Women Entrepreneurs Who Made Their Own Rules

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For centuries, women were considered homemakers. While there are still many challenges to face, women all over the world are proving that not only can they jump over hurdles, they can demolish them and rewrite the game. Women for Taking Charge. Women for Changing Industries.

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Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories

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The post Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories appeared first on Ms. At Ms Career Girl, we hear about lots of women who have not only survived but thrived. Bursting with color while also not forgetting basics, Minnie Rose’s collections are ideal for any women’s wardrobe.

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Women in Leadership Roles: Rare Traits That Drive Your Success

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While it hadn’t been hard before, these days women have even more opportunities to express themselves, to lead, and to inspire others. No wonder so many young women look up to them and want to become like them in the future. Women in Leadership.

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6 Tips For Working Women With Families

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6 Tips For Working Women With Families. Working women with families: Are you getting what you deserve at work? Women struggle with work and family issues, especially. Tips For Working Women With Families. Follow these tips for women in the workplace.

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Be the Product

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Create products that have a glimpse into the future. Here’s thought for you: Imagine for a moment that you are the startup, you are the product. Because if it’s true that “you are the product,” then the people “buying” you are might be looking for the same things.

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Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business

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The post Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business appeared first on Ms. For women in high retail sales, wearing the brand being sold might seem like the right move. The post Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business appeared first on Ms.

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career. How often have you heard that women over 50 are getting left behind in the job market? It’s just that women over 50 were disproportionately affected.

Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance

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Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance appeared first on Ms. How do we, as women, go about doing this? How can we succeed in this as career women? on Twitter, shared: My whole take on it is this is that society tends to constrain women.

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Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Women, Pt 1

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In the blogosphere and in the press, there is an increasing notice about the lack of women in technical fields and management positions. Here is some data: Why women leave tech: what the research says by Sue Gardner. We know that diverse teams create better products.

How to Use Tech Productively in Your Job Search

Competitive Resumes

This episode is a job search light episode and focused more on productivity. You want to subscribe to the show as we talk about salary negotiation for women (although many of the same principles we discuss will apply to all).

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Why Women Rock As Business Leaders & Simple Tips On How To Climb The Ladder Of Success!

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Women make up half of the workforce, and in 50% of families, women are the sole or co-breadwinners. Women are moving into powerful roles in companies, taking their place at the helm and making their mark. Today’s business landscape is changing.

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30 Women who have revolutionized the tech sector

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I get included in a lot of lists ( 19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now , Top 10 Aspergers Blogs , Top 100 Education Blogs , Top 50 Productivity Blogs ) but I generally don’t pay a lot of attention. But most women don’t want to do that as parents. Women

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Tips For Women Who Want to Have a Career and Have Kids

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The post Tips For Women Who Want to Have a Career and Have Kids appeared first on Ms. People don’t build business empires and create new and innovative products because they have no faith in themselves and the world of possibility that lays at their feet.

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Maximising Your Instagram Reach: The Women Using Social Media To Forward Their Careers

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Becoming not only tech but also camera savvy can result in thousands of followers tracking your every post, a job travelling around the globe and sponsors doling out the cash to have you feature their products. The Leader Empowering Other Women.

4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us)

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The post 4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us) appeared first on Ms. Of all the tired clichés, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” may be one of the worst. Women are politer, men are more assertive. Do women use more questions?

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The Single Word That Will Increase Productivity in 2013 Is….

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Not only are these emails interrupting my productivity and getting me off-task, they are draining my pocket-book. career career women goals Her Money Ms. UNSUBSCRIBE!!!

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Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Working Day

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Take our tips on board and you’ll boost your chances of having an enjoyable and productive day at work. Featured News Self career women first job productivityAre you about to begin a new job? Then you’ll be expected to turn up to work looking and feeling your best.

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How 5 Women Found Success Their Own Way

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The post How 5 Women Found Success Their Own Way appeared first on Ms. Women have worked hard for workplace equality, with some taking their fates into their own hands by following their own dreams. Louisa May Alcott is best known for her book Little Women, which was published in 1868.

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8 Beauty Hacks For Busy Women

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Bearing that in mind, below are eight beauty hacks that are ideal for busy women with hectic lives and schedules. Use two-in-one UV products. When it comes to making your beauty regime easier for yourself, using two-in-one products is a must.

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Top Hobbies for Women Professionals

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The post Top Hobbies for Women Professionals appeared first on Ms. If you’re doing that by binge watching “Orange Is the New Black” until you fall asleep, though, you probably could be spending your free time much more productively (not that OITNB isn’t amazing!).

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5 ways to make your work day a little bit easier

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Who doesn’t want to feel highly productive before they’ve even finished their morning coffee? Whilst you don’t have to wear a full blown suit every day, it’s proven that making more of an effort to dress professionally will increase productivity and improve your overall mindset.

