You have the Right to Work – and not pay union dues in Michigan


Michigan Right to Work law creates controversy. Last week, Michigan became the 24th U.S. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder who approved the law just twenty minutes after it landed on his desk made his case for “Reinventing Michigan” in an op-ed for Forbes.

Cabelas Hiring 155 at New Saginaw Michigan Store!

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After hearing of the successful opening at the Union Gap location, we are looking to build on that success here in Michigan”. The post Cabelas Hiring 155 at New Saginaw Michigan Store! Applications being accepted now; Interviews to begin Nov.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers

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Louis, MO Detroit, Michigan Miami, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada Riverside, California Los Angeles, California Sacramento, California Portland, Oregon Memphis, Tennessee Providence, Rhode Island Top 10 Cities for Job Seekers to Find a Job: Washington, D.C.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers | Resumebear Online Resume

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Louis, MO Detroit, Michigan Miami, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada Riverside, California Los Angeles, California Sacramento, California Portland, Oregon Memphis, Tennessee Providence, Rhode Island Top 10 Cities for Job Seekers to Find a Job: Washington, D.C.

How to Find a Job 65% Faster

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If Guerrilla job search methods can work in Michigan, where the unemployment rate tops 15%, they can work where you live.

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Preparing for a Job Search | Top Questions to Ask During Your Job Search | TLC Staffing Blog

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Recently, I gave two speeches to nearly 1,000 people in my home state of Michigan and fielded dozens of questions from job seekers of all ages. via

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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This quote was provided by SkloverWorkingWisdom Member Dan of Detroit, Michigan. “Trust one who has tried.”. Virgil.

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The Motivational/Performance Difference Between Batman and Superman.

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A classic quote from Sports Illustrated on confidence : "Greg Harden, a long-time employee of the Michigan football program who advises and counsels Michigan players, says Drew Henson (the favored child who competed with Tom Brady for the Michigan quaterback job before Brady became a megastar) was like Superman, Tom Brady was like Batman.

Get Away, Girls! 7 Perfect Places for Your Next Ladies’ Weekend

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Traverse City, Michigan. You might be thinking, “Michigan?! However, Midwesterners know the truth, which is that Michigan has quite a lot to offer tourists. The post Get Away, Girls! 7 Perfect Places for Your Next Ladies’ Weekend appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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“How do I respond to retaliation for filing a complaint of unlawful discrimination?”

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Muskegon, Michigan. Information about the time limits, and procedure, for filing a formal complaint of illegal discrimination or retaliation in Michigan is available online. I am not licensed to practice law in Michigan, and so cannot advise you as to that state’s laws. However, a great deal of practical and valuable information can be found on this State of Michigan website: .

Four of America’s Favorite Organic Restaurants

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Its prime location along Lake Michigan provides abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, including freshwater surfing, running and biking, windsurfing, and golfing, all within easy access of the top Milwaukee hotels. This article was originally published on WakingUpWild.

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Lesson #1 From #MarchMadness - Uniqueness Is Always an Advantage.

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That means they are hard to prepare for, which was a key in them knocking off one of the tourney favorites in Michigan State. Capitalist Note: Throwing a couple of talent/business lessons I was reminded of as I watched the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this year.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Eberspaecher will create 545 jobs in Brighton, Michigan : Automotive supplier specializes in exhaust emission treatments for passenger, commercial, and non-road vehicles using innovative approaches. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of

“If I signed a non-solicitation agreement, can I now create a website for my new business?”

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Oakland Township, Michigan. Though I am not licensed to practice law in Michigan, my 30 years of work with non-solicitations matters all across the country, and my brief review of Michigan law, confirm my view that, in all likelihood, you should not have a problem. A Michigan Court has recently ruled that exact way, which should give you good guidance. Question: I am a veterinary surgeon who recently left my place of employment of 17 years.

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10 Reasons to Take a Summer Trip to the Windy City

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Chicago is situated on the southwest shores of Lake Michigan. The stores run along Michigan Avenue on the north side. The post 10 Reasons to Take a Summer Trip to the Windy City appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Jim Harbaugh Upgrades His Professional White Guy Slacks in 2016

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Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has transitioned from pants he was buying at Wal-Mart to something much more modern. . I'm the Marlon Perkins of how white guys dress. Look it up Millennials.

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Jobacle Radio Interview: Quitting Your Job


Last week I was invited to be a guest on At Issue with Ben Merens which is heard in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa on Wisconsin Public Radio. The topic was 16 signs it's time to quit your job. The show featured an in-depth chat about how to know it's time to go and tips to set up a plan to leave a job. I had a blast fielding questions from listeners and hope to do it again in the future. I hope you'll take a listen below. Career Advice quitting your job

Seven Inspiring Summer Reads

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Briggs Henry ditches his suburban surroundings for a summer of socializing and working a fun gig in Lake Michigan…except, that gig involves being dragged around to funerals, and it’s anything but glamorous. The post Seven Inspiring Summer Reads appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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How to Successfully Complete a Part-Time MBA Program


If you''re looking for a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Cornerstone, a Christian university in Michigan is likely the type of school you''re searching for.

