF, the law does not limit what factors to include in a performance review, even “unfounded” accusations.

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The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

40 Jobs for Kentucky. The Hidden Job Report. Total jobs in the report: 12,729 Jobs revealed ( 7,740 Jobs in U.S.A. 4,989 International Jobs ). If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads? Why not network with people in the company that are hiring enmasse now. Here are a few leads to get you started: INDUSTRY WATCH: The Energy Industry is creating thousands of jobs in 2011.

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4 Best States For Attorneys To Work

Career Realism

Earning $160,000 in New York City is vastly different than earning $160,000 in Louisville, Kentucky. In the legal field and wondering where you should work ? Attorneys are generally among the highest-paid professionals in any given market, but not all markets are the same. This is due to differences in the cost of living in each geographic location. For those not familiar with the concept, differences in cost of living refer to the differing costs of identical items in different locations.

I’m asked to cover when my coworkers are on a prayer break, my project was taken away, and more

Ask A Manager

I’m working in New York and interviewing for a position in Kentucky. It’s five short answers to five short questions. Here we go…. My project was taken away with no warning to me. A few weeks ago, the CEO of our small company pulled me into his office and told me I was going to be the lead on a new client account. I was very excited for the opportunity to spread my wings, and I got working on our first project with enthusiasm.

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7 Limiting Beliefs Keeping You from Living Your Best Life

Personal Excellence Blog

” Everyone knows Colonel Sanders, the founder and ambassador of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). During the late Medieval period, around the 15th to 17th centuries, a weird psychiatric disorder swept through Europe. Many people believed that they were made of glass and were likely to shatter into pieces with even the slightest of contact. This order was later named the “ Glass delusion ” and was duly recorded in History of Psychiatry.

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short answer Sunday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy (Kentucky) in 2008 due to medical bills and some other unfortunate reasons. It’s short answer Sunday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Bringing a gift of food to an interview. I have been in the veterinary field for the past 10 years. We have many sales reps who stop by and bring small snacks.

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