Why It Matters: The Minimum Wage Debate

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Minimum wage is currently a hot topic everywhere. Nationally, there's ongoing debate about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, while at the state level many local governments are wrestling with their own minimum wage increase proposals as they keep an eye on things on the federal level. The Effort To Raise Minimum Wage The U.S. House of Representatives is gearing up to vote on a bill to gradually raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25

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Will Relocating for a Higher Wage Leave You Worse Off?

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Over time, you gain the experience and the skillset needed to make that progression to a higher wage. So, you will be receiving a higher wage. The extra money you are bringing home could be dwindling as fast as it is earned in a maelstrom of higher gas prices and education fees. “ The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. ” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. Read more at Brainyquote.com.

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How Does the Cost of Living in the UK Compare to Wages?

The Undercover Recruiter

How Does the Cost of Living in the UK Compare to Wages? Uncategorised cost of living house price Salary UK wageIt’s a depressing fact that a large portion of your salary will go towards basic living costs, predominantly the cost of your accommodation. And though there are far more glamorous things that I’m sure we would all rather spend our money on, putting a roof over our head comes in as the top priority, so it’s important. View Article.

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UW Study On $15 Minimum Wage Bad News For Liberals.

The HR Capitalist

If there's anything that will get a healthy dinner conversation going (or get people fighting), it's the idea of the $15 minimum wage. A better wage for core entry-level workers is hard to argue against as a reasonable person. Fortunately, there's some research pouring in on the minimum wage that seems to be based on reality, not theory. . There’s bad news from Seattle for advocates of a $15-an-hour minimum wage law.

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Why the New York Times Endorsed a $0 Minimum Wage (and You Should Too)

Evil HR Lady

The minimum wage is almost always a matter of controversy. Right now, people are pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage. So, why did the New York Times argue for a removal of the minimum wage altogether ? Here’s their logic: An increase in the minimum wage…would restore the purchasing power of bottom-tier wages. It would also permit a minimum-wage breadwinner to earn almost enough to keep a family of three above the official poverty line.

Business Owners: How To Navigate a Price Increase

Water Cooler Wisdom

Small-business owners are often ecstatic that customers want to buy their products and services, and once an offering is successful and has been improved upon, it could be time to consider a price increase. How do you know when it's time to increase your prices?   Megan Armstrong:  We are primarily a service business, so we know it is time to raise prices when the demand of the service is greater than our ability to supply it.

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Low Wages: 13 College Majors To Avoid Like The Plague

Career Realism

Just be sure you have a solid personal finance strategy to offset your low wages so that you’re properly prepared for retirement. Michael Price is the author of “What Next The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Real World” endorsed by Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s Shark Tank. The post Low Wages: 13 College Majors To Avoid Like The Plague appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

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It’s Tougher at the Bottom: Why All Students Should Work Minimum Wage (at Least Once)

Corn on the Job

It takes a sincerely tough, hard working and humble person to be able to put up with the kind of things retail workers experience on a daily basis—constantly rearranging artful displays, only to have them wrecked and re-wrecked dozens of times, negotiating returns on items clearly worn, marking prices up and down constantly by hand—not to mention the torture these poor people often endure at the hands of irate holiday shoppers during door-buster sales.

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Paid by Net Sales, Net Profits, Net Revenues? – Always Ask, “Net of WHAT?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Employers who do not make clear commitments are like restaurants that do not list prices on their menus: lot of their customers will likely to be disappointed. Monies due you (commissions, bonus, wages, expenses, etc.) Collecting Money You Are Owed Commissions Job Offers and Offer Letters Monthly Newsletter Library Offer/"Welcome" Aboard Letters Overtime, Commissions and Unpaid Wages Recent Posts“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”.

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Savings Tips for Women in 2017

Ms. Career Girl

Make sure you’re getting the lowest available prices for your cell phone, utilities, insurance and other services. Featured Money gender wage gap and retirement nerdwallet Retirement savings for women savings tips Savings Tips for WomenThe post Savings Tips for Women in 2017 appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Roberta Pescow, a contributing writer for NerdWallet. After years of low interest rates, APRs are on the rise.

