4 Best Tools For Creating Online Portfolios

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Anyone who is on the lookout for a new or different job knows how important it is to have a solid portfolio. However, the kind of portfolio you want to establish is dependent on the field you’re in. Related: 5 Benefits Of Creating An Online Portfolio.

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How To Work Your Portfolio Into The Interview

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For certain professions, it helps to have a portfolio to show your work during the interview, but what’s also important is how you handle your portfolio during the interview. Practice the handling of your portfolio and make it easy to find specific areas you want to refer to.

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How to Create a Wildly Effective Career Portfolio

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The post How to Create a Wildly Effective Career Portfolio appeared first on Ms. Have you ever considered creating a portfolio to illustrate all your skills and talents? Why would someone who already have a great job want to assemble a portfolio of all their successes and talents?

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From Press Office to Portfolio Career

Career Shifters

I'd been feeling unfulfilled in my job for years. I knew there must be 'something else', but I just didn't know what. Inspired by a free course and a long-standing desire to be her own boss, Rebecca Miller is now juggling two businesses that she loves.

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7 Ways to Get Uncomfortable Writing Your Career Portfolio

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Career Portfolio Executive Career Portfolio executive resumes Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter branded resume career advice career management JobSearch professional resume writer resume Resume Branding resume length Resume Story resume strategy unique value propositionsBy Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter #1: Metaphorically Speaking: Mix Prints | Get Colorful Have you ever revamped a stuffy wardrobe?

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5 Benefits of Creating an Online Portfolio

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Online portfolios aren’t just for certain fields or industries anymore. Job Search advice career job portfolio searchThe importance of having a professional online presence is so vital today. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com.

“I'm Scared To Quit Completely. Is A Portfolio Career The Answer?”

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Lauren's doing less and less of what she enjoys at work. It's time for a shift, but a big leap feels too daring. When you don't have the confidence to cut ties completely, is a mix of options a realistic solution

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Is a Portfolio Career a Good Choice for You with Mac Pritchard

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Perhaps by the end of this show, you’ll consider creating a portfolio career. In our conversation, we discuss the benefits of a portfolio career. Mac defines a portfolio career as not relying on just one career.

CANDIDATE PLEASE: Can You Bring a Plan or a Portfolio to the Interview?

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That's why I'm disappointed you didn't come to the interview with a plan or portfolio. . The PORTFOLIO is easier to pull off. Only 3-4% of candidates do a plan or portfolio without being asked. The Plan/Portfolio? Get ready.

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5 Benefits of Creating an Online Portfolio

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The importance of having a professional online presence is more important than ever, and an online portfolio will certainly increase your visibility and presence. Creating your portfolio website allows you to share and showcase your work easily with the employers you’d like to work for.

Are Online Portfolios Only For Artists?

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“And that [report, blog, website design] can be seen in my portfolio. By creating an easily accessible, easy to navigate online portfolio. Whether you’re an active or passive job candidate , a good online portfolio gives you the edge in a competitive job market.

How To Add Visual Portfolio Elements To Your LinkedIn Profile: Air Date 1/13/14

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shows you how to add different visual elements from your portfolio to your LinkedIn profile. The post How To Add Visual Portfolio Elements To Your LinkedIn Profile: Air Date 1/13/14 appeared first on CAREEREALISM. In this episode, J.T.

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Work Portfolios: The Best Job Interview Tool You’re Not Using


3 Reasons to Have a Work Portfolio. You might feel a little strange compiling a work portfolio, especially if you have to fill it with rather abstract reports and things, which you might if you’re in a certain type of work. What is a Work Portfolio, Anyway?

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5 Steps for Building a Website Portfolio #TechTuesday

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Though crafting the perfect CV and resume is an important component when landing job interviews, an online portfolio is an excellent way to enhance your skill-set. View Article 5 Steps for Building a Website Portfolio #TechTuesday Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

The Power of an Online Portfolio


A personal portfolio site will serve as another way to get your name out there. For professions like web design and copywriting, you’re doing yourself a major disservice by not having a portfolio site in place that details your career highlights and accomplishments and great detail.

