Thanks iPhone6: The Future of Your Paycheck Is Mobile


A comScore study has found “ that 38% of smartphone owners have used their cell phone to make a purchase of some kind, with digital goods (such as music, e-books or movies), clothing and accessories, tickets and daily deals leading the way as the most popular mobile retail categories.”.

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Hiring Automation is Essential for Recruiting Your Hourly Workforce


Companies are throwing money away and in a high turnover industry like retail and hospitality, any cost savings or tax credits add up. Payroll hours fluctuate daily based on location sales. Hiring Solutions Are Rooted in HR Automation. Managing the talent funnel is tough.

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All Quiet On the January Jobs Report Front


The January Jobs Report is in: nonfarm payroll employment is up by 151,000 and the jobless rate is now at 4.9%. As predicted, job growth slowed in January and some of the retail jobs the economy added in November and December have now disappeared. These trends will continue through to the February jobs report, as oil prices show no signs of becoming more favourable to the North American energy industry, and retail continues its seasonal adjustment.

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Employment changes by industry, April 2011

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Employment in retail trade rose by 57,000 in April. Overall, total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 244,000 in April, and the private sector added 268,000 jobs.

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Rebuilding Your Career After Being Fired or Laid Off

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It can happen anywhere: in an office setting, on a construction site, or in a retail store. The results are the same for every worker; a president, a retail clerk, an editor, a truck driver, a sales representative, or an IT director. It comes when you least expect it.

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Do You Think What They Think?

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For example, if customers see a store as being a cheap, discount retailer, and the store looks at itself as a luxury brand, it can lead to problems. Related posts: What Skills does a Payroll Manager Need? How to Get a Job in Retail.

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The US Economy Added 156,000 Jobs in September


The US economy added 156,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in September. Tech, health care, service and retail are all still continuing to grow. Retail: +22,000. September’s much anticipated jobs report is here and the news is… ok.

June Jobs Report: 287,000 New Jobs, But Unemployment Up


The US economy added 287,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in June and average hourly wages rose by %0.02 However, BLS also released revised numbers for May, downgrading its original assessment of nonfarm payroll jobs added to 11,000. 30,000 Retail.

my boss wants me reachable by phone and email on the weekends, I think a coworker is fudging her time sheets, and more

Ask A Manager

I work in payroll and think a coworker is fudging her time sheets. I work in payroll and we have timesheets for our few non-exempt employees. The employee sends their time – manager approves – I add to payroll. The thing that I can’t get over is that she submits time sheets to me for payroll that are complete fabrications, saying she gets here on time every day and leaves on time and her manager approves them. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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2013 Holiday Season Pay Practices

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Also listed below are the rules for bonuses and gift cards related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), payroll taxes and withholding. Prince practiced law for several years in the insurance industry and served as president of a retail sales business.

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Getting A Handle On Business Start-Up Costs

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Starting Inventory: Businesses like retailers, restaurants, and distributors rely on moving inventory to make a profit. Labor: Businesses often hire employees and put them on the payroll before the doors open to help set-up the business and stock inventory as well as for training.

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The Last Jobs Friday of 2015 Is a Good One – Mostly


The American economy added 292,000 non-farm payroll jobs in December, but wages fell by one cent. Financial services, travel, and predictably, retail, saw strong growth last month. That’s still better than projections, which had put job growth closer to 211,000. America is still in recovery – the news isn’t so good that we could call the economy booming, but it’s encouraging to see predictable and steady growth.

Entrepreneur Dilemmas: Should You Find A Co-Founder?

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An article on Forbes last year noted that out of 28 million small businesses in the United States, 22 million of them are non-employers – these are businesses where the owner is self-employed with no additional payroll or employees. Consider a retail store business.

June Jobs Report: the Ugly, the Ugly and the Ugly

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Add in the slight decline in unemployment claims, falling gas taxes and good preliminary news on retail sales, and there was some hope that the soft patch of April and May was over. The headline number showed that a mere 18,000 payroll jobs were added in June.

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The Pop Culture Employment Law Blog Carnival


Here’s a blog post I can really relate to having worked in HR retail and the home improvement industry for a number of years. Employee garnishments always seemed to cause a host of problems for my payroll team.

declining a raise, teaching employee a skill she doesn’t actually need, and more

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A good litmus test of the ethics: If her current employer knew she starting the new job immediately, would they choose to keep her on payroll? My daughter works for a chain retail clothing store. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My employee wants me to teach her a skill she doesn’t really need for her job. I currently manage a team of eight people.

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5 Things to Watch Out for In Friday’s Job Report


200,000 non-farm payroll jobs added! But with retailers reporting this week, we’ll be talking more and more about the American “consumer,” and less about social media and tech numbers. The jobs report, combined with retailer earnings reports, has every chance of sending the markets, yet again, into turmoil. This Friday the BLS jobs report for April will drop.

The US Turtleconomy Is Basically Ok


per week; labour participation rose to 63%, the highest it’s been in years; and finally, the big one, non-farm payroll increased by 215,000 jobs, sticking to that sweet average of 200,000 or so per month.

