Startup Tips are for Women Too!

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The post Startup Tips are for Women Too! Ladies, the number of women-owned business in the US has grown to over 9.1 million people, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. The post Startup Tips are for Women Too!

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Giving Women The Courage to Negotiate Salary

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I am happy to continue this dialogue on the gender pay gap to empower women to be informed and inspired to seek better compensation. I encourage both men and women to listen to this episode to universally make the most out of your career trajectory. Women are likely not to.

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Giving Women Courage in their Career Development

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Women desire to differentiate themselves through making an impact with their ideas. There are innate character traits women have keeping them from speaking up. The basis for our discussion comes from her article, Top 5 Career Must-Have’s for Women.

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Women and the Web

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Today I found a fascinating TechCrunch article by Aileen Lee, “Why Women Rule the Internet.&# The idea is that women are now the matriachs of the vast web abyss. Share this on LinkedIn. By, Patricia Brehm.

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Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Women #IWD2015

The Undercover Recruiter

Women have been fighting for equal rights for many years and to celebrate their success, and in honour of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, LinkedIn have released some networking tips for women around the globe. It is important for women to feel empowered in the world of work and networking is a huge part of […]. Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Women #IWD2015.

The Ultimate Job Search Survival Guide for Women Executives

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Believe it or not, there still is somewhat of a notion that women shouldn’t be in top positions at certain companies. However, this has changed significantly over the years, and many companies are viewing women at a higher standard than ever before, and rightfully so.

Life and Jobs Matter for Women Ex-Offenders

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This week, Donna Rojas shares the significance of life and career training to women ex-offenders. How gender responses and differences are considered makes a difference in preparing women and men for transition. Also, join our Linkedin community!

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5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your LinkedIn Profile

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5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your LinkedIn Profile. Did you know that 89% of recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn? Or that over ten million people found their current job through LinkedIn? Related: 4 Rookie Mistakes You Need To Avoid On LinkedIn.

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7 Reasons NOT to Copy Someone Else’s LinkedIn Profile

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You see a compelling, branded LinkedIn profile of a job seeker with qualifications similar to yours. Just the other day I received invitations to connect on LinkedIn from two women employed at the same company, in similar jobs. LinkedIn frowns upon copyright violations, too.

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20 Careers Where Women Outnumber Men | CareerSolvers

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Thursday, March 10th, 2011 20 Careers Where Women Outnumber Men I know that Tuesday was International Working Women’s Day, but since I think we should celebrate working women (and men!)

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What if Women Pioneered the Work World?

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Had the professional world been pioneered by women rather than men, what would it look like? For women, at times everything seems to be a battle against the self, a constant learning or adjusting process and most notably a push and pull between the personal and professional responsibilities.

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11 Tips for Choosing Your LinkedIn Photo

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All of these pictures have something in common: each is a photo I saw featured on a LinkedIn profile or included in an e-mail message I received from someone using a Google Account. Did you know that LinkedIn profiles with photos receive 50-70% more inquires than profiles without?

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for a Professional Profile

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Who has time to research LinkedIn ? That’s why we created the LinkedIn Cheat Sheet ! LinkedIn Cheat Sheet. Here are five solid LinkedIn tips from our experts: 1. Original article: “ Pay Attention to Your LinkedIn Settings “).

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Should Professionalism Of LinkedIn Photos Matter?

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There's an interesting thread going on on LinkedIn now - click here to see the entire conversation. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming more like Facebook. If you're OK with LinkedIn looking a lot like life, you'll never be disappointed. Any time you polarize people with your LinkedIn profile picture, there's pros and cons to the approach. Only if you're concerned about being judged on a daily basis. I kid - but then again, I don't.

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7 Ways to Earn More Respect and Influence as a Young Professional Woman

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During my first year out of college, I worked in a legal organization that assists men and women from all over the world. Many of the clients are men from countries where women aren’t highly valued, let alone taken seriously or even allowed in professional atmospheres.

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How To Be A LION On LinkedIn

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As you become more involved with LinkedIn , you may decide to become an open networker. Learning To Be A LION on LinkedIn. Some LinkedIn users will accept only U.S.-based No Engagement On LinkedIn. The post How To Be A LION On LinkedIn appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

LinkedIn: Busting 8 Damaging Myths About What It Can Do For Your Career

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As a career and executive coach, speaker and recruitment consultant, I use LinkedIn (LI) extensively each day, and I truly enjoy it. I like LinkedIn so much that I often refer to it as the “ great cocktail party in the sky.”. Myth #2: LinkedIn will replace recruiters.

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LinkedIn Job Hunting: What if a Potential Employer Views Your.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered. As the business-minded adult player on the field, LinkedIn offers a feature that allows you see who has viewed your profile.

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The New Career Girl: Gen Y Women Redefine Success

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe The New Career Girl: Gen Y Women Redefine Success by Nicole Crimaldi on April 27, 2010 Two weeks ago I asked you what your 10 year vision looked like. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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Are Men Better Networkers Than Women?

