Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Fortunately, more and more of my c-suite and senior level executive clients are aware of how important it is for them to have a solid online presence, to land a great-fit new gig. Some of them understand that, when recruiters and hiring managers source and assess talent, they’re more apt to reach out to candidates that have strong online presence. But they often don’t know how to go about building an online footprint. What are the best ways to build my brand online?

3 Neglected, But Simple, Personal (Social) Branding Strategies

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Some personal branding strategies for job search take a lot of time to accomplish. Some personal branding strategies for job search take a lot of time to accomplish. Here are a few examples of good LinkedIn Professional Headlines: Senior Change Management Executive – Operational Excellence, Performance Management, Risk Mitigation, Compliance. Senior Technical Project Manager & Change Agent for Banking & Financial Services.

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Are You Executive Job Search-Ready?

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This is why I always advise that it’s best to first take time to learn about today’s executive job search, and plan your strategy. Know what they will find about you, so you can assess and clean up your online presence, if need be. More in my post, Is Your Online Presence Strong Enough to Compete? Do you know how to network your way into the goldmine of “hidden” jobs? 7 Questions to Test Your Preparedness for Executive Job Search.

2016 187

How to Conquer Ageism in Executive Job Search

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The 3-Step Strategy to Overcome Age Bias. Until recently, career professionals relied on a strategy to minimize age in our clients’ documents and online profiles – including only the past 10-15 years of career history and not including dates for education. Anyone can easily find your age within the first several search pages, unless you have a very strong, far-reaching online presence. Here’s your 3-step strategy for overcoming age bias: 1.

2016 186

Oh, How the New LinkedIn Has Changed!

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Most of the strategies I recommend in them haven’t changed much over the past year but, as I got into LinkedIn particulars, I quickly realized that my content updates were going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. Because LinkedIn is such a robust social network. LinkedIn has become so important for job-hunting and overall career management that your lack of presence and activity there would be foolish. I just completed updating my 3 executive job search ebooks.

2017 139

12 Ways To Build Personal Brand Evangelism

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We all benefit from, and need, the support of the people who surround us – friends, peers, managers, staff, employees, clients, mentors, mentees, etc. – Successful executive job search is all about targeted marketing – communicating your unique value to your target audience across various channels, online and off-line. ” Brand evangelism comes about when you network well. Stay top-of-mind with your networks. Practice “give to get” networking.

2017 198

LinkedIn FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Beyond personal branding and this post on LinkedIn FAQs, I’ll be writing posts on the FAQs that represent the major road blocks and/or job search strategies they have told me they need help understanding, across these topics: Executive resumes. Online reputation management and online presence. LinkedIn is undeniably the executive job-seeker’s most important and powerful tool for online personal branding, networking and career management.

2016 202

The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search Part – 4

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Part 3 – Mind Your Online Reputation: The Personal Branding Social Proof Paradigm. By now, most job seekers should be aware of the well-known places to build their brand and online presence – LinkedIn, a personal website or blogsite, Twitter, other social networks, etc. Here are 2 little-known, but powerful, strategies to add to your brand communications plan: 2 Little-known Tips to Master Online Reputation and Personal Brand Management.

2017 113

Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. Build and Engage Your LinkedIn Network. Develop a strategy and scripts to connect with people you don’t know, who will be important to network with. Reach out to your network regularly to see how they’re doing, offer support, and pass along something of interest to them.

2016 219

How to Write a Dazzling LinkedIn Summary

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Those who are easily found online because their LinkedIn profiles are fully populated with keyword-rich content are way ahead of the game, should they suddenly be out of a job. Here are some strategies I use to elevate my clients’ LinkedIn Summary section: As you’re compiling and writing this content, remember to pack in plenty of your relevant keywords and phrases, which you uncovered in researching your target employers.

2016 193

3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

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In both cases, you need to: Determine who your target audience is – for job search, that means target employers, Define your personal brand – what makes you unique, valuable and a good-fit for your target audience, or employers, Communicate and market those good-fit qualities across various channels, Connect and network with your target audience, or people at your target companies. Here are a few strategies that I rely on to build my personal brand and promote my business.

