Layoffs? Did Someone Say Layoffs?

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Tis the season for layoffs. I want to hear from you of how this layoff episode resonates with you. ” This time of year is often feared for layoffs or departures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics clumps layoffs/departures as separations. Tis the season for layoffs.

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Airbnb’s CEO Shows All Businesses How to Conduct Layoffs

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The Covid-19 shutdowns have struck the travel industry, and so it’s no surprise that Airbnb needs to layoff workers. He released a letter to Airbnb staff , explaining the layoff. To keep reading, click here: Airbnb’s CEO Shows All Businesses How to Conduct Layoffs.

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How To Successfully Change Careers After A Layoff

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A career change should not be an impulse decision or strictly driven by the trauma of a layoff. For many workers being laid off or furloughed is a scary thought, and unfortunately this scary thought is becoming a reality for many as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

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3 Benefits Of Working A Temporary Job Following A Layoff

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Once the shock of a layoff begins to wear off, an impacted employee has to make a host of important decisions. However, to fill the gap of time between a layoff and finding a new full-time job in your desired industry, it may be necessary to work a temporary or part-time job.

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12 Ways to Bounce Back From a Layoff

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As an employer, you are likely tasked with hiring people, but that also means you might have to oversee layoffs. No matter your job type, from manual labour to sitting at a desk, layoffs are inevitable. Employer Employee firing layoffs redundancy Turbo

5 Ways to Avoid a Layoff

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Difficult economic times often result in major layoffs. That then begs the question, how does the average worker avoid a layoff? In addition to keeping one’s reputation pristine within a company, there are several other ways an employee might avoid a layoff.

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Surviving and Thriving Through a Layoff

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Some of my clients who are layoff casualties (or about to be) saw the writing on the wall and began preparing in advance. A good starting point is my post over at Executive Resume Branding, 9 Ways To Move Forward After a Layoff.

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Experiencing Multiple Layoffs & Finding Help

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Unfortunately, consecutive recent layoffs or settling for a lower income is becoming more common nowadays. Those who have experienced multiple layoffs are usually willing to settle for less. One challenge for victims of multiple recent layoffs is surviving multiple interviews.

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The Coronavirus Has Been Devastating for Some Companies. 6 Questions to Ask Before You Consider Layoffs

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I’m talking about layoffs. Layoffs are expensive and they are only getting more costly. 6 Questions to Ask Before You Consider Layoffs. 6 Questions to Ask Before You Consider Layoffs appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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Layoff Self-Defense FREE eBook

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Joyce has just released the Second Edition of her free Job-Hunt® 15-Minute Guide, Layoff Self-Defense, 7 Facts You Need to Know plus 7 Steps to Protect You and Your Income.

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5 Ways to Handle a Layoff or Firing

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Terminating an employee, whether by layoff or firing, is never a pleasant task. Be Respectful During Layoffs. Give your workers a heads-up that the layoff is coming; if you’re a larger employer, you’re required by federal law to give 60 days’ advance notice.

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Chesky at Airbnb and the Process for Mapping and Communicating a Layoff.

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My friend and colleague Patrick Lynch at CMP did a post over the weekend on the recent layoffs at Airbnb, covering a letter that founder and CEO Brian Chesky sent out to employees covering the move to layoff 25% of the workforce at the hospitality sector giant.

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Furloughs/Layoffs During COVID-19: Best Delivered Via Video or an Analog Call?

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The gist of that post is as follows - a LOT of companies over the last two weeks have communicated bad news (personal news of impact due to furlough/layoff) to groups of employees at the same time, which is about as far from a best practice as you can get.

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Get Ready! The Layoffs Continue.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics , employers carried out 1,434 mass layoff actions in January 2012 that affected 129,920 employees. Do you think a layoff could be as devastating as a hurricane? According to the U.S.

