giving a negative reference for a nightmare employee, I don’t want to come back after maternity leave, and more

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You definitely can’t give a reference that leaves out the worst parts. This position would require travel between several offices, and the person in the position would get to define their responsibilities in large part — it’s a big organization but a new department — so the management would be a very important part of this position. I don’t think I want to come back from maternity leave. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Eggs, Milk and Discrimination: Parental Work Perks That Don’t Work


It’s also hot news whenever a tech giant or unicorn offers breast milk delivery or extends parental leave. Extended parental leaves look great on paper, but in reality employees rarely use all that extra time. HR Life benefits maternity leave parental leave work perks

I keep getting work questions while I’m on maternity leave, telling new job about a counter-offer, and more

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I keep getting work questions while I’m on maternity leave. I’ve seen a couple of questions on your blog addressing answering questions after leaving a position. I am currently on maternity leave and arranged with my employer that after a few months, I will be working part-time from home with a flexible schedule on only one piece of my previous job. If she’s emailing you at your work address, stop checking that; you’re on leave.).

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“While on Maternity Leave, can I attend a trade conference?”

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As a general rule of thumb, it’s the Mother’s Leave of Absence; she is free to do as she pleases while on it. In my 30+ years as an employment attorney, I have never heard of any law or company policy that stipulates what a new Mom can do, or cannot do, while on her Maternity Leave. It is her right, her leave, her time, her baby, and her business what she does on that leave of absence. Considering not returning after Maternity Leave?

my company is sticking us with part of the hotel cost on business trips, workload while boss is on maternity leave, and more

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My company wants to put a cap on how much employees can spend on hotel rooms during business-related travel. They can do that*, but if their cap doesn’t cover the cost of a reasonable hotel room under the conditions they give you — such as last-minute travel, delays on their end that cause higher prices, or expensive cities — a reasonable company will be receptive to you pointing that out. My workload will plummet while my boss is on maternity leave.

Winning through redundancy…with Steve Preston [PODCAST – EP15]

Mildred Talabi

Steve Preston spent 30 years successfully working in the travel industry for companies including Thomas Cook and British Airways before starting his own consultancy. I am on maternity leave returning to work shortly.

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Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo, and proves women cannot have it all

Penelope Trunk

She has announced she’ll take only two weeks maternity leave. Leaving kids at home so you can do a big job at the office is old news. “It’s hard to think of a time when a CEO of a major listed tech company has gone on maternity leave.

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Feminism fails because women lie to each other about work. Oh, and go Cubs!

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Which is why most women who have control over their lives don’t travel for work. But look, if you have a career where you earn more than $100K, you either routinely work late, or you travel for work.

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What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

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Or they travel for five years and then start a career. For example, the company paid for two full-time nannies so I could travel with no notice. After all, Jacquelien Reses, head of Yahoo’s human resources, commutes from NYC to California and leaves three kids behind.

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19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


I’ve been part of many conversations from the tech community since moving to Silicon Valley where I was told women are a liability particularly in the startup world where they (women) can distract male founders from doing work or better yet get pregnant having to take time off for maternity leave. Caitlin is well-traveled having spent 4 months in 2009 traveling around the world. Did I leave a women founder or CEO of an HR technology company off the list?

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From Corporate Suits to Cotton Pyjamas

Career Shifters

We sell mum, maternity and baby pyjamas. I then started to make and sell my pyjamas online when I was on maternity leave, and they proved really popular with great feedback. I returned to work after my year of maternity leave in a different mindset.

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Build a Culture of Workplace Flexibility


herself having just come off a work-from-home-maternity-leave), issued a personnel policy requiring all remote-working employees to convert to in-office roles. How time flies! Was it just last year that Marissa Mayer issued her now famous ban on telecommuting?

my new coworker is my childhood bully, getting people stop with replying-all, and more

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The temp position came about because a key employee in the research department went on maternity leave, and they needed someone to cover. Well, it turned out that I was really well suited for that work, and after the woman on maternity leave returned, the company created a new, permanent and full-time position for me in that other department. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My new coworker is my childhood bully. I recently started a new job.

updates: the maternity clothes, the nude snapchats, and more

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My boss doesn’t like my maternity clothes. Her boss told me that I had nothing to worry about, to continue wearing the maternity clothing I had, and that my job was not on the line. While I was out on maternity leave (I had a baby girl!), I came back from maternity leave to a new, sane boss. Work travel expenses with a baby. My baby is 13 months now but I still nurse her to sleep every night and I’m not ready to leave her yet.

