Creating Agile HR, Part 3: Possible Agile Hiring Metrics

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All of those cycle times create the lead time, the traditional HR metric of time to hire. In Hiring Geeks That Fit , I have several suggested metrics, and all of them involve finding the wait states. That metric has too many pieces of the value stream as the only metric.

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Measuring Up: HR Metrics


Since this is the typical time of year when the previous fiscal year’s performance is being reviewed and new goals for 2015 are beginning to be implemented, I think it is important that we take time to determine how we in the HR profession are supporting our company through HR metrics.

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What’s the Most Important Recruitment Metric?

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’ve ever wondered how good your recruitment process is, well luckily for you there are some metrics which can help you measure it. What’s the Most Important Recruitment Metric? Recruiting Applicants cost per hire measure recruitment metric URPanelIt’s handy to know how you compare to your biggest rival or maybe you just want to improve things. So do you rely on measuring the time to hire, the retention. View Article.

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13 Best HR Metrics Formula Examples


Best HR Metrics for Human Capital Management . Strategic HR Metrics Examples. Generalist Human Resource Metrics Examples. Also an important metric when calculating benefits cost for your organization. Are there any metrics you use on a regular basis that I may have missed?

Cut Once Measure Twice. HR Metrics for Training, Retention & Engagement


Increase Workplace Productivity Through HR Metrics. Organizations can also measure the benefits of hard skills training by using two of the most important – and often overlooked – business and human capital employment metrics.

Too Much Information: When Metrics Meets Surveillance


What’s the line between workplace metrics, good communication and surveillance? ” As workplace metrics become more detailed, ubiquitous and paired with wearables and other smart tech, discomfort with what can appear to be employee surveillance grows.

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Which Talent Metric Are You Routinely Hung Out to Dry For?

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Ah yes - metrics. HR needs to be more metrics driven, right? So answer this question: "Which talent metric are you routinely hung out to dry for?". You get hung out to dry for some of the widely accepted metrics that are out there. But a funny thing happens on your way to being numbers-driven as an HR pro. You give the people what they want, and the people try to hang you with the numbers you're reporting.

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4 More Tips to Answering Project Management Interview Questions About Metrics

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Some of you would like to know how to answer questions about the metrics you can gather and discuss when you look for a job as a project or program manager. Here are some tips: Tip 1: Separate the quantitative questions from the qualitative questions. I bet you have qualitative “measures” that you use either by design or by intuition. Here is one of mine. On a non-agile project, I ask the project team when the think the project will be done, each week or two.

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You Hate BMI: Scientists Now Have Another Fat Metric You Can Hate Instead.

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I know - you and everyone else hates Body Mass Index as a measure of what it means to be overweight. Invented in the early 1800s by a Belgian statistician, the measurement is used as a definitive benchmark: those with a score below 18.5 are underweight, those who fall between 18.5 and 24.9

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What is the ONLY Recruitment Metric that Matters?

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The golden metric. What is the ONLY Recruitment Metric that Matters? Recruitment agency agency recruiter interview metrics recruitment recruitment agency successYou have a lot of things to do in your job. Am I right? You are super-busy all the time. Candidates to interview.

HR Metrics of Note: Revenue Per Employee VS. Profit Per Employee

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I've talked in the past about the wisdom of Revenue Per Employee being a pretty damn good metric for HR leaders. It's already embeded in the Revenue Per Employee metric. You don't need no stinking profit metric. Ok kids.

14 #HR Metrics & Formulas to Improve Human Capital Efficiency


Learn more about how metrics and analytics impact hiring & retention worth 1.0 Metrics for HR and Workforce Analytics. For some, HR metrics and formulas might seem like a basic task. HR metrics, formulas and other data analysis lead to better human capital business decision making PERIOD. . Strategic HR Metrics Examples. Human Resource Metrics Examples. Also an important metric when calculating benefits cost for your organization.

GREAT HR METRICS: Innovation Spend/Effectiveness at Your Company.

