10 Ways Employee Surveys Help Attract and Retain Talent

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10 Ways Employee Surveys Help Attract and Retain Talent. Employer communication culture innovation Leadership Motivation survey team work Vision well-beingA strong workplace culture increases business performance by engaging everyone in a united goal, values and vision.

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12 Employee Survey Questions to Ask Your Workplace Today


Leadership and Manager Challenges at Work. The employee survey is a concrete snapshot of your workplace at a moment in time. My personal view is that employee surveys should be done more than just annually which can get expensive and time consuming.

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On a Scale of 1 to 10: 5 Tips for Employee Survey Mastery


If asked to rate your love for employee surveys on a scale of 1 to 10, the difference between a perfect score and not even answering can be familiar. One of the most valuable tools available to an HR professional when determining the mindset of our employees is the employee survey.

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Who is HR? Take My Research Survey


I’m tired of the blame being placed solely on the shoulders of HR from academics, pundits and executive leadership. I’m conducting my own research starting with a survey ( click here ) which I humbly ask for you to participate.

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New Employee Survey Reveals Bosses Today Rarely Apologize, Inspire Less Trust

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This sentiment is in sharp contrast to the only 19 percent of employees who say their bosses always or often says they’re sorry, according to the global Leadership Pulse Survey published by The Forum Corporation. Forum conducted their global leadership survey in September.

5 Critical Leadership Skills to Showcase on Your Resume

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Do you want over 13,000 leaders and HR professionals around the world to understand which leadership skills are in demand now to know which leadership skills companies look for on your resume? They recently surveyed.

Survey: Applicants Wary of Companies That Recruit on Facebook

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Using Facebook as an applicant-selection tool may be convenient for employers, but a new survey indicates the practice creates a perception among potential applicants that the company is unfair. He surveyed 170 college seniors majoring in hospitality management.

Essential Leadership for the Future of Work

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At this year's  SilkRoad Connections conference, keynote speaker Cheryl Cran challenged our attendees to upgrade their leadership operating systems to meet future work requirements. The future of work will be about saying goodbye to blaming, bureaucracy, and bad leadership. Gen X, Gen Y, and Zoomers ( baby boomers who refuse to age and retire) will work together to create an environment of shared leadership, freedom of expression, creativity, inspiration, and fun.

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Is Communication the Key to an Engaged Workforce?

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One significant factor that can determine the engagement levels within an organisation is the quality of communication taking place between employees and those in leadership roles. Employer communication Disengaged Employee Engagement feedback manager Meeting survey

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Employee Surveys Now Uncovering Horrible Bosses at the FBI.

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Some of you that are seasoned HR Pros know the cautionary tale when it comes to employee surveys. So, you''d like be surprised to find that the FBI is using rollup results by city to figure out where they have leadership issues.

Q&A with Lindsey Pollak: Next Level Leadership

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Many millennials are becoming leaders and even more want to step into leadership roles. I sat down with my friend Lindsey Pollak, millennial workplace expert and spokesperson for The Hartford’s My Tomorrow campaign, to hear about how employees can move on to “next-level” leadership. Nearly all millennials (96 percent) in The Hartford’s 2014 annual consumer survey feel they bring new skills to the workplace.

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Engagement, Extrication, & Light Saber Leadership


Get them involved in an employee committee lead by their peers focused on something like actionables from the employee survey or a group focused on the company culture.

How to Triangulate a Senior Leadership Team That Doesn't Think There's a Talent Problem.

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So in order to get some movement towards acknowledging that your company could do better in the human capital area of your choice, go through the following 2-step survey process: 1. Ah yes. The Sr. They're talented! They're leading! They're movers and shakers!

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What Women Want from Employers

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Just over half of women surveyed, 51 percent, reported these skill-sets as one of the top two most important, followed by knowledge of technology (selected by 37 percent) and teamwork (selected by 35 percent), respectively. Other Findings From What Women Want From Employers Survey.

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Is Employee Engagement a Threat or a Thread?

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I think conducting anonymous surveys suggest that engagement is seen as a threat in the organization. If leaders and managers really don’t know who is saying what and have to rely on a survey to get some aggregate data I think they need to be more engaged with employees.

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The Future of HR Is Now: How CHROs Can Help CEOs Succeed


A recent survey of CEOs showed that they are anticipating big changes in how they do their jobs. The survey found that by the year 2020, CEOs see their roles as being driven by innovation and delivering change. HR Leadership big data analytics c suite CHRO human resources leadership

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Despite research showing that professional women have the same leadership aspirations as men and plenty of evidence that companies with female CEOs outperform those led by men, only five percent of S&P 500 companies’ CEO slots are, in fact, filled by women.

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Is Anonymous Feedback From Employees OK?

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I'd encourage everyone to go read Jason's post - because most of you do employee surveys and he's an expert in that area. I'm here to give you some comfort in employees savagely ripping you - either internally in surveys or at company rip sites like Glassdoor.

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Millennials: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

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Just like when they entered the workplace, Millennials are changing things up as they begin stepping into leadership roles. Contrary to some stereotypes associated with Millennials, The Hartford’s 2013 Leadership Survey shows Gen Y is motivated to make the transition and become leaders in multiple aspects of their lives. As younger employees take on a variety of leadership roles, they should aspire to become well-rounded in these roles.

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Are You Preventing the Mismeasure of Employee Engagement?

