How Women Are Shaping VR Technology

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According to a 2018 report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology , women hold just 26% of technology-related roles. This doesn’t just illustrate the problematic systemic biases against talented women, it also serves as a reminder that we continue to truncate our technological trajectory by excluding the ideas of diverse minds. One of the ways in which women are shaping VR technology, and the industry as a whole, is as entrepreneurs.

Weary of Wearable Technology


Depending upon who you believe, the bar patrons were technophobes who hated technology or the woman was invading the bar patrons’ privacy. For the uninitiated, wearables include smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness monitor or any other accessories that incorporate computer and other advanced technologies. What do you think the future of wearable technology will hold? .


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Social Media: When Sociology and Technology Collide


What is Social Media? It’s a fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many) and is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. Three years ago, this was part of the definition of Social Media given by, as stolen from Wikipedia. Technology fails because people fail. It doesn’t matter how many friends technology brings you.

Social Media – Is it Really Bad For Us?

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So, is social media bad for us? For some, the mere mention of the phrase “social media” can turn them away from whoever uttered it. But maybe social media is simply getting a bad rap. According to a new study by Carphone Warehouse, being on social media can have surprising benefits. It got us thinking – perhaps there’s more to social media than doomsday headlines might suggest. Here’s a short exploration of why social media is probably not bad for us after all.

Go, Technology. Go!


So do technologies. My first induction into social technology was the online networking of the late nineties. I was inept, I was far behind my curve, and I felt I could never catch up or learn what I needed to learn in order to truly benefit from what technology had to offer me, an ordinary mom who worked in the dental field. Social Media and other new technologies and their many offerings intrigued me. Conversations come and go.

Technology Touches Everything – #HRTechConf


Perhaps it is reserved for only those who understand the requirements of continued success – whether they are in the technology space or not. Networking today is affected continuously by social technology – and we cannot talk about social tech without talking about mobile. Like-Minds vs. Different Minds. What is it about like-minds that we love so much? I find it very interesting how this particular type of attraction works.

Recruiting Technology – The HOT Trends


Staying informed on developments in technology is critical for high-performance recruiting. Recruiters are able to reach global audiences thanks to the spread of social media networks and mobile communication tools. The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology. One of the companies in the list, Broadbean , is releasing a free white paper today which will discuss the five hot trends today in recruiting technology.

Targeted Job Search – Who’s Hiring in Technology Vol 5

Career Alley

An the most popular of my popular posts is of course jobs in technology. But, you may be good at technology but that does not necessarily mean you know where to look for a job. And, like everything else in life, technology jobs come in all sizes and shapes. There are jobs at actual technology companies or tech jobs at non-tech companies. Browse by locations or visit their social media channels. Where to Find Technology Jobs: Not sure where you want to work?

How Mobile Recruiting & Technology is Transforming HR


Download the full essay on how mobile, technology and HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . HOW MOBILE RECRUITING & TECHNOLOGY IMPACT HR. Social networks and technology are infiltrating every facet of our personal and work lives, and human resource professionals, senior leaders, and business executives are struggling to understand the full impact of this in the workplace.

How Assistive Technology has Changed Disability Employment


How has assistive technology changed disability employment? Assistive technology has forever changed the employment possibilities for people with disabilities. Assistive technology has been a concept for many years, but is dramatically increasing its footprint recently due to cell phones and tablets that allow you to carry technology with you 24 X 7. It’s odd to think of a time before wheelchairs, but there was a time when this assistive technology didn’t exist!

How You Can Use Technology To Streamline Your Business


There are lots of ways to streamline your business, from outsourcing jobs to improve efficiency to hiring web designers – but if you really want to improve your business model, you need to embrace technology. Technological advancements mean that it is easier than ever to improve productivity and communication at work, but that isn’t all; technology can also be used to reduce labor costs , helping your business to save money.

