Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

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The current job market is not ideal and there is uncertainty; that said there are career opportunities out there. If you are currently employed it is more difficult to conduct a job search, but it can be done smartly and respectfully. Find your Dream Job Job Search New Job

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First Day In A New Job? Start Positively

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Sweaty palms and too nervous to speak to your colleagues, it’s a common feeling shared by everyone who is starting a new job. Career advice First Day New Job

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5 Tips For Keeping Your New Job

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Congratulations on securing your new job! You've been selected over the other job applicants because of all the wonderful factors that made you the best fit. Now, how do you continue to prove you were the best candidate for the job? Need help finding a new job?

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How to Prepare For Your New Job In Los Angeles


We’re going to assume you’re one of the smart ones who got a job in Los Angeles before planning on moving here. Here are a few tips for those who need to know how to prepare for your new job in Los Angeles. .

Coping with New Job Anxiety


Starting a new job, and in particular, the first few days, can be nerve racking. All these negative thoughts can cast a dark cloud over what can be an exciting time, and quite possibly the start to a positive new chapter in your life. So, how do you get to make the most of this new start, turning down the anxiety to a healthy, low adrenaline level, so as not to just muddle through the first few days in a blurry, stress-filled haze?

9 Resources to Help Your Find a New Job

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You don’t have a “Plan B” You are not ready to look for a job because you had no plans to make a career move. You have lots of time when you are out of work and gives you a false sense of “there’s lots of time to look for a job later” Not true. When you are out of work your job is to look for a job and you need to manage your time effectively (see Job Search Marketing Toolkit ). “ Fortune favors the prepared mind.

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Why You’re TERRIFIED To Find A New Job (Even If You’re Completely Miserable)

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You hate your job. Every Sunday night, you tell yourself that you're going to finally quit and find a new job because you just can't take it anymore. You're completely miserable in your current job, but you're absolutely terrified to find a new job.

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How to Get a New Job Quickly After Being Laid Off


A job loss can be devastating, emotionally, and financially. It can be hard to get back out there on the job market, but you have to if you hope to find a new position. But, if it’s been a while since you’ve interviewed for jobs, your skills might be rusty.

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New Job? Do these 5 things first!

Ms. Career Girl

New Job, New Start! The first week in a new job sets the tone for your entire time in the role. Whether in a new company or a new department, building a strong foundation right from the start means more success later. Joining a new company means establishing yourself in their systems. When you start a new job your boss is your number one fan; she hired you and wants you to succeed. Ask what new abbreviations mean.

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Moving For a New Job – Louisville

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You have just landed the dream job of your career. While you may not get to sip mint juleps on the job, at least you will get to see the Kentucky Derby up close and personal. So you have landed the dream job, but one thing remains. Unless you had several months to relocate before moving into the job, the chances are pretty good that you have not closed on a house. This may be your job, but your family has to live in Louisville with you.

101 Tips for Finding a New Job

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Have you been laid off, or are you looking for a better job? No matter what the reason for your job search there are plenty of traditional and not so traditional ways to find a new job. The post 101 Tips for Finding a New Job appeared first on Boomers Next Step.

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New Jobs in the Online Gambling Industry

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Career advice Jobs in GamblingOnline gaming companies will need poker ambassadors and prop players for their business.

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New Jobs in the Online Gambling Industry

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What kind of jobs will be available? Career Opportunities Gaming Jobs in Gambling Online Gambling Jobsthere are quite a few career opportunities in the online gambling industry.

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New Year - New Job? 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid


Being offered a new job is exciting. This job offer is an opportunity for a fresh start while advancing your career. However, during the first few months with a new employer, many rookies unknowingly make several mistakes in an eagerness to impress their employers. These mistakes are difficult to overcome and often isolate new employees from their coworkers and managers. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when starting a new job.

6 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Undercover Recruiter

The days of working 40+ years for the same employer and retiring with a generous pension after years of company loyalty have been replaced with a new norm – changing jobs every few years […]. 6 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job Undercover Recruiter -.

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Key Things to Look for In a New Job Amid COVID-19

Catherines Career Corner

Explore the key things to look for in a new job amid Covid-19. When looking for a new job, it is important to pay attention to these key things to look [.]. The post Key Things to Look for In a New Job Amid COVID-19 appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

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The New Job Chronicles – Prologue – The Night Before

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When you land your new job and are counting the days until you start, you will have mixed feelings of excitement (finally getting a job) and apprehension (a new job? What better than to report on the trials and tribulations of someone starting a new job? It’s the night before I start my new job and it almost feels like the way I used to feel at the start of a new school year. 5 Job Interview Tips for Today’s Job Market.

