How to Survive in the New Job Market


From the industrial revolution of the early 19 th century, when workers had little or no rights, to the unionization of the craft guilds of the late 19 th century, to the de-unionization that began in 1980, to today’s gig economy where it’s basically become every human for him, or her, self.

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Knowledge Class Rules War for Talent


The Land Run of 1889 in Oklahoma is a fine example. Unions entered to provide the working class with the opportunity to negotiate rights like workplace safety, benefits, and income. In the beginning the most valuable resource was land.

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How To Find Out If Your Company Is About To Lay You Off

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a labor union), the local chief elected official (i.e. Recent WARN notices and layoffs in Oklahoma and surrounding states (OK). Kudos to my pal Karen Mattonen for not only being cited by Inc.

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SHRM 2016 Unofficial Party, Cocktail & Reception List #shrm16


Meet at CitySights DC Ticket Desk: Union Station Main Lobby 50 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 15 minutes before departure. Cocktails and Conversation at SHRM for Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Oklahoma SHRM members. Hello and welcome to the 2016 SHRM Unofficial Party, Reception, Meetup, Cocktail and Activities List. Let’s get this party started in Washington, D.C.!

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How To Complain About Your Boss On Facebook – And Not Get Fired

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The act protects employees’ rights to bargain collectively and helps non-union private sector employees who work together to challenge unfair labor practices. On October 28, 2011, a customer service manager at an Oklahoma Walmart posted this on his Facebook Page: “Wuck Falmart!

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