Moving For a New Job – Louisville

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You have to move down to Louisville, and if you have not done your homework it could be a logistical nightmare. Since Churchill Downs is located on the south side of the city, an ideal place to stay would be the southern part of Louisville, or maybe even the southern or eastern suburbs.

A Lesson in Leadership: Kevin Ware


My heart sank as I watched the Louisville and Duke players’ and coaches’ grief-stricken faces. Before being transferred to the stretcher, Ware asked for his Louisville teammates to gather around, urging them to win the Midwest Region crown in his absence.

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Sex As A Part of the Recruiting Process: The Problem is Plausible Deniability.

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Three of the five players said they attended parties as recruits and also when they played for Louisville.

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Top 10 Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

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Jason Falls – 48,529 followers: Founder of Social Media Explorer and President of Social Media Club Louisville. The Internet is an ongoing conservation full of ideas, news and tools. The conversations is always happening and Twitter is a way to participate in the dialogue of exchanging ideas.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Ford investment will roll out 350 new jobs in Louisville, Kentucky : The company is expanding its Louisville Assembly Plant to meet higher demand for its F-Series pickups. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about. As a part of our new Job Seeker Sundays we’re bringing you major news stories each week that shine a good light on companies.

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Wanted: 8,400+ Job Seekers For Positions Across The United States

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As the United States job market continues to improve, Adecco Staffing US, part of the world’s largest recruitment and workforce solutions provider, continues to see thousands of job opportunities for qualified professionals across the nation in a range of sectors.

The Hidden Job Report

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Olin Brass and Kentucky officials have confirmed rumors of the imminent move of the company headquarters from East Alton to Louisville. Steve Beshear and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said the relocation is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

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“Can an employer take back a Change Of Control ‘trigger’?”

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Louisville, Kentucky. . If you would like to obtain names of experienced employment attorneys in your city of Louisville, Kentucky [ click here ]. Question: At work, I have a “Change Of Control” agreement that gives me the right to collect severance if two “triggers” take place. That is, if (1) there is a change in ownership (“trigger” #1), and (2) my responsibilities and authority are diminished, I get a large payment.

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“What does ‘Prospective Customer’ mean in a Non-Compete or Non-Solicitation Agreement?”

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Louisville, Kentucky. Question: I am a Business Development Specialist for a large Wealth Management firm. When I started my job four years ago, I was required to sign a non-compete agreement. The non-compete agreement says that, if I ever leave my job with the firm, for any reason, for 12 months I can’t solicit or transact any business with “customers or prospective customers” of the firm. Isn’t everyone a “prospective customer?” If not, then who is and who is not?

Trend Alert: Insourcing as a Future Driver


In one example…a design team was able cut the work hours necessary to assemble a water heater from 10 hours in China to two hours in Louisville, KY. Outsourcing”, also known as “offshoring” has been one of biggest trends of American business in the last several decades.

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Cabelas Hiring 155 at New Saginaw Michigan Store!

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Louisville, Ky.; Applications being accepted now; Interviews to begin Nov. Cabela’s Incorporated, the World’s Foremost Outfitter® of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, plans to hire approximately 115 full-time and part-time employees, plus seasonal workers, to staff its Saginaw Outpost Store scheduled to open early next year in Saginaw, Mich. Applications must be submitted online. Anyone interested in applying should visit [link] , click on “Apply Now,” then “United States Jobs.”

NASHVILLE - What Happens When An Employment Market Becomes Too Cool For School.

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Louisville - $48,897. If you know anything about the Southeast US where I live, there's a couple of big realities from a lifestyle/work perspective: --Atlanta is the capital. --The The Southeast is booming in general.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

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Louisville, Kentucky. If you’d like to obtain a list of five or six experienced employment attorneys in Louisville, where you live [ click here ].

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4 Best States For Attorneys To Work

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Earning $160,000 in New York City is vastly different than earning $160,000 in Louisville, Kentucky. in Louisville. In the legal field and wondering where you should work ?

The Hidden Job Report

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In December Ford announced it was investing $600 million in a Louisville, Ky.

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The Hidden Job Report

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Louisville, KY / Decatur, AL / Selmer, TN / Bloomington, IN) GE announced today it plans to invest $432 million to establish four U.S.-based The Hidden Job Report. Total jobs in the report: 12,729 Jobs revealed ( 7,740 Jobs in U.S.A. 4,989 International Jobs ). If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads? Why not network with people in the company that are hiring enmasse now.

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