2017 186

How Do I Find a Job in the “Hidden” Job Market?

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Why aren’t more jobs posted online? The main reason is that sourcing and screening candidates online through social networks (especially LinkedIn) is more cost effective and less time-consuming than posting openings online and reviewing thousands of resumes, many of which are submitted by unqualified candidates. Executive recruiters and employers find good-fit candidates by searching LinkedIn, for the most part, and other social networks, using relevant keywords.

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How Many LinkedIn Connections Are Good For Executive Job Search?

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Your strategy is up to you, of course. You need to bring all kinds of people into your LinkedIn network. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Networking Executive Personal & Career Branding LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking c-suite executive job search personal branding social media

2017 167

10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success

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If they’ve changed jobs over that time, they were sought after by executive recruiters and managed to circumvent the job search process. Build Your Online Presence. The vast majority of executive recruiters and employers search for and assess candidates by what they find about them online. Those with a dismal or non-existent online footprint are often overlooked for those who have a diverse, far-reaching online presence. Network into the Hidden Job Market.

2015 191

Help! My LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements Are a Mess

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Is this detrimental to my SEO strategy with recruiters via LinkedIn? But executive recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn extensively to source candidates by searching relevant keywords. Want a quick and easy way to connect with your network and stay top-of-mind with them? A client of mine – a Chief Marketing Officer in global healthcare – had a great LinkedIn question for me recently.

2015 196

5 Toxic Beliefs That Can Derail Your Executive Job Search

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With more qualified candidates often competing for fewer jobs, and the impact of the digital age, job search requires focus, hard work, and new strategies. That requires a marketing strategy and over-arching action plan to manage their time, relationships, and finances. all aided by a supportive network. Online presence-building. Networking (social networking and one-on-one in-person networking). I’m terrible at networking.

2015 178

NEW BOOK! 20 Little-Known, Insider Tips to Accelerate Executive Job Search

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In the book, you’ll find answers to the questions above, among other important “little” job search strategies that I’ve learned over my 20+ years as a career professional. That means both you and your job-seeking competitors probably don’t know these strategies. The tips in this book supplement the “bigger”, full-scope strategies detailed in my executive job search guide, 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land.

2014 187

4 LinkedIn Ways to Keep Your Personal Brand Top of Mind

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Posting relevant updates to your “Activity Feed” is a relatively quick and easy way to stay top-of-mind with your network – which should include employees at your target companies and recruiters, along with your various professional contacts. LinkedIn offers this powerful platform to demonstrate your subject matter expertise, express your opinions, influence people, build your personal brand online, and stay top of mind with your network.

2015 169

10 Years on LinkedIn – Why It’s Still Indispensable To Me

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and for anyone building their personal brand for job-hunting, business or career management. Savvy job seekers are already on LinkedIn, leveraging all that the site has to offer – networking, blogging, researching, building brand evangelism. As you’ll see below, LinkedIn is equally invaluable to me, for personal branding and business-building, and to executive job seekers, for branding, job search and career management. Stay with it, and keep your networks alive.

2017 142

10 Best Ways to Get More Executive Job Interviews

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The other day I was speaking with a CIO in healthcare who had been working with a few recruiters and networking a little over the past few months, but had only landed one or two interviews. Like many executive job seekers, he didn’t have a handle on the strategies he needed to embrace to master the new world of executive job search to get a foot in the door with job interviews. More about online presence coming up in #7. Network with Purpose into the Hidden Job Market.

2015 191

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your LinkedIn Profile?

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All too many executives adhere to the “build it and forget it” strategy when building their personal brand online. They didn’t feel they needed to use LinkedIn any more, essentially ignoring the importance of LinkedIn for healthy career management and ongoing networking, when they aren’t job-hunting. Do you regularly post updates to your Activity feed, to keep your personal brand top-of-mind with your network ? ?