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Why layoffs are a jobseekers best friend

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ResumeBear Featured Jobs Support Job Trends Salary Trends Contact Us Email Posts Resumebear Online Resume ResumeBear Online Resume Builder Resume Delivery Resume Tracking Featured Government Jobs Resume & Cover Letter Tips Interview Tips Why layoffs are a jobseekers best friend 06.

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How Recent College Grads Can Find A Job Despite Mass Layoffs

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When times are tough, mass layoffs happen in almost every industry. Here are three things recent college graduates should do to find a job despite mass layoffs: 1. But, what do you do if you're a recent college graduate looking for your first job?

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What To Do Before You Announce the Company Layoff


Let’s be frank no matter what the state of the economy is, being a part of layoffs is never fun. Downsizing, restructuring, or layoffs can negatively impact your company’s brand. Basics HR company layoff company restructure hr basics layoff restructureIn fact, it has been the worst part of my career in HR. No matter how necessary for your bottom line, it is imperative to […] Source.

HP to Layoff 30,000 More — What’s an HR Practitioner to Do?


Big corporate layoffs commonly happen before or after the holiday season; while retailers are frantically increasing and then decreasing their workforce to cope with holiday shopping, other organizations are shedding personnel before the start of the new fiscal year. And if you’re in corporate HR, you’re probably gearing up, if not for layoffs, then another big end of year initiative. HP and Groupon aren’t the only firms making “corrections” through big layoffs.

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How to Communicate to Your Team About a Company Layoff


This is a two-part series on navigating company layoffs in HR. A layoff might be happening at your company. As an HR professional, announcing, communicating, helping people through a layoff is one of the worst things in my career. Basics HR company restructure employee layoff hr basics layoffClick here to read part 1. The fear, the stress, and the anxiousness that employees who […] Source.

How to Survive a Layoff

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The recent announcement of 27,000 layoffs at HP can send a chill through any corporate employee. The reality is that anyone can end up getting a layoff from an unexpected corporate restructuring. Layoff image from Shutterstock. Unemployment layoff

Straight Talk On Layoffs vs Performance Terms.

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I've always been amazed at the dance we do when layoffs become a necessary part of the business. Big questions on the communication front with layoffs: How do you give straight talk about the business without freaking your employees out? On my mind based on this article on layoffs at a co-working startup named WeWork: "WeWork Cos., The question is, are you better off just biting the bullet and doing performance terms or coding it as layoffs? That's what layoffs do. .

Is That Firing or Layoff Going to Cost Me My Next Job?


When you lose a job, there is a big distinction between whether it was due to a layoff or a firing. While I have never been fired from a job over a 23-year career, I have been a layoff victim. Career Advice fired future job layoff ramifications

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How to Better Prepare & Communicate Company Layoffs & Terminations


Basics HR company layoffs corporate restructure severance pay terminationHistorically, January has been the cruelest month in terms of employment. Business leaders and their staff returned this week back to the post-holiday grind. Those same leaders are spending this week. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Targeting Companies Doing Layoffs in Recruiting Strategy - Smart or Lame?

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If there's ever been something that's generated a "yeah, duh" in the halls of corporate America, it is the following: "Company Z just announced a big layoff. He's going direct and talking to up to 5,000 people recently impacted by a Microsoft layoff, encouraging them to consider a career at Salesforce. But back to the concept of recruiting people from companies doing layoffs. Should we recruit from competitors who just announced a layoff?

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8 Mistakes Companies Make During Layoffs

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The other group was held hostage in the conference room and told they had to stay there until the layoff was complete. I’m working with a woman right now who’s company announced a layoff five months ago after they were bought out and merged with a larger firm.

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How a Mishandled Layoff Can Damage a Company’s Brand

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The commentary from Ann Curry’s fans in many ways mirrors the anger and disappointment laid off employees and even the layoff survivors often experience following a company downsizing. Companies should consider the following to better communicate layoffs to employees and customers.

