Salary vs. Stress

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So, you think it’s cool being a Wall Street hedge fund manager, or a four star General? Salaries Compensation Job Search Jobs Salary self help Self Improvement Source: How Do I Become A?

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Negotiating for an Increase in Starting Salary

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You know that the higher your starting salary in a job, the more money you make over your lifetime. If you get “behind” in your salary, it’s difficult to catch up. Select three or four recent scenarios at work (or at school if you are a new grad) to show your value to the hiring manager. Ask about the salary range for this position. Make sure you talk to the hiring manager. Your hiring manager is your ally. You have an offer.

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What Should the Salary of a Project Manager Be?


Project Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, reflected in the fact that the median salary for American PMs is around $105,000. Understanding the Salary of a Project Manager. Generally, these titles reflect a gradation of salary levels.

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Dilemma of the Month: Low Salary Expectations

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For candidates that progress to an HR phone screen, we ask their expected salary and share the range we have for the role. Is it appropriate to use someone’s low salary expectations as a reason for not moving forward? For example, I was recruiting for a mid-level management role, with compensation between $125,000-$150,000 per year. Many of the candidates had salary expectations within that range. I’m a corporate recruiter.

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6 Job Search Resources to Focus Your Job Hunt – Salaries

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A teacher with a Masters degree has more salary potential than a teacher with just a Bachelor’s degree. The educational expectations/requirements in your field could impact your salary – keep this in mind. Some salary resources: -. Spherion Salary.

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Negotiate Your Salary Offer? Three Stories

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When I was a hiring manager, I almost never negotiated the offer I made to candidates. I often asked in the phone screen when I knew I wanted to bring someone in, “The typical salary for this job is this range: x- y. I read this post, Why I Did NOT Negotiate My Salary , and it resonated with me. The company bases the offer on the colleague’s current salary, not what the job is worth. For more on the candidate side, read Manage Your Job Search.

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Show Me the Money. How to Win at Salary Negotiation


Negotiating and Requesting a Salary Increase. Personal topics and subjects like our annual salary are hard to see objectively because we are so personally affected by the matter. I have negotiated a lot of salaries either as an HR or Hiring Manager or as the employee myself.

Guest Post: The Psychology Behind Salary Negotiation

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And, how can we use psychology to help with negotiating a better salary? If you have not done anything noteworthy for your manager in recent memory, why do you expect anything back? When negotiating your salary you are dealing with a manager, or other authoritative figure.

HR Was Reckless with My Salary Information

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HR sent me a letter of congratulations for my promotion along with my new salary and job description in an intra-office envelope. I told her I didn’t care what happened in her Dept because my information was handled in a reckless fashion and I was certain that my colleagues now know my salary thanks to her unprofessionalism. She made a conscious decision to just throw my personal salary info in an intra-office envelope for anyone to read. Then they know your salary.

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Dilemma of the Month: Low Salary Expectations

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For candidates that progress to an HR phone screen, we ask their expected salary and share the range we have for the role. Is it appropriate to use someone’s low salary expectations as a reason for not moving forward? For example, I was recruiting for a mid-level management role, with compensation between $125,000-$150,000 per year. Many of the candidates had salary expectations within that range. I’m a corporate recruiter.

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Forecast for 2013 U.S. Base Salary Increases Remain Stable

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employees can expect median base salary increases of 3 percent in 2013, according to research released today by Hay Group. These increases are consistent with forecasts for base salary increases reported for the previous two years.

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Salary Negotiation Tips: When to Talk Money in Hiring Process


It seems that the most mysterious part of the hiring process is salary. How do you approach salary negotiation? When do you bring up salary? How to you navigate the seemingly endless number of salary negotiation tips from experts? 3 Salary Negotiation Tips.

How to Tell Your Salaried Employees They are Now Hourly

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Some of your salaried employees are about to become hourly employees , and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Starting on December 1, 2016, the minimum salary needed to qualify for a salary exemption will jump from $455 a week ($23,660 per year) to $913 per week ($47,476 per year). You should have managers sit down, one on one, to deliver the news. To read the sample letter click here: How to tell your salaried employees they are now hourly.

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????? 7 Ways People Usually Fail at Salary Negotiations


Avoid the common salary negotiation mistakes that cost you the most. As very few of us are ever directly taught how to negotiate our salaries , the culture we are from determines in large part how comfortable we are negotiating. 7 things to avoid in a salary negotiation.