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Mastering a Career in Social Media

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You just might be able to turn your love of social media into a career. Career Options for Social Media Fans. You can begin as a content writer for social media sites and work your way up to manager and finally to strategist. There are also other jobs in between these options that range from providing the content to organizing it to incorporating social media into an entire marketing strategy. Attend events, conferences, and seminars on social media.

The Importance of Technological Flexibility.


It is the most temperamental piece of crappy technology I have ever owned. Technology scares many people and many are afraid to admit that. Bonus Track Business Tech Work "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne blogging4jobs computers flexibility printer sewing machine singer Social Media technological flexibility technologyMachines. My home printer will be the death of me. If I click print in just the right way, then what I need will be printed, no problem.

The Continual Evolution of Recruiting Technology


I love technology. . For the many years that I have been involved in recruiting, I have had the great opportunity to witness the rapid uprising and adoption of technology and also how it has benefited the recruitment industry. The times have changed; technology has made sure of that. We ceaselessly yearn for a deeper understanding of current technology – what is hot and now – and how will change my job, my life.

Technology Will Not Replace a Handshake


This question addresses technology and the future of it. Of course, my brothers had total game control but every once in a while I was given the opportunity to “play” and learn how to work the game, the technology. The rapid forward movement of technology is nothing new. What do we want or need from technology? If a new technology, be that fax, email, or Twitter, gets you to the finish line faster, more power to you.

Four Music Careers In the 21st Century Technology Age

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What this means is a new suite of roles have opened up with an eye on harnessing the digital and technological developments to make traditional roles more relevant and vibrant. Some of the job will require an understanding of marketing principles and common social media channels. The career features the chance to develop musical personalities for radio ads, commercial music tracks, websites, mobile apps, animated figures, video games and other types of interactive media.

Ep 58 – 3 New Emerging HR Technologies #HRTechConf


Episode 58: New Emerging HR Technologies – Part 1. I’m excited to kick off the first of a three part series where I introduce my podcast listeners and blog readers to a group of new and emerging HR technologies. These podcast(s) include a series of short mini-interviews where I talk with CEOs and Founders of disruptive and impacting-making HR and recruiting technologies. John’s previous company, Boxwood Technology, Inc., Boxwood Technology, Inc.

Skills for 2013: It’s Not About Tools or Technology

Hiring Technical People

Social media is not just social, it’s personal. But the biggest thing I saw here was a lack of emphasis on tools and technology. It’s not hard to learn technology–we do it all the time. I was reading Must-Have Job Skills in 2013 , and I was struck by the skills Mantell says job-seekers must have: Clear communications. Personal branding. Flexibility. Productivity improvement.

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What Technology Can’t You Live Without as a Recruiter?

Undercover Recruiter

Now try to imagine having to manage your workday without social media, online tracking systems, scheduling programs and productivity tools. It’s no understatement to say that we have become dependant on technology. What Technology Can’t You Live Without as a Recruiter? Recruiting Recruiters Social Media Technology URPanelImagine having to find the best talent without the luxury of your computer or your phone.

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Risk Factors & Considerations for Mobile Recruiting & HR Technology


This is Part 4 of a series on Workplace Trends in Mobile and Technology for the Human Resources Industry. Download the full essay on how mobile & technology are changing HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. IDENTIFYING RISK FACTORS AND SOCIAL MEDIA DISCRIMINATION. Any new technology tool creates some risk for companies, managers, and employees, but the risks can be minimized.

Keeping Up with the Evolution of Technology in the Workplace #IHRIM2014


I gravitate toward seminars on employment law, leaves of absence and employee relations, and I must confess that I do not have much experience attending seminars and conferences on HR technology; therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the IHRIM conference to expand my HR knowledge base. After my first day at the conference, I began to understand the challenges HR professionals face in keeping up with rapidly evolving technology in the workplace.

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Workplace Technology & Automation But Please in Moderation


Within this world of social media, social recruiting and HR technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the cool, the fads and the next big thing. But, at the end of the day, we cannot forgot that it’s people that really make social media initiatives kick ass. Our reliance on technology specifically machines to help us in our daily lives is unreal when you really begin to think about it. The Power to Choose What Workplace Technology & When to Use.

