8 High-Demand Executive Jobs That Value Military Veterans’ Skills

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After leaving a career in the military, finding a civilian job — especially an executive management position — may seem daunting for many former service members. Fortunately, having previous experience in the military may actually put veterans at an advantage when it comes to landing some executive jobs. The military instills knowledge and skills in […]. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search military veteran jobs

Career Opportunities In The U.S. Military

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military. Similar to a well-run organization, the military must keep accurate records of both its personnel and operations. In addition, all recruits get to enjoy military privileges and allowances that could potentially bump one’s annual earnings to about $26,364.

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Post-Military Employment: How to Stand Out

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Transitioning from a military career to a civilian career can, at times, be a challenge. While veterans and military personnel have valuable skills to offer in the workplace, translating military service and accomplishments into civilian language is easier said than done.

Military Careers and Women– The Forces Need You!

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The military has traditionally been a male-dominated organisation, so great efforts are being made to change that. Here are just a few of the military careers for women, from the perspective of Great Britain. The post Military Careers and Women– The Forces Need You!

5 Tips for Military Spouses Pursuing a Career in Teaching

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With 85 percent of military spouses reporting that they want or need to work, finding a stable and meaningful career is highly important for the majority of military wives and husbands. Here are five ways military spouses may land successful careers in teaching.

How A Stint In The Military Can Set You Up For Professional Life

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While military experience doesn’t necessarily make you a great salesman, teacher, or even business savvy, it does give you a whole myriad of skills and bonuses which your competitors might lack. Career Opportunities Military Jobs

Career Clarity for Military to Civilian Transitioners

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This week’s show is special because we are digging deeper into the military to civilian career transition experience. I would love to hear about your military to civilian transition if this show resonates with you: Call and leave a voicemail or text me at 708-365-9822.

Civilian Jobs After Military Service: Finding Your Next Career

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If you have recently completed military service and are looking for a new career, you might be surprised to find that your branch of the military has career resources and job search materials to help make your transition to civilian life easier.

Adjusting to Civilian Life After Military Service


You spend several years performing military service, during which your life is mostly planned out for you. The military is known for its structure, making it hard to adapt when you suddenly leave the service. Here is a list of some resources provided by the military to get you started.

Smoothing Your Military-to-Civilian Career Transition

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As you equip yourself to shift your military talent into a civilian career role, do you feel unclear how to best translate your experience? While there is no doubt that moving from a military career into a [.] executive resumes Glassdoor.com Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Military Transition U.S. News & World Report career advice career management career strategy executive resume Glassdoor JobSearch Military Career Transition

The Military to the Civilian Job Market Transition

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I once asked him about how difficult it was to leave the military behind and enter the civilian job market. He replied with a truth that is still echoed today among veterans: “You never really fully transition from the military…some part of it will always be with you.”. Military

Employment Resources for Military Veterans

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We are excited to announce that Hilton Worldwide has announced plans to hire 10,000 veterans and military-connected family members over the next five years. Military Occupational Classification Match. Hilton Worldwide Announced Hiring Veterans Initiative.

How to Make a Business Case for Hiring Military Veterans #SHRM16


Two hundred thousand military veterans are exiting their lines of service each year according to a Maryland’s Workforce Exchange. This makes for a huge opportunity for employers who are excited to hire and employe military veterans. Military Hiring Considerations.

10 Careers Perfect for Ex-Military Personnel

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The post 10 Careers Perfect for Ex-Military Personnel appeared first on Ms. You’ve learned a lot while in the military. This can be scary for many people because working for the military is much different from working for an employer.

Looking for a Job after the military

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Dear Deb: Most of my 8-year career has been in the military. In your job search, you’ll want to avoid using military terminology. If you are unsure if the resume is understandable, ask a non-military friend to review it. Retired from Military - Top 20 Jobs.

New Civilian Internships Available for Military Service Personnel at the End of Military Service


With Memorial Day just a few days away, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let HR managers, recruiters, and employers know that the there is a brand-new special internship available for employers and military service personnel who are nearing the end of the military service (“EOS”).

Listing Military Training on your Resume

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Dear Deb: Should I list all of my military training? Most of my training is military readiness, combat conditioning, and radio operations. I have been out of the military for eight years and have been working in a tech help desk. Ask Deb military resume

Listing Military Training on you Resume

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Dear Deb: Should I list all of my military training? Most of my training is military readiness, combat conditioning, and radio operations. I have been out of the military for eight years and have been working in a tech help desk. Ask Deb military

3 Ways to Start Recruiting Military Veterans in 2016


Our military go to incredible lengths to protect our country serving tours overseas and training in some of the most treacherous and dangerous environments in the world. Vets are challenged in finding employment and being hired after their tours of military duty.

Military to Civilian Transition: Making It a Success

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If you are making a military to civilian career change or advise people who are, Career Key has published a new online guide to making it a success. Know yourself and your Military to Civilian Career Change - understand why you''re leaving the military and what job satisfaction really means.

Your Military Resume: Translating Your Experience And Skills

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I remember several years ago, when I delivered workshops for transitioning military professionals, that they all had the same challenges with developing an effective resume. To get a better handle on some translation of military job descriptions, check out [link] , [link] and [link].

Ep 65 – How to Get Started Recruiting Veterans & Military


Seventy-two percent of hiring managers admit it is difficult to ascertain the skill sets by evaluating a resume of a job candidate who is prior military. Episode 65: How to Get Started Recruiting Veterans and Military with Lida Citroën ( @ LIDA360 ). As I mentioned, recruiting military is a challenge. Military culture, process and work environment is very different from the corporate world leaving many employers unsure where to begin.