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How To Stretch Your Salary When You’re Stuck

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Sometimes your salary isn’t paying quite enough to cover all you wish it could. The problem isn’t automatically solved by a higher salary; it is solved by controlling the way you spend what you earn. Do some research on money management.

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Tips for Negotiating Salary

The Job Quest

Even though it signifies that you have been made an offer, people often choke when it comes time to talk specifically about salary. If you hem and haw, you’re not going to come off as confident in your rationale for why you deserve a raise or why you should earn a higher starting salary.

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Mariah Carey Lawsuit: Blackmail, Sexual Battery, Pee, and a $328,500 Salary

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Working as a celebrity’s 24/7 assistant is expected to have its crazy moments, and when Lianna Shakhnazaryan (also known as Lianna Azarian) took the job working for Mariah Carey, she got a salary that reflected the amount of work involved, starting out at $250,000 and raised to $328,500. Now, a lot of us might think we could put up with just about anything for that type of salary.

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How To Discuss Salary Requirements With The Hiring Manager

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How To Discuss Salary Requirements With The Hiring Manager. A lot of people find the subject of salary negotiation tricky. Do you wait to bring up the salary requirements or do you wait until the potential employer does it first? The same applies in salary negotiations.

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How to Negotiate a Salary Increase

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A lot of us think about negotiating a salary increase, but not many of us muster up the courage to do so. In most situations it’s a stressful and difficult topic for people to approach their manager with. How to Negotiate a Salary Increase.

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How To Answer Interview Questions About Salary

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What are your salary expectations for this role? Throughout the interview process, try to avoid any discussion of money or salary for as long as you can—and never, ever bring up the money issue by asking about the salary for this job.

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ResumeBear: High Salaries For the College Grad Starting Out!

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While it’s hard to imagine that any student would actively seek a low-paying major, some students may weigh salary more heavily than others when deciding on a degree. Median starting salary: $54,800. Example occupations: Financial manager, accountant/auditor, management analyst.

15 Tips For Better Salary Negotiations

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Yet many people are not comfortable negotiating their salary and employment package because they fear they will be perceived as aggressive and will damage the relationship they have tried so hard to build during the interview process. Most hiring managers do not make their best offer first.

Why Are Salary Ranges Secret?

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Monday, November 08, 2010 Why Are Salary Ranges Secret? You really do need to know where you stand in a salary range to make wise career choices. Why are Salary Ranges Secret? I really feel that employees should be aware regarding their salaries.

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Think Salaries Are Confidential? Google Found Out They Aren’t

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American culture says that salary information is confidential; 43 percent of married couples couldn’t correctly name their spouse’s salary. We don’t talk about salaries with our friends and family, and we certainly don’t talk about them with our co-workers. Leaving a list of salaries on the copy machine is certainly a fireable offense in many companies. Erica Baker, a former Google employee, created a spreadsheet on which people could report their own salaries.

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Pay Increase: How Not to Ask

Catherines Career Corner

Want a Fatter Salary? Written by Catherine Adenle Asking for a pay increase could be nerve-wracking regardless of your position in an organisation. In this slow economy, it’s even a bit risky if you are not cautious about having a justifiable strategy when you ask [.] Related posts: Thrive and Get Noticed at Work: 50 Tips. These 5 Things Are More Important! Get the Job, Keep the Job and Lead! You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. The 5 Gifts to Give Your Employees.

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a salary negotiation success story

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I’m a 27-year-old woman, and I recently negotiated my salary successfully for the first time. For my second job, I attempted to negotiate a higher hourly rate with the hiring manager via email, who told me he wasn’t able to offer anything more than the going rate (this was true) and I ended up accepting anyway. For my third job, an internal move to a different department at the same organisation, I was once again offered a lower salary than I wanted.

Salary Negotiating - Earn What You Are Worth

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Your salary negotiating strategy is critical to ensuring you are compensated in a manner in accordance with your level of expertise. To successfully negotiate salary, you must define and appropriately convey compelling rationales during the interviewing process.

5 Tips to Renegotiate Your Salary

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Successful salary renegotiation is a complex, multistep process that takes some time. 5 Tips to Renegotiate Your Salary. Career Management Salary Career emails Meeting negotiation preparation renegotiating resume tips

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Why Happy Employees Earn Higher Salaries [STUDY]

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PayScale have released a salary negotiation guide, a combination of the best pieces of salary negotiation advice and a survey that features over 31,000 US individuals feedback. The PayScale Salary […]. Why Happy Employees Earn Higher Salaries [STUDY].

