Don’t Ignore Your References

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Maybe it was because when they contacted your references, something went wrong. Good references are one of your biggest assets in a job search because they are independent witnesses who testify that your skills and work habits are suitable — that you will be a good fit for that job.

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Asking for a Reference

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Dear Deb: Is it necessary to ask someone to be a reference? Secondly, most employers really don’t check references, right? Dear Sebastian: Yes, absolutely, you should ask each reference personally before sharing their name with a potential employer. Ask Deb references

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Gathering Your References

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It used to be that you always ended your resume with the line “References Available Upon Request.” ” Now that statement is mostly left off of resumes because it is deemed a given that you have references and you will be able to produce them when asked.

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Who Make Good References?

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Picking your references is a very important part of your resume, yet many people do not take them into proper consideration. Your references are important for potential employers to get an opinion of you from someone other than yourself.

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Who Should You Choose as a Reference?

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While references are not generally included on your resume anymore, the truth is that before you are given any job vacancy you will usually be asked to provide references to speak on your behalf. Choosing professors or advisors as a reference is acceptable.

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College Grad Job Search – References

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References and Thank You letters, both of which are key components of any job search. Land your First Job College Grads Thank You Letters

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How to Ensure Your References Are as Helpful as Possible

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The best resume writing services will help you with your references. It’s standard practice nowadays for employers to check with references before deciding to hire a particular candidate. Sometimes the best resumes that get you hired are the ones with the best references.

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Résumé Help: References on a Résumé?

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I focused on the reference portion of this candidate’s résumé He had a second page that only contained his references. Let’s take a few minutes to review this example and identify how to share references in your initial resume submission.

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Reference Letter vs. Letter of Recommendation

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Dear Deb: What is the difference between a reference letter and a letter of recommendation? A letter of recommendation is stronger than a reference because the writer is actually recommending you for a job. A reference letter is more general in nature.

Employment References in Retail


Employment reference checks, job verification, background check, whatever you want to call it , it’s absolutely necessary part of the hiring process. I’m doing a reference check on a candidate for a mid-level person in my company.

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Call or Email References?

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One of my readers for Hiring Geeks That Fit gave me feedback that I should tell people to email references. She said that calling references was outdated. If you are an introvert, you might want to email references. If you are an extrovert, you might to call references. If you want to get a better, off-the-cuff reference, call. Read this article, Do you know what your references will say? True quotes from reference checks. (I

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Incorporated by Reference – Key Words & Phrases

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What is the meaning of: “ Incorporated by Reference ” ? The simple phrase “incorporated by reference” makes it necessary to review not only the “new” agreement in your hand, but also the “old” agreement (or agreements) now being incorporated into it, which you may have signed decades ago.

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5 Ways to Overcome a Bad Reference

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In an ideal world, all bosses would be fantastic , and the only bad references would be for former employees who deserved the bad reference. This means that lots of people have a bad reference out there. Here are five ways to overcome these bad references.

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The Power of Qualified References in Executive Job Search

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How to select, qualify and prepare references to reinforce your personal brand and confirm the value you offer your target employers. Now they’re asking for references. Checking references takes time and costs money. Build and qualify your reference list.

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3 Reasons Recruiters Should Check References


Regardless of how time consuming and frustrating checking references can be, they are an important part of the hiring process. In today’s post, we will look at why taking the time to call and email a candidate’s references and past employers is a good practice. HR references

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Do References Belong on the Resume?


One of the most asked questions I receive via my blog is about including references in the resume. There is no written rule about including references and typically the questions I receive are related to three main issues: Should I include references in the resume? If I do decide to include the references where do I put them? How many references should I include? Will references help my resume application?

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Back Door References Can Hurt

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→ Back Door References Can Hurt Posted on February 9, 2009 by johanna Several of my colleagues are concerned by their “back-door&# references, or unintentional references. That’s why I didn’t provide that person as a reference.&#

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Asking for References

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I’ve never seen him work and I explained I could not provide a reference. In Choose Enough References , I suggest asking people who can explain the value of your work. Let me be more explicit: Do not ask people for references who cannot attest to how you work.

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Who Should You Choose to Use for References?

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Writing a professional resume requires choosing the right references. Job references can be an important part of the interviewing process. Just because you are friendly with a co-worker doesn’t make them a good professional reference.

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How Can I Ensure I Receive a Positive Reference from a Previous Employer?

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If it is still of concern, you can hire a reference checking service. Ask Deb Job ReferencesDear Deb: I am considering a career move. How can I be sure my prior employers will not say negative things about me?

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You Prepared for the Interview…Did you Prepare your References?

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What happens from there has a lot to do with you, and if you nail the interview, then you need to be sure that the final factor in the job search process – your references – are prepared to help you seal the deal. A great resume and fantastic cover letter will get you an interview.

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The Questions You Need to be Asking in a Reference Check

The Undercover Recruiter

The Questions You Need to be Asking in a Reference Check Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Recruiting candidates hiring manager Mighty Recruiter reference check references skills

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10 Ways To Get Your References To Rave About You

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You aced the interview, and you know the company likes you because they just asked for your employment references. When a company wants references, it means they’re seriously considering hiring you. Update your references when you start your search.