Military? – Special Civilian Job Rights are Yours

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Being called up for military service or training? It provides very valuable employment-related legal rights to members of the armed forces and other uniformed services who are absent from work due to military service or training. The idea underlying the USERRA law is to ensure that serving your country is as least damaging to your career as possible, while balancing the varied interests of the military, the employee and the civilian employer. Military Service?

Military and Veteran Connections: Social Media for our Heroes and Families


Career Job Search Social Media hero heroes hiring military May Memorial Day military military veterans sandra sandra long social media veteransI remember writing letters to my son while he was serving overseas in 2010 – 2011. I never knew how long it would take for delivery and just assumed it was several weeks at least. I also. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

From the Military to Wealth Management

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“My career was increasingly preventing me from being a present father and husband.”. Nick O'Sullivan was looking for greater freedom and work–life balance. He discovered it in a completely different field than he thought he would. But making the transition was no easy task.

Transitioning Military Leaders: Differentiate Yourself in Executive Job Search

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A few weeks ago Vera Steiner Blore, founder of the Military Leaders in Transition forum, reached out to me for an interview. for transitioning military leaders, and any executive: 1.

Branding Help: Transitioning from a Military Career to a Civilian Career

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The military culture is well-defined, and members are entrenched in the culture. Often, there is a military or civilian way of thinking. Naturally, when separating from the military individuals may feel unsure or uncomfortable about their new identity. If you are targeting a corporation, articulate your values in corporate terminology rather than military jargon. In the military, you probably received considerable training and performed in highly responsible roles.

Ep 112 – Lessons From AT&T’s Military and Veteran Recruiting Success


The question is how do companies hire, retain and do outreach to diverse candidate communities specifically veterans and military? Episode 112: How to Create a Successful Military and Veteran Hiring Program with […] Podcast AT&T Kaleb Pask military recruiting military recruitment podcast veteran hiring veteran recruitingHaving a diverse workforce is good business.

Honoring Veterans and Military Spouses for the Jobs They Do

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing business coach Royale Scuderi , a military spouse and founder of the Guard Wife blog. The job description for the role of military spouse is not for the faint of heart.

5 Job Options For Military Veterans

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It’s not unusual for military veterans to go into law enforcement. Not only does the military and law enforcement require similar skill sets, many law enforcement agencies also offer partial retirement credit to veterans. How To Approach Job Search After The Military.

Create a Military to Civilian Employment Timeline


Are you considering leaving the military within the next few years? Transitioning from military to civilian employment isn’t easy, but a good plan will make it much easier. Take the time to. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Career Job Search

Four Benefits to Hiring Military Personnel

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Military personnel bring with them an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to team proficiency and builds trust in a work environment. For employers looking to hire a mature professional with a strong work ethic, a military-trained candidate should receive serious consideration.

Why Military Spouses are Underutilized Assets

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Military spouses are educated, strong, and philanthropic. The Military Spouses Employment Partnerships articulates the issue best: “The challenges of multiple moves and deployments often translate into resilience, adaptability and unparalleled work ethic.

4 Ways Veterans Can Successfully Make the Military to Civilian Transition

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To celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, Career Key recommends four strategies veterans can use to make a successful military to civilian transition. To see the full details, see press release, " 4 Success Strategies for Veterans Making the Military to Civilian Transition " dated October 31, 2014. Career Change Career Decision Profile Career Tips Military to Civilian Veterans

How to Apply Military Leadership Skills to Civilian Employment

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The application of military leaderships skills by veterans in civilian employment can result in high performance and a solid work ethic. In the military branches, leadership qualities are formed in a progressive, sequential series. Post Military employment military skill veteran

How to Use Military Experience in Your Resume

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For over nine years, I worked as a bilingual employment counsellor at a military base. It was my role to help hundreds of clients make the transition from military to civilian life. How Are Military Personnel Attractive and Valuable to Civilian Employers?

Are You Strategic About Military Hiring?

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Many organizations have prioritized the hiring of military veterans in recent years. This is commendable, as military hiring requires a different strategy than civilian hiring because veterans do not have exactly the same needs as traditional hires. In parts of the survey, we looked specifically at military hiring and development practices. Some of the initiatives they cited in the verbatims included: Hiring talent acquisition staff with military backgrounds.

How to Approach Job Search After the Military

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And when you’re looking for work right out of the military , sometimes it can be even more difficult. This week’s question is about post-military job search : I’m a recently released Active Duty Officer now on Reserves. The right keywords rather than military language.

Edward Jones Hires 336 Military Veterans as Financial Advisors

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Financial services firm Edward Jones announced that, so far in 2013, it has hired 336 military veterans as financial advisors, adding to the roughly 1,500 veterans already employed in this role. 1 Currently, 11 percent of Edward Jones financial advisors have military experience.

How To Leave The Military For A Civilian Job

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Transitioning is a much bigger undertaking than I gave it credit for as I was preparing to leave the military. If there was a publicized process for how to leave the military for a civilian job when I had to do it, my path would have been much easier. Change military

Using Your Career Experience to Save Money

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One option that thousands of people turn to every year as a means of paying for school is the military. The best way to request credits for your military service is to use the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines. No matter how you cut it, college is expensive.

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Optical Sight Equipment You Would Use Working In The Military

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The sheer selection of equipment available to the military in this day and age is mind blowing. Soldiers and other military personnel have gear to aid them in all areas of their profession. When it comes to the military, vision equipment takes on a different role.

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Military Resumes Revisited

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Saturday, August 28, 2010 Military Resumes Revisited If you are currently in the military thinking about how to transfer to a civilian job, you need to make a list of your competencies and find what types of civilian jobs are compatible with your military experience.