Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

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However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it. doesn't have a federal policy on paid maternity leave. That means it's up to the states to decide if new mothers get paid leave, and if so, how long the leave lasts and how much they're compensated. are starting to get on board with paid parental leave, though.

SR: Paternity/Maternity Leave

Evil HR Lady

Thursday, September 09, 2010 SR: Paternity/Maternity Leave Dear Evil HR Lady, My company does not have enough employees to qualify for FMLA. However, they are generously letting me take 14 weeks of maternity leave (2 weeks paid, the rest unpaid). If it were me, Id allow both male and female employees the 12 weeks of leave. Of course, someone will pipe up that men in Sweden all take time off now, but they also get paid leave. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?


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Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

Career Realism

However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it. doesn't have a federal policy on paid maternity leave. That means it's up to the states to decide if new mothers get paid leave, and if so, how long the leave lasts and how much they're compensated. are starting to get on board with paid parental leave, though.

“While on Maternity Leave, can I attend a trade conference?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

As a general rule of thumb, it’s the Mother’s Leave of Absence; she is free to do as she pleases while on it. In my 30+ years as an employment attorney, I have never heard of any law or company policy that stipulates what a new Mom can do, or cannot do, while on her Maternity Leave. It is her right, her leave, her time, her baby, and her business what she does on that leave of absence. Considering not returning after Maternity Leave?

updates: the non-vacation, the maternity leave demotion, and more

Ask a Manager

I was demoted after my maternity leave (#2 at the link). The boss that promised the new role was let go a few weeks into my leave. It was all quite ridiculous, particularly coming from a 40-something year old woman. You may also like: should I stay in touch while I'm on maternity leave? Here are three updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. What to say when a “vacation” isn’t a vacation (#4 at the link).

update: I don’t think I want to come back from maternity leave

Ask a Manager

Remember the letter-writer who wasn’t sure if she wanted to come back from maternity leave (#3 at the link; first update here )? it was very taxing for me, especially because of an office culture where the relationship between management and staff could be quite adversarial at times. A few commenters seemed disappointed in my decision to leave the workforce to care for a child.

I got chastised for taking initiative, coworker secretly plans to quit after maternity leave, and more

Ask a Manager

I know my coworker secretly plans to quit after her maternity leave. We have a temp coming in to transition her work during her leave from June to October. I think taking months of maternity leave pay and benefits, knowing you are going to quit shortly thereafter (within 2 months), is robbery and a truly bad thing to do. That said, even if you told HR, they can’t deny her the ability to use her leave, so her plan will go forward anyway.

I’m being assigned “make up” work before maternity leave, coworker is pushing prescription pills, and more

Ask a Manager

I’m being assigned “make up” work before my maternity leave. Knowing that I’m going on maternity leave in three months, he asked me to cover their shifts, on top of my own, in the two months preceding my leave. I know that my being on leave will be a burden to the rest of the librarians, so I’m afraid to look like I’m not being a team player. This is my first job after university so I’m not quite sure what would be okay.

maternity leave and hurt feelings, penalizing employees who won’t participate in wellness programs, and more

Ask a Manager

I was hurt when the person I’m covering for maternity leave attended our Christmas lunch. I’m filling a maternity leave role with the agreement in place that I will be hired full-time. Over the holiday season, our unit had a Christmas lunch and when we showed up at the venue, the person I’m replacing (who is still on her maternity leave) was there waiting to join us for lunch. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

my boss hasn’t returned from maternity leave, watching what I say around a coworker with financial worries, and more

Ask a Manager

My boss hasn’t returned from maternity leave. When I was brought on, I knew that my new manager would be leaving for maternity leave about four months in to my new position. But I figured when she got back from leave we would pick up where we left off. Her maternity leave has been over for almost three weeks now and she still isn’t back to work full-time. Is it normal for people to take extra weeks on top of 12 weeks of maternity leave?

giving a negative reference for a nightmare employee, I don’t want to come back after maternity leave, and more

Ask a Manager

During his short tenure, nearly all the staff quit, there was a hostile work environment investigation, and relationships with partners ranging from foundations to long-term consultants were ruined. You definitely can’t give a reference that leaves out the worst parts. I don’t think I want to come back from maternity leave. I also didn’t want to burn bridges at my organization or have my boss think I was any less committed to my job before I went on leave.

