What Skills does a Payroll Manager Need?

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While ‘Payroll Manager’ may not be the most glamorous of job titles, it’s an interesting role that requires a good balance of skills, and so great for people who enjoy both working with numbers and working with people. Many Payroll Managers start as payroll Administrators and simply work their way up the chain. It is rarer to come in to Payroll Management straight from education, but it does happen.

Starting Your Own Company? Consider a Payroll Service

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If you are starting your own business, and hiring employees or contractors, you may be tempted to do the payroll yourself. There are plenty of software packages , and other tools, to help you do the job yourself, but here are five reasons why you might be better off hiring a payroll company. Even if you’re a small business, with fewer than 20 employees or contractors, you can still save money by outsourcing your payroll. In fact, a payroll company (eg.


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How to Detect and Prevent Payroll Fraud

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Payroll fraud is most simply defined as employees cheating the payroll system at their place of employment in order to receive funds to which they are not entitled. There are a number of ways payroll fraud can be committed, including from salary, hourly and commission workers, as well as ways to prevent and detect it. What is Payroll Fraud? The final common form of payroll fraud comes in false claims for expenses. How to Detect Payroll Fraud.

manager is fudging her hours in our payroll system

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A reader writes: Our assistant department manager takes care of submitting our payroll to HR. Our organization uses ADP and allows us to either punch in or clock in on the computer by entering what time we arrived and left and lets us edit categories like no lunch. The problem is that there’s no oversight of the manager’s own hours. The unit director is not computer literate and allows this manager to “handle it.”

Why You Should Diversify Your HR Systems


So a little systems history (if the techie stuff bores you, skip the next paragraph) Pre-1950?s s the HR systems where mostly home-grown proprietary systems housed on mainframes within a company, Then we move in to the post DARPA, internet world and we say the emergence of more robust programming languages (i.e. What this means for our systems today? Having these 3 things defined prior to getting into a systems assessment gives you the keys to your answer.

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Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Of 2021 | Which One To Choose?

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Suppose you own a recruitment agency with just 30 recruiters and you're looking for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that suits your small business needs but guess what? Recruit CRM Image via Capterra Recruit CRM is the best applicant tracking system that recruiters can sign up for in 2021.

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Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Of 2021 | Which One To Choose?

Recruit CRM

Suppose you own a recruitment agency with just 30 recruiters and you're looking for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that suits your small business needs but guess what? Recruit CRM Image via Capterra Recruit CRM is the best applicant tracking system that recruiters can sign up for in 2021.

2021 52

my boss wants to personally reimburse me for a payroll error

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A reader writes: Early this summer, my workplace switched to a new time tracking system. I brought it to the attention of my manager the next week; he said he would check with payroll to find out what happened. It’s not clear from the time tracking system where the error originated: I may have made an error when I entered my time, my manager may have made an error when he approved my time, or the system itself may have introduced the error.

asking for a raise when I manage payroll and know what everyone else makes

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Since then, my responsibilities have expanded enormously, and I now run payroll for the whole company. In some cases, it can reveal systemic discrepancies by gender or other factors that shouldn’t show up in pay but often do. asking for a raise when I manage payroll and know what everyone else makes was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I manage a team of ten at a small, rapidly growing company.

40 Considerations When Choosing Your Next ATS


Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are no different. Does the system offer you the ability to: Create templates for requisitions (REQ)? Does the system offer you the ability to: Run a Boolean search for candidates and search candidates on criteria that matter to your team/organization (distance from zipcode, first 3 letters of last name, etc.)? Does the system offer you the ability to: Allow hiring managers to have their own hiring manager portal or a customizable view?

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Kroger’s Overpayment Shows How You Should Not Treat Employees

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It’s not a sign of a bad payroll system–it’s just a sign that when things change rapidly, mistakes sometimes occur. In this case, the payroll department sent out an email asking the employees to repay the overpayment.

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4 Ways to Shop & Select the Right HR Tech


Most often in HR, we arrive into a new position within a new organization left with old and unfamiliar HR systems and technology in place that doesn’t suit our needs, our organizations, or our people. One of the biggest risks when selecting a new workflow management system, applicant tracking system, payroll software, or other HR tech tool is that many executives and senior HR leaders select these types of products maybe once, twice, or three times a career span.

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Upcoming Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2020


Payroll is an area that falls under both the HR and accounting umbrellas within an organization. Limited communication and different operating systems create a disconnect between the two branches, making employee data management more complicated than it needs to be.

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: e12 - Getting Paid to Not Work

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In episode 12 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to talk quarantine watching habits, unemployment insurance coverage and the Payroll Protection Plan. He also brings up PPP - the US Payroll Protection Program.

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Protect Yourself: 5 Tips for Securing Your Small Business


If your computer or system becomes overwhelmed, it could result in a crash where your information is lost forever. Accountants provide essential assistance for businesses related to running payroll, organizing finances, and offering advice related to business growth.

