We’re in New Hampshire campaigning for Bernie!

Penelope Trunk

And they started screaming at listeners to go to New Hampshire to get people to vote for Bernie. “Go to Durham, New Hampshire! At 2am in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire there gas stations are all closed.

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This wonderful quote was sent to us by Daria of Walpole, New Hampshire, just a mile or so from the Connecticut River. “The person who knows only his side of the argument knows little.”. – Karl Barth.

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Sklover?s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This quote was sent to us by Ava from Loudon, New Hampshire. “I’m not concerned that machines will begin to think like humans. I am very concerned that humans will begin to think like machines.” ” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO. Supporting Limits On. Children’s Screen Use. Often without our awareness, technology performs wonders; so, too, without our awareness, does technology cause harm.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

of Laconia, New Hampshire. “I like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” ” – Alice Sebold. This is one quote I heartily endorse. I am one of those who feels less caught up with the crazier parts of life when I am highly engaged in the wondrous simplicity of gardening, whether indoors or outdoors. If you have not been bitten by the gentle rapture of gardening, well, then you have something to look forward to.

2019 100

You Can Still Be Fired for Being LGBTQ in Some States, but Maybe the Supreme Court Will Fix That

Evil HR Lady

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington all have statewide legislation protecting people against sexual orientation and gender identity. Discrimination against people for their sexual orientation is wrong, right?

2019 130

For Feminism, Basically

Ms. Career Girl

My initial understanding of feminism crystallized one fall day in my junior year of high school, in 1968, when I met Anne Sexton on the back porch of our house in Hanover, New Hampshire. Gretchen splits her time between Plainfield, New Hampshire, and Brooksville, Maine.

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How to Choose a Trade School

Careers Done Write

I live in New Hampshire, but am open to anything in the region. Hi Deb, What are the best schools to train for a career in vocational nursing? Thanks! Maddie. Dear Maddie: Congratulations on your decision to continue your education and increase your job skills. There are many reputable institutions in the Northeast that offer vocational nursing programs. Conduct research beyond online “top ten” lists. In some cases those reviews are created by a particular institution.

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Download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas & the SHRM Annual Conf #SHRM15


Make sure you text SHRM to 55678 to get text updates when all this new content goes live and secret parties during the SHRM Annual Conference. . Over the past few weeks we’ve had numerous Facebook messages, emails, and texts into our secret club asking when we’d be launching our annual guide for the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition happening next month.

New Résumé Strategies for Success

Careers Done Write

TH, New Hampshire. I haven’t created a résumé in a long time and I was wondering if there are any differences in how a résumé was written 15 years ago versus now? It is important to present your credentials in a polished way. A current résumé should offer an in-depth overview of your professional experiences.

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Make sure you text HRTech to 55678 to get text updates when all this new content goes live and secret parties during the HR Technology Conference. . It’s arrived. The most anticipated guide filled with nuggets of wisdom, insights, where to go and what to do in Las Vegas during the HR Technology Conference. It’s sponsored by our friends, Talent Objects.

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Make sure to download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas and the SHRM Annual Conference Whitepaper while you’re waiting for the VIP Party Guide to launch! . Get the Inside Scoop at the SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas! I can’t believe are 6 weeks away from the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Las Vegas & #SHRM15


SHRM15 is literally within a week and if you’ve never been you’re in for a treat! This year we’ve put together another one of our ultimate guides to the conference and Las Vegas. Whether you’re going to SHRM to network or you’re going because it’s a free trip to Vegas (let’s face it, some of you reading this are thinking just that!) we have you covered!

Follow the Clean Tech Money: DOE Awards Millions to Solar Projects, Wind Farms, Geothermal, Transphorm Secures $25 Million, SolarBridge Receives $19 Million

Green Career Central

million for a wind farm in New Hampshire and $11 million to advance innovative geothermal energy technologies. The Department of Energy has been busy assisting the clean energy industry with loan guarantees. The DOE has provided partial loan guarantee for a $1.4 billion project to install solar panels on 750 roof tops called Project Amp. In addition to this and other solar projects, the DOE has also provided a loan guarantee of $135.76

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Should You Move for a Job?

