Five Roles A Great Mentor Masters

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A Mentor Has Many Roles. No other relationship is quite like having a mentor. Good mentoring relationships are incredibly powerful, at all career levels. Mentoring takes time, thought, and energy. As a mentor, you might provide moral support or even emotional support.

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Another Mentor? No Thanks, I’ll Pass

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You don’t need another mentor. Let’s get you a mentor to help you prepare.’ ’ Before you react, think…is a mentor really what you need? Mentors, Sponsors and Advocates. Do you really need a mentor? Mentoring you into a corner.

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Career Boosters: Mentors, Advocates and Sponsors

Ms. Career Girl

But mentors, advocates, and sponsors will take your career to the next level. Mentors. Mentors help you develop a skill. A mentoring relationship is a safe space, where you can share your concerns and vulnerabilities. Mentors take great personal satisfaction in helping their mentees succeed. Find a mentor by identifying someone from whom you want to learn, asking them to teach you about that specific skill, and committing to listen and learn.

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How To Guide: Choosing Employees for Mentors


Mentors play an instrumental role in the personal and professional development of employees at all levels within the company. The most effective place for a mentor is within the onboarding of new employees. In order to find the best employees for the mentor program, you need to focus on the top 5 characteristics found within the most successful mentors. #1 The best mentors are the ones that talk the talk and walk the walk. Ask them to be a mentor!

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Why YOU Need a Mentor.

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I’m not talking about a one-time sit down with your boss to discuss last month’s project or this week’s performance. This means reaching out and asking this person to mentor you either bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly as your coach. Here is why YOU need a Mentor: Undivided Focus on You. Typically, your mentor doesn’t sit next to you every day and your mentor does not know your boss.

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4 Lessons from My Mentor

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Take a few breaths and keep reading, because I am going to share with you four concise lessons that a mentor once taught me: 1. Put most of your time into projects with impact. Focus on those projects that will have a noticeable effect on others, and will therefore give you visibility in your department, across functions, and up the chain of command. I will always be grateful to my mentor for sharing this insight with me.

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I’ve Got a Mentor. Now What?


“You NEED a mentor!” So then you’ve also heard the anecdotes and research that supports the many benefits, both professionally and personally, from having a mentor? YOU have a mentor! Now that we’re on the level, let’s talk about how to get the most out of mentoring. 3 Ways to get the most out of your mentor. Be committed to the mentoring relationship and make it a priority. You’ll need a mentor who can be real with you and tell it like it T-I-is.

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How to Jumpstart a Stalled Project

Water Cooler Wisdom

There comes a point in many projects were momentum just stops. Other times circumstances are rocky, and the team would rather do anything else than work on the project. Although the project stall is a common phenomenon, you can’t allow yourself to fall victim for too long. You may be having trouble pushing past an obstacle on your project because you are too close to it. Make a conscious effort to stop thinking about the project and engage in a creative activity.

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What good mentoring looks like

Penelope Trunk

After that I just kept emailing her links to stuff I thought she would like and pitching her for projects I was working on. She hated all of the projects I pitched her. If you want a great career you have to have a good network and you have to have good mentors and people can’t mentor you and be your network if they don’t know you. MentoringThis is a guest post from Cassie Boorn.

How Mentors Can Help Grads Get Their Dream Job

Career Realism

This article was written by Lisa Adams, founder of Fresh Air Careers , on behalf of the Happy Grad Project. He actually gave me three sound pieces of advice: 1) Be persistent, 2) Stay open to opportunities, and 3) Seek wise counsel from trusted advisors and mentors. Related: 5 Things My Mentors Taught Me. He then told me about the 3rd and most important piece of advice: Get more good advice through wise mentors. Why Are Mentors Important. How To Find Mentors.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Mentor

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Everywhere you look, experts say you need a mentor to succeed. Related: Mentoring Vs Managing: Does It Have To Be One Or The Other? Well, my personal approach to mentors is somewhat unusual, but it eliminates the problem above. I believe a mentor is an individual – or resource – that guides and educates those less experienced within a particular industry to become more accustomed to and confident in their roles. So yes, everyone can access to mentors.