Job Search Tips for Employees of RadioShack and Others Facing a Layoff

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And a similar layoff scene is playing out in many other well-known companies across the nation. career management networking resume social media for job search job search layoff pink slip Radio Shack

5 Ways to Leverage a Layoff

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HP is planning to layoff 27,000 employees. And while many HP workers may be dreading the idea of being let go, the reality is layoffs of this size actually offer those affected some benefits! O’Donnell for a look at the five ways you can leverage a layoff to your advantage!

7 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Shirt (a la Air France Execs) Over Layoffs

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Angry union protestors ripped off two Air France managers’ shirts after Air France announced the proposed layoffs of about 3000 workers. This is exactly the type of scene you want to avoid if you are in the unfortunate position of announcing your own layoffs. To keep reading, click here: 7 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Shirt (a la Air France Execs) Over Layoffs

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How To Recover From A Job Layoff

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You can recover from a job layoff by doing the following: 1. Quick Tips: What To Do After A Layoff. The post How To Recover From A Job Layoff appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Losing your job, especially when it’s due to no fault of your own can be devastating.

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Attention Recent Layoffs – Especially Folks from Hewlett-Packard

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Which leads me to the following… Why not give layoff victims a choice in outplacement services? Unfortunately, as you can imagine, that kind of insider information about a layoff isn’t easy to get ahold of – and understandably so.

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Can a Layoff Be a Blessing in Disguise?

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What do you think of when you hear the term layoff? How can you consider a layoff to be a good thing? Are you guaranteed to receive a better paying job after a layoff? Career Change advice blog career expert layoff management

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can I ask my boss if layoffs are coming?

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If significantly less students enroll, budgets may shrink and that may result in layoffs. When is it okay to start asking my supervisor about the possibility of layoffs? can I ask my boss if layoffs are coming? layoffs outsideA reader writes: I am an admin at a large public university that has gone fully remote.

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3 Quick Tips on What to Do After a Layoff

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Tips for After a Layoff. Here is some professional career advice on practical steps to take after a layoff. Job Search layoff tipYou’ve just been laid off. What should you do next? What first steps should you take towards finding new employment?

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COMIC – Are there layoffs pending?

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Has this ever happened to you

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Boeing and the Layoff Culture

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Within a few months, all anyone could talk about were the  mass layoffs  taking place around the country. No one had anything to say on this matter except a few academic researchers who provided an eye-opening account of their 10 years studying the layoff culture at airplane manufacturing powerhouse  Boeing. From 1996 to 2006, the group of scientists went onsite at Boeing to study what happens when a company is inundated with layoffs.

7 Things You Must Immediately Do If You Suspect A Mass Layoff


The layoff scare. You might be inclined to keep the impending layoff a secret from your loved ones because you don’t want them to worry, but this actually bad strategy on your part. Cut down on your personal costs as soon as you suspect that a layoff is near.

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4 Tips for Yahoo Layoff Victims

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” Then, I realized I could shoot this quick video to share the four steps layoff victims need to take to minimize the time they are out of work. I wish the victims of the layoff the best and hope this video post finds it’s way to each of them.

Wanted: Companies Doing Big Layoffs

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In all seriousness, I am looking to get this article in front of executives at any company that has recently laid off or plans to layoff a lot of workers. Fact: Layoff Victims Start With a Big Disadvantage. Solution: Give JSAP to Those Affected By Layoffs.

Who’s Firing – Layoffs week ended 12-31-10


Who’s Firing summarizes weekly research of companies announcing and rumoring layoffs for the week ended 12-31-10. For the past week retail, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and transportation employers announced the largest layoffs. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment hiring Job job search layoff Planning recession research unemployment who's firing

3 Quick Tips on What to Do After a Layoff

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Here is some professional career advice on practical steps to take after a layoff: 1. Do you know what steps to take after a layoff? What to do after a layoff. Layoff tips image from Shutterstock. Job Search layoff tipYou’ve just been laid off.

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Recovering from a Layoff

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updates: the coworker pajama party, lying about layoffs, and more

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updates: the coworker pajama party, lying about layoffs, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s a special “where are you now?” season at Ask a Manager, when I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

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