Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

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The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry. There was a new controversy seemingly every week, whether it was Uber’s myriad scandals ; more personal data breaches ; Russia’s use of social media and other online platforms to try and influence U.S. voters ; growing concerns over tech giants’ power; and a series of sexual misconduct allegations against male investors and company executives.

The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

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Raleigh. Raleigh is a much smaller city, but its university network with surrounding cities has made it a growing hub for financial, retail and software industries. This could be a great time to start a marketing career in Raleigh, working with up and coming companies to really build a great reputation. The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. There has never been a better time to get into marketing.

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How to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking During Your Job Search

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Job Market Solutions is based in Raleigh, NC and has offices in Seattle, Boston, Irvine, Austin, and Raleigh. I begin most resume writing projects with a get-to-know-you phone call with a prospective client.

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Fun Careers That Don’t Require A 4 Year Degree

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She lives in Raleigh. Some of the most successful people in the world have never set foot inside of a college classroom. Granted many of these people also have special skills or knowledge that most of us don’t possess, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a job you will love without a college degree. The key is to find something that matches the passions you already have and will also have an opportunity for long-term growth in the future.

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Four Tips For Being Confident At Work — But Not Catty

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She’s based out of Raleigh, but was born in Southern California and raised in Vermont. Women in the workplace are sometimes thought of as a scary group of people. It’s safe to say there’s a stereotype about women — their cattiness knows no bounds and instead of coworkers, they’re competitors. And when we’re competing, we play both offense and defense. You’re most aggressive when you’re defensive, so… it makes sense. But it only hurts us.

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The Top Cities in America for Women in Business

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She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog. The number of women in executive roles and women-owned businesses has steadily risen over the last decade, with more than 9.4 million firms owned by females, generating over $1.5 trillion in sales. In fact, one in five companies that earn over $1 million in revenue are now women-owned.

Cities With the Easiest Commutes

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Raleigh, NC. Raleigh’s dirt-cheap insurance comes in at about $828 each year, which is less than $70 per month. Raleigh households make an average of more than $60,000 and is the happiest city on our list, coming in at a joyful No. The post Cities With the Easiest Commutes appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Commutes are serious business. Long commutes can be much worse than your actual job, and if it’s too extreme, it might not be worth the aggravation.

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Best Career Coaches in Your City

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Best Career Coach in Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the second-largest city in the state. Raleigh is home to over 470k people and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Raleigh has close proximity to some famed universities, including Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Best Career Coaches in Your City. Career coaches have become more and more common in recent years.

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Asking For A Raise Is Tough — Here’s How To Prepare For It

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She’s based out of Raleigh, but was born in Southern California and raised in Vermont. Asking for a raise can be a daunting task, and new research reveals that many Americans struggle with it. As a professional, it’s just something you have to become used to. Don’t succumb to the fallacy that your company hasn’t offered you a raise because they don’t think you deserve it. At the end of the day, it’s a business that wants the best output for the lowest cost.

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New Study On Automation: Is Your Job At Risk?

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She’s based out of Raleigh, but was born in Southern California and raised in Vermont. There’s no doubt that technology is constantly becoming more advanced and more efficient — and most of the time this is welcomed. However, it does pose a risk for people in certain jobs. If a “robot” can complete the same function, it may mean fewer opportunities for someone to earn a living in that career.

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5 Tips for Military Spouses Pursuing a Career in Teaching

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Raleigh Duttweiler is a military spouse and successful teacher who has seen this first-hand. With 85 percent of military spouses reporting that they want or need to work, finding a stable and meaningful career is highly important for the majority of military wives and husbands. Many military spouses are aspiring teachers or currently have a degree in teaching; however, this career path can be quite challenging due to the frequent moves that are a part of life as a military spouse.

This Week’s GOOD News in the #Workplace


Advance Auto Parts drives 600 jobs to Raleigh, North Carolina: Corporate support center jobs will average $110,000. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about. As a part of our new Job Seeker Sundays we’re bringing you major news stories each week that shine a good light on companies.

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WRAL-TV Profiles The Career Key: Moving Forward Using a Career Assessment

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On January 19, as part of their " Here to Help: 5 on Your Side " series, WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina profiled The Career Key in an interview with Thu Washington, coordinator of counseling services at Wake Technical Community College. Watch "Career assessments can help you move forward" by clicking here. I love how reporter Monica Laliberte's colleagues agree with the personality score she received after taking The Career Key - that she liked being her own boss. I can relate.

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The Original Social Network was Usenet

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Raleigh/Research Triangle, NC (triangle.jobs). Once upon a time, before the days of Facebook, was a series of computer network systems called USENET. Usenet was (more or less) an online forum without frills as all you could do was post text and share files (mostly pictures). It was very low tech by today’s standards, but a LOT of people used them (mostly geeks and academia). Usenet was comprised of several hierarchal group headings.