Career Alley

Eight out of ten companies reimbursed or paid some relocation costs for transferees or new hires according to Atlas Van Lines. For dual-income households, job opportunities in the new location are very important. Some relocation services offer monetary compensation while the spouse/partner seeks a new job, others offer networking assistance, outplacement/career services, interviewing skills training and resume preparation assistance.

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Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


New HampshireNew Hampshire Department of Labor Workers Compensation . New Jersey – State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. New Mexico – State of New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration. New York – New York State Workers Compensation Board. Workers Compensation Definition.

Brian Williams and Others Who Damage Their Careers by Lying

Career Solvers

Zarrella claimed he had a master’s in business administration from New York University. O’Leary claimed to have a master’s degree in education from New York University and to have played college football at the University of New Hampshire. NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended without pay following news that he misrepresented his account of an Iraq War mission in 2003.

2015 63

The Future of Leadership


Here are some examples: Students in a Concord, New Hampshire high school thought that the school recycling program was very poor. American business has done a very poor job of leadership , in fact perhaps the country has done a poor job of leadership. I find that companies often do not provide leadership training to people they promote into leadership positions.

“If I am offered my dream job, but my teaching contract says I can’t leave, how do I handle it?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Nashua, New Hampshire. Although I am not licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, the law in almost all states provides that, generally speaking, if neither party to a contract has begun to perform its obligations, either of the parties can back out of the deal. Don’t forget that the new employer will likely seek a reference from the former employer; they might even know each other. Question : Alan, I am a teacher.

Offer 109

7 Clues You’re Ready To Build Your Own Business

Career Realism

Suzanne Gray, a small business coach with a nationwide clientele who works with The Entrepreneur’s Source in New Hampshire, counsels, “Up front clarity is of critical importance.” Are you in a dead-end job that is stifling your creativity? Have you had it with your boss or are you just fed-up with working for someone else? Are you coming to the conclusion that you will never be hired again? Have you always wanted to build your own business ?

“Good Guidance for New Graduates”

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: It seems that every year about this time I hear or read an especially interesting speech or written piece giving advice to new graduates. The comments below appeared in The New York Times last week while I was in Madison, Wisconsin celebrating my son Sam’s college graduation. . Emerson contrasted them with the “sturdy lads” who hailed from remote civilizations – such as New Hampshire. . Four Very Wise Thoughts. “It’s It’s hot. Good luck.

2014 116

Friday Five: Welcome Back, Internet


Yesterday a massive DDOS attack on Dyn, a New Hampshire based DNS service that many of our favourite sites use, from Twitter to Spotify to Vox Media. Forget their shaky ad sales and declining new user numbers, its the site’s persistent inability, and previous unwillingness, to handle its trolls that are putting off buyers. That’s a fun new complication to an employer brand crisis the company won’t be getting over anytime soon.

2016 64

“On FMLA. Don’t want to return, but want unvested stock. What can I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Nashua, New Hampshire. Question: I am currently out on Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) to help my mother who is sick. I do not want to return to work after my leave time is over. However, I have a significant amount of stock that vests on December 31st and I don’t want to sacrifice this significant payout. At the same time, I don’t want to burn any bridges.

2014 109

New Chipotle Benefit Puts Employees Through College

Career Realism

After 120 days of employment, employees are eligible to pursue degrees from leading nonprofit, accredited universities, including the University of Arizona, Bellevue University, Brandman University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Wilmington University. Brice Widger, a Chipotle crew member in New York City stated, "I had two majors with a number of credits and was debating whether or not to go back and pursue my degree.

