That Mysterious New York Times Best Seller List

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All of you want to write a New York Times best seller. Take the every day and wrench it into something totally new. The post That Mysterious New York Times Best Seller List appeared first on Ms. I know. I do, too. I so do.

How To Become A Loan Officer In New York

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Anyone who has been thinking about becoming a mortgage loan officer in New York in 2014 should be taking action now instead of waiting any longer. The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) is the state regulator in charge of licensing and oversight of mortgage loan officers.

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Why the New York Times Endorsed a $0 Minimum Wage (and You Should Too)

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So, why did the New York Times argue for a removal of the minimum wage altogether ? The minimum wage is almost always a matter of controversy. Right now, people are pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage. Current federal law requires $7.25

5 Ways to Stay Safe During Your New York Business Trip

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If you’re headed to New York City on business, you’ll want to take time to see the sights and explore a little. It shouldn’t be surprising that New York should also arouse a few safety concerns. But it’s still alive and well in big European cities and New York.

How to make it in New York City

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I took the kids to New York City for a week, and while Melissa was trying to figure out what to do with the kids for the day I was working, she came up with this idea that my seven-year-old son should do an internship with a stylist.

Living My Happily Ever After: Reinventing Life At 50

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You feel like an alien when your peers discuss the introduction of new emoticons on Whatsapp. Hailing from a small town near Lake Geneva called Lausanne in Switzerland, I too, like many others, dreamt of living in the concrete jungle of New York. Samira Buchi New York.

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New York magazine on Ask a Manager

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Y’all, New York magazine did the greatest profile of Ask a Manager yesterday. New York magazine on Ask a Manager was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. I love everything about it, except that apparently I say “I mean…” constantly. But I feel like the writer really gets the site and what’s going on here. Read it here!

International Relations In New York City

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Home to Broadway, Wall Street, a strong economy, and an impressive population to boot, New York City is the place where everything happens. The Numbers According to the New York City Department of City Planning, the median age in 2011 was 35.5


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No doubt you have heard: Those of us in the New York Metro Area are a bit “upside down” right now. A BIT “UPSIDE DOWN”. RIGHT NOW, BUT WE. WILL BE “RIGHTSIDE. UP” IN JUST A FEW DAYS . At many times, and in many ways, it has happened to us before.

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers: Spring Cleaning for Your Resume.

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It’s been a rough winter here in New York City. Yes we have flowers in New York City!) Those flowers represent renewal and new beginnings.

PE New York City Meet-Up (Dec 31, 2011) – Pictures and Afterthought! :D

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It was a very positive turnout despite it being a last minute outing, plus on New Year’s Eve to boot! Our group was pretty diverse, with people from New Jersey, Washington DC, Spain – and even as far as from Hong Kong!! 3pm on New Year’s Eve

Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster

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Related posts: Will You Succeed in Your New Job? Download, save or read free career eBook from Monster. As you know, here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we offer you free straight forward career guidance and self-help that is critical in ensuring that we provide you, our readers with effective career support. Download a free career eBook from Monster. We take great care to ensure that [.].

“Can a non-compete agreement require that New York law applies even if the company is not in New York?”

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Question: Can the company I work for have a letter of non-compete based on the law of the State of New York even though they have no office in that state? Answer: Dear Jum: As you are probably aware, I am not licensed to practice law in Saudi Arabia, but only in New York, in the U.S. Many employers insert “New York law will apply” into their agreements because New York law is very business-oriented, and willing to enforce non-compete agreements.

Five tips for asking better questions | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Now that I am committed to living on a farm which is sort of the anti-New York City, visiting New York City no longer brings up flashbacks to a really, really difficult lifestyle. Instead, New York fills my head with ideas.

Quote Of The Day: Change Some Words In This Article So It Applies To Schools & You Have Good Guidance For Teachers

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How to Counter the Circus of Pseudoscience is an article in today’s New York Times. Change some of the words to “teachers,” “schools,” and “students.”

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Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

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There was a new controversy seemingly every week, whether it was Uber’s myriad scandals ; more personal data breaches ; Russia’s use of social media and other online platforms to try and influence U.S. The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry.

I’m the new work advice columnist for New York Magazine!

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I am bursting with excitement about this and now I get to announce it: I’m the new work advice columnist for New York Magazine! You may also like: new assistant already missed work her third day on the job how do I ask the CEO if I can “borrow” his assistant for my projects? my boss has phone sex with his girlfriend with his office door open I’m the new work advice columnist for New York Magazine!

Ineffective HR Makes Sexual Harassment Thrive. Here’s How to Fix it.

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Is your HR department effective at stopping sexual harassment , or are they like many of the companies described by The New York Times, “ineffective”? ” This quote comes from Cynthia Calvert, a discrimination lawyer and senior adviser to the Center for WorkLife Law in San Francisco, in an email to the New York Times.

Follow the Green Money: New York Makes $100 Million Available for.

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Our 5 Fave Findings from the 6th Annual Singles In America Study

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Lucky for us, this year they did something new: they studied the second date! The post Our 5 Fave Findings from the 6th Annual Singles In America Study appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

“Can a job offer be rescinded if my new employer finds out I was.

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Blog » “Can a job offer be rescinded if my new employer finds out I was terminated from my previous employer?” “Can Can a job offer be rescinded if my new employer finds out I was terminated from my previous employer?” Job Offers, New Jobs and Promotions F.