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I'm on the record as liking Revenue Per Employee as the best macro metric on HR effectiveness. Signed - in search of metrics that provide clarity on talent issues. But that's macro, let's get micro. Training $$ per employee? Turnover percentage? Does that include involuntary?

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GREAT HR METRICS: Innovation Spend/Effectiveness at Your Company.

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I''m on the record as liking Revenue Per Employee as the best macro metric on HR effectiveness. Signed - in search of metrics that provide clarity on talent issues. But that''s macro, let''s get micro. Training $$ per employee? Turnover percentage? Does that include involuntary?

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10 Tips On Objectively Measuring Employee Performance


Experienced HR Metrics HR Metrics measuring performance performance reviewLike many other HR professionals and managers, you have probably read countless articles on how to measure employee performance, difference scales to use and the type of feedback you should give. While these may all be useful; as a manager, it can be difficult to measure employee performance as you most likely don’t work in […] Source.

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Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

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That’s why time to hire is an inadequate metric. Creating Agile HR, Part 3: Possible Agile Hiring Metrics. hiring process HTP agile hiring agile HR cycle time Hiring Geeks That Fit lead time Manage Your Job Search metrics recruiting transition to agile

How to Tell if Your Employee Training Program is Working [Metrics and Measures]

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How to Tell if Your Employee Training Program is Working [Metrics and Measures]. When you change your marketing plan, you can easily measure the results to see if it’s working. When you swap out machinery, you can measure the improvement in production.

CAPITALIST WEBINAR! Six Ways to Make Your Recruiting/Talent Metrics More Strategic

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Flash forward 12 months since the launch of those basic recruiting metrics, and you''re bored. The FOT webinar makes it''s 2015 debut with Six Ways to Make Your Recruiting/Talent Metrics More Strategic – And Make Managers Own Their New Hires (click to register).

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HRPA to SHRM: We Don't Need No Stinking Standardized HR Metrics.

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Some of you may be aware that there's a big SHRM initiative underway to standardize different HR and Human Capital metrics across all companies. Those involved in the project argue that companies and investors would benefit if a single set of metrics were used to gauge what they call “human capital.”. “In With the metrics, “you have more transparency on factors that result in better profitability,” she says. “It’s


How to Create a Strong Company Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Employer Employer Branding Infographics company culture culture Employee Engagement engagement metrics A strong company culture could make it easier to hire and retain great members of staff for your organisation. But the big question is really; How exactly do you boost company culture?

How to Increase Workforce Racial Diversity


HR diversity LinkedIn metrics pipeline racial diversity unconscious bias workforce diversityRacial diversity in the workplace – from recruiting to hiring to promoting people of color – continues to move at an unimpressive pace. And if LinkedIn’s annual workplace diversity report is any. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Talent Acquisition & HR: The Odd Couple

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Human Resources Recruiting Hiring hiring process human resources metrics relationship talent acquisitionIn the wake of another Valentine’s Day I thought it poignant to reflect on the often exciting, mostly tumultuous relationship that Talent Acquisition shares with HR. Drawn from various backgrounds, these two conflicting personalities are often thrown together in a passionate embrace and expected to keep the flame of HR service delivery burning. There is. View Article.

What is Human Capital?


Looking for more insights on HR formulas and recruiting metrics? Check out our free webinar on HR and Recruiting Metrics on 4/11 at 11 AM CST. Are simple human capital metrics and measurement like cost per hire , calculating employee turnover and other HR metrics enough?

Just a Buzzword? #BigDataHR


As a former recruiter, I love working for a recruiting and HR tech vendor like Technomedia and learning a bit more about the sourcing and recruiting metrics that actually mean something – that matter to those who spend their time in the trenches and those who pay for the trenches to be dug.

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4 Tools to Monitor & Measure Your Employment Branding Efforts


HR employer branding metricsEmployment branding is one of the most powerful tools recruiters have available to them today. It’s not only the newest and hottest thing in recruiting but is also one of the most worthwhile things you can do in the race to bring in the best and brightest. Today, recruiting teams are building an overarching strategy for their recruiting and hiring efforts that combines marketing, branding and recruiting.

