The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you are a recent graduate looking to break into your first career job or a seasoned professional moving on, you should have little trouble getting a bite on your resume. The fact is, over the past several years technology has drastically changed the way employers evaluate your resume. Back then, the software scanned a resume, identified keywords, scored and ranked the applicant against the job requirement and other applicants, then tracked them through the hiring process.

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Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords

Avid Careerist

Job seekers often ask me, “How do I identify resume keywords?” The post Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords appeared first on AvidCareerist. Resumes Uncategorized Resume Keywords (3 More Posts ” Until recently, that was a tough question for me to answer with an explanation that made sense. While I. Read More.

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6 Tools to Help Launch Your Job Search

Career Alley

This includes a few key documents you will need to draft (such as your resume, cover letters and thank you letters). If you’ve drafted a resume, you know how difficult this can be (and if you haven’t, you know it will be challenging). Even if you have a version of your resume, it is probably wise to take another look and update it as necessary (another great resource is 5 Steps to a Great Resume ). Is a “fee based” resume writing tool better?

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Changing Jobs? Use These Online Tools to Help With Your Resume


Putting together a resume is hard work. But, did you know that the average recruiter only spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume ? How do you make sure your resume gets more time than 6 seconds? If you want to make sure your resume stands out from the pack, it’s important that you use the right tools to create your resume. But, what tools should you be using? Check out this guide to discover the top online tools to help you with your resume. .

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Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities

Professional Resume Services

Familiarizing yourself with the common tools executives use to operate at their full potential can make a major difference in your confidence entering the new position. Read more » The post Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Taking on a new leadership opportunity can come with undue stress surrounding the demands and qualifications of the role.

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People are Not Tools

Hiring Technical People

Building Rapport with Personal Conversation → People are Not Tools Posted on October 23, 2009 by johanna I’ve been reviewing job descriptions from clients that are a laundry list of tools. People are not tools. Here’s how I categorize technical skills: functional skills, subject matter domain expertise (problem-space and solution-space), tools and technology, and industry skills. Most people can learn new tools relatively quickly.

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Resumes versus LinkedIn Profiles

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your resume is your heavy duty marketing tool and LinkedIn is your job search social network and job search tool. LinkedIn Resumes

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Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

Executive Career Brand

To give you an idea, here’s what appears directly below my name in my email signature: C-level Executive Personal Branding & Job Search Strategist — Executive Resume, Biography, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ Profile, Online Presence, Career Brand Communications. Executive Job Search Executive Networking Executive Personal & Career Branding Executive Resume, Career Biography & Cover Letter LinkedIn Social Media & Social Networking personal branding social media

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6 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

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Need help writing your resume or CV? Your resume is your most important job search tool and it can be quite difficult to write if this is the first time you've created your resume. Resumes CVs

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5 Tools To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Resume

Career Realism

You probably don’t like spring cleaning; it’s about as tiring and tedious as updating your resume. But like spring cleaning, improving your resume has a huge payoff. Think of the resume as your home, cleaning it come spring gives it a fresh look and makes it look welcoming for guests. An updated or “cleaned” resume, on the other hand, gives you the upper hand when an unexpected opportunity (a job offer or a recruiter) comes knocking at your doorstep.

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Are You a Tool?

The Job Quest

Linkedin Twitter Facebook rss Home About Services & Packages Contact Recommendations Resources The Job Quest Helping You Reach Your Job Search and Career Goals Are You a Tool? Posted by Melissa Cooley on | August 30, 2010 | 2 Comments Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool&#. While it sounds like you would be a mere cog in a wheel, I see a good tool as doing so much more. How else can you be a good tool?

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LinkedIn Has A New Tool To Use

Professional Resume Services

So the research shows that people who are even vaguely familiar with you are more apt to see your value, and the “How You Rank” tool gives you a customized list of ways to improve your ranking. And I like how you can use the tool to track your networking progress and analyze the results. The “How You Rank” tool is good, but a professional evaluation that works with you to improve your online brand is better.

