Research Reveals How HR Uses Social Media


I’m often asked about how human resource pros, recruiters, and talent management people are using or can use social media in the professional and corporate work environment. Social media can provide a distinct business advantage. HR Toolbox recently unveiled a survey that provides some interesting insights into h ow the HR industry is using social media and their findings might surprise you. Average social media consumption is in excess of 7.5

Learning Social Media is Easy in Small Bites!


Has learning social media turned your business world upside down? Are you still struggling with how to apply social media to your business strategies? Learning social media and embracing technology puts you in a vulnerable spot. I’ve spoke with countless boomer-age executives who admit that they only have a “surface knowledge” of social media, but know they need to learn more. Learning Social Media with Business Leaders.


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Employer Social Media Could Save US Companies $370 Billion in 2012


I’ve long been a fan of social media for the purposes of research, information sharing, and relationship building. The social intranet or employee social network is defined as an internal platform where all employees can author content and connect easily. Corporate Social Networking & the US Economy. Yes, Aberdeen’s data and research is a little old and yes, corporate social media networks are not the end all be all solutions.

2012 99

6 Ways HR Can Protect the Return on Social Media Investment


HR must take steps to protect the company’s return on social media investment. Employers that do not have a marketing department or outside public relations, media or advertising vendor often turn to employees to run their websites and create a social media presence. Use documents that place employees on notice of your expectation that the company’s Internet presence, white papers, contact lists, followers and identifying marks, belong to the company.

Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Part 2 – The Rise of Social Media and Mobile


The rise of social media and the ever-increasing use of mobile devices changes the way we do business and communicate; why wouldn’t it change how we recruit? The Rise of Social Media and Mobile. These numbers are not insignificant; they represent the whole world embrace of social media and the internet. Now consider that over half of all active users in social media access their social networks via their mobile device or smartphone.

Marketers Fail to Understand and Reach Professional Women

Ms. Career Girl

Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Marketers Fail to Understand and Reach Professional Women by Nicole Crimaldi on June 8, 2010 Yesterday I spent some time reading a white paper by Ad Age and published by Meredith called, “ The Reality of the Working Woman.” Along with working in finance, Nicole consults with businesses on SEO, social media and all things online marketing. Is the most cutting edge work done for online media? Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

2010 189

Social Media Secrets for HR & Recruiters


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | HR , Social Media Social Media Secrets for HR & Recruiters Posted on 10 July 2010. NAHCR is a recruiting and healthcare association, and both of us were fortunate enough to work together and discuss how social sourcing can be used for both social media good and evil.

Showcase Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments

Executive Career Brand

Here are some ideas that will make strong network updates: An online article, blog post, or white paper you’ve published. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Networking Executive Personal & Career Branding LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking personal branding social media

2016 174

Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

Executive Career Brand

Below that I note a few credentials, then list my social media links — blogsite, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter — and close with my contact info. Include links to your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, if you’re active there. A recent noteworthy publication of yours (book, e-book, white paper, etc.) Platforms like WiseStamp allow you to include various apps in your signature, for social media activity, and images or graphics, for better visual appeal.

2013 218

VisualCV: The Social Media Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

It’s all about defining your executive brand and then creating your brand and value proposition messaging to express consistently across all your career marketing communications channels – paper/digital documents, online presence, and in-person interactions. A fully-fleshed out, multi-media rich VisualCV can be your one-stop online destination for recruiters and hiring decision managers to find just about all they’ll need to know about your promise of value.

10 Characteristics of a Social Leader


On June 14, I had the great fortune to attend the Working Mother Media 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Summit on the Business of Social Media in New York City. ASTOUNDING STATS SHARED BY SOCIAL LEADERS. 20% customer satisfaction improvement by companies using social (Sandy Carter, IBM). 54% of companies expect to support their customer service processes with social capabilities within two years.*. It’s social business.”

2013 103

Personal Branding and the Email Signature Dilemma

Executive Career Brand

One or two briefly-stated career distinctions (could include relevant certifications/credentials, a recent noteworthy publication (book, e-book, white paper, etc.), Social media - include links to each of your accounts, if you’re active there. list other applicable social media]. Your executive job search is underway, or about to be, and you’re working on your branded email signature.

2014 183

Content Marketing for Recruiters on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

White papers (typically a compilation of blog posts). Content Marketing for Recruiters on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]. Branding Recruitment content content marketing Instagram marketing media recruiters slideshare social viddyAs a recruiter, what type of content should you be putting out online? And what is your company doing to create interesting content for your target audience?