Career Key Licensee, College Foundation of North Carolina, Highlighted in ASCA School Counselor Magazine

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In 1989, I graduated from the public school system in Raleigh, North Carolina and received financial aid and student loans sufficient to attend an Ivy League school (along with my parents’ help) – no mean feat. In “ Career Exploration North Carolina Style ,” 6th grade Waynesville Middle School counselor Annette Husson, Ed.D., highlights the online career center of an organization that licenses The Career Key, the College Foundation of North Carolina (cfnc.org).

One of job search’s biggest roadblocks: You don’t know what you don’t know

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Mom has room, but lives in Raleigh. We recently completed a full renovation of both bathrooms in our house. The ‘problem’ started as a mushy spot next to the tub in the main bathroom. We learned not to step on that spot, and hoped it didn’t get any worse. About a year after we noticed the floor by the tub, I stepped on the floor in front of the bathroom sink. It gave. Fortunately, I didn’t fall through. Evidently, things had gotten worse.

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How New Businesses Secure Funding

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We asked three small-business owners—Nick Gentry, CEO of Iconic Solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina; Wesley Mathews, co-founder of High Level Marketing in Detroit; and Hesam Meshkat, CEO of Guzu in Los Angeles—to share their experiences with funding and their advice for securing enough  financing for their businesses. Funding can be a major hurdle for business owners.

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Rebooting Your Career – Help Wanted on IT Help Desks

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are experiencing a surge in IT jobs, including Austin, Raleigh, San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco. Picking a career can be tricky. Often times, for many of us, the career picks us. We find a steady job, roll up our sleeves, get to work and start down a career path that wasn’t necessarily part of our ‘game plan.’. But what happens when the path we’re on doesn’t seem so clear?

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Share Your Passion – Be an About.com Guide

Telecommuting Journal

Current open cities include Baltimore, Oakland, Raleigh-Durham, Cincinnati and a handful of others. If you’re looking for legitimate work at home jobs you might keep running across writing gigs that note “$675/mo base” as the compensation. Ever wonder what those job listings are referring to? Well, it’s likely those listings are referring to About.com’s Guide positions.

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Admins Face More Stress Than Ever: Are You Showing Your Appreciation?

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I will never forget the day I hopped in a cab and drove from New York City to Raleigh, NC because a client needed a contract with a wet signature and the mail wouldn’t get it there on time. Now that Administrative Professionals Week has come to a close, I wanted to reflect on my admin-related experiences over the years. Fresh out of college, I was the admin.

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Warning: Your Major is Not a Floatation Device

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Reply Kristen April 10, 2010 at 11:36 pm I second that, cost of living is low, Charlotte and Raleigh are building out transit and there are walkable places in both. I started looking into what he does, and soon enough, I was working in the City of Raleigh transportation office despite the fact that I went to UNC, which has zero point zero zero engineering classes. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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The Hidden Job Report

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In the meantime, the company will focus on Texas, Chicago and Denver, and Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta will have the most job openings, said Mark Boyer, assistant vice president at the firm. | Source : [link]. In this report: 129,556 Hidden Jobs revealed ( 7,736 Hidden Jobs in U.S.A. 121,820 Hidden International Jobs ). If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads?

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The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

In the meantime, the company will focus on Texas, Chicago and Denver, and Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta will have the most job openings, said Mark Boyer, assistant vice president at the firm. | Source : [link]. In this report: 129,556 Hidden Jobs revealed ( 7,736 Hidden Jobs in U.S.A. 121,820 Hidden International Jobs ). If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads?

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Thank You to My Mom (and Moms everywhere) for Their Career Choices

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Later, she would follow him to Missouri and finally Raleigh, North Carolina where she stayed at home to raise my brother and me for a few years. skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices.

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Coworking Telecommuters

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I will say, however, with the traffic increasing in the Raleigh/Cary area AND people just wanting to work SMARTER, I think EVEN NC might be ready to look at Telework Centers. Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Coworking Telecommuters May 26, 2008 · 11 comments It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it. Telecommuters, by definition, don’t really have coworkers in the traditional sense of the word.

Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


Raleigh – Durham Job & Career Network – 1,395 members – a subgroup of Job & Career Network USA. More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn. Not sure how or why to use LinkedIn Groups on your job search? Then read this first: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Jobs with LinkedIn Groups ). LinkedIn lets you join a maximum of 50 groups.

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Live video chat: How to find career fulfillment | Penelope Trunk's.

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Carpet Dry Cleaning Raleigh Removing Pet Smells Posted by kaye klein on March 30, 2010 at 2:40 am | permalink | Reply Webinar is a great idea. Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Live video chat: How to find career fulfillment Posted to: Career fulfillment March 18th, 2010 Del.icio.us

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