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The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool


Amanda Ryan is a Program Development Associate & Senior Resume Writer at RedStarResume. Amanda is a highly skilled resume writing expert and career expert who also specialises in creating, writing and developing career content, working alongside student and graduate job seekers and developing career content for newsletters, partners and career websites. Need the help of a professional resume writing service ?

New Grads Embracing Social Media as Job Search Tool

Resume Bear

New college graduates are embracing social media as a job search tool, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Nearly one-quarter of 2012 graduates using social media identified it as a research tool, up from 17 percent just a year ago, and up from 15 percent among 2010 graduates,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. Social media as a job-search tool has gained traction since NACE began tracking its use in 2008.

5 Tools That Every Recruiter Needs

Undercover Recruiter

All of the different components of the jobs, from cold calling for new clients, postings your jobs, sourcing candidates, reading resumes and performing interviews, can take up most of your day. 5 Tools That Every Recruiter Needs. Recruiting Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Data scrapers Email finders recruitment tools scheduling Video Interviews Zack GallingerRecruiting can be a long slog.

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5 Must-Have Tools for the Professional Woman

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Must-Have Tools for the Professional Woman appeared first on Ms. While we are in the mood to improve, we should consider what tools every career girl needs to have handy. There are 5 must-have tools for every professional woman, which she should have up-to-date and ready to go, at all times. A Current Resume. Career Girl Tip: Keep a Word version of your resume for editing, but when you submit your resume, be sure it is always in PDF format!

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Social Recruiting Tool — Social Job Matcher


Good news is that Bernard Hodes offers a new solution for job seekers and recruiters alike when is comes to offering an easy to use tool that instantly uploads and connect you and your community to jobs based on your work experience with that pesky corporate careers website. This tool makes the use of proper key words and verbiage contained within your social profiles.

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Modern Tools for Modern Job Search

Career Alley

Career advice Careers Job Hunting Job Search Job Search Boards Resumes Job Search Marketing Toolkit“Why can’t somebody give us a list of things that everybody thinks and nobody says, and another list of things that everybody says and nobody thinks.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. A few years. Want to find the best jobs and job resources? Visit

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14 Powerful Networking Tools and Strategies to Implement Now

Competitive Resumes

Tools: 1. To quote Jessica Dillard, the founder of Dillard & Associates : “It doesn’t replace the resume, but in particular environments [it can] go before it.”. I prefer to keep my scheduling tools accessible from all of my devices. Talking with the right people can yield relevant intel for your resume, interview, or partnership.

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A Nifty Personal Brand Writing Tool: Wordnik

Executive Career Brand

Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

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3 Tools For Creating An Attention-Grabbing Resume

Career Realism

Related: The Worst Resume Advice I’ve EVER Heard. LinkedIn recently reported that, on average, hiring managers spend 6-seconds on each resume before deciding to keep it or toss it in the trash (I mean, the recycling can. So, how do you build a resume that will capture the attention of hiring manager’s rifling through a stack of hundreds of qualified applicants? Here are three tools to help you: 1. 15 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Resume In 30 Minutes Or Less.

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Executive Resumes: Are You Job Hunting With An Expired Tool?

Tim's Strategy

In fulfilling your efforts to make good on your “new job” resolutions, you have to pull out your professional resume; there is a lot of talk about resume becoming extinct, but here we are in 2013 and employers and recruiters still need your resume before they meet with you or schedule an interview. A tall order for a document, but it can be done effectively if you keep these five resume strategies in mind: A. This is a guest post by @AbbyLocke.

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Proven Job Search Blog Grows Into Innovative Online Software Tool

Tim's Strategy

Tyrell-Smith announced today that a new online job search strategy tool has just entered private beta. Why this strategy tool and why now? . “I This strategy tool solves a major problem for job seekers at a critical time in their lives. “. The new online software tool, simply named “Tim’s Strategy” (named after the blog) delivers a structured and strategic process to help users create a personal and customized job search strategy. It’s A New Year. .