2014 212

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn – Part 2

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In both cases, you need to determine what makes you unique and valuable to your target audience, and communicate and market those good-fit qualities as you network your way into the hearts and minds of that target audience. My LinkedIn tricks and strategies will help you brand and Land a Great-Fit New Gig!™. At the beginning of last year, I published a compilation of posts about LinkedIn for personal branding and executive job search.

2016 148

10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online have become essential components of today’s job search. If you’re NOT out there – building your online presence, and positioning your unique ROI (Return on Investment) and good-fit qualities in front of recruiters and your target employers – consider yourself invisible to the very people who can help you achieve your career goals. Monitor and Prepare To Build Your Online Presence.

2014 217

Give To Get the Best LinkedIn Recommendations

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The true measure of your brand to future employers is reflected in what those who know your work the best have to say about you – co-workers, peers, top management, team members, Boards of Directors, customers, etc. Two bonuses when you use this strategy: 1. Recommendations that you write and the ones written for you show up in network updates for you and for the people you recommended, keeping your brand top of mind with both networks.

Social Media ROI: Is It Worth the Time?

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Using social networks and social media helps you (and me) uncover opportunities, build community and brand evangelism, make connections with potential employers’ hiring decision makers, and demonstrate your thought leadership and subject matter expertise. Blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter are my social media of choice – the biggest pieces in my online brand communications plan. Find what works for you, create a realistic strategy and stay with it until things start to stick.

How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

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Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely search for social proof (or online evidence) to corroborate the claims candidates make about themselves in their personal marketing materials (resume, biography, cover letters, etc.). These people will assess your candidacy and evaluate your personal brand based on what they find about you online. Do You Know What Your Online Presence Looks Like? Successful job search strategy is much the same as running a business.

2017 150

5 Ways to Keep Your Executive Job Search Confidential on LinkedIn

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or anywhere online. Accomplishing this, while staying undercover, doesn’t pose a major challenge, but it does require stealthy strategy, and an understanding of how LinkedIn works. Luckily, this strategy will also support, and provide evidence, of the value you offer your target employers. Turn off notifications to your network. But you won’t want your employer and your network to be notified when you join new job-search related Groups.

2016 158

How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search, Part 1

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In Part 2, I’ll cover: Tips on finding potent tweets and retweets, Building a Twitter strategy, and. Where else online (or offline for that matter) can you freely listen in on and learn from conversations they’re having to help you land your next gig? Extend your online presence. Expand your network. Use the same photo that you use elsewhere online (LinkedIn, etc.), Relevant industry and company online publications.

2014 209

LinkedIn Groups and Personal Branding: Showcase Your Subject Matter Expertise

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One of the ways LinkedIn adds value to overall career management and job search is that, when leveraged to full advantage, it can help keep you and your executive brand top of mind with your network. To help you land faster, your network on LinkedIn should include recruiters and hiring decision makers at your target companies, and others who can help you reach your career goals.

2014 181

Personal Branding: How to Brand Your LinkedIn Summary Section

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Here’s an example of one for a Senior Project/Program Management Consultant: Known as a decisive, intuitive leader with “get it done” smarts, I turn chaos into harmony by leveraging technology and data to improve functionality. Use short bullet points to distinguish and draw attention to specific contributions with metrics, such as: Increased efficiencies 425% managing delinquent loan tracking system with Agile methodology. ?

2014 203

The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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Understandably, many job seekers struggle with putting themselves “out there” when they’re building their online footprint by using social media. On one hand, they need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able”, to promote their personal brand , and to provide social proof of the claims they’ve made in their personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.). Networking is still the best method.

2015 173

The Two Worst LinkedIn Profile Headline Mistakes

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This executive job seeker had been an IT Project Management Consultant for 20 years. His titles as a consultant had ranged from Project/Program Manager and Development Lead to Lead Architect. one that executive recruiters and hiring managers may search on LinkedIn to find candidates like him. but her strategy was all wrong. How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs.

2017 143

The Value of Blogging Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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But also, because they’re on LinkedIn, your Pulse articles will draw people to your LinkedIn profile and keep you top-of-mind with your LinkedIn network. Each time you publish a new Pulse post, your LinkedIn network is notified. Include links to other Pulse posts or other online sources in your posts. Create a blogging strategy and get in the habit of posting on Pulse as often as you can.