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4 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Corn on the Job

Here are four ways to negotiate your way up the salary ladder from Robert Half. If you’ve actually managed to secure a time to see your manager to talk about your salary, consider yourself halfway there. What kind of manager or employer do you have?

How to Get More Than the Average 2.9% Salary Increase in 2017

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According to the 2016/2017 Mercer US Compensation Planning Survey, the average salary increase budget is expected to be 2.9% Keep track of all the projects you manage. salary negotiation Uncategorized money salary salary increase salary raise

should I have shared my salary with a coworker?

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I recently had a conversation with a friend in a comparable role (in an entirely different division of my company), who asked to meet up to discuss salary. He has been at our company for a long time, and he had an inkling that because he hasn’t moved around much, his salary might be lower than industry standard. This friend is technically at a higher level than I am (one step up — he manages several people while I only manage one person). salary

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Average Starting Salary for New College Grads Increases 5.3 Percent

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Salaries for recent grads are on the rise. The average starting salary for new college graduates earning bachelor’s degrees has increased 5.3 percent over last year, according to NACE’s April 2013 Salary Survey. 2013 Average Salary. 2012 Average Salary.

Philadelphia Joins Massachusetts in Making Salary History Questions Illegal

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a bill on Monday that prohibits employers from asking candidates about their salary history. The theory is that since women tend to have lower salaries than men, and since many businesses make their current salary offer based on previous salaries, one underpaid job in 1992 can affect you the rest of your life. To keep reading, click here: Philadelphia Joins Massachusetts in Making Salary History Questions Illegal.

What Salary Do You Expect is Another Bad Question

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→ What Salary Do You Expect is Another Bad Question Posted on September 9, 2009 by johanna Hiring managers, recruiters, anyone on the phone or in the interview with a candidate: Don’t ask the “What Salary Do You Expect?&#

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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Your salary is one of the most important parts of a job. RELATED: How To Prepare for Your Salary Negotiation. How to Negotiate a Higher Salary [INFOGRAPHIC]. Career Management Infographics Salary higher negotiate

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Giving Women The Courage to Negotiate Salary

Competitive Resumes

Aubrey Bach ( @aubreybach ) is the Senior Manager, Editorial and Marketing at PayScale and we are going to dive deep into Payscale’s 2016 Salary Negotiation Report. Aubrey refers to an article she wrote about a Kate Winslet stating being uncomfortable about discussing salary.

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10 Tricks to Getting a Higher Salary [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you find it awkward negotiating your salary? This infographic from Job Cluster details 10 tips for winning a higher salary negotiation. 10 Tricks to Getting a Higher Salary [INFOGRAPHIC]. You’re not alone.

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Why a Project Management Career Can Weather the Economic Storm

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Yet according to new research, project management seems to be one profession bucking that trend. Away from the doom and gloom of the news headlines, our annual ‘Salary and. Employer APM Debbie Dore Economy project management Salary

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how to find out what salary you should be making

Ask A Manager

Whether you’re negotiating your salary for a brand new job or asking for a raise at your current job, the first rule of negotiating is to know what you’re worth. Plus, there’s a huge information imbalance when it comes to salary: Employers have the advantage of knowing the general range they’re willing to pay and what their overall salary structures are. At New York Magazine today, I’ve written about how to figure out what salary you should be making. salary

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Re-examine Your Salary Expectations

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The hiring managers are afraid to look at some senior people because they’re concerned the senior people will want salaries that are higher than the companies want to pay. Don’t assume you know what the hiring manager is willing to pay. See Negotiating for Salary.

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how to negotiate salary after a job offer

Ask A Manager

I wrote a guide to negotiating salary as part of a job offer, including knowing how much to ask for, answering questions about your salary expectations, what to say when you get the offer, and more. You may also like: when no one gives you an opening to negotiate salary can you negotiate salary even if the job ad listed a set number? outside salary

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7 Ways People Fail at Salary Negotiations


Because very few of us are ever directly taught how to negotiate our salaries, the culture we are from determines in large part how comfortable we are negotiating. He has represented unions, management, and individuals in wage and benefit negotiations.