my team is flipping out over a thank-you lunch, my new job told me they hired someone else instead, and more

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Jane also told me that they were hiring for this position because the employee who normally filled it was out on maternity leave, and they did not know when/if she was coming back. Jane apologized again and said they wouldn’t be needing me after all, so the only thing I could do was leave. This is a local wedding so no one would be required to travel or even get a hotel. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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flaky interviewer is causing child care problems

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Then we did the math and realized that financially, my vacation time is actually more expensive than hiring a babysitter (it pays out when I leave my job and/or allows a future maternity leave to be covered at 100% salary rather than 60%). A reader writes: My husband is a stay-at-home dad for our 6-month-old daughter (amazing!) with events experience in a notoriously flaky creative industry.

Pregnant? When, How, and What to Tell Your Boss

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I know from many of my clients’ case histories that notifying their employer of a newly confirmed pregnancy, and then “navigating” the process of the many details of “pre-leave,” “leave,” and “post-leave,” were harrowing. You can also use these suggestions as a kind of checklist for your Maternity Leave planning. Perhaps in no context is that more relevant than it is in matters of pregnancy and maternity. “ It’s a great thing about being pregnant –.

political talk at work is making my life unbearable

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But the extra 5-10 minutes of walking from my department to the break room to get my food, traveling down the elevator, walking to an outdoor space, etc. is starting to add a lot of time to my eating schedule which I really don’t want to sacrifice in preparing my project to survive without me during my maternity leave.

employee got pregnant to avoid working on Christmas, did I burn a bridge with a former manager, and more

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During this time of year, she tries to make the schedule as fair as possible to accommodate people’s travel, time with family etc. This new baby arrived a few days before Thanksgiving, and she’ll probably return from maternity leave around the same time next year. My friend thinks she should speak to this employee when she returns from maternity leave. I think she should leave it alone. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

my office is in the lunchroom, I can’t get people to answer pages, and more

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I am on maternity leave and really don’t want to go back there and work in that environment. I was offered a job after my internship but want to travel first. However, I would like to travel before accepting this job, which had already been in my plans after I complete my internship. I really was not expecting a full-time offer from the company and traveling was already in my plans. I had been planning to travel for X weeks at the end of it.

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my coworker copies everything I do, Icy Hot at work, and more

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At the end of the day, she won’t pick up and leave until I do too. hits, she’ll suddenly start pretending to do work again until she notices I’m leaving too. But I do think you could ask her about the arrival/leaving time thing. The arrangement worked okay but not great, and now that she’s back from maternity leave I’d really like to limit her to two days a week there. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Your Job


We were terrified as we were just three short weeks from having our daughter and two weeks from the start of my maternity leave, but I’m thankful. We had time to scale back our holiday purchases and travel as my husband began to network aggressively over the holiday season.

sleeping on the job, helping an employee whose first language isn’t English, and more

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My question is about the correct way to list maternity leave on a resume or LinkedIn profile. I worked with a woman at a previous company who received a promotion six weeks before going on maternity leave, which lasted approximately four months. This is the only job i have and so it funds my living, traveling, and food.). It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go…. Fired for sleeping on the job.

new coworker keeps asking if I hate him, dinner with coworkers on business trips, and more

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I am new to business travel, and have found that I am expected to eat dinner with my coworkers every night. manager is on maternity leave and I’m overwhelmed, a company told me they’d call the police if I contact them again, new coworker keeps asking if I hate him, dinner with coworkers on business trips, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. New coworker keeps asking if I hate him.

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should I take the blame for my manager’s mistake, CEO wants to reimburse us for political contributions, and more

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Job offers, travel, and notice periods. My concern is whether it is acceptable for me to mention the travel plans if an offer is extended. My concern is that if I give my current employer a full two weeks, it’d have to be after my travel, which would push my prospective start date to past a month from the initial interviews. Yep, if they make you an offer, explain the travel plans and negotiate for that time off as part of your offer negotiations.

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interacting with coworkers’ kids, coworker is inappropriate in front of guests, and more

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Sometimes coworkers on maternity leave will bring in their new babies to meet those in the office. Three days of sick leave is ridiculous — you could wipe that out in one go if you had an injury or the flu. This is business; people leave, and it’s often at inopportune times. The late nights, the travel, etc…just done. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. What are the expectations for interacting with coworkers’ kids?