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Job References: How to Get the Best Recommendations


There’s only one problem; you don’t have any job references to offer potential employers. This is a common dilemma faced by job applicants either because they’re fresh college graduates or they aren’t sure who to list as references.

Do You Know What Your References Say About You?

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I’ve been a reference for many peers, previous employees, previous managers, and even clients. About a month later, I received a call from his current manager, asking for a reference. Why did he want a reference from me? Because my ex-employee gave my name again as a reference. I explained that I was uncomfortable giving a reference when he hadn’t worked for him for over three years. “Well, you’re one of his references.”

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Recommendations, Referrals, References and What They Mean

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If I can’t refer people because I believe in them, I don’t refer them—which is like a reference. References are a different beast. If I work for you for a significant time, and you can judge my work, then I can ask you for a reference. When I ask you for a reference, and you agree, I expect a reference. Sometimes, my consulting clients also ask for references, which I also provide. References are golden.

5 actions to treat your references like royalty

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Quality job references are gold. So why do we treat our job references so poorly? I’ve given a lot of job references in my career — and no one has a process down outside of, “Can I use you as a reference?”

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Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

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Jun, 2010 16 Comments A strong resume and interview may place job seekers in the running for a position, but a new survey from OfficeTeam finds the results of a reference check can be the real deal maker — or breaker. This article gave some great tips for creating a reference list.

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Using References On Your Resume


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Networking 101: How To Establish References

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Establishing references can be really difficult, especially when you’re looking for a job and don’t seem to have a strong list of potential references. However, this shouldn’t be neglected because, in many ways, references can make or break our future careers.

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6 Steps To Asking For A Reference

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The references you provide to the employer for the job you REALLY WANT are more important than you imagine. A missing in action reference can really kill your chances of a job offer, especially if the choice between you and another candidate is a close one.

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Fake Job Reference Services: Watch Out!

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Article Overview: You may have heard about new web-based services that are offering fake work histories and references for job seekers. In tough economic times, some unemployed job seekers are taking desperate measures to make up for a spotty work history or poor references.

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what to do when a potential reference turns you down

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A reader writes: How do I respond to a rejection email from a potential reference? I am a graduate student and requested a reference from a professor I know well. I was shocked when she responded, “You can use me as a reference, but I would have to be honest… if they ask me about your timeliness or reliability for example, I cannot say that it is excellent. outside references

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my boss will give me a bad reference

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A reader writes: What do you do when your current manager has shown he or she will purposefully give unflattering references to leaving employees? The potential employer contacted him anyway, and our manager purposefully gave an unflattering reference. (My Should I give thank-you gifts to my references? You may also like: can you ask a reference what they said about you? outside references

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Why Reference Checking Is A Lame Recruiting Technique

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Why Reference Checking Is A Lame Recruiting Technique. One such glacier-like practice in my mind is employment references. You know the drill: It’s offer time, and you ask the candidate for references. Work It Daily.

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8 Ways to Be the Perfect Professional Reference - BLOG.


Here’s how I ensure I am the perfect professional reference. If I’m your reference, and you don’t get the job, it ain’t on me, buddy! This might sound a little selfish, but as a reference you have now gained contact with YOUR next potential employer.

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4 ways to help your job references help you

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Job references — and the people who make them — are often overlooked in the job search. But your job references support you when it counts. Let’s check the ways you can help your references help you. Keep current contact information for your references.

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How to Deal With a Bad Reference

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This week’s question is about dealing with bad references : “I used to work for a psychotic person (Literally. Although I have found employment (by a local organization that knows this person and didn’t bother asking her for her reference), it haunts me.

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my employee lied about a reference

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He told me that one of his direct reports had asked him for a reference for a part-time weekend gig to make some extra money. He said that this staff member was a high performer – in fact, he views him as being one of the best – and so therefore he didn’t have any qualms about giving him a reference. And he has a mind to call back the woman in HR of the other job that he gave a reference to and tell her what happened.

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Not All References Belong On your Resume


Do you have a career related question or require resume writing services ? Contact the team at RedStarResume. The journey to finding your dream job starts with a brand new resume. Tips from the Pros resume writing resume writing service resume writing services writing services

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Better Check Your References Before the Employer Does

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There has long been a debate regarding references and whether or not to include them in a resume. Many applicants are uncomfortable providing the information up front, preferring instead to simply state that references are available upon request.This is an outdated method and I always encourage clients NOT to write that on their resume, rather

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I Check References Each and Every Time I Extend An Offer

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He said he doesn’t check references. I check references each and every time I extend an offer. I check references for people who do work on our house. I check references for people we ask to stay overnight with our children. Well, I check recent references.

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Reference and the Employment Process: What to do?

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References are a critical step in the hiring process. Most companies will call about 2 or 3 of your references and ask them different questions about you before they decide if you are the right candidate for their position. You need to make sure that your employment references will An employer WILL check yours.

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