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If we limit our questions to between five and twelve and have employees complete a survey then maximize our intervention and then measure again to see if there was a change this may be all the measurement we need. How much of your employee engagement budget is devoted to a survey and analysis.

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C-suite Executives and Social Media: Are You Resistant or Engaged?

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They use social channels to provide context for business decisions, address brand issues, showcase company culture and most importantly, demonstrate thought leadership.” Here are some of the survey results: Question: CEO participation in social media leads to better leadership.

3 Soft Skills Every Great Leader Needs

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And recent research from HBR states, “Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals.” There are a lot of experts jumping on the bandwagon of the evolving leadership model.

The Secret To Being Persuasive At Work (And Anywhere)

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According to a recent survey, four out of 10 people have found their “best” job through networking. Be Confident Career Advice being persuasive at work influencing decisions leadership leadership tipsThe Secret To Being Persuasive At Work (And Anywhere). Work It Daily.

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How to Give 360-Degree Feedback to Different Personality Types


In one survey , 78% of respondents rated personality as the most important criteria when hiring someone, voting it even more important than a potential candidate’s skill set. HR feedback leadership management personality types teams

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3 Ways to Re-Engage Your Workforce


According to a survey by Towers Watson , most of your workforce has either detached or completely disengaged from their positions. A recent Gallup survey showed not even the poor economy has impacted the relative importance of engagement on organizational outcomes.

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14 Zingers: How to Listen for Employee Engagement

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Drop the surveys and open your ears for employee engagement (Part 1). . Engaged listening is a foundation for counselling and I also believe it is a foundation for management and leadership as work has become increasingly social in nature and method. More listening, less surveys in employee engagement. I think we need more interpersonal listening and less anonymous surveying in employee engagement.

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Is Anonymous Feedback From Employees OK?

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I'd encourage everyone to go read Jason's post - because most of you do employee surveys and he's an expert in that area. I'm here to give you some comfort in employees savagely ripping you - either internally in surveys or at company rip sites like Glassdoor.

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Marcus Buckingham Rocked #SHRM15 Day 2 Keynote – 3 Important Shifts for HR to Make


HR has built systems that work for HR and senior leaders (performance management, engagement surveys, strengths finders/competencies), but they don’t work for managers who are trying to integrate those systems into actions to manage their people. HR Leadership SHRM15

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65 Eye Opening Statistics for HR & Recruiting Industry


The HR & Recruiting industry is inudated with research and surveys ranging from social media in the workplace to statistics on turnover. This information is useful for blogging, workplace programs, decreasing turnover, and giving senior leadership hard statistics on wanting to implement out of the box strategies. Business HR Leadership Life Mobile Social Media Work

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Productivity Not an Indicator of Employee Engagement, New Study Finds


New analysis from employee engagement survey firm Leadership IQ reveals just the opposite. Ideally, we’d want the highest performing employees to be the most engaged with the company; the ones that are motivated to give 100% and would think their company is a great employer. However, this isn’t the case. In 42% of the organizations [.]. Workplace Employee Engagement

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21 Million Americans Will Change Jobs in 2012 Costing $2 Trillion


The survey also includes a telling infographic which is included below. Cornerstone’s survey reveals that half (50 percent) of employed U.S. Retail spending in 2011 is up this holiday season and Americans are feeling more confident in the economy.

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Aligning Company Growth Goals thru Succession Planning, part 1


We stand at a door wide open as we survey business operations today. An interesting by-product of growing your leadership from within is the vested interest your workforce will build within themselves. Creating a Strategic Approach to Succession Planning. World 3.0

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Employee Engagement in Doha: Geometry and Sun Light

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And we should see engagement as continually flowing, not merely an annual snapshot from a static survey. Pei leadership Museum of Islamic Art organizations Qatar work I am currently in Doha, Qatar to work on employee engagement.

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Top 5 Ways Employers Can Help Women Advance

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Most Women Feel that Having Women in Positions of Leadership is Important in Considering a Prospective Employer. Having more women in leadership positions was the second most cited (named by 34% of women and 31% of men). Survey Methodology.

Hope and Trust


In their foundations annual letter Bill and Melinda Gates demonstrated a core element of leadership: inspiring hope. The survey asked people whether they had hope for their careers. Areas of Worklife career CREW Leadership resiliency Respect trust Teamwork Trust

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Thinking About High Performance: GPTW, Netflix and Amazon.

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To be the best Amazonians they can be, they should be guided by the leadership principles , 14 rules inscribed on handy laminated cards. An ambulance is waiting for your convenience - remember that when the GPTW survey comes around.

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5 Techniques to Improve Your Communication and Be a Better Leader


Great leadership starts with effective communication skills in the workplace. Follow up with an online survey and allow for employees to share opinions anonymously.

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How to Coach Your Corporate Leaders to Become Better Communicators


There are many ways to measure improved communications: from employee surveys before and after major presentations, to informal feedback. What have you done in your office to help improve communication among leadership?

How to Create a Corporate Culture of Innovation


However, only half of the companies surveyed have this kind of culture. Leadership Serves. This leadership style cannot exist in a paternalistic structure. Business Leadership Work If you want your company to be innovative , you need a support system for innovation.

3 Reasons to Start Speaking at Industry Conferences

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In the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2016 Job Outlook Survey, 80% of employers said they want to see evidence of leadership skills on a candidate’s resume. Phrased less subtly, they want to see evidence of thought-leadership. Leadership Status.

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