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How HR Technology Can Help Build a Motivated Workforce


Finding a way to learn more about payroll systems and modern human resource information systems (HRIS) is beneficial. Owning and managing a successful business is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. The main thing you need to focus on as a business owner is utilizing the power of technology to both reach new markets and keep your employees engaged. Most small to medium-size businesses spend around 5 percent of their total gross revenue on technology.

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How Your HR Coordinator Can Steal 200K From Your Company.

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hours of reporting pay to her payroll for that time period. The coordinator was responsible for payroll. I'm guessing the ballpark payroll for a Walmart Supercenter is in the range of 10M annually. Need it in 10 minutes and want a stamp from the system. HR Coordinators who read my blog - don't do this. No matter how dumb you may feel the person/organization you work for is, you'll eventually pay the price.

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How You Can Use Technology To Streamline Your Business


For instance, there are various apps that allow managers to track employee time and attendance, helping to improve payroll accuracy. Advanced Systems believe this is especially useful for remote companies as managers can still effectively supervise their employees. This makes it easy for all employees to log on and see updated documents, and it can also be a life-saver if your company experiences a power cut or a system crash.

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4 Tips to Ensure Sensitive Employee Documents Stay Private

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Employees who need access to sensitive employee information as part of their job should have an individual login to the computer system. If Jane needs to see salary and time card information because she runs payroll, she doesn’t need to see disciplinary records. Every company has sensitive employment documents, whether they are employee records, salaries, medical records or disciplinary records. Of course, it’s critical that all of this information is kept private.

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How to Fix Four Common Resume Mistakes

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Before: Implemented new CRM system. After: Implemented new CRM system that improved lead generation by 20% and cut data redundancies in half. Before: Responsible for revamping new hire payroll processes. After: Shaved weeks off time required to add new hires to the payroll system and eliminated longstanding payroll redundancies and recurring errors by revamping new hire payroll processes and streamlining data collection.

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Understanding the Use and Evolution of the Modern HRIS

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HRIS stands for the Human Resource Information System. You may also find these listed as Human Resource Management Systems, and some companies will say that the ‘S’ stands for software. This will include aspects such as employee records, payroll, onboarding documents, and much more.

2020 52

Blockchain In Recruiting: Will That Impact A Recruiter's Job?

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Is it a data storage system? These are some of the critical components associated with blockchain: A distributed ledger system Immutable records Smart contracts In a blockchain, all participants will have access to the ledger system.

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8 Ways the Workplace and Workday Are Different Due to Covid-19

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Communication Systems Upgrades. When you see your colleagues in the office daily, you take for granted that you can ask your accounting friend a payroll question by strolling over to her desk.

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The New and Improved Performance Review

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" “This is where it’s important to have a system that enables a company to join up performance feedback simply and in one place, where they can get a quick view of everything,” says Cheryl Johnson, chief human resources offer at payroll company Paylocity. Have you improved your performance management system recently? What good is performance feedback if it occurs in isolation? It's just like the saying: "If a tree falls in the woods."

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How You Get Paid is a Pretty Critical Job Consideration

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Have a payroll administration system. Report payroll taxes regularly. When looking for work, we tend to think about certain key factors. Will the job be something I enjoy doing for many hours per day? Will I get along with my coworkers? What’s the salary or hourly rate? But we might forget about a simple question that can make or break our financial livelihood: How easy or difficult will it be to get paid by my new employer?

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Companies hire skill sets, not job titles

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In his last 18 months with the Navy, he was a Pay Specialist for a Naval Operations Support Center processing payroll for 600 reservists, and handling inquiries from more than 2000 reservists assigned to the center. He ran and reviewed payroll, ensuring accuracy, prior to submission. He troubleshot email account and system access difficulties; and resolved system lock-out issues for the entire department. A recent client had just completed his computer science degree.

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8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch

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With this, companies will save money and time upgrading to a new system every couple of years because it will be done automatically by the vendor in the cloud. He also believes that almost every HR application will be delivered using SaaS, including payroll, training, recruiting, benefits and analytics. Integrated Workforce Management Systems. Integrated workforce management systems are a trend to watch in 2016 and beyond because of the Affordable Care Act.

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Employment changes by industry, April 2011

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Job gains occurred in management and technical consulting services (+11,000) and in computer systems design and related services (+8,000). Overall, total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 244,000 in April, and the private sector added 268,000 jobs. Employment in retail trade rose by 57,000 in April. Within the industry, employment in general merchandise stores increased by 27,000, offsetting a decline of similar magnitude in the prior month. Chart data ].

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5 Tips for Landing a Government Job

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These workers may handle payroll, train new employees, and develop standard operating procedures. Blue collar : Blue-collar employees may maintain heating and cooling systems, clean offices, and construct buildings. The largest employer in the US is Wal-Mart, at well over 2 million jobs. The US government employs over 1.8 million in a variety of jobs. A small percentage of these jobs are tied to who’s in office, but most are (or can be) lifetime jobs.

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What are Resume Keywords?