What Does Being a Mentor Mean?

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I received this e-mail from a reader, and it’s not the first time I’ve gotten this question: Dear Alexandra:  A college graduate asked me to be her mentor.  Fortunately, a good mentor relationship doesn’t necessarily entail that you become your mentee’s third parent.  You don’t have to turn a mentoring engagement into your next giant project

The Case for Project Management’s Place in the HR Practitioner’s Heart


Our work is a series of projects, connected by periods of maintenance on projects of the past. I often make that argument with friends and colleagues when I try to explain why project management should hold a much larger place in the hearts of HR professionals. The applicant tracking system (ATS) that your HRIS analysts spend half of their time maintaining, was once a project. Definition of a Project. If this is the case, we’ve got another project on your hands!

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my mentor gives me terrible advice and berates me when I don’t follow it

Ask a Manager

I was assigned a mentor, John, who I worked with while I interned at this same company last summer. Last summer, he frequently made me feel overwhelmed by saying that I needed to complete all the projects I was given for the summer within the first month of my internship to make me look good.

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new employee has gone AWOL, asking someone to mentor me, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, new employee has gone AWOL, asking someone to mentor me, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. In most cases, those doing the work are a level above me and I am mostly coordinating the project/work. How do I ask someone to mentor me?

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mentoring a very timid employee, secretary asks every day if I’ve been vaccinated yet, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, mentoring a very timid employee, secretary asks every day if I’ve been vaccinated yet, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. How to mentor a very timid staff member. me) has regular mentoring meetings with some junior employees.

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when a potential mentor won’t respond to your emails

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I graduated from college nearly two years ago, and am looking for a professional mentor. She has expressed interest in mentoring me, and help me navigate the working world. I’m somewhat frustrated, and part of me wants to give up on her as a regular mentor, and find someone else. If I should let it go, where should I look to find a mentor? ” “What made you decide to revamp this project?”

my arrogant coworker is trying to mentor me, but I’m his team lead

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I recently found out I’ll be moved into a team lead position at my job, leading three others and an intern I’m mentoring. Basically, he seems to have appointed himself as my mentor, even though I didn’t ask for it, and I find it incredibly condescending. 2) Address it with him head on and somehow find a professional way to ask why the hell he thinks he’s supposed to be my mentor.

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my mentor blocked me from a career opportunity

Ask A Manager

She is not my boss, but I help her with the occasional project and consider her a mentor, someone I confide in and discuss career aspirations with (I’m an administrative assistant and would love to get into marketing). A reader writes: Susan is a marketing executive I have worked with for 3 years.

Taking Feedback


William is a very smart young man who completed a significant neuroscience research project looking at the way young people learn. William’s research was academically sound and he decided that the next step was to institute his methods in a … Continue reading → Civility Leadership Respect Engagement Feedback Learning Mentoring Persistence Resilience

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I was asked to work more slowly so others don’t look bad, the purpose of a mentor, and more

Ask A Manager

What’s the purpose of a mentor? You discuss mentoring fairly regularly, and I don’t know if it’s a country thing (I’m Aussie) but I’ve had very little exposure to the concept. I was wondering what makes a mentor, and what differentiates a mentor and someone you just regularly complain to? In my role, I’m a project-based employee, and usually that means I rarely work side-by-side with another person in my role.

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I’m being mentored against my will by a dude who’s my peer

Ask a Manager

That is, until recently, when he started sending me emails full of unsolicited advice and generic, go-get-em-tiger style encouragement on some projects I’m working on. ” Lots of approval granting: “Project X is looking great!” A brief poll of my career-minded female friends show that the unwelcome male would-be mentor is not an uncommon phenomenon. A reader writes: I’ve been in my chosen career for about 10 years now.