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Key to productivity: Choose phone calls carefully

Penelope Trunk

I will be adding a brand new material to the book and am looking for female influencers, bloggers, websites, resources and ideas that I could potentially feature in the new book that would benefit women readers. . ProductivityOne of the keys to my ability to work 40 hours a week and homeschool two kids is that I have great time management. Which is to say, I say no to just about everything. But learning when to say no is still a work in progress.

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Meal Planning for More Productivity at Work

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She specializes in helping professional women and mothers build confidence and love for who they are, build a better relationship with food, and reach their health and wellness goals. The post Meal Planning for More Productivity at Work appeared first on Ms.

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100 Women’s Voices In Business

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100 Women’s Voices In Business is a post from: Executive Career Brand. March 8th was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, first celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Reaching out for contributions from women in business across the globe, she asked us to share our best Twitter-sized tips and advice – 140 characters or less – in several categories. Executive Career Management Twitter Work-Life Balance women entrepreneurs women executive

Productivity is about giving something up

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Really, all the problems that a normal overachiever would solve with Adderall, but it gives me a headache, almost like I’m hungover from productivity or something. Hot women sticking their asses in the air. And that’s why this post is a post about productivity.

Office Knowledge You Should Definitely Have

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Featured News Self career advice office knowledge personal branding productivity women in businessEveryone knows what street-smart is. But check out these tips to keep you office-smart. A little practical office knowledge can go a long way! Use your holiday allowance wisely.

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6 Things You Ought To Have On Your Desk

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Here are 6 daily essentials which ought to take up residence on your desk; most require almost no space, and will promote your health beyond simply increasing your level of productivity. Staying hydrated really can have a huge impact on your brain function and productivity levels.

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Why I Used to Hate My Feet – The Stigma Against Women with Big Feet

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Women, strangers and friends alike — though never my mom — would make it their business to criticize my feet, even though I never asked for their opinion. ” What the idiom means is that small (women) is the representation of elegance, beauty, and exquisiteness.

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Do Feminine Work Outfits Affect Your Job Prospects?

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Does wearing feminine outfits hinder professional women? Real as the short girl’s struggles to reach objects on high shelves undoubtedly is, most women would agree that their reason for wearing heels is largely aesthetic. The post Do Feminine Work Outfits Affect Your Job Prospects?

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Shake off Morning Grogginess and Have a More Productive Work Day

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Luckily, there are tons of natural stimulants that can ensure that we get rid of morning grogginess and be productive employees from the very beginning. Today’s guest post is by Lenore Holditch.

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5 Tips For Single Women Buying a Car

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The post 5 Tips For Single Women Buying a Car appeared first on Ms. Single Women Buying a Car are Targets. Thirty-seven percent comes from finance and insurance products it sells you after you've made a deal on the car.

Ladies: It’s Your Right to Define Leadership on Your Terms

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As a female executive who has been through her fair share of triumphs and trials, I have a burning passion for cultivating strong women in the workplace. I’ve had the awesome privilege of working with some of the most inspiring women in the tech industry.

Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office

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As an added bonus, having a plant in your office is shown to decrease stress and increase productivity by twelve percent. The post Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

Survive and Thrive: 5 Must-Read New Books For Career Success

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Why Women by Jeffery Tobias Halter. But author Jeffery Halter says that’s exactly why corporations, and men in particular, need to get clear with the reality that it’s women who offer perhaps the largest untapped potential for increasing productivity and profits.

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4 Must-Read Books if Your Sights Are At The Top

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The Politics of Promotion: How High-Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead by Bonnie Marcus. Pushback: How Smart Women Ask–and Stand Up–for What They Want by Selena Rezvani. Taking the Stage: How Women Can Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed by Judith Humphrey.

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Wedding Planning Tools for the Modern Working Woman

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Featured Marriage Productivity budget career women creativity love money planning relationships website wedding women The post Wedding Planning Tools for the Modern Working Woman appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The modern woman is a busy creature.

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Work Overload: 7 Solutions When You Are Swamped

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It is important to your productivity and to the success of the group to do this! Shortly after I voiced my observation, we had a team pow-wow and modified our process to ensure we are maximizing productivity and adhering to our timeline.

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I misunderstood the schedule for my new job, former manager wants me to host a product party, and more

Ask A Manager

My former manager wants me to host a product party for her. I quickly picked up that this is one of those pyramid schemes that preys on vulnerable, low-information women. She’s asking you to do the marketing for her business for her, and to annoy your friends and family in the process, and to help her promote a product that you know is crappy. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

How to plan a career in your 20s to stay home with kids in your 30s

Penelope Trunk

Forbes just published a survey that shows that 84% of working women want to stay home with kids . It’s clear that women don’t want to bust through the glass ceiling , or they’d have done it by now. That’s where we get the 84% of women wanting to stay home.

19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


Practitioners are most likely working in a human resources capacity are women. To help increase the number of women in technology, Google created a coding education program for women. Called Women Techmakers , the program is no longer accepting applications due to its popularity. This fact alone makes me hopeful that women are finding success in whatever field they believe they need to be, technology included. Women in HR Technology.

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