Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

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Although recent graduates haven’t been leaving their colleges and universities with optimistic predictions about finding the jobs of their dreams, the current situation on the job market looks promising. Related: 6 Job Search Tips For New Graduates.

3 Factors Employers Actually Review About Recent Graduates

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3 Factors Employers Actually Review About Recent Graduates. Candidate College employers GPA Graduates Larry AltonThere are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the hiring process straight out of college.

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3 Tips for Attracting Recent Graduates to Your Job Openings

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Did you know there are benefits to hiring recent college graduates? Today’s most talented and qualified college graduates are getting offers from multiple companies before they. 3 Tips for Attracting Recent Graduates to Your Job Openings.

Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

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The search for jobs can be quite the daunting task for new graduates. Today’s job market is perhaps the toughest that a college graduate has ever encountered. Your school most likely has a group of graduates, or alumni. People who graduated from your school are very likely to do what they can to help you. For more job tips for graduates go to The Voice of Job Seekers ! Job Search Graduates

10 Ways Recent Graduates Can Effectively Network Online

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Here are some ways recent graduates can effectively network online: 1. Some companies hold virtual career fairs specifically for veterans or new graduates. Online portfolios provide employers a quick overview of your recent work and a short biography.

6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

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Gaining transferrable skills is one of the most important things a new graduate should look for in their first few jobs after graduation. Never is this quote truer than in the first few years after graduation.

6 Ways Recent Graduates Can Stand Out As Professionals

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So, you are a recent college graduate. You keep hearing about the lack of available jobs and that recent graduates are taking jobs that do not require a degree. 6 Ways Recent Graduates Can Stand Out. Career Advice Job Search CareerHMO Coach recent grad

4 Sites Recent Graduates Can Use To Find A Job - Jobacle.com BLOG.


Here are 4 sites that recent graduates can use to connect with companies and find a job in their field of expertise.

How to beat the stats and land a job – 10 top tips from a recent graduate

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Following on from last week’s post on why graduates should ditch graduate schemes in favour of more attainable options, this week I’ve invited Amy Burton, a recent graduate, to share the secrets and strategies that helped her to land her first job – just one month after graduating.

10 Inspirational Career Quotes For Recent College Grads

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Congratulations, recent college grad! However, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed as a recent graduate, especially when you're navigating the job search. Here are some great inspirational quotes recent college grads can turn to if they're feeling discouraged by the job search.

Four Invaluable Tips to Job Search Less And Interview More


At some point, especially if you’re a recent grad, just getting your CV noticed is somewhat hellish in itself, how are we going to cope with everything else? Job Search building a reputation cv content tips interviewing tips job hunting recent graduates recruitment_friendly tips

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A Teacher’s Perspective: Career Advice I Wish I Would Have Followed

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However, there aren’t many do-overs in life, so all I can offer now is guidance for those who are currently in college and those who have recently graduated. Although I enjoy my job as a teacher, sometimes I wonder what else I could have done with my life.

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To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

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If you’re a recent graduate, you might face a major decision: do you continue your education through grad school, or do you jump into the field and start looking for a job? In a recent U.S. In some careers, like law or speech pathology, graduate programs are essential.

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Resumes for Recent College Graduates

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This is a question asked thousands of times every year across the country: “How do I put together a great resume when I’ve only just graduated from college?”

You don’t know if you don’t ask: Part 2, The Strategy

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Dear Mr. <Name>: I graduated with a geology degree and am ready to launch my career as a geologist in the oil and gas industry. Networking Geology How to network Job Search Strategy Networking for recent graduates Non-traditional career path recent graduates

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How To Get An Interview With Limited Work Experience

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Picture this: you come across a job posting and think, "wow, that's my DREAM job!" You instantly get excited about this opportunity and start crafting your resume and cover letter. However, when you work on your resume, you realize that you have very little work experience to show off.

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What's A Personal Brand And Why Do You Need One?

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Maybe you have recently been mentioned in a local news article. Many of the posts on my website focus on developing your own personal brand. They address questions such as: What is a personal brand? Why do I need to develop my personal brand? How do I create a personal brand?

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How to Prepare for Your Career While in College

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“What can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?” I put the question of how a college student can best be positioned to gain employment after graduation before two top academic career counselors.

4 Career Options for History Majors

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Recent Graduate career change college history major option path recent graduateMany may say that taking up history sound to be one of the most boring courses you can take and that it’s meant for those who are nerdy.

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These Are 5 Of The Top Entry-Level Jobs Available in 2019

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Glassdoor recently released a list of the 25 highest paying entry-level jobs in the U.S. Sometimes, entry-level jobs get a bad reputation. Think about it -- what do you think of when you hear about an "entry-level" position?