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10 Golden Rules for Relocating for a New Job

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So you’ve bagged your dream job – congratulations! But, oh no, the job is located in a different city and is not at a commutable distance from where you live right now. It looks like a relocation is on the cards for you, and no doubt your pulse is already racing at the thought of getting packed up and transferred to a new town. Value for money is the key, so ensure they are up to the job before giving them the contract. Job Search. jobs by.

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What is Leaving Your Job Worth?

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Adjusting to the new paradigms of work-from-home, and now, return-to-work, have made many of us take a second look at what, exactly, it is that we’re doing for 40+ hours a week. . The first step is to break down any new career opportunity into its component parts.

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4 Easy Steps to Getting Your New Job Game Plan in Order


Follow the four easy steps below to get yourself in order for a new job search come March (or hey, even sooner than that). No job search can happen without first tackling this step. If you have a job, you likely have an existing resume, but don’t assume it’s up to the challenge of finding you a great job this year. The first step to preparing for a job search is to update your existing document to make sure it hits the mark. Career Advice new job

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4 Signs That It’s Time To Look For A New Job

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Have you recently found yourself wondering whether you should start looking for a new job? With the economic climate as it is, many people feel like they’re stuck in their current roles, even though they might be desperate to find something new. Here are 4 signs that it’s time to look for a new job. If this sounds like your current job, it might be time to look elsewhere. Though it’s difficult at the moment to find jobs, it’s not impossible.

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Should You Relocate for a New Job?

Professional Resume Services

Getting a new job offer is exciting, especially if it comes with a significant salary increase. However, many executives only look at the size of the paycheck and don’t look at other aspects, especially if a job relocation is required. Your professional resume writing service may help you land a new job in another city or state, but consider these points before you pick up and move. Think About Your New Commute To Work.

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The New Job Chronicles – The First Day!

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The First Day: The big day finally arrived – my first day at my new job. I arrive in my new building and my first stop is security. I’m greeted by my new manager’s admin who promptly takes me to my new desk which, unfortunately, is right outside of my manager’s office (but, no worries). I’m introduced to about 25 people (I know I won’t remember any of their names and I may even get their names confused with my new passwords).

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New Year, New Job – What is Your Resolution

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This is the time of year when your local radio station starts the countdown of the top 500 hits of the decade ending with the number one hit on New Year’s Day. Lots of parties, lots of food, a clean slate and lots of hope for a fresh start in the New Year. Several years ago at this time I too was out of work, another casualty of the “Great Recession” (yes, even job search experts can lose their jobs). Finishing Your Job Search Plan Lists – Lesson 2.

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A Dozen Tips To Getting A Great Start In That New Job

Ms. Career Girl

The post A Dozen Tips To Getting A Great Start In That New Job appeared first on Ms. Starting work can be daunting as you enter a new environment, but here’s a dozen tips of things to think about in your first month or so to get you off on the right foot. People are usually very willing to help someone new and show them the ropes, but there are few things more irritating than finding they have to tell you the same thing time again and again.

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Emergency Exit Only – Finding a New Job

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You don’t have a “Plan B” You are not ready to look for a job because you had no plans to make a career move. Resumes – You should always have a current version of your resume, whether or not you are looking for a job. More than any other aspect of your job search, your resume is both the most important tool as well as the most time consuming document you will need to prepare. Having an up to date resume is 50% of the job search battle.

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What’s New – Job Search and More

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Imagine that you’ve been looking for a job for six months and you’ve had virtually no luck. There is always something new in job search on the Internet. Of course “new&# is a relative term. What is new to me may not necessarily be new to you (or the Internet). New or not, any change you make to your approach gives you a bit of a fresh start (which is not a bad thing). – The Call Center Job Board.

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Is Your New Job Honeymoon Over? How to Get It Back


Do you remember the first few months at your new job? The excitement of a new environment, new co-workers, new projects, and the fact that your got hired in the first place gives way to boredom and job dissatisfaction. According to Right Management, people are so dissatisfied with their jobs that 84% of its respondents are looking for a new position in 2012. Career Advice New Job hate new job honeymoon over

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Job Search Strategies: This Is The Only Job Search Strategy You need to Get Right To Find A New Job

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Every year I run a job search strategy questionnaire, whereby I send out a simple survey to all my connections, asking. The post Job Search Strategies: This Is The Only Job Search Strategy You need to Get Right To Find A New Job appeared first on The Career Advice Guy.

