How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World


Chances are you’ve thought about how to quit your job and travel the world at one point or another. What if you could travel the world, climb the tallest mountains, sail the seven seas, and simply forget about coming in tomorrow. Vacationing and Traveling.

Tricks for Travel plus The ONE Thing You Need to Know


I do quite a bit of traveling for work … Travel has always been a pleasure for me and I rarely stress out. As a matter of fact, many years ago – a former boss once told me that I was the easiest person he knew to travel with. Travel Tricks.

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The 5 Best Traveling Jobs


Nothing broadens our horizons or is quite as fulfilling as travelling. However, travel needn’t be consigned to just your annual two week holiday or gap year before university. Teaching English is a great way to travel overseas.

The Day I Quit My Job to Pursue My Passion: 6 Tips on When to Resign

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I handed this to my boss in Jul 2008 and quit on Sep 30, 2008. Are You Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Perhaps you’ve been contemplating quitting. How do one decide when to quit their job? These are the same pointers I applied before quitting my job.

5 Travel Destinations for the Workaholics

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We could probably write a travel book detailing all the wonderful destination spots in the world. You won’t ever see anything quite like the Pulau Ujong in this southern Malaysian city-state. The post 5 Travel Destinations for the Workaholics appeared first on Ms.

my assistant quit because of St. Patrick’s Day pinching

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No one has seen her since, and when I called she said she quit and hung up. I’ve never had someone quit abruptly before. Should I let her next employer know she quit abruptly? Quitting on the spot was a pretty extreme reaction — although nearly having her butt pinched is a pretty extreme thing in and of itself, and it sounds like she was already pretty upset with the way your office was handling the day.

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Travel Items Checklist: 10 Things I Never Travel Without

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Are you a frequent traveler? Being an avid traveler, I’ve learned from experience that there are certain things I should always travel with because they make my life so much better. Travel Kits for Toiletries. Passport, Visa, and Travel Itinerary/Receipts.

The Travel Checklist: 7 TIPS FOR A WORRY-FREE VACAY

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Having done a bit of traveling both for business and pleasure, I’ve had quite a number of “note to self” moments when encountering a less than ideal situation or seeing a nifty approach to traveling from people I meet along the way. Ask any traveller. Travel & Leisur

my employee is refusing to travel because her husband said she can’t

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a manager who has an employee who recently (late last year) accepted a promotion that involves travel. She accepted the position knowing that this level of travel would be required. However, she told me last week that she will no longer travel because her husband told her no and her religion tells her to obey her husband. Currently, we’re working around her “dislike” of travel and taking other people from her team.

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our best employee may quit over holiday time off

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Mentioning it to Amethyst doesn’t mean that Garnet was complaining about Jasper or his policy; it could just mean that she explained it to you when you asked if she’s traveling anywhere for the holidays. asking a staff member why he’s not going to our holiday dinner, I ghosted on a reference, and more our best employee may quit over holiday time off was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Your First Business Trip: Essential Travel Tips Every Employee Should Know


Traveling for work is a luxury few employees experience. If you’ve been selected as one of the lucky few to leave their offices behind for the open road, you’re likely quite excited about the possibilities. Career Advice Traveling Jobs career traveling travel for work

my coworker calls me his “work mom,” my employee keeps fake quitting, and more

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Employee keeps fake quitting. Don’t wait for him to make a joke about quitting and try to turn it into a real resignation. The physician has said he is fine to travel, as long as he’s not using his arm (which he won’t be). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker keeps calling me his “work mom” My coworker is a very young 20-something man. He comes from a very sheltered background and is not very worldly.

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my boss complains about me to my parents, my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling, and more

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I work remotely but my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling. I had three other offers at the time and chose this job because it’s remote and I love to travel. But a week later, he decided I am not allowed to work while traveling and I must take my entire time away as vacation days. How can I prove I will still be a dedicated employee while traveling? When you checked on this before starting the job, did you specific international travel?

2017 20

3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager 3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession April 4, 2011 Last spring, I quit my job to go to work for myself. But as a result, when I wanted to quit my job and work for myself, people actually wanted to hire me.