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"I Need Someone Like": 3 Ways We All Look to Buy Franchise Brands When Recruiting.

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I really like people from Michigan State. Seems like they're more humble than people from Michigan (or whatever your pick is out of the 10,000 versions of this in play in America). It's human nature. We had good luck with something and failed with other solutions. . Naturally, we're going to go with what we know the next time, right? Experiencing the excitement of something new is nice, but once we've failed in selecting anything - cars, food, etc - we tend to go with what we know.

The $20 Jimmy Choo Story

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Shock and disappointment filled me as I walked out of the shoe department, downstairs, headed back onto Michigan Avenue. “Nope, sorry. No, this is not a story about a pair of $20 Choos. C’mon now. That’s called a fairytale.

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Green Jobs Growing: Fuel Efficient and Hybrid Vehicles Creating Green Jobs

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Michigan is the leader among the states with 38,067 green jobs at 97 facilities. According to a new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation and the United Auto Workers, there are 151,000 green jobs in the auto industry.

my new job comes with a surprise relocation pay-back clause

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When they first reached out to me several weeks ago, I was very upfront that while I might consider relocating to the company’s headquarters in Michigan, my strong preference would be to stay in California (where I currently live and where most of the employers in my industry are based) or relocate to Chicago (where I’m from). I stuck to this line throughout the interview process, which included flying me to Michigan to visit the company’s headquarters and meet several senior managers.

Leaving a Contract Early for a Permanent Job

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GS, Michigan. Dear Deb, Q.

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Tips On Pursuing A Career As An Artist

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When setting up for your show, Park West Gallery in Michigan suggests that there are certain ways to display your art for optimal viewing. There are many artistic careers, from singers to sculptors. Some of them are far easier to get into.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


BorgWarner will create 150 jobs at Seneca, Michigan plant : Manufacturer of powertrain becomes major Toyota supplier. Teleperformance USA calling for 350 at its Cascade, Michigan center : 260 of those customer service jobs need to be filled by May 11.

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Advice for Finding a Summer Job

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While the economy has picked up a bit, there are many places, including here in Michigan where scoring a summer job is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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2016 Unofficial HR Tech Conference Party Guide #hrtechconf


Michigan Ave., Michigan Ave & Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago. Send a little love to our party guide sponsors Advanced Resources and Advanced RPO. Follow them on Twitter @advresources and @advancedrpo. I love them so much I took a job as the VP of Talent Strategies. .

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Intern Vacation Privileges

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My family is taking a week-long vacation in northern Michigan during the fourth week of my 2-3 month-long, paid internship in Chicago. Since I was in college, summer typically meant one of two things: 1. a summer vacation. a summer internship.

What it Takes to Go from War-Torn Iran to Successful Entrepreneur in America

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He currently works with one that is a junior at the University of Michigan, another at the University of Alabama, and with a team at the USC Marshal School of Business Incubator Program, as well as a few others.

COMPETITION IS NOT A DIRTY WORD: You Want Employees Who Want to Stick It to the Other Guy/Gal.

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With that in mind, I give you this picture of Mark Dantonio, who in this picture had just been informed that his team, Michigan State, is a 16-point underdog on the road at Ohio State. Yesterday I pinged you about the change in corporate values at Uber.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Detroit, Michigan’s tech hub grows faster than Silicon Valley : Check out Automation Alley’s stats on the city’s 242,520 tech jobs. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of

The Best Week Ever

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We were only 1 hour into our annual family vacation with Thano’s family in northern Michigan when he took me to Sleeping Bear Dunes and popped the question.

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Ford to Hire 2,200 Salaried Workers in the U.S. This Year

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The company also announced in late December it is spending more than $773 million on new equipment and capacity expansions across six manufacturing facilities in southeast Michigan as it delivers on a commitment to invest $6.2

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Toyota driving 250 jobs to York, Michigan : Center not part of company’s consolidation. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about.

Stuff the Capitalist (aka KD) Likes: Seether and The Biggest Lies In HR.

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Dateline - I'm in Grand Rapids, MI today doing a keynote at the always frisky Michigan Recruiters Conference. Who am I? Who cares? Good questions. It's my site, so I'm going dig in once in a awhile by telling you more about who I am - via a "Stuff I Like" series.

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8 Reasons to Have an Office Dog

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At Central Michigan University, science also gets behind dogs in the workplace. The post 8 Reasons to Have an Office Dog appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Dog owners look forward to coming home from work and being greeted by their furry friends.

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Supreme Court Grants Review for Same-Sex Marriage Issue


On January 16th, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan on the issue of same-sex marriage.

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Friday Feedback

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Note : From Farmington Hills, Michigan, comes this great suggestion about how we can improve our blog, which we have considered and decided to act on: . “I Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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HRCI Hits SHRM Hard on Certifications, Signs HR Equivalent of Tom Brady.

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Called the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS), the ongoing project is led by Dr. Ulrich''s RBL Group and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. said Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business,University of Michigan, a partner at The RBL Group and HRCS study lead.