manager is on maternity leave and I’m overwhelmed, a company told me they’d call the police if I contact them again, and more

Ask a Manager

My manager is on maternity leave and I’m overwhelmed. My boss just went on maternity leave and I took over her duties in addition to my own. Before my boss left, she suggested to tell people that we are down one person and that our priorities are outline in her maternity leave plan, but that isn’t working so far because people are ignoring that plan and keep coming up to me with their priorities. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

questions about resigning — while your boss is on maternity leave, when your boss is hard to find, and when your coworkers are leaving too

Ask a Manager

Should I resign while my boss is on maternity leave, or on her first day back? My boss is set to return from maternity leave in two weeks, and I’m trying to decide how best to time my resignation, mulling over what you wrote here. But is telling her on the last week of leave too much of a jerk move? I am extremely eager to leave, but I don’t want to be unprofessional or insensitive. A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers quit. Resigning!

my company is sticking us with part of the hotel cost on business trips, workload while boss is on maternity leave, and more

Ask a Manager

My workload will plummet while my boss is on maternity leave. I am quite concerned about what this means for me and my position. Considering this, I do not want to quit and find a new job; however, I cannot afford to work part-time for six months or longer. I do not want to seem like I only care about what her leave will mean for me when I realize she probably has a lot on her mind already, but I am concerned. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

how to quit your job

Ask a Manager

You may also like: do you have to tell your boss why you’re quitting? questions about resigning — while your boss is on maternity leave, when your boss is hard to find, and when your… update: what’s the best way to resign when your boss will explode? how to quit your job was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

birthdays with food restrictions, quitting right before your boss goes on leave, and more

Ask a Manager

Quitting when my boss is about to go on maternity leave. My boss is scheduled to go on maternity leave in two weeks. Just tell her ASAP — like today — so she has as much time to get things rolling before she leaves as possible.

2020 34

We Assumed Our Employee Would be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Evil HR Lady

An employee had a baby a couple of months ago and went on maternity leave. We were all 100 percent sure that she would quit to stay home with the baby. I just got an email from the new mom saying, “My maternity leave ends in two weeks, and I’m excited to get back to work!” We have just over 50 employees, so we are subject to FMLA. Her husband has a good job and her sisters are stay-at-home moms. So, we started working on replacing her.

2017 129

updates: quitting if I can’t get Christmas off, being too needy with a boss, and more

Ask a Manager

In the reshuffle I got a significant raise, and I realized two big things: a) obviously I was still undervaluing my contribution, and b) until I figured out what that contribution was, I wouldn’t be able to express it to anyone outside my organization if I ever wanted to leave. Should I quit my new job if I can’t get the week of Christmas off? So, I did not end up quitting. My update ends happily – I’m currently on maternity leave after having my son.

2020 30

quitting if I can’t get Christmas week off, spending the night with coworkers, and more

Ask a Manager

Should I quit my new job if I can’t get the week of Christmas off? Am I crazy to quit this job just so I can go home? Will quitting this job for a probably petty reason screw me over forever? It won’t screw you over forever, no, but you’ll need to leave this job off your resume (since you’ll have worked there less than three months). I’m resigning — how do I tell direct reports who are on leave? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2019 30

my boss won’t let me quit, treating people like adults while enforcing high standards, and more

Ask a Manager

Yesterday was my last day — but my boss won’t let me quit. That and a few other things are what made me quit. However, after it was time to leave I was “forced” to make edits to projects and that resulted in six hours worth of overtime. The people writing it have done quite a few, and are both writing professionals that do this together in their free time (and I have known them personally for quite some time). It’s five answers to five questions.

2017 31

What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

Penelope Trunk

Or they work long hours for a decade and then they quit to have kids. And of course, anyone who doesn’t like the deal that Amazon offers should just quit. After all, Jacquelien Reses, head of Yahoo’s human resources, commutes from NYC to California and leaves three kids behind. Netflix giving unlimited maternity leave ? No one who cares about their career trajectory will be taking that leave. More people should quit more of the time.

2015 87

Tips For Working Women Ready to Start a Family

Ms. Career Girl

Many make their decision based on necessity in terms of needing time off for appointments, morning sickness, or making plans for maternity leave. This doesn’t mean you have to quit eating sushi and drinking wine right now, but it can help to start weaning yourself off of these things. Many women are passionate about their careers but also want to start a family.