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Friday Five: Job Growth and Inflation in 2016


is concerned about “an inflationary spiral between wages and prices, pushed ahead by rising inflation expectations.” worries that wage growth, which you may remember I’m not exactly bullish about, could spur inflation. Over at WSJ, analysts are concerned about wage growth and the Fed’s feelings about wage growth. Business employment rate job growth jobs report Unemployment rate wage growth

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What Is a Work Perk Worth?


And that can be both good or bad – how the balance of wages and perks plays out for employers and employees depends so much on context. The same discount feels better or worse depending on how it’s presented: percentage off versus dollar value off; anchor price displayed prominently or not. On the other hand, the value of a perk, just like a wage, can be psychologically diminished if it doesn’t produce satisfaction.

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5 Things to Watch Out for In Friday’s Job Report


In addition to key indicators like overall employment and wage growth, I’ll be digging into the report for information on regional and sector disparities, youth employment trends, underemployment and where America stands in the global employment picture. Wage Growth. Quarter after quarter, wage growth has been so slow as to be measured in single digit fluctuations, a little bit up, a little bit down, but for the most part, slow and steady.

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“Can my boss tell me I have to renegotiate signed customer contracts, or suffer lower commissions if I can’t?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Recently my boss has been going over contracts with customers that are already signed and in place, and asking us to go back and renegotiate higher prices from the customers. Let me give you an example: Imagine that Acme Lobster Company agrees to provide Fishy Restaurants all of the fresh lobsters Fishy Restaurants can use for six months at the price of $15 per pound. Tags: Agreements and Contracts Overtime, Commissions and Unpaid Wages Q & A

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Why Are More Single Women Owning Homes Than Single Men?

Ms. Career Girl

According to several studies, single women appear to have closed the gender gap when it comes to owning their own homes, despite their average lower wage income.

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Lessons from Restaurant Hiring

Evil HR Lady

And that also means increased wages, including signing bonuses for fast-food workers. Of course, increased labor costs mean increased prices and decreased profits for businesses that were destroyed by the pandemic. Last week, Offspring #1 and I had an appointment that ended around noon.

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Becoming an Entrepreneur for Your Art

Ms. Career Girl

It’s time to let go of the idea that wanting to earn a living wage as an artist is somehow selling out. Make a point of regularly re-evaluating your audience to stay up to date with demand and get a clear sense of how to price your work.

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5 Great Career Opportunities for Job Seekers in 2021

Ms. Career Girl

Yet, most surprising of all is a downward trend in prices on homes, creating a huge buyer’s market in many states. While it usually pays middle-wage earnings, it is still an option to consider if you are looking for work and are willing to answer phones and solve customer problems.

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How Much Will Not Having A Good Resume Cost?

Professional Resume Services

Many times, someone will look at the price of having a professional resume writer develop their resume and wonder if it is worth the cost. Now take a look at the prices of the various a la carte services or packages. Look at those prices in terms of the salary you are hoping to earn and the time you have been searching for a job — and think how improving your resume or distribution will improve your chances of finding that job.

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On #EqualPayDay Dig Deeper into the Pay Gap’s Complexities


The wage gaps between cis and transgender people and between able and disabled people also remain huge. "I'm here to say we will close the wage gap." And in addition to this price gap, some health products are taxed as luxury goods rather than necessities, as pointed out in the AJ+ video below: Wage gap + pink tax + tampon tax = EXPENSIVE AF $$$ #EqualPayDay https://t.co/htPliRjoAC.

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The CEO Who Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K Is Alleged to Have Waterboarded His Wife, Among Other Things.

The HR Capitalist

OK, all you socialists out there - be prepared to be disappointed, because BusinessWeek dug into the story of Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, and found some issues related to why he raised the minimum salary at his company to $70,000. . Here's a quick reset from my post back in August : Mr. Price, 31, announced he was setting a new minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle credit card processing firm, Gravity Payments , and slashing his own million-dollar pay package to do it.

