Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

Sourcing, how and where you recruit possible candidates is a great way to use small, safe-to-fail experiments. Sourcing is a function of who you know, your network, and how well you can funnel people into your candidate funnel. That means that sourcing is a great place to experiment.

13 Best HR Metrics Formula Examples


Best HR Metrics for Human Capital Management . Strategic HR Metrics Examples. Yield Ratio = percentage of applicants for a recruitment source that make it to a determined stage of the application process. Generalist Human Resource Metrics Examples.

2012 166

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How HR Metrics & Big Data Can Transform Your Hiring


It also can transform our recruitment and hiring process shedding light onto processes bottlenecks and different interpretations of data we might have not considered due to the simple fact that we are too invested in the process to truly analyze our recruiting strategies.

2015 171

14 #HR Metrics & Formulas to Improve Human Capital Efficiency


Learn more about how metrics and analytics impact hiring & retention worth 1.0 Metrics for HR and Workforce Analytics. For some, HR metrics and formulas might seem like a basic task. HR metrics, formulas and other data analysis lead to better human capital business decision making PERIOD. . Strategic HR Metrics Examples. Yield Ratio = percentage of applicants for a recruitment source that make it to a determined stage of the application process.

2014 95

Does Big Data Matter in Sourcing? #BigDataHR


With many enterprises using “Big Data” to more efficiently source, screen and select talent, the prevailing feeling within the recruiting space is that if you aren’t talking about “Big Data” and how you and/or your teams can be using it, you are behind the curve… or are you?

Ep 91 – Understanding Sourcing’s Role in Recruitment and Hiring


Sourcing. Episode 91: Understanding Sourcing’s Role in Recruitment and Hiring with Arron Daniels ( @arron_daniels ). However, Arron Daniels cautions me and our podcast listeners that sourcing although sometimes it seems that way is in fact not magic. Sourcing isn’t a band aid for your recruitment strategies. Sourcing is a long term strategy and practice. Arron says for sourcing to really be effective it needs to be proactive.

Why Sourcing Is the Red-Headed Step Child of Recruiting


It’s numbers, research and most importantly metrics that drive real business decisions. I’m currently auditing the sourcing function of our recruitment and talent acquisition process. I’m talking about sourcing and your candidate attraction strategies.

5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


What the recruitment team needs is a seamless way to connect all employee data — from sourcing to hire and beyond — and also tie this into their strategic workforce planning. New hire performance by lead source.

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10 Interview Styles To Avoid | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Interesting enough, of the candidates they sent us through their own selective process, none had ranked higher than the 70% in performance metrics, customer reviews, or customer retention.

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Key Metric: What was impacted? Make sure that metric is also relevant and measurable in the way your industry defines it.

10 Tips: Asking For Recommendations On LinkedIn | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

If in your request for a recommendation you can add something like, “in the time we worked together, I felt that I demonstrated [trait] which yielded [positive metric] and had [impact].&#

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On Being A Good Fit For The Job | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

You’ll also get a detailed report with personalized interview questions to ask the candidate, as well as a metric that compares their attributes to the best performers in your company.

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4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

I explain that most recruiters and hiring decision-makers source and assess candidates by what they find in online searches of candidates’ names and relevant keywords that lead them to job seekers.

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The Biggest Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Career Solvers

Most people source their jobs through the hidden job market, the ones where opportunities are shared through close contacts and conversations. Shift your strategy and spend most of your time networking for job leads, and limit your time applying to jobs online.

2016 80

How to Make a Business Case for Hiring Military Veterans #SHRM16


Yesterday at the Annual SHRM Conference, I attended the session, “A Business Case for Hiring Veterans: Designing and Implementing a Veteran Hiring Strategy.” How to Start Creating a Military Hiring Strategy. Measure at periodic intervals like quarterly metrics.

Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

Executive Career Brand

Resumes have morphed over time from being a career history document often leading with an objective statement – to a career marketing communication showcasing relevant achievements, branding and metrics, to link good fit with value proposition. Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

2011 269

Legacy Workplace Recruiting Practices That Must End


Reactive recruitment has a place and time, but just like forecasting our sales and operational needs, we should be planning and building proactive recruiting efforts into our strategy. Ignoring Metrics and Analytics. Using a drop down menu for your source of hire is not enough.

2015 143

4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


You might be surprised at how savvy recruiters and human resources professionals are when it comes to using social media for recruiting, sourcing, and workplace branding at your organization. This strategy is strictly one way and leverages SEO and keywords to direct candidates to positions.

Using Gamification for HR Communications


One area that I don’t hear a ton about is using gamification strategies for HR communications. The source for the information. The source needs to be clear. The source should be the place where people go to give AND get information.

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How Business Intelligence Can Help Your Bosses Make Better Decisions


However, while you, as an employee, can do your best to implement strategies that make a difference to your own work (and, by extension, assisting your fellow workers), the really big changes occur from the top-down on a systems-wide basis. There are many ingenious ways of making work better.

2017 151

The Biggest Challenges in Human Resources


The biggest shift comes from the source of hire. When looking back in the past ten years recruiters have started sourcing candidates in several new and innovative ways then ever before.

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4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

And, because most also don’t understand resume strategy, they don’t know how it should look, what to include, what to exclude and what to highlight. when they’re sourcing and vetting candidates, they’d better be there too, with a brand-solid profile.

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What Do You Really Know About Social Recruiting? #recruittrends


Some of the metrics out there claim that companies report that their employee referrals are in the ballpark of 25-27% of their new hires. Better Metrics and Integration. Recruiting Trends Week is upon us!

