“Sorry, You’re Overqualified!”

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Sorry, You’re Overqualified!”. Job Search Experience Hiring job search older worker overqualifiedDid you catch “The Intern” with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway?

What If You Overqualify For The Job You Want?

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Sometimes, you find yourself in the unenviable category of “ overqualified ” candidates when applying for a job. If you are interested in a position that you overqualify for, take a proactive stance and answer some common interviewer’s questions before they are asked.

Overqualified? So What?

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Related: 3 Resume Tips To Avoid Appearing Overqualified. You’re overqualified, and this new company is afraid to take a chance and bring you onboard because it’s worried you’ll leave the second an opportunity that aligns with your stature becomes available. The post Overqualified?

How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’

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How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’. If you make it to the interview, you may be surprised to hear them tell you that they think you are overqualified for this job. The post How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’

How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’

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How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’. If you make it to the interview, you may be surprised to hear them tell you that they think you are overqualified for this job. The post How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Are You Overqualified?’

Are You Overqualified?

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How many times have you been told you were overqualified for a job search position? It actually happens a lot and can be just as bruising to an ego and not being considered at all. There is actually a reason why employers will use this tactic during the interview process. They will actually see you

4 Ways to BOMB the Overqualified Job Interview Question

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Tired of being asked the euphemistic “Aren’t you overqualified for this job?” Here are four ways that you can bomb the overqualified interview question and cause concern in the hiring manager’s mind about your candidacy: . This is a guest post by Lisa Rangel.

Overqualified for the Job?

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Ask any executive, line manager, or business owner if they would love to have people onboard who can do not only their own job – but a whole lot more and I think 80% would answer by saying “I’ll take a dozen” or “where can I find one.” To me this is the embodiment of [.].

Study Reveals Majority of Workers Feel Overqualified While a Fifth are Underqualified

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The workplace study by Randstad discovered that the number of people across the world in employment who feel that they are overqualified to do their job amounts to nearly half of the population, with 47 per cent agreeing with this statement.

Why You Are Not Overqualified

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In the past few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who claim to be “overqualified.” Why You Are Not OverqualifiedTo quote that philosophical genius, Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Overqualified For The Job: What Are Your Options?

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The words “you’re overqualified for this position” are frustrating. Why did the recruiter or hiring manager call you in for an interview if they felt you were overqualified? With the right resume and cover letter, you can beat the “overqualified” response.

3 Tips on Resumes to Avoid Appearing Overqualified

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Here are three tips to avoid looking overqualified. Resume & Cover Letter advice career expert overqualified resume tipHave the experience but still can't get a job? Your resume may be looking a little too good. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com.

should I hire an overqualified candidate?

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how to get shorter answers from a rambling employee should I hire an overqualified candidate? A reader writes: I will be interviewing people for an entry-level position in an engineering company, but the job is an analyst position, not an engineering position. As such, it will pay significantly less than an engineering position. One candidate is an engineer with over 20 years of experience, only a little of which is on point for the position we are offering.

What To Do If You’re “Overqualified”?


How many of you have been turned town for a job, being told that "your're overqualified?". I find that many of you get so frustrated by this answer, because something isn't being communicated - either the employer doesn't get that you really want. Continued at [link]. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog ageism career career change career coach Employment getting noticed headhunter interview Job job search Planning recruiter

Are You Overqualified for the Job You Want?

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Here’s an important question to consider—does your resume give the impression that you are overqualified for the job you want? Or, are you truly overqualified to get the job that your heart desires? Looking for a job is not always fun, and you need a good resume to help you along in the process. Having

How to land a job when you are overqualified

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in November 2011 , although it’s expected to rise closer to 9% once holiday retail workers are no longer needed), many workers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified. photo credit: o5com. With the current climate of unemployment ( 8.6%

3 Reasons Why Someone Less Qualified Got The Job

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Check out these related articles: How To Edit Your Overqualified Resume. Overcome Being Overqualified For Part Time Work. 3 Resume Tips To Avoid Appearing Overqualified. Job Search overqualified It’s a soul-crushing feeling. I know, because I’ve felt it.

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why employers don’t want to hire overqualified candidates

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When you’re applying for jobs, being told that you’re being dismissed because you’re “overqualified” for a job you know you could do well is incredibly frustrating. To job seekers, being told they’re overqualified can feel like being told by a date that they’re too funny or good-looking – and leaves them wondering why it’s a deal-breaker. So why is being overqualified so often seen as a bad thing?

Why Your Experience And Education Won’t Get You Hired

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Education Job Search overqualified In today’s day and age, what does it really mean to be “qualified” for a job? Unfortunately, for many people in the job market, it means they have the experience and education to do the job well.

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Dispelling Bad Job Interview Advice, Part 2

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Question: Do you think you are overqualified for this position? Interviews Bad Advice Career Advice Job Fit Management Style Overqualified Questions Unemployment

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Why You Are Not Overqualified

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In the past few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who claim to be “overqualified.” Why You Are Not OverqualifiedTo quote that philosophical genius, Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

should employers hire overqualified candidates?

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In an ordinary labor market, I’d say that they were overqualified, and have the standard concerns — they don’t really understand the position, they will want more money than we can offer. But in this economy, I get that there are people who understand the money and the job, are overqualified, but want it anyway. A reader writes: I’m currently hiring for a policy analyst position.

