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eliminated the “at will” presumption in employment: Montana. The Montana WDEA prohibits firing an employee for other than good cause after a designated probationary period, and gives the employee the legal right to challenge his or her termination in Court or before an arbitrator.

Firing an Employee Without a Lengthy Improvement Plan

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In 49 states (Montana is the exception) employment is at will, which means you can wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to fire Bill.” ” That would be legal, as long as you’re not firing Bill because of race, sex, etc. But, that’s not a great way to do business and no one that I’m aware of really does that. The gold standard is the Performace Improvement Plan (PIP). This is usually 60 or 90 days and gives the employee a chance to succeed.

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Yahoo’s Sketchy Termination Policy May Land Them in Hot Water

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Every state but Montana is at-will.) California is an at-will employment state. This means that you can terminate someone for any reason or no reason, as long as it doesn’t violate the law.

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What Can Miley Cyrus Teach Recruitment About Rebranding?

The Undercover Recruiter

Where was the sweet teen whose alter-ego was Hannah Montana? So the image of a nearly nude Miley Cyrus as she twerked her way, tongue out, through a performance at the MTV Awards, was shocking to say the least. The show, and Miley’s sexy new image, caused quite a commotion.

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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” - Gladiola Montana. “If you find some happiness inside yourself, you’ll start finding it in a lot of other places, too.” Hard as it is sometimes to bear in mind, work can – and should – bring happiness.

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The Right Way to Conduct a 90-Day Performance Review

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In the United States (with the exception of Montana) all employees are at-will unless they have a contract (such as a union). Many companies have a 90 day “probationary period” for new hires. At the end of this, the manager is supposed to do a sit-down evaluation with the new employee. It’s such a standard thing that we often don’t think about it, but we should. It’s actually an area which can cause your business big troubles if you don’t do it right.

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Don’t Fall for These 5 Workplace Myths

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In all states but Montana, employment is at-will. There are many misconceptions about the workplace that, sensible as they might be, simply aren’t true. Some actions, while undoubtedly a bad idea, won’t necessarily get you fired. Below are five common myths that are good to know — whether you’re the boss or the newest hire in the field. Myth 1: You Can’t Be Fired If You’re Not Guilty. That means your boss can fire you for any reason, without having to prove “just cause.”

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Watch Your Back: How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued

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In all states but Montana, employment is at-will. Firing is not fun. Most managers go to great lengths to avoid firing someone, and when it finally comes down to it, you have to let this person go. After all that stress, the last thing you want is to land in court.

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Firing an Employee: Navigating a Touchy Process the Right Way

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In the United States, all states but Montana have at-will employment. Firing an employee is never easy, but making the right termination decisions is critical for the success of your business. When someone is damaging the business rather than helping it, it’s time to let that person go.

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3 States Job-Seeking Graduates Should Consider

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According to the Pew Charitable Fund, Montana’s eastern neighbor currently leads in terms of job growth , especially in the areas of energy and construction, two sectors that are also doing well in other Western states, along with high-tech and engineering fields.

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Here’s the high-priced advice college applicants buy that doesn’t trigger the FBI

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Brown University has an 8% acceptance rate but a 30% acceptance rate from Montana. So if you can’t move to Wyoming or Montana, at least go somewhere rural. Porcelain Pencils by Katharine Morling.

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Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


MontanaMontana Department of Labor and Industry. Workers Compensation Definition.

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Guided trips into areas like the stunning Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana make plenty of time for riding, so you have plenty of time for exploring. Being a career girl has its many perks – but it can be busy.

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Start like an Immigrant: Ways to Get a Job Even If Your Diploma Is Fresh Off the Press

Resume Bear

Maureen Francisco is an executive producer of NW Productions, LLC, a media and production company that produces the Miss WA USA, Miss WA Teen USA, Miss Idaho USA, Miss Idaho Teen USA, Miss Montana USA and Miss Montana Teen USA pageants. Fiscal cliff. Debt ceiling. In my opinion, these words mean more taxes, less disposable income and an uncertain economic future. They mean retirement may come later rather than sooner.

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weekend free-for-all – March 18-19, 2017

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described this as “if Holden Caulfield had been a gay girl from Montana, this is the story he might have told,” and that seems right. This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand.

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“Subsidized COBRA in Severance – What’s that?”

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Bozeman, Montana. Question: Dear Alan: I was recently laid off from my job in pharmaceutical sales, and received a small severance. I signed up for COBRA healthcare continuation for my family. When the bill came, for family coverage all I had to pay for my entire family was $325 monthly. That is far less than I thought it would cost. Concerned that there was a mistake, I called Human Resources, and was told that it was not the usual COBRA benefits, but “Subsidized” COBRA benefits.


Barrier-Breaking Women

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Jeannette Rankin of Montana is the first woman elected to Congress. Many cheered at the announcement that Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore have been admitted membership in the prestigious, formerly all male, private golf club. Some say it is one more step in the eradication of institutionalized sexism. Others say that although it is the right thing to do and long overdue, it does not impact the lives of women beyond the upper echelon. How do you feel about this news?

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For Writers: Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts. How To Create Compelling Settings In Your Books.

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In the book I just finished, My Very Best Friend , which almost made me want to go and live in a cabin, alone, in Montana, and mutter to myself, but that is another story, I set it in Scotland. The post For Writers: Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts.

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Moments of Engagement: Tech-Crossing Streams


Content marketers try – some try too hard and embrace hot trends like the latest Hannah Montana dance routine or Meth lab endings. Oreo Envy?