2014 142

4 Keys to Recruiter & Candidate Engagement


Learn more about how to create great candidate engagement strategies by joining me 3/26 at 11 AM PST with SuccessFactors. They want to be in control of their own career and that starts with four key candidate engagement strategies. Taking a human capital & HR metrics driven approach. It’s no secret that data and metrics are the key to great business decision making. How you measure your success and sources depends on your end recruiting game.

2014 106

5 Ways Data Science Can Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Imarticus Learning

The five-pronged strategies for businesses: Here are five ways in which data sciences make your operations smarter, less expensive and more efficient. The entire process of planning, sourcing, resource allocation and budgeting is dependent on these choices.

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Be a Lean, Mean, Creative Recruiting Machine in 2015


They are building relationships and strategies to make their next move. In a sense, recruiting is going retro back to the days of phone sourcing and relationships. Building pipelines and long term strategies results in more quality hires and a shorter time to fill.

2015 138

Ep 96 – How to Build Relationships Between HR Practitioners and Providers #hrtechconf


I’ve found in my own personal experience that a technology implementation, building a new recruiting strategy or testing a pilot with a new HR or recruiting technology startup. In my work as a consultant to providers and an advocate for practitioners, I hear of implementation horror stories gone wrong from both sides, pushy salesmen who oversell and practitioners who don’t circle back with metrics, analytics, reporting and feedback.

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Executive Brand Resume: Differentiate Your ROI Value Above the Fold

Executive Career Brand

Most recruiters and hiring authorities are busy sourcing top talent by searching relevant keywords on LinkedIn, and assessing candidates by what they find when they Google their names. Which brings me to “above the fold&# resume writing strategy. Numbers and metrics pack a powerful punch. Executive Brand Resume: Differentiate Your ROI Value Above the Fold is a post from: Executive Career Brand. What’s the purpose of a resume?

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Why Your Next HR Hire Should Be a Data Scientist


Another challenge HR practitioners face is getting the funding necessary to try new tools and strategies and stay on the cutting edge of hiring the right people. There has been a data-revolution taking place in the last couple of decades.

2012 139

Analytics & Execution is Key to Be Taken Seriously in Employer Branding


Long before employer branding was even invented, recruiters struggled with justifying their hiring efforts especially when it came to source and quality of hire. The more choices of candidate sources made the need for something to make sense of all it. It still makes me a little sad that even still 8 years later we are still allowing for candidate source self-reporting. There was no cohesive strategy.

2015 103

6 Tips for Creating Great Employer Branding Content


With that in mind, here are several top tips recently shared during the Employer Branding Strategies Conference ( #EBrandCon ). By posting with purpose, you are connecting people to what matters —strategy, values, mission, culture, and one another. .

2016 79

How to Get the Best LinkedIn Recommendations

Executive Career Brand

Executive recruiters and hiring authorities routinely source talent through LinkedIn search. Two bonuses when you use this strategy: 1.

The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


The dark circles were not brought on by conference parties, as many might suspect, but by late night blogging and creations of the next day’s social media strategies. Effective Metrics. I am driven by strategy and change. Social Media is exhausting.

2013 150

How In-House Recruiting Saved Epsilon £430,000 & Improved Staff Retention

The Undercover Recruiter

From the beginning this was a very ‘hands on’ role where I was sourcing multiple positions directly, especially in the UK where I decided to cut the use of agencies immediately. Overall I’d like our attraction strategy to be more brand and ‘story’ focused.

2013 96

How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

This achievement requires a state of the art recruitment strategy and a recruitment team ‘hard-wired’ in to the global talent pool. There’s no doubt that a well-considered and specialised PSL can be a great asset to your recruitment strategy.

2013 89

The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy: Coach Synder Effect


And, you lost more than productivity you can simply regain with the sourcing, hiring and training of a new body. It is more than can be easily illustrated in popular HR Metrics like the cost per hire. The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy.

Are You Making the Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Errors?

Career Realism

If you missed mentioning highlights of your career (such as metrics on revenue generated or cost savings), you can incorporate this data back into the profile so it aligns with your brand.

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Questioning “Big Data” in Talent Acquisition? #BigDataHR


In the same way, it’s important for you to identify your top referral sources, your best keywords, or candidates’ geographies. However the ability to identify the metrics and measures that will define success or efficiency and will enable you to define your continuous improvement strategy is predicated upon one single thing: the ability for you to have the data. This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe.

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How NOT to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn

The Undercover Recruiter

Normally this type of direct contact is a great strategy after applying online, but be sure to read the recruiter’s profile carefully before reaching out. Lots of us in the recruiting world are very active on LinkedIn, doing what we can to be accessible to jobseekers.

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HR Certification Guide: Untangling the Web


AIRS certification programs focus on passive candidate searches using all aspects of the latest recruitment strategies including internet sourcing, social sourcing, and professional networking recruiting tactics. Sourcing Certification from Boolean Strings.

Is Your Resume Ready for a Recruiter?

Career Realism

Therefore, you’ll need to build your value proposition around this particular job, laying the foundation for the strategy behind your resume. Take special note of the metrics behind each story and the impact of your work on the company.

2010 114

Is It Realistic to Believe ‘Chase Your Passion and Money will Follow’? (The Passion, Market, Skills Framework)

Personal Excellence Blog

Just like you can’t expect to get a job right away when switching to a completely unrelated field, you can’t expect to take off in your passion career just by “boldly” pursuing it, without any proper plan or strategy.

2016 65

Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

So my new strategy is to focus on one "side project" at a time apart from my full time job as Program Manager at Microsoft. Whether the priorities are work (one source of happiness for many people, and it should be for more if possible), marriage (I agree with you that marriage is a huge source of happiness, though not all men feel their love lives are enhanced by sleeping with someone with a Brazilian!), Is this your first time here?

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