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What Is The Best Job Search Tool? Failure

Professional Resume Services

Failure is your greatest tool and I am going to help you understand why. Failure really is your best tool. Job Search erin kennedy failure failure as a motivator finding a job professional resume services resume searching for a jobFailure is inevitable in a job search. The likelihood that you will find the perfect job and that you will get that job in your first search is next to none. This means that you will have to search again and again. You will fail.

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4 Best Tools For Creating Online Portfolios

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Knowing and understanding what tools are available to you will help you make the most of yours. Okay, this isn’t so much a tool that you can actually use, but it should be the first thing that comes to mind. Many portfolio tools work wonderfully for traditional jobs – advertising, business, sales, and anything artistic lend themselves well to these tools. 3 New Tools To Visualize Your Accomplishments. Job Search Resume online portfolio tools

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Most Important Business Tool? Internet.


And we usually did a little dance when a resume was faxed in, for it meant that the candidate was up-to-date on technology. Web-based profiles, Boolean strings, Google, Online resume searching software and social and business networking sites seem to be changing the face of the game…, or are they? ” Most recruiters, and business professionals – for that matter, still list the phone as their number one tool. Many businesses have embraced social media.

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7 Fatal Resume Errors

Career Alley

? Tip of the Day : Include Keywords in Your Resume- Leverage the same keywords in your resume that are used in job descriptions for jobs where you want to apply. My company was recently recruiting for an experienced hire (5-10 years) and I was given the task of reviewing resumes and recommending a short list of candidates to interview. The vast majority of resumes were very well written and had good formats. Read your resume several times before sending.

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3 Underused Tools For Effective Job Applications

Career Realism

On top of finding the right position and getting references in order, you also need to worry about the application process, which in most cases involves a resume and a written questionnaire. Related: 5 Great Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters. For your resume, writing, formatting, and submitting will be your focus. You can just as easily survive the process with a few tools. Start off with the main drafts of your answers and your resume.

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Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, January 3rd, 2011 Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 This month’s Career Collective topic is trends, tools, and hiring practices for 2011. I love writing about career tools that help job seekers keep informed. What particularly resonates is how empowering these tools are to individuals in search. Jan 4, 2011 - 10:01 pm Dennis Well done, Barbara, most of tools you referred are new to me.

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

Career Alley

A video resume is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise description of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. With a video resume, it is easier for candidates to present themselves before prospective employer. Moreover, it also helps employers assess the candidacy of a candidate that would have been otherwise vivid in a traditional resume.

Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

Executive Career Brand

5 questions my clients ask me most often about resumes and other career documents. My resume stinks. Start by making your executive resume an interesting read. If your executive resume is still partying like it’s 1999 , you need to think like a resume branding pr o, with 10 Do’s and Don’ts. And always be mindful that grammar and spelling errors really matter in your resume, biography, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and any other personal marketing content.

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7+ Career Tools Every Professional Needs

Career Realism

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion or just a change of pace, these seven-plus career tools will make sure anyone you encounter in the working world will know exactly how you could help them or someone they know. The SlideShare presentation below guides you through many of the necessary questions and tasks to set these tools up. Quantifiable (Not Subjective) Resume. Check out these related articles and tools: 10 Key Steps To A Successful Job Search.

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When Is A Status Symbol An Investment Tool?

Professional Resume Services

That’s why the way your resume looks on the page is an important factor of resume writing. It’s one thing we look for when asked to critique a resume. Just like a resume can have all the right stuff without the best presentation, you can be a good fit for a job and miss the chance to prove it because you didn’t research the unwritten clothing code in that particular workplace. People judge on appearances.

