What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?

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The post What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success? What is the price of success? Or more specifically, what price tag do you see attached to your success? They just raised the price by five percent. The post What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?

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How to Disengage Employees With Just 2 Words: “Employee Pricing!”

David Zinger

Yet all those clever people in marketing intent on selling more product and services, without giving a thought to the people who make and provide those products and services, proudly declare to all their customers that without putting in an ounce of work they can have: EMPLOYEE PRICING.

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That Selfie Has A Price Tag

Professional Resume Services

A recent study in Psychology of Popular Media Culture looks at The Price of Sexy: Viewers’ Perceptions of a Sexualized Versus Nonsexualized Facebook Profile Photograph and it shows a small part of that cost.

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How to price the work you do

Penelope Trunk

So I raised my prices. So I raised my price to $350/hour. I did some research about how to figure out how much to charge for yourself: A site aimed at web analytics people suggests detailed evidence-based analysis to figure out how to price yourself.

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Why Your F*ck Off Price is Crucial in Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

Why Your F*ck Off Price is Crucial in Recruitment. Business Recruiting client fuck off price negotiation price recruitment feeRecruitment is one of the biggest industries in the UK, and as a result, competition is ferocious.

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There’s a high price to hiding from the need to transition

Penelope Trunk

This is our spring family portrait. The calf wandered into the photo. Winter is peaceful on the farm because there’s nothing to do but keep the animals alive. It’s hard work, but it’s only a few hours a day.

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Before you aim for someone’s job, look at the price they paid to get there

Penelope Trunk

Remember that people will brag about what they’ve achieved, but they don’t brag about the price they paid to get it. Whenever I write about grad school , someone writes in the comments about how I’m just bitter that I didn’t get a degree.

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The Price of Deceit


The Price is Loss. We usually pay for lack of knowledge and the price goes up considerably when we cover that lack up with deception or illusion - smoke and mirrors. It’s Called Deceit. What happens when we hide things or deny what is going on in our work or our in lives?

Why Competing on Price is Bad – For Everyone!

The Undercover Recruiter

Although this is a complex issue, a simple explanation is that FMCG retailers, in an effort to protect and enhance their profit margins (which are typically low), have been squeezing prices paid to their suppliers, which pressured their suppliers to cut their own costs.

The Price of Experience – Exploring Ageism


The Price of Experience is part of a series about Discrimination, watch for more. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I attended my first health care human resource conference as an exhibitor. I was nervous and had pieced together an outfit as I didn’t even own a full-fledged suit yet.

#Winning - Win Your Next HR Negotiation By Being the First to Name Your Price.

HR Capitalist

For those of you who have done this, you'll know that the game goes something like this:There's a listed price, but you have to figure out what to offer. You know that your offer (unless you go in too close to the listed price) is rarely the last point of the negotiation.

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5 Things HR Pros Can Learn From the 2011 Netflix Pricing Changes.

HR Capitalist

Raise your hand if you're pissed off about the Netflix price hike. The new prices yell loud and clear that streaming is the future and you’re going to pay (literally) if you don’t hop on the bandwagon. What can you learn from the Netflix pricing change as an HR Pro?

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Cover Letters & Resumes- The Price of Deception

Resume to Referral

In today’s hypercompetitive, cut-throat, take-no-prisoners, dog-eat-dog labor market, one needs every advantage, and then some. It may even be tempting to “pad” a resume or cover letter by adorning the facts – or misrepresenting them altogether. This is a very bad idea. As more and more of those now running for political office are discovering,

*Grab it now* – half price on The Science of Successful Job Hunting!

Mildred Talabi

So with just two weeks to go until the big day, I want to give you a special gift of my own – the chance to own your copy of my latest book, The Science of Successful Job Hunting , at just half the price! There’s no better time to get into the spirit of giving than at Christmas!

How Does the Cost of Living in the UK Compare to Wages?