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To Graduates Looking For A New Job

Ms. Career Girl

When are you going to find a job?!” You are in transition from old to new. And new is what helps us expand and grow as people. So to graduates looking for a new job, to answer their questions (by the way, even though it’s annoying, they are just asking because they care about you and know you are amazing and want something great for you), you might say things like “I’m expanding my network on LinkedIn and contacting my connections for potential opportunities.”

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Tweet Your Way to a New Job – Twitter for Job Search

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One of the more important theories of job search is to "get there first" as this gives you the best chance. Job Search Twitter

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How to Survive in the New Job Market


The job paradigm in the United States has always been constantly shifting. The important thing, especially for a worker in 2018, is that you have your resume out there, constantly, trolling for a new and better job. It’s also important for today’s worker to know the right way to leave a job , so that a nasty derogatory report doesn’t silently follow you around for years. WHAT ABOUT JOB TRAINING? WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO GO FOR A NEW JOB?

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3 Signs You May Be Ready for a New Job

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If you’ve been thinking about a job change for a while, it might be time for you to get more serious about it. Many people delay changing jobs and looking for a new one for too long, and by the time they quit, they’re at their breaking point. It’s not just smart for your career, it’s good for your health and long-term personal fulfillment to keep an eye on what point you’re at with your job and career. Want a completely new career field.

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New Job for Career Growth?

Careers Done Write

Dear Deb, Since you revised my résumé, I have been at the same job for 3 ½ years. I know I should be thankful to have a job based on how the economy has shifted over the past few years, but I see things improving now and was wondering if you have any suggestions or advice for me to help me decide? Given that most of us spend anywhere from 30-50 hours at our job per week, even contemplating a position change is a BIG deal.

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Time for a new job?


If you hate your current job and wish you were doing something different than it’s time you took control of your career. It all starts with a new Resume! Within 2-4 days you will have a brand new resume. Once you have a brand new resume use our partner job service WORKCIRCLE to begin applying to jobs. WorkCircle is a job portal that pulls together all the jobs from all the different job websites.

How to Handle the Pomp and Circumstance of Your New Job

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Your new job may not get as much press globally, however, there are some similarities that could have [.] The post How to Handle the Pomp and Circumstance of Your New Job appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter New Employee New Job Presidential Inauguration career advice career strategy Presidential Inauguation

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Why Job Seekers Should Find a New Job in December

Ms. Career Girl

Most job seekers believe December is the worst time of the year to find the job of their dreams. After all, most organizations are preoccupied with Christmas parties and attending board meetings to think of strategies on how to improve business practices in the New Year. The truth is December is an ideal time for human resources to search for top talent to hire to start work within the first few weeks of the New Year. New Year End Vacancies.

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Ready For a New Start In 2017? How About A New Job?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Ready For a New Start In 2017? How About A New Job? The beginning of a new year always seems to be a time to reflect on our lives in every aspect. For many, a new year is a good motivation to start something new or pursue an old interest. A new year is often a good starting point to reevaluate your career goals or start a new career. Pursuing a passion as a job is a great way to ensure motivation throughout your new career path.

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101 Tips for Finding a New Job

Boomers Next Step

Have you been laid off, or are you looking for a better job? No matter what the reason for your job search there are plenty of traditional and not so traditional ways to find a new job. The post 101 Tips for Finding a New Job appeared first on Boomers Next Step Helping Baby Boomers Reinvent Their Lives Through Online Lifestyle Business Education and Career Advice.

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7 Tips for Starting a New Job in Style

Career Copilot

Even the most enigmatic of extroverts tend to get a little nervous during their first day at a new job. Career Development business career career advice job advice new jobAll eyes are likely to be on you. And it’s up to you to let those eyes know that the decision to hire you was the right one. It can all get a little rattling, [.].

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The New Job Search Chronicles – The First Week

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Lots of new people, processes, systems and things to read. ”, “Why did I take this job?” I (try) to remember all of the reasons why I left my prior job and all of the reasons why I was so excited to start this one, but it’s all a blur now. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as “buyer’s remorse” with a new job, but I think I have it. Don’t remind people that you’re new and don’t know anything.

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5 Tips for Connecting With Coworkers at a New Job

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So, you got the job. For some people this is as sweet and easy as taking a bite of pie, but for others it can be the hardest part of a new job. The five tips below should help you get more out of your new job and make friends in the process. Besides, people have a tendency to fill in the blanks when they don’t know something, so this way you can show people you’re a team player and nip rumors about the new gal (or guy) in the bud all at the same time.

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How to Let Recruiters Know on LinkedIn That You’re Looking for A New Job?

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Probably the most challenging part of searching for a new job is searching in secret. The post How to Let Recruiters Know on LinkedIn That You’re Looking for A New Job? Over the years, I’ve met hundreds. Read More.

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