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ask all your questions about the new overtime law here

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To be exempt, you must meet two tests: a salary test and a duties test. The duties portion of the law isn’t changing, only the salary level. When is a reasonable time to ask how the new rules for exempt employees will affect my current position (currently exempt, with salary less than $5,000 below the new $47,476 threshold)? And should I ask my manager who does little with salary, or HR? Negotiating a raise to stay exempt. law + order salary

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Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

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But anything sponsored by a large metro area’s newspaper and/or hosted at a hotel is basically a cattle call. The job I ended up accepting was with a company I just stopped at for the free travel mug – it was the end of the fair, I saw the mug and picked up a flier and walked away. We were definitely looking to attract applicants and needed to work at it to overcome the salary advantages of the private sector firms in our industry.

in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? The problem is, of course, no salary range was listed on the job description. And in my field, titles don’t necessarily translate into salary. Of course, be prepared for the typical silliness that often occurs (on both sides) when salary comes up — the awkward pauses and the coy “well, what are you looking for?&#

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