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INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SHRM 2016 PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS. We are just 5 short weeks away from the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference in Washington DC. I’m currently working on blog content, selecting sessions and trying to develop a plan for all things #SHRM16.

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21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters


A recent acquisition by Dice Holdings, this site is for job listings in the Oil and Gas community which is highly competitive especially in Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and New Mexico. This post is sponsored by SHRM Jobs , a job board dedicated to helping recruiters hire the best human resource professionals. Use promo code, ‘blog’ and click here to save 10% of your next posting. . Finding candidates is tough.

“Short Answers on Saturdays”

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Missoula, Montana. Since so many blog visitors submit Questions, we’ve decided to devote Saturdays to answering several Questions at once, and have chosen those that call for “shorter&# Answers. .

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4 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Yourself

Career Realism

Presently, Miley Cyrus – whether you lover her or hate her – has done a marvelous job of shedding her sweet and innocent Hannah Montana image to the over-the-top, risque, ‘molly-popping’ Miley.

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What Do You REALLY Want to Do? - Jobacle.com BLOG - Career Advice.


Author Bio: Tara Alley is a freelance writer from southwest Montana, now living in sunny Orange County, CA, where she spends the majority of her time writing about her love/addiction for espresso for Coffee Home Direct. ?

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

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Helena, Montana. Since so many blog visitors submit Questions, we’ve decided to devote some of our weekend blogposts to answering several Questions at once, and have chosen those that call for “shorter&# Answers. .

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Flub Or Fierce: Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Wardrobe

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The former star of Hannah Montana wore a white fishnet dress and black pasties at the the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. The Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Wardrobe Incident got the pop star even more attention recently in the wake of her bold dance moves at the VMA’s.

4 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Yourself

Career Realism

Presently, Miley Cyrus – whether you lover her or hate her – has done a marvelous job of shedding her sweet and innocent Hannah Montana image to the over-the-top, risque, ‘molly-popping’ Miley. 4 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Yourself. Work It Daily. Branding is all about representing yourself to the public in a way that you hope will positively promote your business or service. Either way, no matter your industry, the outside world will still brand you in one way or another.

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5 Jobs for Cry Babies - Jobacle.com BLOG - Career Advice Blog.


Envision the cry baby working, really doing hard (OMG) physical labor, in say, Montana.

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A celebration of failed New Year’s resolutions

Penelope Trunk

So if you’re a girl, break off the engagement in Montana. The pressure is mounting for the New Year’s resolutions posts. First is the flurry of pitches from public relations firms that want to get their clients into the press. “Resolve to clean your house more thoroughly!”

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“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

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In alphabetical order, they are: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington (state). . “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”. David Brin . ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was many years ago.

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will painting nude self-portraits on social media cause problems at work?

Ask a Manager

or (b) legally protected activity (meaning things the law has specifically carved out as exceptions, like union organizing or making a good faith report of harassment or discrimination), and as long as (c) you don’t have a contract that says otherwise and (d) you don’t work in Montana, which requires firings to be for good cause, or in one of the handful of states that prohibits employers from taking any job-related action based on an employee’s legal conduct outside of work.

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What NOT to Do in an Interview

Career Realism

On the other hand, leaving yourself extra minutes will still allow you to arrive on time if you happen to miss a turn, get caught behind a school bus, or find yourself waiting at a railroad crossing as a 3-mile-long freight train moseys its way toward Montana.

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my company won’t let me DJ on the weekends — and refuses to say why

Ask a Manager

Unfortunately, with at-will employment in every state but Montana, employers can fire for any reason or no reason at all, with some exceptions. A reader writes: My employer enforces a moonlighting policy whereby employees are required to obtain permission from an HR manager before they can work a second job. The policy does not specify what is permissible and what is not, only that the employer may deny concurrent employment if they deem it to be incompatible with the employee’s duties.

what does “hiring manager” mean and other work terms you might not know

Ask a Manager

you’re considered an at-will employee (except for in Montana). It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this, and I saw it come up a few times last week so figured it was a good time to revisit some work vocabulary stuff that sometimes confuses people. A “hiring manager” isn’t the person in charge of all hiring. The hiring manager isn’t the person who manages all the hiring for an organization.

Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


California Washington Nevada Utah Arizona Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Oregon Alaska Hawaii Job Career HR human resources corporate recruiters executives managers management consultants headhunter staffing employers employment alumni education U.S. More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn. Not sure how or why to use LinkedIn Groups on your job search?

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a hiring manager isn’t what you think, and other vocabulary lessons

Ask a Manager

you’re considered an at-will employee (except for in Montana). It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this and I see these words confused all the time, so let’s straighten out some vocabulary issues. Fired vs. laid off vs. terminated. Fired: If someone is fired, they are being let go for cause.

Representative Weiner's online conduct: a reminder to employers.


Montana Supreme Court: Obesity is an Impairment and may be protected via Discrimination. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Share Your Experience. Submit an Article. Login / Register. Support Us. HCX Jobs. Search. Explore Articles. Category Info. Business/Client Dev & Marketing. Career / Personal Dev. Compensaton and Benefits. Compliance / Legal. Consulting / Outsourcing.

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red flags when interviewing, asking to work remotely, and more

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As in: “I don’t have any immediate plans for this, but in thinking long-term, if I ever wanted to move to be in the same city as Bob, would continuing to stay in my role, but from Montana, be a possibility?” It’s five short answers to five short questions. Here we go…. Am I right to be concerned about this job prospect? I am getting ready to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in two weeks.

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