The Undercover Recruiter

Uncategorised cost of living house price Salary UK wageIt’s a depressing fact that a large portion of your salary will go towards basic living costs, predominantly the cost of your accommodation.

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Is SHRM Selling Data Members Provided - Back to Members? At Premium Prices?

HR Capitalist

Unlike other services that charge literally thousands for their data, our reports start at a budget-friendly member price of only $395. Remember - I'm a SHRM member and don't see that changing anytime soon. But, I haven't been to the site for awhile. You know what I'd like to go there for? I'd like to go there for a great understanding of where I stand with Employee Turnover related to my industry peers and other sectors as well. I'd like to do the same with other metrics.

#Winning - Win Your Next HR Negotiation By Being the First to Name Your Price.

HR Capitalist

For those of you that have done this, you'll know that the game goes something like this:There's a listed price, but you have to figure out what to offer. You know that your offer (unless you go in to close to the listed price) is rarely the last point of the negotiation.

Price Hike Coming.Act Now!


Main | Working Less Actually Works » Price Hike Coming.Act Now! So beginning October 1, I'll be offering new clients a choice of several new coaching packages that are designed to give them the results they are seeking - at a new (and higher) price.

Executive Job Search & Branding Ebook PRICE CUT!

Executive Career Brand

Executive Job Search & Branding Ebook PRICE CUT! To entice you to buy and read my ebook this summer — and learn some basics on how to navigate the complex world of today’s executive job search — I’ve reduced the price.

Empire Avenue: More Social Media Influence Valuation

Tim's Strategy

After I added all of my social media profiles, the site immediately started to create a stock price for me. See below for my initial value: It will take some time for my values above to populate, but when they do, I’ll have a stock price that goes up or down based on my influence (positive social media activity) and your interest in it. I made an investment yesterday. In my friend and fellow career blogger Jessica Merrill.

#Winning - Win Your Next HR Negotiation By Being the First to Name Your Price.

HR Capitalist

For those of you that have done this, you'll know that the game goes something like this:There's a listed price, but you have to figure out what to offer. You know that your offer (unless you go in to close to the listed price) is rarely the last point of the negotiation.

Business Owners: How To Navigate a Price Increase

Water Cooler Wisdom

Small-business owners are often ecstatic that customers want to buy their products and services, and once an offering is successful and has been improved upon, it could be time to consider a price increase. How do you know when it's time to increase your prices?   Megan Armstrong:  We are primarily a service business, so we know it is time to raise prices when the demand of the service is greater than our ability to supply it.

Amazon Suspends Studio Head for Sexual Harassment After Sitting on Allegations for 2 Years

Evil HR Lady

Roy Price, head of Amazon Movie Studios is currently on a leave of absence after Isa Hackett (sometimes referred to as Isa Hackett Dick) went public with her accusations. Hackett claims that in 2015 Price approached her sexually by saying, “You will love my dick,” according to a report at The Hollywood Reporter. Hackett said she was not interested, and Price persisted and followed up by saying “Anal sex!”

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Top Ten Freelance Jobs Websites

Position Ignition

It has both 'hourly' and 'fixed' price projects which you can bid for by sending in a 'proposal'. The number of freelancers in the UK and US is growing yet it is not always obvious how to build your pipeline of work.

HR Giant Randstad Purchases Monster. What Does That Mean?

Evil HR Lady

Monster was at it’s heyday in 2000 with a stock price of $91 a share, and was sold for a little more than $3 per share. When a consulting firm purchases a big job board, what does that mean?

4 Behaviors of High Performers 

The Undercover Recruiter

Anyone willing to pay the price can be a success. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of society is married to the status-quo. They want what was, not what can be. They believe that their intelligence, their personality and physical aptitudes are fixed.

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Work Ethics You Can Learn from Millennials

The Undercover Recruiter

When they’re not being blasted by Simon Sinek as participation-trophy whiners with an alcoholic-level addiction to WhatsApp, they’re being told by TIME that their failure to afford house prices means they are developmentally stunted. Poor millennial.