Your Non-Competes Aren’t Saving Your Business, They are Destroying Lives

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They later dropped this clause after a public outcry and the New York State Attorney General declaring the clause “unlawful.” Yesterday, The New York Times, ran an article documenting the stories of some blue collar workers who have been practically destroyed by non-compete agreements. A few years ago, sandwich shop Ji mmy Johns hit the headlines with the news that they required low level employees to sign non-compete agreements.

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Job Search Experience in New York City’s Arts Community

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Although technology didn't play a huge role in my recent job search, I did use a few programs to help get my foot in New York City's art community. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path advice art career job path search

What Happens When HR Is Part of the Problem?


Since the New York Times published an investigative report looking into decades of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by Harvey Weinstein, dozens of women and men have come forward about. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR sexual abuse sexual harassment

Got The Fall Blues? Here’s What To Do About It

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Proclaimed as the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S. Dr. Calapai started his practice in New York City in 1986.

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Look for Less: Urban Brocade

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While internet window shopping, I came across a look from Rag & Bone that I simply had to copy from Barneys New York. Self Barneys New York black and gold brocade fashion H&M Intermix look for less Madison Harding minimalist look Rag & Bone styleHappy Tuesday!

How happy employees can lead to a happy company

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” Management, after all, will lay you off in a New York Minute if they think it is need to meet whatever goal is in front of them. Personally, I’m leery of “happy employees” lead to “happy companies.”

Active vs. Passive Candidates: Recruiting on Baseless Merit

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Sixteen years ago, I worked for a New York City ad agency that was sold to a larger company and, along.

I ? My Dentist

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But since I’ve moved to New York I’ve realized that this is not the case at all. … Awkwardly Ever After health relationships thoughts dating hygiene love New York City

Make the Most Out of Your Time by Taking Breaks Strategically


The New York Times reports that a growing body [.]. Every day, we spend time sleeping, daydreaming, and unwinding with entertainment. These enjoyable leisure activities may not appear productive on the surface, but they are actually quite crucial to maintaining productivity. Forcing yourself to work without sufficient rest is counterproductive because it reduces your productivity overall. Productivity Tips breaks

The Most Off-Putting Things Recruiters & Hiring Managers do to Candidates

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Even the New York Times wrote a story on the phenomenon.

 Ghosting, the term used to describe ending a relationship by not responding to texts or calls, has gained such popularity in recent years. At least the broken-hearted have good company! Jobseekers have many frustrations about the search process, but none greater than a lack. View Article. The Most Off-Putting Things Recruiters & Hiring Managers do to Candidates. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

Why Smart People Are Stupid

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The New York Post just ran an article titled “ The corporate ‘cure’ for sexual harassment only feeds the disease.” A few years ago, I attended a “coffee morning with the principal” at my daughter’s school.

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10 of the Strangest True Interview Questions

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” – SpaceX Propulsion Structural Analyst job candidate (New York, NY). When you go for a job interview , it’s always a mystery what questions they’ll ask. Some hiring managers have a set of questions, all typed up, that they ask each candidate.

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Modern Networking Manners for Your Career

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She has been quoted in large print and online publications such as the New York Times and Forbes. She has been quoted in large print and online publications such as the New York Times and Forbes. We know networking is essential to success in business and career management.

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Recruiting Introverts: Why You Might Be Losing Your Best Candidates

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A few years ago, I watched New York Times best-selling author Susan Cain’s TED Talk on “The Power of Introverts” and had one of those rare moments in life where everything suddenly made sense. Wait…what? I’m completely normal and just an introvert? It’s hard to believe I never knew this about myself. The signs were always there: View Article. Recruiting Introverts: Why You Might Be Losing Your Best Candidates.

Why I Think You Should Meet Your CEO

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I moved to New York because I wanted to be in magazines. After moving to New York a few months after graduating it took several months of networking and interviews to finally land a dream job and not once did she have to sell her soul! Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

Mastering the Job Interview Process with Lavie Margolin

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The New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal have featured his career advice. The New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal have featured his career advice. Lavie Margolin is back on the show to talk about his latest book Mastering the Job Interview.

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4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During Open Enrollment

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In fact, many people do, according to The New York Times. You’ve emailed your employees 37 times and put a sign up in the break room, but they still seem to miss open enrollment deadlines. It could be that they don’t understand why it’s so important. The result is that employees can end up with a plan that isn’t the best for them and their families. How can you get your employees engaged in the process of choosing their health care benefits for the next year, and do so on time?

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#HRTECHCONF: Your Employment Brand Has A Pecking Order Like Vegas Hotels.

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Lower End - New York/New York, Luxor, Monte Carlo, Polo Towers, etc. Walk for 5 minutes on the Vegas strip and you'll learn that Vegas is the new Ellis Island. When it comes to your employment brand, don't try to be the Bellagio if you're the New York/New York. At #hrtechconf this week and if there's one sector that continues to get a lot of buzz, it's all things employment branding.

Are You Considering a Master’s Degree?

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The programs offer new revenue streams (in many cases) for universities and, more importantly, break down the barrier to access for many students. If you want to read more on this interesting topic, check out this New York Times article, Master’s Degree is New Frontier of Study Online.