Episode 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update


A few weeks back, we had our Triple Threat webinar discussing FMLA, WorkersCompensation and Disability on Blogging4Jobs. Episode 28: Your FMLA, WorkersCompensation & Disability Questions Answered. In the HR world, one area that is hard to keep up with is the employment law landscape and eligibility requirements especially in the areas that I call the Triple Threat which are ADA, FMLA and WorkersCompensation.

Seven Tips to Successfully Hire the Right Candidate

Ms. Career Girl

While Craigslist ads, twitter posts, and employee recommendations can locate a variety of talented potential employees, the pool of job seekers that those methods reach can be relatively small. On top of those other methods, I would recommend employees try utilizing at least one of the higher quality employment websites. One hiring manager I know, for example, would discount any individual who had a history of filing for workers compensation from their previous company.

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What to Know When Suing Your Employer

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Seeking outside counsel is appropriate here and can also be pursued if your employers’ workerscompensation plan is insufficient or does not cover the injuries you’ve sustained. What to Know When Suing Your Employer.

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There’s a Rising Demand For Child Care Providers – And Salaries Are Spiking.

Ms. Career Girl

While that can lead to frustrations for working parents — who need reliable care in order to go to work — it’s also an opportunity for in-home child-care workers, such as nannies and part-time caregivers like after-school sitters. In nine of the job-oasis cities Care.com studied—including Atlanta, GA , and Austin, TX —the average wage for child-care workers is double that city’s minimum wage. There are several steps we recommend to caregivers that can help them get the job.

Self-Help Action Plan 1: “Totally Frazzled from Work? Here’s What You Can Do”

Sklover Working Wisdom

During Your FMLA Leave of Absence – SEEK WORKERS COMPENSATION? If you and your doctor believe your condition was caused by something at work, and do not think you will be able to return to work, you might consider seeking Workers Compensation, which is a state-run program that compensates employees “injured on the job” for both (a) lost wages and (b) medical expense. SkloverWorkingWisdom™ – Self-Help Action Plan 1. Totally Frazzled from Work?

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“How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?” “How How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?” Published on May 29th, 2010 by Alan Sklover Question: I have been bullied by three co-workers for the last three months. Because of that injury, I have been placed on a Workers Compensation leave of absence. My manager told me not to mention to the Workers Compensation Board that my co-workers contributed to the cause of the injury.

Take These Crucial Steps to Rebuild Your Career After an Accident

Corn on the Job

With the help of a work accident lawyer , for example, you’ll be able to efficiently navigate the complexity of workerscompensation and industry regulations. Also, depending on the nature of your injury, seek recommended follow-up care with a physical therapist , psychiatrist, or any other health professional who will provide support for long-term physical and emotional healing. Take These Crucial Steps to Rebuild Your Career After an Accident.

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Independent Contractor or Employee? The Basics

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The most common scenario seen by employment lawyers and Courts is for employers to try to characterize true employees as independent contractors in order to save money on such things as (a) employee benefits, such as vacation, sick days and health insurance; and (b) legally required payments, such as unemployment, Social Security contributions, and workerscompensation coverage. . “If you are not happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you get.”. - Unknown.

The Role of HIPAA Laws for Employers & HR


Also known as OHR or Employee Health Records , these are a result of a post-offer employee physical, workers compensation or other workplace injury under OSHA. Managers or HR from sharing healthcare informatio n with co-workers or the boss. Recommended HIPAA Resources. I recommend checking out the following resources to learn more about HIPAA Privacy Laws, starting with the Department of Health Services Health Privacy Information Page.

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Job Search at Work? 5 Must-Read Tips


to give you a positive recommendation. Also do not use current co-workers as references no matter how much you trust them or value their friendship. It could be for more money, the opportunity for better growth, an issue with a co-worker or boss, etc. Put less pressure on yourself by job searching while employed. This is a guest post by Dave Thomas. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines.

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“I experienced workplace violence, left early, and was suspended.

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If you have an injury, you have a right under Arizona law to file a WorkersCompensation claim for any medical costs and any lost income. Click an icon below to share and recommend this post: This entry was posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 at 1:00 am You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 Recommend Our Blog to Friends - Its Free! Salary, Raise, Bonus, Compensation G. References and Recommendations Z.

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“Becoming a Consultant? – Here are 21 Smart Points to Raise”

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The reduction in employee headcount provides employers with lower overall expense, especially as to benefits and legally-required payments, such as mandated contributions to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, unemployment benefits, and workerscompensation plans. Sklover, of Sklover & Company, LLC, a law firm dedicated to the counsel and representation of employees in matters of their employment, compensation and severance.

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Using Holland's Theory and Career Interests to Help Your Clients

Career Key

After a passport fiasco (of my own making), I finally made it to the beautiful shores of Lake Waskesiu in central/north Saskatchewan where my gracious host, Jac Quinlan (at left) from the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board was nice enough to let me speak a day late. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level since 1987: Vote at USDOL to Recommend The Career Key Website.

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“Vacation and Vacation Pay – 50 Frequently Asked Questions”

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Generally, executive employees are provided more vacation time than clerical workers. . On the other hand, generally, employees on unpaid leave or “income-replacement” leave, such as (i) workers compensation, (ii) short-term disability, (iii) long-term disability, will not continue to accrue paid vacation time while on leave. . I would always recommend that you keep a record – at home – of when this happened and how it happened, for later use if you need it.

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I found an ad for my own job, my manager tells us to bill for hours we didn’t work, and more

Ask A Manager

My manager says that this is to compensate for low hourly wages and vastly varying workloads, and to make everything stay under the radar–if everyone gets the benefit, no one will rat him out. And telling you to report extra hours “to compensate for low hourly wages” is pretty outrageous — the company sets the pay scale and if he takes issue with it, he should advocate for higher wages, not enlist you all in fraud. It’s five answers to five questions.

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

For instance, New York requires employers who have any employees based there to establish a workers compensation insurance account and a disability insurance account with the state and to make ongoing payments into them, among other statutory requirements. Since I wasn’t expecting this review, I was not prepared to discuss my overall compensation. Reading through your posts, I’ve noticed you highly recommend people wear suits.

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my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Of course you and your co-workers should be paid for company errands – but in many companies being clocked in or out tracked more than hours. aspect, because this is part of your job and you are punched in, you would be covered by Workers Compensation coverage, although your personal Auto insurance might also be involved, if you were in an accident. I left with a glowing recommendation letter and hugs from the boss.

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