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Idealist.org as Your Go To Nonprofit Job Board

Competitive Resumes

The regular price is $5.00 The regular price is $5.00 You’ve heard me say before small organizations should be on your list of target companies to research and get hired. One of the premiere nonprofit job boards to use is idealist.org and get job advice from idealistcareers.org.

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The Benefits Guide: 2016’s Top 10

Evil HR Lady

This New Health Care Pricing Model Saves Your Company Money Without Distancing Workers. This article describes “reference-based pricing,” which encourages your employees to shop around for the best deal. Every good business needs good benefits, and the Benefits Guide is the place to learn about them. If you haven’t had the time to read every issue this year, here are the best articles that can’t be missed: 10.

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Your First Home: 5 Tips To Get You Started

Ms. Career Girl

Determine your price range with your mortgage broker. Your broker will guide you through the discovery conversation and request the information they need in order to ballpark the price range for your home search. Circle back with your realtor on price and specs.

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Should You Quit Your Job When You Feel Your Company Is Unethical?

Evil HR Lady

Kelky Rudnicki, who was Mylan’s spokeswoman for two years, just resigned her position in response to the “price gouging of EpiPens” (her words).

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CAPITALIST QUOTE: "Great Recruiters Are Like Stockbrokers"

HR Capitalist

Tons of positive reaction to this quote from a post earlier this week: "Great recruiters are like stockbrokers - we help clients understand whether someone's a buy or a sell based on their price.". Keep developing the upside to your price, my friend.

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LinkedIn SEO with Susan P Joyce

Competitive Resumes

The regular price is $5.00 The regular price is $5.00 Power users of LinkedIn use proper LinkedIn SEO. Get more out of your LinkedIn profile and listen twice for all of the gems Susan P Joyce drops. Go back to our last conversation, and absorb and use the advice on personal SEO.

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The CEO Who Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K Is Alleged to Have Waterboarded His Wife, Among Other Things.

HR Capitalist

OK, all you socialists out there - be prepared to be disappointed, because BusinessWeek dug into the story of Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, and found some issues related to why he raised the minimum salary at his company to $70,000. . Are you Dan Price?’ ‘Yes.’ ”

What’s Behind LinkedIn’s Big Compensation Problem

Evil HR Lady

According to the NYT: On one grim day in early February, LinkedIn’s stock price plummeted more than 40 percent after it forecast weaker-than-expected growth for the year. The share price had hovered at $225 at the beginning of 2016; a month later it briefly got close to $100. Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion was big news, but The New York Times has theorized a non-public reason for the sale: LinkedIn’s compensation problems.

High Paying International Careers

Competitive Resumes

We explore which career areas pay the best, look at pay disparities on a global scale and look at which high-paying jobs come at a price. What are similar careers in the international job market pay in comparison to America?

How to find a part-time job

Resume Bear

“How can a semiconductor chip company remain profitable if the chip price plummets every few months?&#

How To Automate Your Job Search On LinkedIn

The Undercover Recruiter

Yes, their stock price crashed by 40%, but LinkedIn still remains the most popular professional networking site. Of all the global professional networking sites, it is also the largest, with over 238 million users in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

2016 38

15 Air Fare Hacks That WILL Save You Money

Ms. Career Girl

Have you ever been looking for a flight that you’re not quite ready to book, and every time you go back to check the price it gets higher and higher? It happens to me all the time; I go to book a flight, find a good price but hesitate. Prices on most sites are static.

When “Bad Boss” Parodies Are All Too Real


Thanks to the grocery store price wars consumers have been benefitting from off and on over the last decade, we saw a lot of turnover at every level of the company. When I was in university I worked part time as an HR assistant and recruiter at a large grocery retail chain. New execs would […] Source. Leadership leadership