Have You Looked At Your Credit Report?

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Among the rest of the things you need to do before that job interview, looking at your credit report is up there in priority. Here’s why it should be done before that job interview: The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the federal law covering the whole issue.

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Trust in the Workplace with Payscale

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Sean Leslie from Payscale is my guest this week to discuss the new Payscale report, “ You’re not the Boss of Me – Trust in the Workplace.” Sean is the Senior Content Strategist at Payscale who first report the survey results. Workplace workplace

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7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances

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The post 7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances appeared first on Ms. Generally, follow the rule that if it happens in the workplace or is connected to a business relationship, it’s business. Myth #5: there’s no reporting necessary.

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McKinsey Report: Managing Others and Influence Safe From Next Wave of AI/Automation.

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McKinsey has a pretty good report out about where machines/AI can replace humans, and where they can't. What you learn from the report is that AI and other forms of automation aren't new related to their ability to destroy jobs and cause dramatic restructuring of workforces as we know them.

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Report on Millennials: Young, Underemployed & Optimistic

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The Pew Research Center recently released a report including findings from a survey of over 800 young adults, ages 18-34. The survey was conducted in late December 2011 and revealed facts about Generation Y and the workplace.

Why Was the May Jobs Report So Bad? Job Postings Went Down


The initial BLS Jobs Report for May , released in June, reported that the American economy gained only 38,000 new jobs in May. Last week, along with releasing much a stronger June Jobs Report, the BLS also downgraded the May report.

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10 Ways To Increase Workplace Safety

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Safety in the workplace is vital to a well-functioning warehouse, or manufacturing environment. It’s the law to report all workplace injuries to the Occupational Safety Health Administration. Insist on safety in the workplace. 5 Ways To Maintain A Safe Workplace.

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Workplace Injury? What to Do If You’re Hurt at Work

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The post Workplace Injury? Workers’ compensation laws vary by state, but here are eight general things you should do if you ever find yourself involved in a work-related accident: When Hurt at Work Report Your Injury Immediately. Be Sure Your Employer Completes a First Report of Injury.

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August Jobs Report: Let’s Talk Labour Statistics for Labour Day


The August jobs report fell short of expectations but the news wasn’t all bad. The BLS revised June growth from 292,000 to 271,000 jobs added, and the July report from 255,000 to 275,000. With every new jobs report comes revisions to the previous report or reports.

What Causes Conflict in the Workplace?

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Conflict in the modern workplace is unavoidable. By understanding the various types of workplace conflict and their underlying causes, you’ll be able to tackle worker disputes with a sense calmness and professionalism. Have you encountered conflict in the workplace?

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Bells and Whistles in the Workplace?

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« Does Gender Determine Workplace Strengths? Main | How to Organize a Panel Discussion » March 10, 2011 Bells and Whistles in the Workplace?

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7 Ways Managers Can Build Trust in the Workplace


Trust is one of the most important things you need in the workplace. Help managers learn how to identify and avoid bias in the workplace. Trust isn’t the magic key to workplace bliss. Welcome to the Workology Podcast where we discuss the science and art of the workplace.

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The #HRBasics Guide to OSHA Workplace & Safety Reporting


Blogging4Jobs is bringing you a special two-week series on basics in the workplace. For the last seven years, no one had documented on any type of OSHA form our workplace incidents so I started with the less than desirable task of manually work through 7 years of employee incident document to bring us in compliance and avoid a hefty fine as required by the OSHA governing body. HR hr basics hrbasics osha workplace safety

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Prevalent Yet Subtle Workplace Bias Erodes Productivity and Engagement

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A new study has found that more than a quarter (27 percent) of those who experience discrimination at work report the bias to be common, impactful and beyond their ability to manage. Prevalent Yet Subtle Workplace Bias Erodes Productivity and Engagement.

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Why Genetic Testing and the Workplace Don’t Match

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The Wall Street Journal reports that several companies are using genetic testing to help employees lose weight or learn about certain cancer markers. To keep reading, click here: Why Genetic Testing and the Workplace Don’t Match Sounds awesome, right? Wouldn’t you like to be prepared and take precautions if you knew that you were genetically predisposed to breast cancer?

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4 Steps to an Employee-Friendly Workplace


An employee-friendly workplace is one that places priority on making employees happy at work. For people in upper management and HR, we often interact with a lot of employees—not just the handful of people who report directly to us.

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Bullying in the Workplace?

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According to a 2011 Career Builder survey , 27% of workers felt bullied in the workplace. Workers under age 24 and workers over age 55 reported bullying in higher percentages.

Professionalism in the Workplace by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Recent grads are becoming more laid back, but their future workplace may not be. The 2012 “ Professionalism in the Workplace Study ” surveyed a national sample of HR professionals, upper class undergraduates, and managers or supervisors.

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3 Ways Social Science Can Improve The Workplace

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Not surprisingly, the academic discipline has affected one of the most tangible facets of human life: the workplace. Related: How To Build Positive Workplace Relationships. With that said, here are a few ways to use social science to improve the workplace.

5 terrible workplace policies that good companies don’t have

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Workplace policies are supposed to serve the needs of the business – which includes attracting and retaining great employees. News & World Report today, I wrote about five of the worst workplaces policies that good companies have jettisoned long ago but which lesser companies continue to cling to. outside workplace practicesAnd yet some truly terrible policies have stuck around for decades, despite fairly sweeping changes in work culture.

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Is Microsoft PowerPoint Still Relevant in the Workplace?