2016 142

Twitter Personal Branding Time-Saving Tips

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Without a solid Twitter strategy, each visit can easily eat up an hour or more. 3 Strategies to Leverage the Value of Twitter. Retweeting Strategies To Help You Get Noticed: Don’t automatically retweet something containing a link without first checking it, to make sure it’s not a bad link and doesn’t lead somewhere you don’t really want to send people. Organize Your Twitter Strategy. 10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online.

How to Use the New LinkedIn for Executive Personal Branding – Part 1

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Expanding Your Network with Quality Connections. Updating Your LinkedIn Network. Your time is much better spent on LinkedIn, taking advantage of the value it offers for passive job search, when you’re actively networking for jobs and for overall career management. Did you know that many surveys indicate that hiring authorities turn to LinkedIn first when they search online for candidates – before heading to Google, other search engines and other social networks?

2013 210

How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search, Part 2

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In Part 2 here, I’m covering: Tips on finding potent tweets and retweets, Building a Twitter strategy, and. Google will email you links when those keywords show up online. Along with retweeting the people you follow and others, tweet about your professional accomplishments, whenever you publish something online (relevant news story, blog post, guest blog, article, blog comments, etc.), Build a Twitter Strategy and Stay the Course.

2014 186

Personal Branding and Executive Job Search Guide – Newly Revised and Updated

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Managing your online identity and online reputation. Leveraging social networking and social media. Networking your way into the job. It’s given me a very useful framework for my job search strategy, and lots of great tips. I’m particularly excited about the things I can do to improve my online footprint.” Having trouble getting a handle on defining and building your personal branding, and navigating today’s executive job search?

2015 143

Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete?

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They spend a significant part of their days searching online for candidates, and a significant part of that time specifically on LinkedIn. So, if you have a strong online presence, with a LinkedIn profile (and other online profiles, personal website, web resume, social media activity, etc.), First of all, lose the mindset that LinkedIn is an online resume. There’s a lot more going on at LinkedIn – social branding, networking, curating content, etc.

2014 190

Transitioning Military Leaders: Differentiate Yourself in Executive Job Search

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First, and foremost, senior executives need to have an online presence because recruiters and hiring professionals are Googling “their name” to assess their viability as candidates. Those with a more far-reaching online footprint (that is, more relevant search results for their name) are viewed as more desirable than those with limited or non-existent online presence. Networking is the best way to land a job. that is, networking?

Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding

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In executive job search, social media and social networking matter. Are you an executive job seeker who resists having an online presence ? Did you know that an estimated 90% of employers used social networks and social media – known as “ social recruiting “ – to find, assess and validate talent in 2012? Be aware that discrepancies between the documents you provide employers and what they find about you online can red-flag your candidacy.

2013 198

Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I don’t need an online presence

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You’ve heard that social networking and online presence are important, but they’re just not for you. I don’t have time for social networks and I don’t like the idea of putting myself ‘out there’ online. Ignoring online presence and social networks when you’re job-hunting is a big mistake. If you’re not visible and at least somewhat active online, you may never be found by the very people you need to be smack dab in front of.

2015 147

5 Common Executive Job Search Dilemmas

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Anyone can easily find your age within the first several pages of search results for “your name”, now that such personal information exists about each of us online, on numerous aggregator sites. My 3-step strategy for overcoming age bias includes: Do the personal branding work to define your unique value proposition. Circumvent the gatekeepers and network into the goldmine of hidden jobs. Therefore, I recommend spending very little time on these strategies.

2017 116

The World’s Best Executive Resume Is Not Enough

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And a quick Google of “His Name” reveals that he’s invisible online. To get anywhere, he’ll need to create a job search strategy that relies minimally on using job boards. Networking gets the job ! Your mission is to network your way into the companies you’ve targeted your resume towards. Work on circumventing the gatekeepers and connecting directly with key hiring decision makers where they hang out online and offline.

2013 183