Nominate a New #DisruptHR Technology Until December 15


Practitioners and HR and recruiting technology service providers often operate on opposite ends of the spectrum with the practitioners interested in the technology but slow to adopt due to a number of different reasons including budget, HR’s strategic role or lack thereof, as well as a genuine disinterest in understanding, adoption or using technology. The Adoption and Innovation of Workplace and HR Technology. Nominate a #DisruptHR Technology Until December 15.

Branding Yourself Using Social Media

Position Ignition

In this age of digital technology, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are fast becoming the go-to tools for people looking to brand themselves and share that personal brand with the world. Social Media & BrandingTo brand yourself is to treat yourself like a brand and market that brand to people you want to attract and get noticed by. In the context of your career, these people will be employers, recruiters, clients and other people of influence.

46% of Managers Believe Employees Misuse Social Media & Work Technology


The Importance of Workplace Technology and Internal Collaboration. There is no denying that social media and mobile technology has changed work. Add in the growing millenial workforce who are flexible and technology savvy in direct contrast to their Boomer bosses, and you have one conflicted and crowded workplace. Even still we should be prepared for the event that a social media and work crisis situation does arise.

How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting?

Undercover Recruiter

The rapid pace of technology has transformed many aspects of work, and life for that matter. Candidates have never been more accessible, and the rise of mobile and social media has truly altered the ways in which. How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting? Recruiting experts Future of Work Recruitment Recruitment technology Technology URPanel

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Social Technology Changes the Way we Do Business


But I thought it was so much fun and I could see the future – the future of social technology. Mobile and social technologies have advanced considerably since that time. Why would such a business choose not to investigate and ultimately invest the spend (whether that spend is time or money) in utilizing the social technologies available for speedy content sharing and communication? Technology will not stand still for anyone. with disruptive technology.

10 Ways Social Recruiting Technology Has Changed Recruiting Forever #TechTuesday

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Finding the right candidate for the right job has always been the Holy Grail of recruiting, but thanks to social recruiting technology it’s easier than ever to succeed in that elusive quest. 10 Ways Social Recruiting Technology Has Changed Recruiting Forever #TechTuesday. Recruiting Tech Tuesday Technology Employer Branding Mobile Personal Brand Recruitment Social Media Social Recruiting

Does Your HR Technology Promote Employee Engagement?


What if it was a simple as the technology you use? Technology has become a major challenge for HR and IT departments. In the post The future of the mobile worker they revealed that 25% of employees globally “… are influenced by the technology provided to them at work and would consider taking a new position if provided better technology that helps them be more productive.” Have you ever considered that and touted the technology you have in place?

External Best Practices for Mobile Recruiting & HR Technology


This is Part 3 of a series on Workplace Trends in Mobile and Technology for the Human Resources Industry. Download the full essay on how mobile & technology are changing HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . When it comes to companies selecting external engagement methods and technology to reach employees, consumers, and candidates, the world is their oyster.

5 Ways That Technology Can Step Up Your Job Search #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

Technology and social media have become integral parts of our daily life and they can really step up your job search if you make the most. 5 Ways That Technology Can Step Up Your Job Search #TechTuesday. Job Search Tech Tuesday Technology Uncategorised blog Career job search Networking Social Media video CVWhen you’re on the hunt for a new job, you want to use all the resources available to you in order to boost your chances of landing that dream role.

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Embracing Mobile, Evolving Technology, & Generation C


Mobile HR Technology Can Fix Technology Downfalls. While mobile for some is arguably not a realistic platform for job seekers to store resumes and fill out applications, technology is constantly evolving to ease these pain points for job seekers and employers alike. In reality, though, it’s not about technology at all; it’s about effectively communicating with your audience whether they are an employee, consumer, or job candidate.