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The post Is Microsoft PowerPoint Still Relevant in the Workplace? The fact that you’re bored during these presentations is not your fault, but the presenters’, and that is exactly why PowerPoint is still relevant in the workplace.

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Dealing With Workplace Betrayal – Part 1


If you have spent enough time in the workplace, you have probably suffered the surprise of betrayal. What I’m talking about is when a workplace friend or mentor engages in conduct that advances their career at your expense. This is the first in a four-part series on Dealing with Workplace Betrayal. Workplace Betrayal. These actions usually arise in a workplace setting as: Tattling. Do not confront a subordinate about going over your head to report your error.

Jobs Friday: The November BLS Jobs Report


The BLS Jobs Report is long and not exactly the most exciting read, in and of itself. But here are some reads I’ve found useful so far: The October Jobs Report in 12 Charts. 5 Things You Need to Know About the Jobs Report. Jobs Report Bolsters Case for December Rate Hike.

June Jobs Report: 287,000 New Jobs, But Unemployment Up


After a shocking May jobs report , economists, employment experts and market analysts were eagerly awaiting the June numbers, delayed a week due to the July 4th holiday. Keep in mind that June’s 287,000 could be revised in time for the July report, either up or down.

Build a Culture of Workplace Flexibility


An even broader debate, however, “has arisen between HR professions (who have to administer flexible work programs) regarding workplace flexibility tools in general.” One thing is critical, reports Kelly, is the intersection between these workplace flexibility tools and various employment laws.

Sexism, Jill Abramson’s Firing, and How it Impacts Your Workplace

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Career Girl readers know well, workplace sexism and harrasment is all too common, and the truth is that if it happens in your office, there’s no reason it couldn’t happen in the office of the most trusted news organization in the country.

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What’s the Future of Social Media in the Workplace?

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Today’s blog post will be talking about the world of social media and it’s future in the workplace. The Emerging Workforce Study by Spherion has examined the issues and trends impacting employment and the workplace for more than 18 years.

Expense Reports That Get You Fired: Did the Receipt for Your Company Picnic Look Like This?

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WorkplaceBecause if it did, you won't have a job when this one goes through accounting. Check out the receipt for a recent company party below, then see the notes below the receipt for the company and circumstances. Notes: . obviously RedBull is used for mixed drinks these days. -1 1 Corona?

5 workplace trends to be thankful for

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But there are some significant changes underway in the American workplace, and they’re offering workers real advantages that most people didn’t have a decade ago. News & World Report today, I talk about five positive developments that have been changing the workplace in the last few years, including the growth in telecommuting, an increase in laws requiring paid sick leave, and more. workplace practices

Signs of a Dysfunctional Workplace

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Also, in your second interview ask the manager to define the reporting structure between the service reps, you, and the sales reps. Ask Deb WorkplaceDear Deb: I went to a job interview for a customer service supervisor position.

5 Tips on Managing Millennials in the Workplace

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Today’s workplace also includes Generation X (born between 1965–1976), Baby Boomers (1946–1964) and Traditionalists, born between 1900 and 1945. Millennials bring many gifts to the workplace. By Terri Klass and Judy Lindenberger.

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Will Millennials End Up Being Less Creative in the Workplace?


My thought about this subject is that collaboration is one of the major things Millennial employees seek in the workplace.

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Happiness Is Leading Factor of Workplace Influence


This article is Part 4 of an ongoing series on influence in work, life, and the workplace. This article is Part 4 of an ongoing series on influence in work, life, and the workplace. In Part 1, we discussed how someone is determined influential.

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Improving Communication In The Workplace

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Improving communication in the workplace can be difficult in large companies as there are lots of people to communicate with, potentially on different floors, but is equally as problematic in small businesses. The post Improving Communication In The Workplace appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

coworker mock-slaps me, reporting a coworker’s inappropriate comments, and more

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Can I legally report her for wrongdoing and to whom? I was supporting a senior colleague in an external-facing meeting, and he made a number of analogies using terms generally inappropriate for the workplace. If you’re uncomfortable repeating it at all, you could explain that, but I’d urge you to just report the language dryly and factually. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Coworker regularly mock-slaps me with a clipboard while yelling at me.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Safety Tips for Employees

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Ways to Prevent a Possible Shooting Incident at Your Workplace. Make Your Workplace Secure. Report any broken lights or locks. Report such individuals to security or the police. Be responsible for questioning and/or reporting strangers to supervisors.

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the rise of the Dark Knight workplace vigilante

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The Guardian has a pretty funny article on “Dark Knights of the office” — or, as they put it, “lone vigilantes who police the workplace, ever watchful for heinous crimes that cannot go unpunished. Our paper is the first to demonstrate that workplace vigilantes are indeed among us, in virtually every industry,” DeCelles and Aquino add. workplace wellness programs aren’t so effective — surprise! workplace practices

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March Madness sheds light on the real workplace revolution

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Women don’t care about workplace stuff and men don’t care about home stuff. The New York Times reports that women work more hours at the office than men do. The real workplace revolution is not happening at work.

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Dealing with Workplace Betrayal – Part 2


This is the second in a 4-part series on the all-too common occurrence of workplace betrayal. You tell your best workplace friend about it and, BAM, she raises the idea as hers at the next meeting. If you elect to report your colleague, don’t let the grass grow under your feet.

Workplace Bullying

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Livingston is a reporter in my hometown of La Crosse, WI. But what about bullying in the workplace? So, what are the facts about workplace bullying? In my online searching, I was shocked to find a website for the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI).