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April: Went on a fantastic trip to Puerto Rico for a wedding and started to realize how bat shit crazy some companies are run. We officially decide to move forward with offering digital marketing services.

offering prayers to a coworker, employee falsely accused of attending a white supremacist march, and more

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Offering prayers to a coworker. My office’s administrative assistant is currently visiting her family in Puerto Rico and is right in the path of Hurricane Irma. I feel like the help he has offered me has gone above and beyond what I would ask of even someone close to me, let alone a teacher I hadn’t spoken to in three years. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

The 5 Largest Banks in the United States

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Citigroup offers a wide range of financial products to private, corporate, and government customers and has, as part of their mission, a wish to create the “best outcomes” for their customers.

How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


The length a state offers unemployment insurance benefits varies. Most offer the benefit for no more than a period of 26 weeks, however 9 states offer more or less than the 26 week standard. For a list of unemployment benefit amount by state and other UI resources, click here. .

US Chamber Foundation and Goodwill Partner to Provide Career Services to Veterans and Military Spouses

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Goodwill’s Targeted Job Training and Career Services to Be Offered to Veterans and Military Spouses at Dozens of Hiring Our Heroes Job Fairs Nationwide. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program and Goodwill Industries announced today a collaborative effort to offer comprehensive vocational services to veterans and military spouses who participate in Hiring Our Heroes job fairs and programs.

Companies Hiring Now July 2010 | Resumebear Online Resume

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Every Publix Super Market is a multi-million dollar enterprise that offers rewarding career paths and exciting earnings potential. We provide the best equipment money can buy, offer free breakfast and lunch, and a fully-stocked kitchen where we compost and recycle.

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FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

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Principal Wagner Ramos Borges allegedly systematically offered phony jobs to people seeking maintenance and cleaning work. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico in 2008.

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How to be lost with panache | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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We just called up our friends, cashed in a few favors, and we're off for thirty days, traveling around the US and Puerto Rico. Thank you for the articulate arrows of your post, your honesty, and the deft way you offer a bit of blood to the world.

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