Tips on how to get back into the Job Market


Perhaps you have been on maternity leave and now ready to jump back into the job force. Maybe you took a “time out” to travel and explore different parts of the world. Have you been out of work for an extended period of time?

reading into things when you shouldn’t, an overly negative staff, and more

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Their attitudes and behavior are making me feel incredibly resentful and I feel like I just want to leave. After the interview, the hiring manager gave me her cell phone number (she said she was going to be traveling), her office number, and email address. In other words, none of this means anything, you’re trying to read tea leaves when it’s fruitless to attempt it, and all you can really do is wait and see how it plays out.

terse answer Tuesday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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I guess I’m hoping that employers will view my gap as a maternity leave (which is what it would have been had we not moved) and they will view that more favorably than extended unemployment, but maybe that is the wrong way to look at it.

claiming reimbursements for fake expenses, rude interviewers, and more

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It’s definitely a plus, but I accepted the job because I love performing and traveling. Reminding a new job I’ll be out for maternity leave four weeks after starting. I am willing to start at the date they suggested, but I am not sure how to remind them of the fact that I’d be working less than a month before my leave. I get the usual leave and medical; that part is standard with them so it’s not a problem.) It’s five answers to five questions.

wee answer Wednesday: 7 short questions, 7 short answers

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What do I need to know about when I’m leaving a job? What are the things that should come up when you leave a job? I travel quite a bit to both the main offices and client sites. Do you have any resources for planning for maternity leave? Be matter-of-fact: “I’m pregnant, I’m due on X date, and I’m planning to take X amount of time for maternity leave. It’s wee answer Wednesday! Here we go… 1.

I don’t speak French but my job requires it, do I have to tell my boss I’m writing about astrology, and more

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When I did an interview screen with a recruiter, she said she was aware I did not speak French and this might be a problem, but said she’d leave that to the hiring manager to make that call. I am required to travel to our sites in French-speaking Africa 25% of the time, my handover notes are in French, and the colleagues at a similar level as me all speak French. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I don’t speak French but my job requires it.

forced to come to work sick, distracted manager, and more

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It’s common in food service jobs for workers to be pressured to come to work even when sick (and it’s an industry that often doesn’t provide sick leave), but your employer is being especially bad by ignoring a call with your doctor. I basically worked late on my last day and was nearly late to my own leaving do, to which she didn’t turn up. Asking about a small organization’s maternity leave policies.

The Domestic Man. Are They Pulling Their Weight?


As an entrepreneur, I work to juggle my travel and consulting schedule as well as my husband’s with the demands of being a mother and executing the day to day household tasks. After maternity leave, my husband took the role of stay at home dad for nearly 10 months.

Performance Improvement Plan a Fraud? – Here’s 12 Clear Indicators

Sklover Working Wisdom

Here are but a few examples: (a) not mentioning that you were given a special assignment that took up half of your time; (b) not mentioning that all other producers had four assistants, while you were assigned only one; (c) not mentioning that you were on maternity leave for four months of the 12-month measurement period. Assigned Other Tasks, Activities, Travel. “Corrupt politicians make the other 10 percent look bad.”. – Henry Kissinger.

my new coworker wants to forbid music in the office

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One of my usual coworkers just began maternity leave and won’t be back for 6-8 weeks, so we hired this new person as a temporary worker to pick up the slack in the meantime. Three of us (me, a regular coworker, and this new coworker) work in a big panopticon-style room, and sound travels really well. They say a good compromise leaves everyone unhappy, and I already listen to music so quietly I have to strain to hear it.

my boss is pressuring me to tell my coworkers about my pregnancy sooner than I want to

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I had to tell my immediate supervisor of the situation in order to get approval to travel to a western country to visit a doctor. I do agree that they will need to eventually know, because I will be on maternity leave and some of them will have to take over some of my work. A reader writes: I am working in a large international organization based overseas in a developing country. I am also about 3.5

mother bought me plane tickets without asking me if I could get.

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Our tickets have been purchased and I am scheduled to leave in two months. Generally you accrue a certain amount per pay period, which means that after working half a year, you’d have accrued half of your annual leave (five days). And just leave it off your resume.

short answer Sunday: 8 short answers to 8 short questions

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I have a summer full of weddings that require traveling, graduations and a big trip that had been planned way before I started. Now I’m back at the same organization in a different department getting ready to take over for someone going on maternity leave.

is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

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Reply Slaten January 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm Unless you’re getting complaints from non-smokers I say leave well enough alone. It’s unfair that women get maternity leave, and I don’t because I’m a man. Some places do give maternity leave to men.