You Should Never Hire an Over-Qualified Worker. Right? Wrong

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Hiring someone who is overqualified person sometimes means that person has the knowledge, skill, and time to be creative. A recent study found that there are some serious advantages to hiring someone who is more than qualified for the position. And being creative can often bring benefits to the whole business. To read all about it, click here: Should Employers Hire Over-Qualified Employees? The post You Should Never Hire an Over-Qualified Worker. Right?

I’m Overqualified, Should I Go for a Higher Position?

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& Dale: Because I have two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s, I am “ overqualified ” for jobs that require only a high school diploma. Overqualified higher position image from Shutterstock. Job Search overqualifiedDear J.T. &

Hiring for Diversity, Pt4: “Overqualified People” | Hiring.

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What about “overqualified&# people? Pingback: Tweets that mention Hiring for Diversity, Pt4: “Overqualified People” | Hiring Technical People -- Topsy.com s c miller says: August 19, 2010 at 2:35 pm It’s a good article but thin.

Questions For Your Grad School & Overqualification Answers


Career Advice Grad School overqualified job overqualified workEveryone has an opinion on the best practices for recruiting, interviewing, and resume writing.

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How to Change an Employer’s Mind if You’re ‘Overqualified’

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The phrase “you’re overqualified” can be an extremely frustrating thing to hear on a job search. In a recent article I wrote for AOL Jobs , I give two good reasons to change an employer’s mind if you’re “ overqualified ” for the job.

“Sorry, but you are overqualified.” – Here’s a way past that.

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No matter what the job was, Phil kept hearing five words, over and over again: “Sorry, but you are overqualified.” On the other hand, Phil totally understood people saying “Sorry, but you are overqualified” because he, himself, had uttered those five words many times when he did hiring. It’s just that Phil had never stopped to consider why even he said that to job candidates, and did not offer “overqualified” job candidates a first or second interview.

Overcoming Being Overqualified and Other Browseworthy Links

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If the major hurdle in your job search is that you have too much experience, check out this post: Five Ways to Overcoming Being Overqualified. This short but insightful post will give you some ideas on how to handle objections to an employer putting you in the overqualified category.

my manager won’t manage, applying when you’re overqualified, and more

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It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. My boss is rude to another department head. Another department in my organization has a bad rep over the last few years for not having clear budgets, changing program names randomly, etc. They’ve gotten a lot sorted out in the last 18 months, and have a good vision of where their program is going now.

What it Really Means When You’re ‘Overqualified’

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Have you ever had an employer or recruiter say you’re “ overqualified ” for a job? Honestly, how can you really be “overqualified” for a job? So, what does “you’re overqualified” really mean? Overqualified image from Shutterstock.

What to Do When You're an Overqualified Executive

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In your search, however, you may have found the employers are reluctant to give you work because they know you’re overqualified. Being overqualified is only a testament to your hard work over the years, so apply with confidence to secure the job you want.

McCrabby Rants.: Dear Hiring Mgr: I'm Overqualified? Is that code for.

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NOTE:  Will E. Wurkornot got a job!!!  Congrats, Will E.  So, this is it -- Will's last attempt at making sense to a hiring manager.    This is Number 10, in a series of ten letters (all are listed at the end of this post. via mccrabby.blogspot.com. You'll love the is piece by a fellow Guerrilla Resume Writer - I promise

Does My Degree Overqualify Me?

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My concern is a master’s might be seen as “overqualified.&# Dear J.T. &

3 Reasons Why A Dumbed-Down Resume Gets You Better Results

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You won’t come off overqualified. There’s nothing wrong with being overqualified, but some employers perceive an overqualified candidate on the resume as a risk. For more tips to steering clear of coming off overqualified, read: “3 Resume Tips To Avoid Appearing Overqualified.”.

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Have you ever gotten the feedback from a recruiter or hiring manager that you are overqualified? What do you do if you really want the job even though you are considered overqualified for it? Many employers are not willing to hire someone for a position for which the person seems to be overqualified. How can you convince the employer that this is the position that you want even though you have worked at a higher level and/or higher salary in the past? Let’s face it.

contacting people who had my job before me, am I overqualified, under-qualified, or just right, and more

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Am I overqualified, under-qualified, or just right? I still feel like an entry level candidate, so I’ve been applying to entry level jobs–some that ask for the masters, most that just ask for a bachelor’s degree–and I don’t know if I’m under/overqualified. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My controlling coworker wants us to have weekly update meetings, and I don’t want to.

Facebook Career Fairy: Overqualified with a Grad Degree Wish

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Unfortunately, sometimes going the extra mile with your education can make you “ overqualified ” for jobs. Recent Graduate degree Facebook Career Fairy grad overqualified

Committing to a Position | Hiring Technical People

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He wanted to make sure a person he thought was overqualified for a position stayed in the job for two years. (!!) I realize you’re concerned about people leaving, especially if you think they are overqualified. They were overqualified for telecom.

50% of Employee Engagement Is Not Overshooting Your Recruiting Target.

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Do you get that thankfulness from someone who''s slightly overqualified or simply a good fit for the job in question? I''m pretty sure you get longer periods of initial engagement from that type of hire than someone who''s basically overqualified for the role.