Traveling Solo ? Tips to Consider!

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The post Traveling Solo ? When thinking of travelling alone around the world, or even to another country, it can be a daunting thing. Traveling Solo Tips. And the best part is that you get to pick who and where you go, so there’s no mystery as to who you’re traveling with.

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How To Save Money On Your Summer Travel

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The post How To Save Money On Your Summer Travel appeared first on Ms. Extra discount and savings sites – Everyone uses the big travel sites. Other big travel sites have offers available on Groupon.

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13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding

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The post 13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding appeared first on Ms. The travel bugs are out and about, and you and your fiancé are never able to fight them off, even when it comes to planning your wedding. The travel theme doesn’t have to stop at just the decor.

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Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List

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The post Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List appeared first on Ms. There’s a good chance that you know someone who travels a lot, or it’s all they do. If you’ve traveled much, you know that it can be a challenge to use your smartphone in some foreign locations.

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3 Great Places for Incentive Travel

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The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms. Incentive travel is a trip which someone goes on to get a new skill, as part of a rewards program, or even as a group trip to build morale in your team. The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms.

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Keeping Your Figure Intact During Business Travel


Traveling jobs offer many benefits. From escaping the typical office routine to exploring new parts of the country, you may greatly enjoy being a traveling professional. Here are a few tips for avoiding this dilemma to keep your figure in tact during extended business travels.

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Random Travel Post

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See if you can spot the "interesting items" it offers. We spent 3 days in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You didn't even know it was a Grand Duchy, did you? Well, you do now. There were castles, of course, and cool tunnels under Luxembourg City, but this post is about sinful vending machines.

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Random Travel Post

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See if you can spot the "interesting items" it offers. We spent 3 days in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You didn't even know it was a Grand Duchy, did you? Well, you do now. There were castles, of course, and cool tunnels under Luxembourg City, but this post is about sinful vending machines.

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Tips for Using Your Credit Card When Travelling

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The post Tips for Using Your Credit Card When Travelling appeared first on Ms. There are many concerns attached to travelling with your credit card. If you want to get one though it is best to look at your travel card options so you can just top it up instead of having a credit limit.

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Should You Take a Travel Job During a Move?


Even in these times of organizations keeping tighter reins on the budget, there are still travel jobs. But what if you’re moving, doing a job search and one of these jobs with travel is offered to you? Career Advice Traveling Jobs jobs require travel travel jobs

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Top tech jobs that let you travel

Corn on the Job

Now, tech jobs can be much more luxurious, with many of them allowing you to travel around the globe. It is the contractual nature of this job role that allows for so much travel. Working in tech used to be all about installing Adobe Reader updates and turning things off and on again.

Travel Tips for #SHRM13


Due to the hype of seeing Hillary Clinton speak (okay maybe just me) some necessities might be overlooked when traveling. Don’t worry, Blogging4Jobs is here to rescue you and fill you in on some essential travel tips when traveling for SHRM this year.

Could Construction Offer The Perfect Career Path For You?

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The post Could Construction Offer The Perfect Career Path For You? Offering a range of roles and job security, amongst other things, construction just might be the perfect industry for you to start a career in. You’ll have the chance to travel.

5 Jobs for Those Who Love to Travel - BLOG - Career.


If you’re buying in bulk, we offer great deals on wholesale clothing. If you make careful career choices, you can work while you travel! If this sounds like a plan, take a look at these travel-friendly jobs: 1. Become a Traveling Nurse Nurses are in short hand around the globe.

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Travel Items Checklist: 10 Things I Never Travel Without

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Are you a frequent traveler? Being an avid traveler, I’ve learned from experience that there are certain things I should always travel with because they make my life so much better. Travel Kits for Toiletries. Passport, Visa, and Travel Itinerary/Receipts.

“Job Offer On the Way? – Consider Asking for a Sign-On Bonus”

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Though it sure seemed glamorous to be in charge of all wholesale sales in South America and Latin America for her employer, a luxury clothing company, she soon tired of the constant travel. After learning that she was among the top two candidates, Carrie was eager to accept nearly any decent offer presented. To help you, we offer a 100-Point Master Pre-Resignation Checklist. Consider offering conditions that make the request seem more “palatable.”

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5 Ways to Make Conference Travel Easy Breezy


Whether it’s traveling to conferences where I serve as a blogger and member of the press, speaking or traveling for fun with my nearly 3 year old and hubby in tow. It seems as though my family knows a thing or two about traveling. The Perfect Travel Bag.

“Fired after I resigned; will it affect my open job offer?”

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I had planned to leave anyway, and had a job offer outstanding. Do you think what has happened is likely to affect my job offer? Answer: Dear Sacked: I believe that the odds are that what has happened will not affect your open job offer. Job offer accepted, then withdrawn, leaving you in a bind? Consider our Model Letter entitled “Job Offer Accepted, Then Withdrawn – Requesting Payment of Losses.”

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8 Travel Must Haves for Conferences Like #SXSW


I’m no stranger to work travel and I’m certainly no stranger to the conference speaking and travel scene. It’s hard to pick up and pack your life into 2 little carry on travel bags especially when it comes to the 2013 SXSW Interactive Media Conference.

How to Study Abroad on a Budget

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Look for Travel Deals. Also, plan to travel a bit before or after your program. Some places are simply cheaper to travel to than others. If you’re planning on taking your cellphone, see what kind of international plans your phone carrier offers. Get Travel Insurance.

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Employee Engagement: People Artists Are Not Weary Travellers!

David Zinger

As I scanned the lounge the travellers looked so weary and seemed impervious to the hard work of the catering and cleaning staff’s constant work to replenish food and beverages and to keep everything fresh and tidy. People Artists Use Their Eyes to See.