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A Woman’s Guide to Start Investing

Ms. Career Girl

Thomas Pikkety illustrates in his graph titled ‘The Transformation of the Top 1% in the United States’, a dramatic difference between wage income and total income. The value of this index is determined by the prices of the underlying holdings.

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6 Key Benefits of Becoming an Electrician


An electrician’s job offers a wide variety of benefits, including stability, high wages, and a lack of boredom. By starting with a livable wage, they are able to slowly progress and improve till they’re making near 6 figures. .

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HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

The HR Capitalist

Rents are astronomical, the complaint goes; wages are rising, regulations are byzantine, and don’t even talk about the price of fresh produce. More from the NYT: The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that annual mean restaurant wages in New York City in 2015 were about $49,000 for a head chef, $28,580 for a cook and $29,290 for a server. Wages were lower in Los Angeles: $40,740 for a head chef, $25,300 for a cook and $27,570 for a server.

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: e17 – Crocs and Compensation Strategy in a COVID World.

The HR Capitalist

8:30 – KD wages that the specific compensation strategy chosen by businesses depends on how the economy is looking and how it will be in the future. Tim and KD discuss how salary adjustment based on location and cost of living could add to the problem of wages and unfair pay.

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Can Uber-Like "Surge Pay" for Call Center Workers at Zappos Work?

The HR Capitalist

My friend Paul Hebert has a nice post up on Surge Pay for Call Center workers at Zappos, a concept that''s built on the surge pricing model at Uber, the ride sharing service. Go check out Paul''s post , and here''s a description he used of the concept: Surge Pricing is based on the concept used by Uber , the taxi-disrupting car service, where they increased the cost of their service based on demand in the market.

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Is it a mistake to leave a consulting job for a job just to get health insurance?

Careers Done Write

The wages for my 30 hours are 1/2 of what I made in non-profit consulting for the 20 hours/week. We can’t buy insurance for our family outside a group for a lower price and to match that price the benefits would be much lower. Dear Deb: I work as a consultant, mostly for non-profits. My husband was laid off and we will be without health insurance when our COBRA coverage expires in 3 months.

The Last Jobs Friday of 2015 Is a Good One – Mostly


The American economy added 292,000 non-farm payroll jobs in December, but wages fell by one cent. This decrease is in large part driven by oil prices. Slow wage growth and underemployment are two disturbing trends to keep an eye on. Wage growth was flat or sluggish throughout much of the year, as has been the case since the economic collapse. That slow wage growth is in part caused by underemployment – slack in the labour market making it easy to keep wages low.

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The art of the side hustle – 5 ways you could be making more money from home


And why don’t our wages reflect that? Recording equipment is competitively priced and as long as you have somewhere quiet to record – you can make your own sound booth at home – you’ll make a success of it. Whether you love or loathe your current job, I’ll bet that you wish it paid you more money. In fact, I think most of us wish we all had a little extra disposable income each month. When did the cost of living get so high?

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10 Golden Rules for Relocating for a New Job

Career Alley

Get at least three quotes and don’t pick on price alone. Related posts: Will Relocating for a Higher Wage Leave You Worse Off? So you’ve bagged your dream job – congratulations! But, oh no, the job is located in a different city and is not at a commutable distance from where you live right now. It looks like a relocation is on the cards for you, and no doubt your pulse is already racing at the thought of getting packed up and transferred to a new town. Don’t despair though.

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Savvy Ways to Save your #SideHustle Money

Ms. Career Girl

He was a first year student (bless him), but did a great job building my website at a much lower price than a big company. Whether your shipping lots of little packages or just the occasional biggie, keeping postage costs down is vital to ensure your prices remain competitive. Also, it protects me against unexpected price increases (which sneakily do happen). This money has covered David’s wages for nearly 6 months as we continue to increase our output.

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Top Five: Work Perk Watch


But for now, here are five work perk stories I’m keeping an eye on: Dan Price Emptied His Retirement Accounts for that $70,000 Gravity Wage. Dan Price! He’s the CEO who made $70,000 the minimum wage at Gravity, and did so at his own expense. Price’s actions have been met with both praise and criticism. So you may have noticed that I have a fascination with startup work perks.