Should I Be Thinking About A Portfolio Career?

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What is a portfolio career? A portfolio career is made up of multiple jobs instead of just one. If you’d like to establish a plan for your own portfolio career, consider scheduling a power hour with me. Note: This content originally appeared in my April newsletter.

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Executive Job Seeker: Is Your Career Portfolio Current?

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter The complexity of an executive’s career message can be clarified through a rich process of career archaeology. This rugged process unearths a multiplicity of career stories that have become buried in the recesses of your memory as you become entrenched in today’s, tomorrow’s and other ‘future’ challenges. The value of these processes, [.]

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Pinterest and Your Career Portfolio

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A group of boards can function as an online portfolio where you can send potential employers or customers to view your work. This free, online portfolio can be paired with a creative arts industry resume to give an employer a complete view of your work and career. Once you have your career portfolio set up on your Pinterest boards to your satisfaction, you can send your Pinterest URL to potential employers and clients.

Imagine: Working For Passion, Pleasure, and Profit

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Not One Job – Portfolio Careers. It’s those kinds of questions that Steve Preston digs into in his new book “ Portfolio Careers : How To Work for Passion, Pleasure, and Profit.” SideHustle Work portfolio careers Steve Preston working

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Building Your Professional Portfolio

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Your professional portfolio is a collection of physical evidence that documents, describes, and emphasizes your professional accomplishments. A professional portfolio can be very useful in encouraging potential employers to offer you that coveted job. Why use a professional portfolio?

Skills Portfolio: Creatively Showcasing Your Skills

Catherines Career Corner

Here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we referred to your Skills Portfolio on numerous job search articles. Recently, we found an apt article via the Trinity Western University on Skills Portfolio, what it is and what it should contain. WHAT IS A PORTFOLIO? The post Skills Portfolio: Creatively Showcasing Your Skills appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

Resumes and Portfolios

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Certain art and design careers such as graphic design, automotive design or illustration may require a portfolio. The portfolio, whether online or a physical book, gives interested viewers an idea of the artist’s or designer’s skills.

7 Easy To Use Websites For Virtual Resumes and Portfolios


Where and why to post your resume or portfolio online in only a few clicks. The online portfolio expands on the benefits of the virtual resume by giving job hunters the chance to gather and show off all of their best work in one place. In combination, the virtual resume and the online portfolio paint a detailed and comprehensive picture of the talents an individual has to offer. 7 websites for your virtual resume or portfolio.

Should You Create Portfolio Presentations for Your Job Interviews?

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From time to time I’m asked if I think it’s a good idea for people to create and present portfolios for their job interviews. Generally, if you are a graphic artist, photographer, a fashion designer, in advertising, or in other “creative&# fields, portfolios are expected.

12 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

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Career Management Job Search Cover Letter employment Interview Job Board job search LinkedIn portfolio Recruiter Resume & CV Writing Finding a job can take a long time, even when you do everything right on your end.

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5 Reasons Why All Job Seekers Need to Have a Work Portfolio

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In addition to all of these tactics though, all job seekers should have an updated work portfolio in their arsenal. Work portfolios tell the story of you, including where you came from and what you want to achieve. What are some other reasons job seekers should have a work portfolio?

Recently Fired? Surround Yourself With Pushy Encouragers!

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Recently downsized, separated or fired executives often at the precipice of retirement or at a phase in their executive career ladder where they are feeling old and worn down often struggle with building a career portfolio. Career Portfolio executive resumes Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Resume Story career management Career Navigation career strategy executive resume executive resume branding job seekers JobSearch unique value propositions

Become An Employer Magnet

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This may be possible if… you create an online career portfolio today! Job Search Employer Magnet linkedin profile online career portfolio online presence personal website samples of work Target Audience Wouldn’t you prefer to have employers seek you out or have jobs come to you?

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5 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

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Career Management Personal Branding CV Tips job search online image persona Personal Brand portfolio Resume & CV Writing Job seekers beware—when you’re trying to get your foot in the door, personal branding can mean the difference between whether that door gets opened, or slammed in your face.