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According to a recent LinkedIn networking survey , globally and in the U.S. men are savvier online professional networkers than women. I don’t believe that networking is a gender-specific activity and I think both men and women can be great networkers.

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5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us

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Linkedin updates. Featured Life After College internet marketing networking quarterlife crisis social media thoughts time time management too much internet twentysomethings womenThe post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The internet is the enemy.

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who can managers talk to, my boss only gives gifts to women, and more

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My boss only gives gifs to women. Professional societies on a LinkedIn profile. 150 up to $400 for yearly membership of International Teapot Society), but I still think they’ll look good on my LinkedIn profile. No one is really that impressed by seeing society membership on your resume or your LinkedIn profile — and they’re going to be even less impressed by seeing “LinkedIn membership” in one of them.

Should I Connect with Someone I Interviewed with on LinkedIn?

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Should I Connect with Someone I Interviewed with on LinkedIn? Now, a number of names from these companies are showing up as “people you may know&# on LinkedIn. Make LinkedIn connections a habit.

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Do I Look too Young to be Taken Seriously at Work?

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Share this on LinkedIn. career career women dress for success feminism generation Y office politics personal branding personal development appearing professional confidence at work looking older looking professional young female professional

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my assistant is using my title on LinkedIn

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager my assistant is using my title on LinkedIn March 24, 2011 A reader writes: So, I got a new job (hooray!) Have you ever encountered a LinkedIn profile where people are grossly misrepresenting themselves? Not to mention the LinkedIn community!

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Everything I Know About Job Searching, I Learned From Star Wars

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I am a member of Chicago Women in Publishing and my experience through the large as well as small networking events has been tremendous in teaching me what I am capable of accomplishing in my own career. Share this on LinkedIn. career career women job search relationships

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

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Meeting other happy women who’ve made positive changes in their careers and lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up growing a team and coaching other women into pursuing their passion as a paycheck. Share this on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Study: Women Too Picky About Mentors?

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A new LinkedIn study indicates, in spite of the fact a mentor can advance your career, one in five women in America do not have a mentor. Climbing the Ladder advice career expert linkedin mentor womenTo get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

New Year Resolutions Professionals SHOULD Make

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LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other online networking sites can also be great platforms to present and market yourself. Your LinkedIn profile is especially important, as it is the most popular professional networking site. What resolutions should you be making in the new year?

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The Top 3 Mistakes Job Seekers Make On LinkedIn

Career Makeover Coach

LinkedIn is really all about networking. I totally understand why job seekers try to spend as little time as possible in front of LinkedIn. So what I want to offer 3 of the most common mistakes in using LinkedIn and how to avoid them.

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Make Your Personal Brand More Powerful in 3 Easy Steps

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Share this on LinkedIn. career career women goals uncategorized personal brandingBy, Nadene Cherry. Your Personal Brand is no longer only about your career- it’s about everything and everyone you touch on a daily basis!

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10 Blogs for Job Search, Personal Branding and Career Help

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Jason Alba’s I’m On LinkedIn – Now What??? Forbes Work in Progress – Career talk for women. LinkedIn Blog. Blogging Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Personal & Career Branding LinkedIn Social Media & Social Networking blogs career

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Would You Rather Work for a Man or Woman?

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Now of course there are men who will cross over and micro-manage the heck out of you, and some female bosses will not go to bat for you because you’re not part of their circle of friends in the office, oftentimes other women. Share this on LinkedIn. By, Dave Thomas.

Bilingual Ladies Are Highly Employable

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Share this on LinkedIn. career career women job search careers speak spanishToday’s post is by, J. Salvage. Approximately twelve percent of the US population speaks Spanish. The United States houses the fourth largest Spanish-speaking population in the world.

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Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

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While there are very popular social media sites to choose from, almost 50% choose to use LinkedIn, just a little over half choose Twitter, and almost 80% decide to use Facebook. career facebook jobs linkedin resumebear twitter

Superwoman’s Networking Handbook: Elevate your Elevator Speech

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Women who’s books I read and websites I idolize like Gabrielle Bernstein , Latham Thomas , Katie Freiling and Danielle Laporte. Especially women. “Well, you can find me at and I write for several women’s online magazines as well.

Give Your Work Space a Promotion!

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Share this on LinkedIn. Work career career women gen y generation Y job personal branding shopping women women in business Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.

Career Advice from Four Women We Admire

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So today, I wanted to highlight some advice from a few women whose careers I admire. Coming from a girl who frequents the red carpet and has her own show on HBO, this quote is one ambitious young women should take seriously. Also, which career women do you admire and why?

5 Twitter Casualties: Use Caution When You Tweet

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Featured Articles Social Media facebook linkedin resumebear twitterJust in case you’ve forgotten how perilous Twitter can be, here are five examples of tweets that got people canned. Aflac : The ongoing disaster in Japan is no laughing matter … unless you’re Gilbert Gottfried.

Asking For a Raise- How to get Paid!

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Share this on LinkedIn. career women twentysomethings career money payroll raiseBy, J. Salvage. Managing your career effectively can be a challenge. It’s hard to know which career move you should make next, and what steps you should take to make more money.

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