Family 169

Workplace Gossip is a Career Killer

Professional Resume Services

Some people never really leave high school. It’s one thing to spend a few minutes chatting about the latest ball scores or last night’s, “Castle” episode, or to discuss the co-worker who has just returned from maternity leave, in a positive manner. It’s quite another to be dishing the dirt on anyone or anything at work. Even as adults you will still find them hanging out and spreading the latest gossip.

“Pregnant and PIP’ed – What should I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

And we all know: excessive stress can be quite, quite harmful to health. My guess: your boss is hoping you’ll quit your job, so he can avoid keeping your job open for you during your maternity leave. It would seem to me quite likely that your boss – like many bosses in this situation – is getting nervous about doing without your services during your upcoming maternity leave. Consider filing for a FMLA Leave of Absence.

2012 109

interviewers didn’t leave me any time to ask my own questions, my boss wants to sue me for quitting, and more

Ask a Manager

My interviewers didn’t leave me any time to ask my own questions. My boss is threatening to sue me for quitting. I quit my job without giving prior notice because I tried quitting before but the boss doesn’t accept it. ” Then he threatened to sue for losses due to me leaving. He blames customers leaving on me for not able to complete projects when I’m not trained for it and he also blames me for the company losing money.

2017 23

From Corporate Suits to Cotton Pyjamas

Career Shifters

We sell mum, maternity and baby pyjamas. I then started to make and sell my pyjamas online when I was on maternity leave, and they proved really popular with great feedback. I returned to work after my year of maternity leave in a different mindset. There were quite a few 6 a.m. However, I'm now an active member of a group called the London Local Team where we support designers and makers, so the mentoring aspects of this are quite similar.

2016 200

how can I find new hires who will be comfortable with our “boys club” culture?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m looking to add a new employee to my team, most likely a recent college graduate, and I’m not quite sure how to come up with questions to ensure a good cultural fit. Working on maternity leave. Our team is a bit of a “boys club” with cursing and the occasional inappropriate joke made in smaller group settings.

2020 31

“Pregnancy: Rights under Disability, FMLA and Discrimination laws.”

Sklover Working Wisdom

FMLA: Under the federal “FMLA” law, you have a right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave if your health professional is willing to certify it is needed for your health, at one time or little by little, often called “intermittent leave.” The Family Medical Leave Act, or “FMLA,” is a federal law that provides you with time off, without pay, to address a medical problem.

How to Shift Your Organization’s Culture to Become More #Equal

Ms. Career Girl

Men are receiving maternity leave with increasing demand. I’m quite sure that if Maslow had outlived the 1970s he would be a workplace feminist. There is more uncertainty for women’s equality now than ever before. But this doesn’t mean we are helpless, it means we urgently need to participate in shaping our own work culture. At the individual level, there is so much we can do to create an equal workplace. While I feel your pain, you are not alone and you are not helpless.

2018 156

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Though I am not licensed to practice law in New Jersey, and so cannot give you definitive information about the laws of that state, I am quite confident that whatever it says in the employer’s Equity Plans will govern your rights in equity (stock, stock options, restricted stock units, and the like). Question 5: I f on a PIP when I went on maternity leave, what happens when I return? I have recently quit my job to go to work for a competing company.

2011 126

Relocation Repayment and FMLA (another throw to the readers!)

Evil HR Lady

That said, in this last year, I have taken a 14-week maternity leave, which was partly paid, vacation, and partially unpaid. Do you know this affects my “one-year” tenure in the position, particularly the unpaid leave (which I believe was 5 weeks)? I would like to give them a decent notice if I should decide to leave the position (which I think is likely), but I also want to make sure that I have surpassed my one year mark officially.

2016 109

Job Hoppers: Advice Before & After You Hop

Careers Done Write

If you are thinking of quitting before you have a new job, consider that decision very carefully. If your break in employment is due to maternity leave, raising children, or caring for a seriously ill family member, it is alright to mention that reason for leaving under your most recent position. There are many old adages associated with career success. One that remains true is, “Better to have a job to get a job.”