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By typing certain relevant keywords or phrases into the applicant tracking system, hiring managers can quickly find candidates that fit the requirements for their open positions. Payroll Administration. We’ve all searched for something online by typing in a word or phrase that closely resembles the type of information we are looking for. We find information and make decisions about products and services via these types of searches.

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How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

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It can have numerous harmful effects on your health and lead to a weakened immune system. This may require supplementary working capital to help you manage cash flow as your onboard new team member and need to stay on top of payroll. The concept of work-life balance has become increasingly popular in recent years, and according to medical research, the idea should be taken more seriously than a passing fad.

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ASK THE CAPITALIST: How Can I Do a 9-Box on a Budget?

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We are about 160 people, so not really small but we are tight on cash and I need to make a case for the value of the system before I can usually get approval for budget and I wanted to try to figure out how I can make this happen. . We are currently using ADP and it’s clunky but does the job especially for payroll. . Hi Kris -. . Thank you for hosting a great webinar. . It was great. I laughed, I cried, and I learned a lot! .

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2020 Best Practices in Workforce Management

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Administrative automation can streamline your payroll process to ensure timely and accurate payments, file the appropriate taxes, and minimize compliance risk. Systems Integration. Speaking of integrated functionality, your employees will have a more intuitive, less confusing experience if your solution facilitates a consistent process of engagement through recruitment, onboarding, workforce management, learning, payroll, and performance.

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Want to Choose a Resume Format that Suits your Profile?

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They include payroll, tax, accounts payable, sales, accounts receivables, management and sometimes, marketing. Most importantly, your resume should display your ability to impact a difference in the system using past work experience. Here’s what you should know. First impressions do matter. It’s because there are no second chances when it comes to making a good one. What better way to make a great first impression than with an exceptionally crafted resume?

2018 145

What are the HR Processes That Can Be Readily Automated

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Human Resource Management System. According to Wikipedia, Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is defined as ‘a form of HR software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of a business’s employees and data. Time Attendance Systems. The HR Department is a quintessential function in any organization.

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A Job With No Start Date

Evil HR Lady

I am in their payroll system and HR said I could start working. Dear Evil HR Lady, I was recently hired at a medical school library as an assistant. But I had a question about how long they are allowed to make me wait to start the position. The HR Department set my hire date as a week ago. But the librarians will NOT give me a start date. They keep saying another person is going to start with me, and they want to wait until that happens. How long are they allowed to make me wait?

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6 Reasons to Consider a Career in Organizational Management

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Common factors include, but aren’t limited to, management, training, and systems analysis. They also handle payroll issues, benefits packages, and employee incentives. Entering the workforce can be challenging, especially if you have limited employment options. Fortunately, organizational management degrees afford individuals multiple opportunities in different industries.

2013 245

Brain Research Shows Power of Storytelling in the Job Search.

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Because a resume needs to attract attention quickly, it’s a good idea to tell each story so that the result comes first, as in the following bullets about a job-seeker’s multi-part accomplishment: Beat two-month deadline for operationalizing online scheduling, time/attendance, and payroll system by overseeing fast-track implementation from outside vendor. We needed a system, preferably online, that would make these tasks more efficient, save time, and reduce errors.

2011 81

4 Company Holiday Party Mistakes to Avoid

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Either of those in large quantities aren’t good for your system. At a company party I was at (I was in medical sales way back when), I made an effort to talk to the accounting/payroll department and the shipping department. People have different perspectives on company holiday parties. Some dread going to them every year, while others have waited for this day to come since the last one ended.

2018 100

5 Company Holiday Party Mistakes to Avoid

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Either of those in large quantities aren’t good for your system. At a company party I was at (I was in medical sales way back when), I made an effort to talk to the accounting/payroll department and the shipping department. People have different perspectives on company holiday parties. Some dread going to them every year, while others have waited for this day to come since the last one ended.

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Is Your Organization Really Ready for Big Data? #BigDataHR


Do You Have the Right Systems and Infrastructure? System Profiles. Your systems need to be carefully evaluated. We’re HR people, so we’re gonna start with HR systems but don’t forget to partner with your other system admins — its Big Data — you need to consider ALL data (take it one step at a time). Also take a look at any systems that are being fed by any of your HR systems are handling your data — they should be aligned.

2014 109

Mobile at Work. It’s Not Just About Career Pages & Recruiting


Maybe you’ve researched a mobile applicant tracking systems that allows employees to apply from their mobile device in one click and apply. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Kronos Works Conference in Las Vegas where they unveiled their Workforce Tablet application that focuses on mobile reporting and access to payroll, scheduling, and time keeping resources and systems for managers.

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Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

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According to Fortune , Benioff said that the company is spending about $3 million extra this year on its payroll to make these adjustments. “We Department of Labor (DOL), available data suggests that women who work at Google suffer from "systemic compensation disparities" compared to their male peers. Back in late 2015, I reported on proactive moves by Salesforce to do pay equity increases across its workforce to eliminate any and all gender pay issues, job by job.

2017 69