Is Your Organization Resilient Enough to Survive The Next Disruption?

Ms. Career Girl

And unaddressed, it can result in long term harm. But it’s a process—and the process starts long before the disruptive event occurs. Eventually, a major crisis will impact your company. It’s not a matter of “if” but of “when.”

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#CAHR18 Wrap Up: Why HR is Out of this World


This week I attended the California HR Conference in Long Beach. This was a chance for me to reflect on how much the profession has changed since I started in HR back in 2003. Of course, we are still talking about compliance issues like meal breaks and exempt classification, but the conversation is shifting more […] Source. Conferences HR CHRO harassment training me too workplace culture

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

of Long Beach, California, who reports that she recently learned of this website, and wishes she did so years ago. “When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.” ” – Larry Ellison, Founder of Oracle Corporation.

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New Job for Career Growth?

Careers Done Write

Long Beach, CA. Dear Deb, Since you revised my résumé, I have been at the same job for 3 ½ years. While I like the boss and the company, I feel there is no more room for advancement based on the company size. I was promoted once, but that is about as far as I can go. It is not as much about salary for me as it is about challenge and opportunity to use my skills in a more complete way.

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Headline Bloopers That Probably Got Someone Fired

Resume Bear

The Union Weekly, a student newspaper at California State University, Long Beach, ran this headline on top of a review of a campus event involving American Indians. One of the most important skills a copy editor can have is a dirty, skeptical mind. If you can spot sexual innuendo from a mile away and pick up on unintended racial slurs, you might have a future in headline writing and proofreading.

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3 Presentation Mistakes You Should Avoid | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

But when an hour-long webinar starts with 20 minutes of “friendly chit chat&# about Twitter and other unrelated topics, I get upset. One at an otherwise excellent Entrepreneur Magazine “Winning Strategies&# event in Long Beach. I was at that same presentation in Long Beach and found myself doing anything else but listening.

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Personal Branding: Finding Your Inner Dirtbag | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

She lives in Long Beach, Calif. Dirtbag lore goes like this: It was 1989 and Coach Dave Snow hired on as head baseball coach at Long Beach State. Fans yell “Go Beach!&# ) The Dirtbags finished the 1989 season 50-15 overall, which is still a school record, and advanced to the NCAA Tournament for their first appearance at the College World Series.

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