2012 152

update: I had a secret relationship with a coworker and now I’m pregnant

Ask a Manager

so her immediate reaction was that I must be handing in my notice and the first thing she said was a panicked ‘please don’t leave us!’ However it’s got quite serious and we’re having a baby!’. Her main concern was that it meant I would be going on maternity leave and we’d have to sort out my files (even though this wouldn’t be until after the summer!). It’s “where are you now?”

2020 27

Dear Job Seeker, I’ve Been There


I was having a baby and taking a full maternity leave. We quit eating out. I quit my corporate job and began working for myself full-time. As the host of the Job Search Secrets show and a career blogger, I regularly dish out job search advice often times out of the goodness of my heart. A couple weeks ago, I gave a job seeker some career advice about applicant tracking systems and career assessment that accompany many online career websites.

2011 115

UK vs America Work Culture

Ms. Career Girl

The minimum amount of paid holiday leave British workers are entitled to by law is 6 weeks. Women in the UK are entitled to take 52 weeks for maternity leave by law, whereas women in the US are only entitled to take 12 weeks off work, this is without guaranteed pay. It is almost quite shocking how stark some of the differences are.

10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

Career Realism

Poor Maternity-Leave Policies. lacks a formal, national maternity leave program. Work can be quite stressful at times, and it’s women who bear the brunt of work-related stress. Remember that old cigarette ad that proclaimed: “You’ve come a long way, baby?” It was introduced in 1968 by Virginia Slims, which linked smoking with female empowerment and equality. When we look closely at women in the business world, however, we may not have come as far as we think.

2014 86

7 Things You Need to Know Before Working Abroad

Corn on the Job

While this might seem straightforward, it can actually be quite confusing as there are many different types of visas, and each have different requirements. For instance, you might have more or less maternity leave and holiday pay. Moving overseas can be both scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! By preparing yourself to become an expat, you can focus on enjoying yourself and being excited for all of the different opportunities that are yet to come.

2020 40

should I care about my employer when figuring out when to have a baby?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m planning to leave my job in 18 months to go back to school full-time. In one scenario, we get pregnant more quickly and I’d be out on leave for my industry’s really intense season (think tax season for an accounting firm). A few of my coworkers have quit at the very end of their maternity leave or within 3 months of returning to work. I’ve got a good manager and a team I care about, and when I do leave, I want to do it on good terms.

updates: my boss jokes about me having “work suitors” and more

Ask a Manager

My company expects people to keep working long after they quit (#2 at the link). I was so burned out and desperate when I wrote in that I was planning to leave my job and lose my health insurance in the middle of a pandemic with nothing else lined up. It’s “where are you now?”

2020 37

Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo, and proves women cannot have it all

Penelope Trunk

She has announced she’ll take only two weeks maternity leave. Leaving kids at home so you can do a big job at the office is old news. It’s disappointing to women who don’t have kids to watch another woman with a fascinating, fun career leave that career to take care of her kids. “It’s hard to think of a time when a CEO of a major listed tech company has gone on maternity leave. Quit and stay at a big job.

Women 88

7 Things Dads Should Ask About Before Taking The Job

Career Realism

Paid Paternity Leave. Most employers that offer paid leave distinguish between maternity leave and paternity leave, although a small number offer “gender-neutral” parental leave. Few companies offer fully paid paternity leave so look closely at both the amount of leave available and the options for pay during this leave. Health insurance benefits vary quite a bit among employers. So you’re looking for a job, any job.

2013 87

“I must take care of my sick child; can I get unemployment?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

2004 and in April 2009 I had a little boy that we would soon learn had a lot of medical conditions, I took 12 weeks maternity leave and then had gotten a sabbatical leave, without pay. My employer also had me use all of my vacation time before my sabbatical leave. This leave lasted 14 months, my son underwent 4 surgeries during this time 2 open heart surgeries, 2 eye surgeries and also a heart cath. Question : I started working for my employer in Nov.

2011 122

The Work Moves On


I was often the brunt of many a practical joke including, but not limited to, leaving slimy lures all over the dark room, to be found by me as I stumbled around, feeling my way in the dark. Cue the tears… Less than a year later, her shenanigans got the better of her and he encouraged her to quit in order to avoid an awkward and uneasy situation that would result in her very demeaning and harsh firing. Pre-Recruiting Life.

2012 95