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LOOK SMART HR: Everything You Need to Know About Labor Costs in China.

HR Capitalist

The 1990-2000 time period was characterized by a ramp up in rural-to-urban migration, while the 2000-2010 time period was characterized by rapid urban real wage appreciation and home prices. Since 1985, the average wage in Shanghai and Beijing has increased 56 times (5500%) versus “only” 25 times (2400%) in rural areas like Gansu and Qinghai 4.

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All Quiet On the January Jobs Report Front


These trends will continue through to the February jobs report, as oil prices show no signs of becoming more favourable to the North American energy industry, and retail continues its seasonal adjustment. Wage growth continues to be positive but slow, with an average increase in January of 12 cents. The January Jobs Report is in: nonfarm payroll employment is up by 151,000 and the jobless rate is now at 4.9%. Happy Jobs Friday! We’re done here, right? Well, almost.

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Venezuelan Debt Crisis

Imarticus Learning

Until the fall of the oil price in 2014, this policy served them well. When the oil price fell from $100 to $50 a barrel in the market, Venezuela fell short of foreign currency and importing goods faced a pause. It meant doubling in the price of all services and goods every 25 days. When the hyperinflation started, the government began to print more money and regularly hiked the minimum wages in an attempt to retrieve their popularity.

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7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances

Ms. Career Girl

It won’t shut up until you’ve paid some unknown price of penitence. In terms of wage equality, the United States is ranked 74th. The post 7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Have you noticed that we humans are really good at convincing ourselves to do things that a disinterested and sane person would say, “oh, hell no!” ” to?

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oh my

Ask A Manager

Or raise the price. So if you want it, and you want it at this price, act sooner rather than later because I’ll probably change something about it on Thursday… Posted in Uncategorized Update to the resume feedback offer: The response was higher than I’d thought it would be, so I may cut this off earlier than the original one week I’d planned on. Or raise the price.

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“Sales compensation plans: are there limits on when and how they can be changed?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

It’s just like a restaurant and its patrons: the restaurant can raise or lower its prices, or change its menu, any time it wants to, and then customers can say to themselves, “Too expensive,” or “Too little food on the plate,” etc., It is like the price list on the restaurant’s menu. The price for a hamburger listed on the menu is $5.00.

7 Ways to Save Money While Launching Your Business

Career Makeover Coach

If you own your own business, you can hire your family members – including young children – at a “normal&# wage. And not only is their pay tax-deductible for you, you can also count their wages against many costs associated with their care and upbringing. For the price of one print ad, you can sponsor a MeetUp.com group or event, host a Chamber of Commerce mixer, or give away some awesome prizes to an online contest in your niche.

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5 Reasons Why Being Grateful is the Best Career Strategy

Ms. Career Girl

I’m super grateful for them because they’re comfy, fashionable, and came at a good price. If you love your current job/business because it gives you mobility, good wages, and interesting work, then when the opportunity for a killer job comes along that pays double, has really interesting work, but wants to stick you in nine-to-five office hours at a fixed location with fewer vacation days… guess what?

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Ask Deb – Why Using a Résumé Service Makes Dollars and Sense

Careers Done Write

This can translate into roughly $15K in wages and benefits for the average candidate who earns $100K per year. The price for a well written professional résumé and cover letter is nominal, even when compared with a salary of $50K or less. I love to read your blog and am enjoying your new résumé critique section on Monday mornings. The only thing that I wonder is why people don’t consult a résumé expert sooner? WG , San Francisco, CA.

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the intern who set up a cot and other stories of internships gone wrong

Ask a Manager

He was making more than minimum wage in an entry level internship as his first job out of college! Well, apparently Rick took it upon himself to ‘negotiate’ existing terms and pricing with our established suppliers.

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Before Starting the Equal Pay Discussions Do a Salary Review


The act seeks to minimize the wage gap between men and women (I know that some of those statistics are have come under fire — but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to set that aside.) First, I’d recommend doing a job analysis to ensure that your jobs are priced correctly in the market AND location. Okay so your jobs are now priced correctly and your job titles and job descriptions have now been updated.

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