Networking Solutions for Young Professionals and Students

Career Realism

Catapult Seacoast is a young professional’s organization that strives to offer education, resources and career opportunities to it’s members in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. Do you dread networking events ? Hate the idea of making “small talk” with strangers? Feel like you have nothing to contribute? It’s time to erase your networking fears and frustrations! Join Nationally Syndicated Career Expert, J.T.

Working Hard To Play Harder: How Lindt & Sprüngli USA Is Driving Better Employee Engagement

Career Realism

Lindt USA’s corporate offices are located in Stratham, New Hampshire, uniquely situated as also one of 12 Lindt & Sprüngli production facilities worldwide, and home to more than 1,200 employees. The variety of activities offered makes it easy for both new and seasoned employees to have fun and connect with people across the company. Working Hard To Play Harder: How Lindt & Sprüngli USA Is Driving Better Employee Engagement. Work It Daily.

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“What if my employment contract and employee handbook conflict?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Manchester, New Hampshire. Question : I recently read your Newsletter entitled “ In Employment Agreements and Offer Letters – Beware of ‘Incorporated by Reference.’ ” Great stuff. I have a related question: What if, on the one hand, language in an Employee Handbook (that is incorporated by reference into an employment agreement) says that all employees are “at will,&# and thus can be terminated at any time.

2011 122

“Can vague words in an offer letter create a repayment promise?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Manchester, New Hampshire. The same is probably the case for the “expenses” sentence: it is likely meant to be for relocation, temporary housing and similar expenses commonly “paid or reimbursed” to new hires, but not to you. In fact, I view “internal costs or expenses” to be a real stretch of logic and experience: as an attorney doing these things for 30+ years, I have never seen an offer letter that requires a new hire to repay “internal costs or expenses.” .

2012 109

6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

Career Realism

Hundreds of seasoned financial representatives and advisors are retiring in the next decade, creating the need for new professionals to join the industry. Meet Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Team. In New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, a close-knit team of financial representatives and advisors have come together to create a work environment and professional opportunity that breaks the mold. 6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services. CAREEREALISM.

2016 62

6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

Career Realism

Hundreds of seasoned financial representatives and advisors are retiring in the next decade, creating the need for new professionals to join the industry. Meet Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Team. In New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, a close-knit team of financial representatives and advisors have come together to create a work environment and professional opportunity that breaks the mold. 6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services.

2016 62

Get the VIP Treatment with our #SHRM16 Party List


INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SHRM 2016 PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS. We are just 5 short weeks away from the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference in Washington DC. I’m currently working on blog content, selecting sessions and trying to develop a plan for all things #SHRM16. I’m sure you are too which is why I’m working to bring you the best insights into what you can expect at the 2016 Annual Conference in Washington DC this year. . WHAT IS THE 2016 #SHRMVIP PARTY & EVENT GUIDE?

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Moving? 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search

Career Realism

Finding work in a new town, city, or state can be the ideal solution to a lack of fulfillment. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to look for jobs in New Hampshire , California, or wherever you’re headed once you’ve arrived, but you could miss out on some golden opportunities. For example, if you’re heading to Boston, not every job that comes up will make it to the big aggregation engines that can be viewed from New York to L.A.

2013 83

Are You Being Bullied At Work? Here's How To Deal

Career Realism

For example, a New Hampshire fire chief has taken the lead on this issue. With this new data, long with additional studies, it's possible that company policies will continue to evolve in the coming years. Bullying is no longer limited to the schoolyard. Recent studies show that bullying at the workplace remains an issue. Gossip, back-stabbing, name-calling. did high school ever end? How Common Is Workplace Bullying?

2019 55

10 Worst Resume Fibs in Academic History

Resume Bear

When universities hire professors, it’s often a major investment, not just in the individual professor, but in projects and other ventures that the new hire may be involved in. O’Leary represented that he’d earned a master’s degree from New York University-Stony Brook, and although he was a student, he did not actually receive a degree from the school. He also claimed that he’d earned three letters playing football in New Hampshire, while the school said he never even played a game.