Do You Want to Impress Your Boss? See 15 Proven Tips

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All about Jobs Career Career help Empowerment Entrepreneurship Innovation Jobs Leadership and Career Management Networking Self-Development Skills Portfolio Be Proactive Career Advancement Career Success Do You Want to Impress Your Boss? Tweet Written by Catherine Adenle Well, let’s think about bosses for a second, we can’t live with them, and we can’t live without them. Either we like it or not, most of us must deal with a boss at one point [.].

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Change Management: Critical Skill for Leaders

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There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Niccolo Machiavelli By Catherine Adenle In the workplace, [.] Related posts: You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. 12 Reasons Why Employees Resist Change in the Workplace. The 5 Unhappy People You Must Convince to Change. Get the Job, Keep the Job and Lead! Career Change: How Do You Know When it’s Time?

Shine at Work – Top 10 Must Have Skills

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Aware of your skills? Need to shine at work? Explore these top 10 must have skills. You need to know the necessary skills that will allow you to perform exceedingly well at work. People who often overlook the skills they have developed through related, unrelated, paid or unpaid activities are missing out. Know how to also showcase and demonstrate [.]. The post Shine at Work – Top 10 Must Have Skills appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

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Nourish Your Career Interview

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Audio accomplishments journaling networking personal brand personal power portfolio strengths Listen in as Stevie is interviewed by Shahrzad Arasteh, a holistic career counselor out of Baltimore, Maryland. Shahrzad brought many career development experts together in a unique project to create the book Nourish Your Career. Check out her website at NourishYourCareer.com to hear top tips from other featured contributors to the book as well.

How to Impress at Different Types of Job Interviews

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Need a Job fast? Explore how to impress at different types of job interviews. All interviews are meetings organised by recruiters to evaluate you as a job seeker. So, you need to stand out and get noticed.

sending a group photo to a grieving coworker, using a portfolio at an interview, and more

Ask A Manager

I want to give my interviewer a portfolio demonstrating my admin skills. At the first interview, I gave them a hard copy of a resume “portfolio” I created that included a letter of introduction, resume, letter of recommendation, work-related documents, numerous training certificates, and feedback from a program I initiated. I was thinking about creating some type of digital resume/portfolio highlighting my experience and skills. What’s the new trend with online portfolios?

How to Turn Your Top Employees into Your Top Recruiters

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All about Jobs And from me too Career Career help Career Management Employee Management Employee Recognition Empowerment Entrepreneurship Human Resources Job Seekers Jobs Jobs and Careers Leadership and Career Management Networking Skills Portfolio Web 2.0

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Your A – Z Career Guide

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By Catherine Adenle A – Adaptability to change is important in your career so apply wisdom. B – Be vigilant in ensuring that you follow trends and forces shaping your industry. C – Communication is needed to get you from one point to [.]. Related posts: Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You (Infographic). Need a Job? See 30 Sure-Fire Tips. Download Our App: It’s Free! You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. How to Turn Your Top Employees into Your Top Recruiters.

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Heavy Workload at Work? See 10 Tips to Help You Deal With the Workload

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All about Jobs Career Career help Empowerment Jobs Leadership and Career Management Self-Development Skills Portfolio 10 Tips to Help You Deal With a Heavy Workload at Work Career Planning Career Success Catherine Adenle Completion Employment Heavy Workload at Work? Tweet Written by Catherine Adenle. Now, let’s look at this scenario: You are half way through a project with a looming deadline, then, you have to drop it and take on another task with a rocket urgent priority.

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100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read

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All about Jobs Career Career help Cover Letter CV CV/Resume Interview Job Interview Jobs Leadership and Career Management Networking Personal Branding Salary Self-Development Skills Skills Portfolio Social Media 100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read Background check Business Employment Job hunting Labour economics Personal Branding Blog Résumé UnemploymentTweet.

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Get A Snazzy Electronic Portfolio

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Get A Snazzy Electronic Portfolio I gotta tell you, I’m very pleased with Flavors.me for putting an electronic portfolio together. Share/Bookmark Tagged with: flavors.me • personal brand • social networking Filed under: Career Portfolio Like this post?