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5 Mistakes to AVOID when Implementing Internal Collaboration Tool


Interdepartmental engagement on ideas and projects leverages the power of the company and produces financial growth. The Tipping Point and the Impact of Reverse Mentoring Program & Topics. In response, we launched a Reverse Mentor program. Guest Social Media Work employee collaboration portal employee collaboration tool internal collaboration tool internal social media Lisa Bonner reverse mentoring program reverse mentoring topics workplace social media policies

How to Embrace Personal Disruption


Learning Through Peer to Peer Mentoring Programs. Peer-to-peer mentor programs surged, groups popped up on LinkedIn, and the web provided rich forums, blogs, videos and online communities. Do you experience an adrenaline rush when assigned a new project? Life Work August 2012 unemployment Lisa Bonner mentoring peer to peer mentoring personal disruption socio economic change US August Jobless rate

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how do I ask the CEO if I can “borrow” his assistant for my projects?

Ask A Manager

I noticed that because she is so quick and precise with her projects that she sometimes helps out other departments when she has some free time during the work day. I asked her to help me on something a few days ago, but she said she was unable to help me on finance-related projects without expressed permission from her boss. I understand this and appreciate it, but I don’t think the project is what she thought it was. A reader writes: I am eight days into a new job.

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Reduce Your Team's Dependence on You

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This approach will prevent you from becoming too indispensible as a manager and mentor, and will also help to ensure tight integration.   Best Practices Communication Daily Life Job Satisfaction Management Mentoring Ownership & Initiative People Skills Personal Development Productivity Project Management Time Management TroubleshootingBrett Snyder, who’s Founder and President of Cranky Concierge air travel, writes over at Intuit’s Small Business blog. 

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8 Tips for Managing Summer Interns

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Interns should be mentored, not watched like a hawk.  Best Practices Coaching Communication Entry Level Management Mentoring Millennials People Skills Productivity Project ManagementIt's that time of year again! College students and recent grads are starting their summer internships and their managers are wondering how in the world they're going to keep them occupied while providing a valuable experience.

Why “2 Years of Experience” Applies to Entry-Level Jobs

The Job Quest

Mentors to guide you as you develop your skills. They can give you insight into where the nuances are, where you can find the wiggle room, how to discern the different methods to be used with each project. The interns have insider knowledge about projects in development. They may be part of a team that is working to bring one of the projects to the marketplace. Career College Students Confidence Experience Internship Mentor Network References

how many doctor’s appointments are too many, nervous about mentoring a smart intern, and more

Ask a Manager

I’m nervous about mentoring a smart intern. My boss has asked me to mentor a college-level junior for the summer. That could include anything from particular types of projects to sitting in on relevant meetings to connecting her with people who do the type of work she’s interested in.) Use your boss as a resource too — he may have input on what sorts of projects it makes sense to give her. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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can I ask my boss why my coworker quit, mentoring a student with questionable social media judgment, and more

Ask a Manager

Mentoring a college senior with questionable social media judgment. My alma mater recruited me for an alumni mentoring program, which connects successful professionals with undergraduate students interested in similar career paths. I have not said anything up to this point, because he is good at redirecting the praise towards me in any office discussion about this project. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Can I ask my boss why my coworker abruptly quit?

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Executive Resume Writing:


Concentrate on areas of how you added value to that positions (increased profit, reduced costs, implemented a new proposal, increased accuracy, project work, employee development, leadership initiatives, awards and recognition). The best way to market your career for employment is through your resume. It is your first point of contact and first impression, and in today’s society first impressions count!

The Senior Series: Interviews. Out of Town and Out of Pocket.

Ms. Career Girl

by Rob Pitingolo on February 18, 2010 Today’s Senior Series post was written Rob Pitingolo , one of the 5 amazing college seniors picked to be mentored and prepped by me for their first job and life after college. I prepared to relate my work and school experience to the projects I would probably be working on. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us! Blog Directory Contact Subscribe The Senior Series: Interviews. Out of Town and Out of Pocket.