2012 215

“Afraid to Take Vacation? Here’s Seven Ideas”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Hanover, New Hampshire . Question: Hi, Alan. I have been employed with a company for almost 12 years. I have accrued more than 400 hours of paid time off, which included vacation and sick time. If I leave tomorrow, (or they fire me) I can only be paid for 240 hours of the more than 400 I’ve accrued. . I’m hardly ever sick and my job is so busy I cannot take more than a day or two of vacation at a time.

2014 109

“How can I protect a ‘value proposition’ when interviewing in the advertising industry?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Hanover, New Hampshire. I can get you a new Mercedes Benz for $10” is a good example. If you have an idea for a new service for an industry segment – say it is a great idea for a campaign of commercials to sell auto insurance that the ad agency can use to gain greater market share of that industry segment – you may want to give them an “appetizer,” not a “main course” of your ideas.

can my husband’s employer constantly record all the conversation in our house?

Ask a Manager

This new update means the phone is continuously recording everything around it. A reader writes: I am a stay-at-home mom living a work life vicariously through your blog. My husband is still working at home due to corona. His company has been very cautious.

2020 45

“Can’t take further abuse, and can’t complain or leave. Any ideas?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Queens, New York. If you would like to open a Bed-and-Breakfast in New Hampshire, plan weekend trips to New England to start your thinking. Question: I’ve been working for an officer of a very large corporation for many, many years. It’s almost like a marriage, with good days and bad days. He has very serious personal issues right now, and takes his anger out on me.

2011 109

“Can an employee be fired for giving notice (of resignation)?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Is that legal? Rebecca Portsmouth, New Hampshire Question: Rebecca, unfortunately, and sadly, the answer to your question is “Yes.” Job Offers, New Jobs and Promotions F. Going Out on Your Own View all › Vidcast Library View All Our Past Videos Most Recent: When Leaving Your Job, How to Take Your Colleagues With You [Watch This Video] New!! Blog » “Can an employee be fired for giving notice (of resignation)?” “Can

2010 109

How Recent Grads Can Become Seasoned Competitors

Career Realism

This article was written by Krystal Hicks is currently the Associate Director of Employer Outreach and Career Support at the University of New Hampshire, on behalf of the Happy Grad Project. By the time a student is graduating from college, they have hopefully completed an internship, visited their career center to polish up their resume, and identified a few positions they’d like to pursue in their field… hopefully.

2014 81

5 Dream Office Must-Haves For CAREEREALISM Media

Career Realism

We wanted to feel confident that we could tackle any project in our new digs, and knew that the right space would foster creativity and a connection with our team. A new studio. From CareerHMO coaching office hours to CAREEREALISM YouTube video series , our new studio has space enough for multiple sets, props and lighting, and a handful of stars (AKA staff members or interns we’ve bribed into being on camera). Our new office, like our company, is bigger than ever.

2014 76

“I am being urged to invest in my employer by new Private Equity owners; any concerns?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I own options and am being asked to “invest” 50% of the cash proceeds I will receive when the sale takes place into the new company. Windham, New Hampshire. You know the present state of affairs of your company, and you have been told that the new Private Equity owners will (a) invest money into the company, (b) bring in their special business expertise and professional management, and (c) make it a stronger, more valuable company, to the benefit of all.

Equity 109

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Unless you are applying for a new job, or you will lose a job you love, or you are being paid a lot of money, you should NEVER sign one. If you do, that new employer may just not hire you. I’ve worked for my employer for three years, and recently transitioned into a new position, with a new signed offer letter. New Haven, Connecticut. Chatham, New Hampshire. Now he is threatening to give away my territory to a new salesman.

2012 109

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

In alphabetical order, they are: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington (state). . Imagine that you heard someone recorded a conversation in which a client of your employer discussed a new method of manufacturing diamonds, or the details of a very valuable business opportunity, or the identity of a company they were planning to purchase.

2014 162