Keep Your Personal Brand Top-of-Mind with LinkedIn Updates

Executive Career Brand

An online article, blog post, or white paper you’ve published. An online article, blog post, or white paper that mentions or quotes you. An online article, blog post, or white paper, written by anyone, that is relevant to your niche. [This is my latest article as''s Personal Branding Expert ].

2014 185

How to Write a C-suite Executive Career Brand Biography

Executive Career Brand

Break up long, dense paragraphs into 2 or 3 smaller ones to add more white space, drawing readers’ eyes down the page and compelling them to read the entire document or web page, if it’s an online profile. Encapsulate your full bio into a tidy one or two paragraph mini-bio to include when you guest blog, write articles or white papers, or publish anything online or offline.

2017 201

29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Include up to 3 links to your website, blog, VisualCV, or other online profiles, or white papers/articles you’ve written, so people can get more on-brand information about you and see what else you’re up to. If you’re even fairly active on Twitter, let people know that you’re there, and social media savvy. 29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes is a post from: Executive Career Brand.

The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


Social Media is exhausting. Let me restate, doing social media right is exhausting. The dark circles were not brought on by conference parties, as many might suspect, but by late night blogging and creations of the next day’s social media strategies. Someone in the circle looked up from her phone and said, “Is anyone else tired of social media?” Is Social Media Hurting HR?

2013 115

Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember

Executive Career Brand

They want to know that potential leaders of their organizations are savvy with social media and technology. ? They want to see social proof of all the claims you’ve made in your career marketing materials. Your social media footprint provides them insight into your passions, interests, thought leadership, communication skill, potential culture-fit, and other valuable information, that fills out the resume you may have sent them.

2013 189

can I ask my boss why my coworker quit, mentoring a student with questionable social media judgment, and more

Ask a Manager

Mentoring a college senior with questionable social media judgment. Last month I was instructed to write a white paper regarding some very technical information. I was incredibly proud of myself when I finished a near-perfect paper in less than three hours. I was shocked and frustrated: not only did he not contribute any official “authorship” type work on the paper, he barely even edited it! It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2016 27

How to Use the New LinkedIn for Executive Personal Branding – Part 2

Executive Career Brand

Some ideas for updates: An online article, blog post, or white paper you’ve published. Social Recruiting and Your Executive Job Search. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Networking Executive Personal & Career Branding LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking c-level executive job search c-suite personal branding

2013 187

Recruiting Technology – The HOT Trends


Recruiters are able to reach global audiences thanks to the spread of social media networks and mobile communication tools. One of the companies in the list, Broadbean , is releasing a free white paper today which will discuss the five hot trends today in recruiting technology. Social . This 6-part Blog Series and White Paper - The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology produced by Reputation Capital & released by Broadbean. .

Executive Job Search: Update Your LinkedIn Network

Executive Career Brand

Some ideas for updates: An online article, blog post, or white paper you’ve published. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Networking LinkedIn Social Media & Social Networking c-level executive job search social networkingExecutive Job Search: Update Your LinkedIn Network is a post from: Executive Career Brand.

How to Get Your Personal Brand Into Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

Start with LinkedIn – the most important social network for any job seeker, but especially for executive job seekers. They may wonder whether you’re up-to-date and social media-savvy. If you don’t have a blog or website, this is a great place to put a link to your online career portfolio, any notable press about you, a white paper you published online, etc.

2012 204

Why Podcasting Might Be Your Best Employee Communication Secret – Part 1


The message is the same as the blog post, white paper or video I’ve written or shot on the topic. HR Social Media Employee Communication podcastingWe’re all busy with work, family and just living life. Employees, managers and HR are looking for ways to squeeze more hours, minutes and just things into the day. I think I’ve found the answer through podcasting. Podcasting As an Employee Communication Platform. Podcasting is my new absolute love.

2015 107

“Deeper Social Integration” — HOT Trend #2 in Recruiting Technology


Tech-savvy recruiters discovered social media quite a while ago — how to make it benefit their job has been bubbing and brewing for quite a while. Innovation, like free social media, has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. Trend 2: Deeper Social Integration. I love Social Media.

Effects of the Skills Gap on Tech Hiring


Social and Mobile tech is helping jobseekers to search for jobs and recruiters/hiring managers to find quality hires more quickly. We have seen explosive growth in mobile technology and are learning to accept and get along with the constant connectivity provided by social media. Mobile and social job advertising, along with the creation and proliferation of mobile recruiting apps, not only aids the hiring process but speeds it up a great deal.