Recent Grads: How to Survive in the Grown Up World

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Here are some solutions for these common recent grad fears: Fear #1: Being Tired All the Time. So, what are you supposed to do after you graduate? So, how does a recent grad adjust? Recent Graduate career college recent graduate transition

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The 10,000 Hour Rule: Why Young Workers Struggle After College

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Many college graduates and young professionals struggle after school and in the workplace for this reason. I worked there both part-time after school and full-time during most summers, right up until I graduated from college.

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5 Tips on How to Master Juggling a Full-Time Job With Business School

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There’s a bit of a ‘Catch-22’ situation that many recent graduates are finding themselves in today. They need to continue their education in order to […]. Career Advice Business School

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3 Easy Ways to Transition from College to Career

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Most fresh graduates want to conquer the world. Recent Graduate career college recent graduate transitionHow do you navigate change from college to career ? After all, school is vastly different from work. The way people talk, their interests are vastly different.

8 Things Every Career Chick Needs at Her Desk

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Recent Graduate career chick desk recent graduate young professionalAs a young professional , you want to be prepared for anything.

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How College Grads Can Get A Jump On The Job Search

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet.

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Annoucing Ms. Career Girl's Job Search Boot Camp!

Ms. Career Girl

I’m writing a pretty cool job search guide for college seniors and recent graduates. Search the Archives Recent Posts Learn What Others Do to Find Your Ideal Career How to Stay Motivated When Missing the Goal What Should I SAY at a Career Fair?

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4 Pieces Of Career Advice For College Graduates Looking For Work

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Now comes the most rewarding part of your undergraduate education: graduating. Here's how to absolutely crush the competition after graduation. Take time after graduating to learn everything there is to know about your industry (learn it ALL). You did it!

Tips For Breaking Into A Career


Take on a lower position in the field: As a student or recent grad, you may have an idea about the particular position you want in the field. Once you decide what type of field you want to go into (the more specific, the better!),

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What To Do When You Have Doubts About Your College Degree

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Years pass, and you either graduate with a college degree you're proud of, or you graduate with a degree you have doubts about. Network, seek out post-graduate internship opportunities, and create new ways to generate work experience.

How To Avoid Becoming An 'Underemployed' Graduate

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet.

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#1 Thing ALL Recent Grads Need To Know Going Into The Workforce

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#1 Thing ALL Recent Grads Need To Know Going Into The Workforce. But if they’re prepared, new graduates can make that transition a little easier for themselves. So, what do recent grads need to know going into the workforce? Just graduated and need a job?

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Being a Manager Sucks - Jobacle.com BLOG - Career Advice Blog.


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You don’t know if you don’t ask: Part 1, The story

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He traveled a non-traditional path toward graduation, taking almost 10 years to complete his degree. Two weeks after finally graduating, a close family member received a terminal diagnosis. Now, two years beyond graduation, he felt behind the curve because of the choices he’d made.

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How current is that job search advice? | Beware the dinosaur.

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I recently worked with a soon-to-gradate, elementary school teacher. Job Search Bad career advice Career Advice Communication Job Search Strategy LinkedIn recent graduatesphoto by mcdittx via Flickr. She came as a referral from a close friend of hers.

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How To Avoid Becoming An 'Underemployed' Graduate

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for recent college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet.

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The Best Time To Look For A Job After College

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Congratulations on graduating from college! The competition is tough during graduation season, it’s true. Just graduated and need a job? Be Employable Job Search after college finding a job after college recent grad recent graduate

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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College

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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College. Full disclosure: I graduated college a LONG time ago. Related: 5 Tips For Recent Grads Entering The Workforce. If you are just graduating college, congratulations! They are my graduation gift to you.

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3 Ways To Avoid A Minimum Wage Job After College

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Recently, an alarming article came out on Bloomberg , which addressed the increasing amount of ‘underemployed’ college graduates. So, How Do You Avoid Becoming An ‘Underemployed’ Graduate? What Are The Hardest Challenges Facing College Graduates?

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How Graduates Can Strategically Build Their Careers

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Most graduates don’t have an answer ready, and that’s perfectly fine. About 35% of all graduates leave their first job within a year. If you’re interested in more practical graduate job hunt advice, visit our Online Training. Happiness Career Path passion recent graduates

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7 Common Job Hunting Mistakes Students Make

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It’s because job hunting is complicated, especially for those who are entering a new field as newly graduated professionals. Graduating? I Graduated, Now What? Job Search recent graduate student

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6 Job Search Tips For New Graduates

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Quite often graduates end up in a job that is well below their qualifications, become unhappy, and question their competence. Job Search Tips For New Graduates. Here are a few job search tips for new graduates that could give your efforts a boost: 1. Job Search recent graduate

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Your College Degree Doesn’t Matter To Employers – Here’s Why.

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So, your shiny college degree doesn’t set you apart from the thousands of other graduates just like you. O’Donnell, your aptitude and personality can really help to set you apart from all of these other recent grads. Plus, most recent graduates don’t have a ton of experience to offer employers. Just graduated and need a job? Be Employable Job Search college degree college graduate first job recent grads recent graduates

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