I took a year off to travel and now employers are holding it against me

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I recently pursued a life-long goal to take some time off and travel the world for a year. I also list my travels in my resume as a Personal Achievement. after taking some time off to travel, and highlight skills and lessons learned while overseas. Also, one potential interviewer asked me how I could prove that I didn’t get it “out of my system” and I wouldn’t quit a year down the line to travel again?

updates: the travel anxiety, the chilly interviewer, and more

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Can I refuse to go on a work trip because of my anxiety about traveling ? I am dealing with my anxiety issues as best as I can, but it’s very much a work in progress and the trip did reinforce the fact that travel is too difficult for me right now, though of course I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy it in the future. Here are updates from four people whose letters were answered here in the past. I went on the trip and (obviously) survived.

Cat Chow Contest: This Dream Job Is the Cats Meow -


Do you want to travel around America? Are you ready to quit your job ?

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my boss snooped in my personal email account, my employee quit smoking and is being a pain, and more

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My employee quit smoking and is being a pain. Recently, she decided to quit smoking. I’m really proud of her, and she’s been doing an awesome job — she quit cold turkey over two weeks ago, and hasn’t had a single cigarette since. My boss travels out of town infrequently (6-12 times per year) and opts to use the airport furthest away from his house (9 miles versus 30 miles). I have traveled for work in the past and have used public transportation.

2017 15

taking time off to travel, job-hopping, and being happy

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I ended up quitting seven months in because it was a toxic environment for me. So, in a year from now, I’m going to take a year off and travel all over the world and then go to grad school. After another year at this job, I want to travel. Traveling is a way to broaden my horizons and try new things, to gain more awareness, and to see more of the world. A reader writes: I’m 24 years old.

nude photos of a former employee, I hate my work travel, and more

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One of the members of the sales team, let’s call him Peter, has been trying to close a contract with an existing client for quite a while. I hate how much I’m traveling for work. That turned out to be the case for the first few months, but my time traveling has expanded in recent months. I’m spending about 80% of my time on the road, and while it is essential to my work to travel, it’s much more than I thought. It’s five answers to five questions.

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What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

Penelope Trunk

Or they work long hours for a decade and then they quit to have kids. Or they travel for five years and then start a career. For example, the company paid for two full-time nannies so I could travel with no notice. More people should quit more of the time. Quitting

Travel Like a _!

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I love to travel. I said I love to travel. Additionally, while I do not travel for business, I can completely emphasize with those who needed to get where they were going yesterday. You can be anything, and travel like a __! Happy travels! The post Travel Like a _!

How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to make business travel manageable Posted to: Productivity | Self-management November 11th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Last year I traveled almost every week. Some weeks I traveled to three different cities. If you are excited about business travel, thinking it’s a free ticket to see the world, you should stop reading now. I love travel.

How To Find A Career That Lets You Travel The World

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More people than ever want to quit their jobs and start travelling the world. Travelling the world shouldn’t be pure escapism. Here are a few jobs that allow you to travel and earn money at the same time. Travel Writer.

3 Great Places for Incentive Travel

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The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms. Incentive travel is a trip which someone goes on to get a new skill, as part of a rewards program, or even as a group trip to build morale in your team. The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms.

2014 was the end of the workplace revolution

Penelope Trunk

Harsh conditions and long distance between homes meant that if a man traveled to meet a girl he would likely need to stay overnight at the girl’s home. Quitting When I started writing about careers we were at the beginning of a huge revolution.