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5 Helpful Resume Tips

Career Alley

Resumes are the trickiest bits of writing that the average person is likely to have to deal with in their lifetime. Here are a few great resume tips to help you make a great impression so that you’ll get that job interview and the chance to present your skills in greater depth. This first of these resume tips might be the most important, and it’s the theme that we’ll be returning to throughout. These tools exist to assist you, no to constrain you.

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Most Important Job Seeking Tool? Your Brain, not Your Resume

Competitive Resumes

The Voice Of Job Seekers.from the page of an empathetic resume writer. As resume writers, trainers, and job coaches, that same road remains intricate and delicate. BLOG.COMPETITIVERESUMES.NET: Most Important Job Seeking Tool? Your Brain, not Your Resume Most Important Job Seeking Tool? Your Brain, not Your Resume Your BRAIN is the most significant tool that you possess for job hunting. Are you desperate enough to lie on your resume?

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Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Building Your Resume

Career Alley

But marketing your resume is much more complicated than just letting your target market know of your product, it must be done in the right way with the right tools. In this case, your job search marketing toolkit includes: Your resume (see 5 Steps to a Great Resume ). With that said, this article’s links focus on Resumes. Resume Formats – There are lots of different resume formats (chronological, functional, combo, etc.).

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3 New Tools To Visualize Your Accomplishments

Career Realism

Related: 3 Tools To Explore An Anonymous Job Search. For example, my resume says: “Re-inventing CRM by creating a segmented loyalty communications strategy that houses communications in the platform vs. an under-performing email program.” Their resume talks about how they build relationships with customers to grow business. You could use some of the tools below to create visuals for your accomplishments and then share them with your manager.

Should You Use a Resume Builder for Your Executive Resume?

Professional Resume Services

We’ve all seen online resume building tools, but are they really as useful as they seem? Resume builders can be helpful for people who need a starting point for crafting their executive resume. However, since most resume builders are limited in what they can do, they can’t be relied on completely most of the time. Many executives use executive resume writing services in addition to an online resume builder to help give the resume a professional appearance.

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ResumeBear Hits USA Today: Four online tools for navigating the job market

Resume Bear

Resumes, cover letters, applications and interviews are all things that can be more than a little daunting when applying for a job and starting down your career path. Yet, knowing which tools to use can make this step less painful. A resume: that 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper marks all of your skills and experiences in the past four years. After researching ways to improve my own resume, I stumbled upon “ ResumeBear ,” an online resume builder tool.

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9 Job Search Tools Every Job Hunter Must Use


Use all of the following tools in order to make the most of your job search and minimize the time it takes to land a job. These tools use every arena available to get you professionally known and wanted by employers in today’s changing job market: on paper, in person, online, and through friends and acquaintances. These are your tools. Free resume reviews are offered on her website at www.composureresumes. 12 Free Tools To Promote Your Job Search Self.

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LinkedIn is a great tool to build your online personality

Resume Bear

LinkedIn is a tool that I use more than most other tools, and as I said, it is a great tool to begin your strategy to create your online personality. A hammer is a tool, and you can build a shelf, a doghouse, or you can build a home. The first step to building a house is to determine the location, and for our purposes that is using LinkedIn as the tool to build your online profile.

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5 Great Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters

Career Realism

It has been widely documented that recruiters spend about 6-seconds on the average resume. It is no wonder; they are flooded with resumes on a daily basis. Not only that, the average resume is filled to the brim with “responsibilities” and “accomplishments.” Let’s be honest, reading just isn’t where we are as a society anymore and, unfortunately, the resume has yet to evolve… at all. Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters. Job Search recruiter too

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Resume Building

Career Alley

The most important job search document is, of course, your resume. Having the best resume possible will be the key determining factor as to whether or not you will get an interview. Whether you are brushing up an old resume or starting from a blank piece of paper, you need to spend the time to get it right. Your resume is a living document that will change as your job search progresses. Step 3 – Organization – Putting the pieces of your resume together.

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