Philadelphia Joins Massachusetts in Making Salary History Questions Illegal

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a bill on Monday that prohibits employers from asking candidates about their salary history. Like the Massachusetts bill that passed this summer (but won’t go into effect until January 1, 2018), the goal is to help end gender pay discrimination. By prohibiting employers from asking about your salary history, hiring managers will have to make a salary offer based on market data and won’t be influenced by a low previous salary.

Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

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Massachusetts has lost its mind. In a prime example of lawmakers not understanding business, the state has outlawed employers from asking interviewees about their salary history. Here's a quick rundown from Forbes : "Massachusetts has just passed the most comprehensive law regarding the subject of equal pay. You didn't ask her for her salary, but you're getting her reaction to what you can pay.


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Why Asking For Salary History Is Bad Recruiting

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Why Asking For Salary History Is Bad Recruiting. One of the most common recruiting practices today is to seek out a candidate’s salary history. By asking a candidate what they made at each of their previous jobs, employers are able to offer a salary that is in alignment with what the candidate previously made. However, states like Massachusetts are now passing laws prohibiting companies from asking the salary history question.

the first state has made it illegal to ask about salary history

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Massachusetts has made it illegal for employers to ask job candidates what they’ve earned in the past. The state’s new pay equity law, which was signed last week and goes into effect next summer, makes Massachusetts the first state in the U.S. to ban asking about salary history. salary

ask the readers: how to refuse to share your salary history

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A reader writes: I wondered if readers could share stories about successfully refusing to share their salary history. I had to give salary history about three different ways for my new job–I tried to demur but there was really no way around it. In fact, New York City is expected to make it illegal to ask for salary history very soon (and Massachusetts banned it last year, and California is considering legislation to do the same).

A New Illegal Interview Question: How Much Did You Earn In Your Last Job?

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Massachusetts just passed a new law that, among other things, prohibits companies from asking how much you earned in previous jobs. That’s right–those salary history questions in MA will be illegal starting in January 2018. Basing current salary on a previous salary is a pretty dumb and lazy thing to do. To read more about it, including advice from an MA employment attorney click here: This Popular Interview Question is Now Illegal In Massachusetts

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Can Recruiters Avoid Gender Bias In Workplace With These 4 Steps?

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Several business hubs like New York, California, London, Massachusetts and so on have brought about regulations like banning the practice of asking for salary history before hiring or bringing into effect The Equal Pay Act as discussed above.

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Responding to requests for salary history when that’s illegal. It just became a law in New York City that you can’t ask salary history in job interviews. Also, are salary requirements the same as history because I just saw a job listing that asked for the former, but I feel like it still sort of involves my salary history unless I’m asking for something completely different from what my history is.

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Friend/client asked me to disclose the salary of someone I recommended. A good answer could be something like, “I wouldn’t feel right sharing her salary. Did you know there’s actually a real move away from asking candidates about salary history? Massachusetts even just outlawed it !) It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I share an office with a hoarder.

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