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will a back-up job hurt me in the future, companies with no online presence, and more

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I’ve been pushed by my family to take a retail job as a “back up,” especially since my family and I have started paying my loans back. I’ve recently taken a job at a big box retailer. I know I’m not the only one in this economy who’s had to take a retail job to keep their head above water financially, but I’m afraid it’ll hurt my chances in the future and I’ll be stuck there.

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The Hidden Job Report

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FSM owns the mall property, and a little more than a year ago opened the 115,000-square-foot Phoenix Expo Trade & Event Center there in a retail space formerly occupied by Atwoods. Developer Gazeley has been awarded a £20m contract by the retailer to construct the facility.

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entry-level interviewers, my employer is holding my first paycheck for “severance,” and more

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My training week coincided with the pay period, and while I was being shown how to run payroll, my trainer said that the company holds on to everyone’s first weeks pay as a sort of “severance” and that he/she worked for places that hold up to two weeks. I’ve been looking for mainly data entry/clerical, but I’ve also applied to retail, issue campaigning, whoever I think may hire me, as I don’t have much experience.

can employers blackball you from your field, logos on your resume, and more

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While I’m used to retail/customer service where there’s a ton of paperwork, it seemed reasonable to me. I think we’re required by law to do this on a W2 and take payroll taxes out.” It’s five short answers to five short questions. Here we go…. Can employers blackball you from working in your field? Can you be blackballed by HR if you left a position under unfavorable conditions?

SR: 2 Pay Questions and an Unemployment Problem

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He stands at the counter and take phone and retail orders for truck parts. Time passed and I was having difficulty finding a job, even in retail and I had bills coming in. There are no payroll taxes taken from the pay, and there is typically no specific end date.

Who's Hiring from the Best Companies to Work for – Vol 18

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Paychex – Paychex provides Payroll and HR services and is ranked 54 on this year’s list. Nordstrom – Ranked at 53, this high end retailer has over 45,000 employees but lost over 2,100 jobs last year. You can search jobs by a number of categories (Retail, Support, etc.).

OFFER A Money Back Guarantee

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  Second, it gets atleast a partial commitment from the employer because it forces them to put youon payroll, or at least start the process , and a rolling stonegathers momentum ! Guerrilla Job Hunting Home Subscribe FREE-Guerrilla Job Search Tips!

short answer Sunday: seven short answers to seven short questions

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In retail and other environments where you have set shifts, it’s extremely important to be on time in order to maintain constant coverage. Also, if everyone is on time and leaves when they are scheduled to, the people in charge of payroll are kept happy.

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my assistant is using my title on LinkedIn

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There ARE gray areas with titles, especially when you have a payroll system that just classifies people with letters and numbers. should you include retail work on your professional resume?

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3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession

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Usually a sole proprietor files a 1040, Schedule C, Schedule SE…if you have employees as well as being a sole proprietor, then you are also required to file 941′s each quarter there is an employee on the payroll and a 940 for the unemployment taxes.

my staff has been held to a low bar; am I asking too much of them now?

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One of the first things I tried to do was make sure time/payroll was accurate because some people were obviously “playing the system&# and others were working to cover for them and not getting compensated for it.

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should I hold a grudge over the job I didn’t get, restrictive new PTO policy, and more

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My daughter works as a payroll and benefits specialist and employee trainer for a great company which, nevertheless, is eliminating her position in all locations across the board (by implementing a computer kiosk system). Since graduating, he has worked retail, and he finally did get a part-time position doing what he went to school for. However, not listing work history from before 2009 might not be that big of a deal if it was mainly call center and retail work anyway.

short answer Saturday: seven short answers to seven short questions

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Perhaps I’m saving them money by not being a full-time employee and costing them for health benefits and payroll taxes, but that’s hardly worth mentioning, is it?

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short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Keep in mind that as a contractor, you’ll be paying your own payroll taxes and won’t be getting benefits like health care or paid time off. should you include retail work on your professional resume?

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terse answer Thursday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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I’m a retail sales and merchandising professional who wanted to respond to a job posting on a website for a position with a design company. I contacted payroll to ask how long those changes usually take, and she told me that she has heard nothing about it and that she would be able to make that change instantly. It’s terse answer Thursday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. How soon is too soon to reject a candidate?

interviewer missed two phone interviews, exposing tattoos to coworkers, and more

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I am a non-exempt assistant manager at a large retail store in Pennsylvania. we are tragically understaffed in a company-wide effort to save payroll), you’re not getting your 15-minute breaks. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Interviewer missed our phone interview twice. I’m currently employed but am really miserable at my job, so I’ve been applying for several different types of positions, trying to make a change.

my coworkers keep venting to me about things I can’t help with, not hearing back from a client, and more

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I work in retail, at a specialty big-box store (you’d recognize the name). Ideally, as soon as you noticed it, you would have brought it to your manager or your payroll department’s attention to get it fixed. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworkers keep venting to me about things I can’t help with. I work at a large university. Professors here wield a lot of influence in academic and administrative decisions.

how can I get employees to use vacation time? — Ask a Manager

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I assumed they (and other payroll-type stuff) were calendar-year-based, but I could be wrong. About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager how can I get employees to use vacation time?