How Technology is Blurring the Boundaries Between HR and Marketing #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

However, with the growth of technology and social media, the two departments have been growing increasingly closer to. How Technology is Blurring the Boundaries Between HR and Marketing #TechTuesday. Uncategorised employee advocacyt Human Resources marketing Social Media talent attraction TechnologyIn the past, HR and marketing departments had little to do with each other.

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The Skinny on My HR Technology and Product Reviews


In 2012, I started offering human resource technology and product reviews as part of the blog’s offerings in sponsorship and advertising services. HR Technology, Product, & Service Reviews. HR service providers and workplace technology products contact me daily inquiring if I would review or write about a product or new service that’s hitting the HR and workplace space.

“Deeper Social Integration” — HOT Trend #2 in Recruiting Technology


Tech-savvy recruiters discovered social media quite a while ago — how to make it benefit their job has been bubbing and brewing for quite a while. Innovation, like free social media, has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. I love Social Media. Social Media has changed the way that we communicate, the way we socialize.

Finding Face-to-Face: Technology Can’t Replace it Completely


Technology for Business? Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of technology. And while the impact of social media is real, and it is not going away - as evidenced by the multiple events that share its features, its capabilities, and the changes it has brought to work, how we communicate and, really, our lives – real life and live connections continue to be mandatory.

Ep 59 – 3 New & Emerging HR Technologies #HRTechConf


EPISODE 59: NEW EMERGING HR TECHNOLOGIES – PART 2. This podcast is part two of a three (possible four) part series where I introduce my podcast listeners and blog readers to a group of new and emerging HR technologies. These podcast(s) include a series of short mini-interviews where I talk with CEOs and Founders of disruptive and impacting-making HR and recruiting technologies. You can check out Part 1 of our emerging HR technology podcast series by clicking here.

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

Competitive Resumes

His contributions have included in media outlets such as Career Builder, Monster, Career Attraction, and Military Times. Karin Durkee ( @karindurk ) is the Director of Social Media for Corporate Gray. She is a military spouse, educator, technology consultant, and author of Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition, an ebook for members of Corporate Gray. Social media is great place for research in a military transition.

“Big Data is Getting Bigger” – HOT Trend #4 in Recruiting Technology


Now, with the advent of social media integration, employers can go beyond their own old data and mine new information from <gasp> social media accounts. This 6-part Blog Series and White Paper - The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology produced by Reputation Capital & released by Broadbean.

“Search is Getting Easier” – HOT Trend #5 in Recruiting Technology


Online candidate search is now a primary recruitment strategy that is receiving substantial improvement from new technologies. With the increased usage of social media and more information available on candidates than ever before, effective search and sourcing candidates has become increasingly important to help fill positions.” Technological enhancements and the use of Boolean logic and semantic search have helped bridge the gap.”.

Job Seekers: Using Social Media for Job Hunting


Many employers have figured out how to use social media to improve their corporate and employment brand. Google+ seems to share insider info on different technologies. Bonus Track Job Search Social Media "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne Blogging blogging4jobs Broadbean technology facebook google job seeker LinkedIn pinterest social channels Twitter Using SOcial Media videoFor the Job Seeker.

How I Deal with Spam & Other Inefficiencies of Electronic Technology


Learn more about mobile technology trends for HR & recruiting by joining our webinar 11/21 at 11 AM EST. Register here. . Sometimes technology really bites. Technology, particularly my mobile phone, tablet and laptop are the mobile office that runs my company, and when technology doesn’t work, there isn’t anther cell phone or landline to run to when my phone mysteriously bites the dust.

How Is Blockchain Technology Helpful In A Banking Career?

Imarticus Learning

What benefits does blockchain technology bring? A Blockchain career is today popular across verticals and industries like banking, agriculture, healthcare, e-commerce, education, mining, property recording, retail, entertainment, media, automobiles, logistics, transport and many more. . Blockchain technology brings in the important four attributes of immutability, decentralization, transparency, and security. The benefits offered by blockchain technology are: .

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