The Social Recruiting Starter Kit #TechTuesday

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Hiring Social Media Tech Tuesday Technology Dice Github metrics Recruiting Social Recruiting tips Twitter YouTube You’ve read the case studies, seen the presentations and even your dog has been approached by a recruiter on LinkedIn. You’re convinced.

How Recruiters Can Use Google Analytics to Jedi-Mind Trick your Talent

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Recruitment content device google analytics metrics Recruiter Star Wars statistics

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The Devil in the Big Data #BigDataHR


HR "Rayanne Thorn" #BigDataHR @Ray_anne analytics big data big data HR blogging4jobs Bonus Track fine data hiring human resources metrics predictive analytics rayanne RayanneThorn recruit recruiting This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe.

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7 Technologies to Improve Quality of Hire and Hiring


That is a big question of concern for companies looking to hire better and lower cost and metrics by improving their quality of hire. You can look at all the resumes and cover letters you want, but sometimes these documents don’t give an employer the full story behind a potential employee.

Framing the Recruiting Work You Do For Hiring Managers In a Single Sentence.

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If your recruiting/talent metrics do anything, they should provide line of sight to how things are going. When you''re reporting on your own recruiting shop''s effectiveness, there are a lot of ways to do metrics. Need an overview/executive summary metric that makes sense?

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Can Your Business Leverage Big Data & Manage in the Moment?


Using workplace analytics, information, and other workplace metrics take the emotion out of the equation and allows your front line management team to focus on the employees. Workplace Analytics and Metrics in Business.

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The Pitfalls of Productivity by the Numbers


HR Work employee motivation metrics productivity work productivity workplace safety Businesses are constantly looking for ways to measure productivity in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The challenge is finding methods that accurately reflect how a business is doing.

The Devil in the Big Data #BigDataHR


Bonus Track HR Social Media "Rayanne Thorn" #BigDataHR @Ray_anne analytics big data big data HR blogging4jobs fine data hiring human resources metrics predictive analytics rayanne RayanneThorn recruit recruiting

Your Managers Have a Block On Measuring Performance Without Metrics.

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Managers have a block setting performance goals that don''t have clear metrics. A big key when it comes to setting performance goals—you want the goals to be measurable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have metrics for every performance goal you set. In broad terms, your performance goals are going to be measured one of two ways: Quantitatively – means there’s a metric or a statistic you can pull from somewhere to measure your Team Member’s performance for the goal in question; or.

LEADERSHIP BIRTH RATE - Who's the Best at Developing Future Leaders?

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The topic was "The New HR Math", which was a conversation about how the expectations of HR metrics are changing these days. Your goal is to think differently about the metrics you use before that person gets there - call it The New HR Math. .

Measuring Career Success via ROE

Career Realism

What metrics will you use to measure your career success? What are your short and long-term professional expectations? Try learning ROE versus ROI. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Climbing the Ladder career expert job ROE search success

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9 Questions to Ask in Your Interview to WOW HR

Ms. Career Girl

By asking about metrics right off the bat, you show that you’re goal-oriented, and unafraid to be accountable for the work you do. Of course, success isn’t just about hitting the metrics. The post 9 Questions to Ask in Your Interview to WOW HR appeared first on Ms.

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Developing & Executing a Recruitment Strategy with SmashFly


Recruitment Process & Employment Dashboard Metrics. When it comes to recruiting and hiring, employment and recruiting metrics like cost per hire are certainly growing in importance in the HR and recruiting space. How to Develop a Recruitment Marketing Strategy.

Employee Engagement Survey: Black Hole or Portal?

David Zinger

They should offer insight leading to action leading to increased employee engagement leading to real improvement in other key metrics we want for our organization and for our employees. Does your survey shed new light on work and the organization?

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iCims: Integrating the Candidate Experience Into Your Hiring Solutions


Reviews cost per hire customizable hiring hiring software hiring solutions how to hire employees HR tech hr technology icims internet hiring internet recruiting quality of hire metricsMarrying Internet Hiring with Applicant Management. . The process of hiring and onboarding is often a point of contention for candidates as well as hiring managers and HR professionals.