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My New Microphone

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I have now completed one entire project and have started two more using my new microphone. But I needed something different for long form audio projects because it picked up everything. Below is a sample from another project I did with it. So regarding the mic situation, enter one of my long-time mentors. Like so many of my mentors, he doesn’t necessarily know he is my mentor specifically. Blog Narration audio equipment mentor microphone My Story

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18 Tips For Becoming Professionally Independent

Career Realism

November is upon us, which means the Professional Independence Project is coming to an end. Select a handful or more of industry influencers, mentors, trusted advisors, and former managers to serve as a sounding board for major career decisions. As CEO-You, slow down and evaluate your performance every 90 days and after each major project you complete.” If you want to take control of your career, check out our fall series, the Professional Independence Project.

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Why You're Setting Yourself Up to Fail at Work

Water Cooler Wisdom

The trouble is, some things – like three meetings in one time slot and a handful of heavy-lifting projects with the same short deadline – are just not doable. Attitude & Motivation Best Practices Communication Emotional Intelligence Goal Setting Mentoring Personal Marketing Professionalism Troubleshooting No one wants to disappoint a colleague or manager. No one wants to be bad at their job. No one wants to fail.

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Leadership & Setting the Human Resource Example


Five years ago I moved to Oklahoma City and desperately needed a mentor and senior leader to help set a human resource example. Mentors are priceless. Rebecca set the Human Resource example providing me with the autonomy to present ideas, manage projects and campaigns. Executives who do not are not leaders at all just managers who manage daily tasks, oversee divisions, and project facilitators. .

How 21st Century Leaders Develop Their Teams

Water Cooler Wisdom

Managers focus primarily on tasks, time and keeping projects on track. Best Practices Communication Entrepreneurship Entry Level HR Issues Life in the 21st Century Management Mentoring Ownership & Initiative Personal DevelopmentBusiness owners who wish to increase their growth trajectory should be mindful of succession issues and make solid plans to ensure that the next generation of leaders is ready to take over.

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Using ROI to Make Your Case for a New Program

Water Cooler Wisdom

While completing this step, consider that women’s leadership development might include women’s affinity groups, mentoring for women, succession planning, leadership and career coaching, learning opportunities, rewards and recognition, recruiting and hiring, company communications, and other efforts designed to attract, retain, and advance women. Last spring I had the opportunity to keynote the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s 60th anniversary conference in Chicago.

2014 54

5 Tips For Reclaiming Your Career & Finding Happiness

Career Realism

Find a mentor. Find someone who has extensive experience in your field and ask them if they would mind being your mentor. Not sure how to find a mentor? Career Advice Professional Development professional independence project Which one describes your morning more accurately? a) Waking up excited to head into work and do what you love. b) Waking up dreading work and seriously considering calling in sick.

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4 Ways To Take Ownership Of Your Career

Career Realism

This post is part of the Professional Independence Project series. Even if you’re not ready to find a new job or change careers yet, having these people in the wings as references, mentors, and professional contacts will help you tremendously. Career Advice Networking Mingle professional independence project Are you sick and tired of depending on other people for your career success? The only person in charge of your success is you.

2014 87

Are You Ready for Life in the Swarm?

Water Cooler Wisdom

A swarm is a group that comes together for a short-term project and quickly disbands when the project has been completed. But because your path is your own and everyone you work with is going in a slightly different direction, you are likely to struggle finding suitable long-term mentors and solidifying work relationships. Mid-century work teams will be temporary in addition to virtual.

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Adapting to Change in Your Office

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If necessary, secure mentors for the struggling employees to help get them on track, or take an afternoon to sit down. this additional training has occurred, consider using a project. Attitude & Motivation Best Practices Coaching Communication Daily Life Management Office Politics Ownership & Initiative Project Management Troubleshooting

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Using ROI to Build Your Case for a New Program

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While completing this step, consider that women’s leadership development might include women’s affinity groups, mentoring for women, succession planning, leadership and career coaching, learning opportunities, rewards and recognition, recruiting and hiring, company communications, and other efforts designed to attract, retain, and advance women. Best Practices Goal Setting Handy Resources HR Issues Management Ownership & Initiative Project Management Troubleshooting

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