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Top Spa’s For a Relaxing Work Free Break

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Words can’t quite describe just how heavenly this Marrakesh paradise is, the décor is truly unique, encompassing traditional Moroccan design with a contemporary palette of neutrals and pastels. Self Travel & Leisure Girls' Weekend relax relaxation spa break travel

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how to survive work travel and keep your sanity

Ask A Manager

The first time I had to travel for work, I was about 24 and felt insanely adult and glamorous. But then I started traveling quite a lot and discovered that horrible airport food, living out of luggage, and returning to a soulless hotel room every night quickly loses its charm. At Intuit QuickBase’s Fast Track blog today, I talk about how to maintain your sanity when you’re traveling for work (including learning to love dining alone!).

how to reject an internal candidate, I can’t afford interview travel, and more

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I know that at least one of them will quit if she isn’t selected. I can’t afford to travel for interviews. I don’t quite understand why you find the word “blessings” offensive (and I say this as something utterly unreligious). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How to reject an internal candidate. I am a new manager at a small nonprofit (less than 10 employees). We have an opening and two internal candidates applied.

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my job is making me travel and I hate it

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There are only four engineers in my group and most of them travel as much or more than me. Here is my problem: I hate to travel. I absolutely dread traveling and almost have a panic attack every time I have to get on that plane, can’t sleep for a week leading up to the trip, etc., but I have been able to control it when traveling at this frequency. I don’t know how to explain this to my manager without making it appear to be a threat of quitting.

15 Air Fare Hacks That WILL Save You Money

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Have you ever been looking for a flight that you’re not quite ready to book, and every time you go back to check the price it gets higher and higher? People that succeed with travelling on a budget do two things very well: First , they identify booking techniques that get them results.

my boss seems irritated when I ask questions, new job wants me to travel for a month at a time, and more

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My new job wants me to travel for a month at a time. My job description says my job would include some travel in the areas surrounding my city. I was also told I may have to travel to events in my state. Now my boss is asking me to travel to another state for four weeks to work on a project. I was not told when I took the job that I would be expected to travel that long and that far away. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2014 14

Traveling in Holland: Land of Bicycles, Public Transport and Going to Other EU Countries

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This is part 6 of a new 7-part Holland travel series , including how to travel to Holland, the dutch culture, dutch lifestyle, dutch environment and essential things to know about the country. The average person in Holland is quite in shape. Your Handy Travel Advisors.

Finding The Perfect Hotel For Your Trip

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Whether it’s a road trip or international travel, most of us love to travel. While there are a ton of booking sites out there, here are some tips to find the perfect hotel for your travels. The post Finding The Perfect Hotel For Your Trip appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

2016 11

the person who reviews our work gossips about it, did I mishandle this travel reimbursement, and more

Ask A Manager

Did I mishandle this travel reimbursement? Job searching after quitting a PhD program. I’m not in the US, so the academic job situation is not quite as dire, but it’s still not great, which I knew going into this, but more relevant is the growing feeling that what I’m doing isn’t meaningful or making any kind of difference, and that a life in academia doesn’t seem fulfilling the way that it used to. It’s five answers to five questions.

I don’t want to pay for business travel, hiring for skills vs. attitude, and more

Ask A Manager

My employer is sticking me with part of the bill for out-of-town travel. More recently, I have been going on interviews that have gone quite well. I would love to get one of these jobs, but I was cutter for about ten years and as such have scars from it (a lot of scars and some that are quite noticeable). It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. My employer wishes me to work out of town occasionally.

Why You Should Consider Hostels For Your Next Trip

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, an entrepreneur making global connections, or a digital vagabond, there’s one thing that’s always part of your planning. And there are reasons to consider including hostels in your travel plans beyond the money factor.

2017 11

5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

Ms. Career Girl

GPS, short for global positioning system, has for the most part made maps obsolete for everyday travel. Why would you print out MapQuest directions or pull out a travel atlas when all you need to do is punch the address of your destination into your navigation system or smartphone?

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Take note: iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard Makes Typing Easy!

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iWerkz foldable Bluetooth keyboard ideal for students, travelers, career-minded customers. Enter the iWerkz foldable Bluetooth keyboard, a compact accessory for all of your non-laptop devices that’s ideal for students, travelers, and career-minded customers. The post GIVEAWAY ALERT!

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5 Tips To To Adjust To A Frequently-On-The-Road Job

Cube Rules

In today’s world most jobs will entail some form of travel. If you are in the latter category and are not used to it, quite a lot of adjustment is needed. Some are three or four times a year while others are three or four times a week.

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