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Creativity Hacks You Can Do While Flying

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Business travel can sap your creativity, with long hours and the airport-office-hotel-airport circuit. Here’s a site that offers free mandalas and teaches you to draw your own. Featured News Travel & Leisure air travel creativity hacks creative us of air travel time

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4 Bonus Tips for Traveling to #SHRM14!


Earlier this month we launched our exclusive SHRM14 Guide to Orlando for those who were either first time travelers to Orlando or those who wanted to get a better experience for their trip next week.

Shades of Gray – Offer Letters

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One of my friends received a job offer last week. By the end of the day, Paul decided not to take the offer. Second, job offers are not always cut and dry. Of course you need to be reasonable, but you would not get to the offer letter stage if all of the particulars (your comp, your experience, your qualifications, your willingness to see the interview process to its logical conclusion) were not in line with overall expectations. How do you know if it is a good offer?

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our non-traveling employees are upset about the travel “perks” that others get

Ask A Manager

My boss instructed me that if someone wanted to extend work travel by a few days, I should go ahead and do that for them, so long as they picked up any additional expenses. This isn’t a guaranteed thing, but when it comes up, we offer it.). We’re evenhanded with this policy across all employees who travel. They’d seriously p**s off traveling employees and demoralize people for no reason.

Can I ask a potential employer to pay my travel expenses for an out of town interview?

Careers Done Write

What is your company’s policy on covering the travel expenses for the interview we have scheduled?” Hi Deb: Is it OK to ask a hiring company to pay for my airline ticket and hotel to an out-of-state first interview? Thanks, Sean.

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I don’t want to use Airbnb for business travel — am I out of touch?

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A reader writes: I’m trying to figure out if business travel is changing, if my company is strange, or if I’m just a bit out of touch. I work in at a mid-size company in a role where I have to travel a few times each year to another of the company’s offices, as do several other teams. Last time I traveled was for a large event at one office, about a dozen other employees also flew in.

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10 Must Have Travel & Productivity Apps for #SHRM16


I’m a traveler who loves to work from the road, in part thanks to my constant travel companion, my iPhone. 10 BEST APPS FOR MANAGING TRAVEL & PRODUCTIVITY AT #SHRM16. Here are the ten apps I’ll be using as I travel with me, my luggage and my 7 year old daughter, Ryleigh in tow. This is super helpful if there are travel delays or a connection that is a little tight. It’s my travel go-to.


Traveling to Holland: Visa Preparation and Climate

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This is part 2 of a new 6-part travel series on Holland, including how to travel to Holland, the dutch culture, dutch lifestyle, dutch environment and essential things to know about the country. Traveling to Holland/Europe. Traveling to Holland: Visa Preparation and Climate.

Saving Money On Airfare – Flexibility is The Key

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If you travel by air, even just occasionally, you know that the airfare for a given flight can vary drastically. That’s why we all try to book ahead of time to obtain the advance ticketing discounts that airlines virtually always offer. Not sure where to find a travel buddy?

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7 Mobile Apps to Be Travel Ready for #SHRM14


Whether you are an apple girl and someone who has an Android device, mobile apps are a great way to help navigate not just the SHRM conference but make the most of your time while traveling and running between sessions, parties, the hotel, dinner and events that are SHRM 2014.

Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go

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If you frequently travel for work, you know how hard it is to stay away from greasy airport food. And it’s equally challenging to avoid the huge portions that restaurants offer once you arrive at your destination. We all know that most airports have nothing healthy to offer.

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10 Reasons to Take a Summer Trip to the Windy City

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Chicago Traveler recommends starting with the Field Museum of Natural History. Chicago offers shopping options that will call your name. It is filled with people from many cultures and offers Chinatown, Little Italy and Greektown, to name a few.

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Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement John Hyman has an interesting post on Bereavement Leave and FMLA. I didn't realize until later, but 2 people from work came to the funeral (and they had to travel over 1 hr to get to it).

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my employee is refusing to travel because her husband said she can’t

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A reader writes: I’m a manager who has an employee who recently (late last year) accepted a promotion that involves travel. She accepted the position knowing that this level of travel would be required. However, she told me last week that she will no longer travel because her husband told her no and her religion tells her to obey her husband. Currently, we’re working around her “dislike” of travel and taking other people from her team.

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This Summer’s Guilty Pleasure Reads for Your Weekends

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To their surprise, Ian and Gentry quickly find themselves falling for each other but with the threat of the baby’s father looming in the background and Ian’s need to travel the world, Gentry can’t be sure of anything. Book Club News Travel & Leisure

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How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to make business travel manageable Posted to: Productivity | Self-management November 11th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Last year I traveled almost every week. Some weeks I traveled to three different cities. If you are excited about business travel, thinking it’s a free ticket to see the world, you should stop reading now. I love travel.

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can I ask my company to pay for a cat sitter when I travel, my coworker calls me “honey bunny,” and more

Ask A Manager

Can I ask my company to pay for a cat sitter when I travel? I have a job which requires me to travel for work a few times a year. In my particular part of our industry, traveling is not often an essential part of the role and this wasn’t ever something that was specified one way or the other as part of the role. The company is pretty small and open and, although obviously concerned with finances, is not overly obstructive or stingy with employee travel or expenses.

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Top Spa’s For a Relaxing Work Free Break

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This is the perfect sanctuary for rest and renewal, offering a wide range of facilities as well as sessions and classes to participate in. The spa is home to its own stunning gardens which offer the perfect setting for an evening wander.

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3 Amazing Thailand Resort Experiences

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But Thailand offers much more than just Bangkok, which is a destination worth visiting on its own. If you’ve got the time and inclination, you may want to move your travel base from one resort to another to accommodate experiencing as much of Thailand as possible.

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