2012 116

Executive Brand Online Reputation Management: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency

Executive Career Brand

You need a good mix of static profiles/web pages and vibrant real-time content: — A personal website (or better yet, a blogsite) to use as your one-stop hub, with branded career bio (your “About&# page), other career marketing pages and links to all your social networking and social media activity. Joining conversations and starting your own on Twitter, Facebook, other social networks. Publish white papers on relevant sites.

Get Your Executive Brand Into Your Email Signature

Executive Career Brand

According to the site: Email Apps enable you to easily customize your email signatures with your personal social profiles and allows you to add to each outgoing email dynamic content such as your latest eBay item, recent blog post, your latest tweet or a cause to promote. A recent noteworthy publication of yours (book, e-book, white paper, etc.). Get Your Executive Brand Into Your Email Signature is a post from: Executive Career Brand.

2011 154

Job Seekers Getting Googled, Volume and Relevance

Resume Bear

Depending on which areas need the most attention, apply the tips below: Volume enhancers: If you need more results that are about you, set up social networking profiles on many sites by editing your current branded bio and establishing accounts at naymz, ziki, ziggs and other sites. Publish relevant white papers to There’s no debating it, your online reputation will impact your ability to get a job.

2011 207

4 Job Search Tips for the Passive Candidate


Make sure you’ve added the new feature of skills and qualifications to your LinkedIn profile , cleaned up your Facebook Timeline, and added a professional headshot and pictures to your social networking and web sites. Social media management tools like Hootsuite offer the ability to schedule content to multiple social networks allowing you to work during the day while still reaching thought leaders, industry thinkers, and hiring managers at the same time.

2012 103

Most Important Business Tool? Internet.


Many businesses have embraced social media. This information was forwarded to potential candidates along with an intro letter flawlessly worded and spaced on our firm’s letterhead and business card, which was perfectly paper clipped (with a white paper clip only) to the packet. As we move forward with all things new media, that speed continues to pick up. Think of where social media has gone in that short amount of time.

2012 101

The Resume is Dead


As a matter of fact, back in 2007, Michael Fiore rang an early death knell with his white paper, “ The Traditional Résumé is Dead …” I think I can hear a fugue playing in the background. Do you follow the words on the paper, letting only those words guide your gut? ” Well, more corporations are embracing social media. And a challenge to Daeda’s statement is as simple as applying for a job online…, no paper involved there.

2012 95

5 ‘Driving’ Tips to be a Thought-Leader

The Undercover Recruiter

The current global economy combined with the huge role social media plays in our daily lives demands that each one of us considers how we can stand out amongst all others who offer similar skills, talents, and backgrounds. Other ways to be a personal publisher to drive your thought-leadership is to write a white paper or manifesto to state your position on a topic. Tip 5: Be a Resource for Media.

2012 87

Representative Weiner's online conduct: a reminder to employers.


Surveys & White Papers. Representative Weiner’s online conduct: a reminder to employers about the dangers of employee misuse of social media and company resources. The scandal surrounding Representative Anthony Weiner’s exchange of sexually explicit photos and messages over social media, e-mail, and text messaging highlights for employers the dangers involving employee misuse of social media and company electronic equipment.

2012 40

The Resume is Dead


As a matter of fact, back in 2007, Michael Fiore rang an early death knell with his white paper, “ The Traditional Résumé is Dead …” I think I can hear a fugue playing in the background. Do you follow the words on the paper, letting only those words guide your gut? ” Well, more corporations are embracing social media. And a challenge to Daeda’s statement is as simple as applying for a job online…, no paper involved there.

2012 65

New Focus on HR Vendor & Content Services


In 2011 , there seems to be an increase in awareness and activity among the human resources and recruiting vendor community about leveraging social media. And by social media I don’t mean just your average Twitter and Facebook account. White Papers. Let me help you design and author a white paper that is more than just a three page advertisement.

2011 60

How To Get Your Brand On Brand: The Secrets To Success

Ms. Career Girl

These should remain with you throughout your entire journey as a business and should be reflected in your products or services, website and social media, adverts and most importantly brand logo. Engage with Social Media. A large part of how brands deliver their key values and messages these days is through social media. Within your social media strategy, and indeed your brand values you should think about how you communicate with your audience.

2018 145

C-level Job Search: Blogging? What Am I Going To Write About?

Executive Career Brand

If they like to write (and perhaps have a number of articles or white papers under their belt) and have something to say about their industry and areas of expertise, starting their own blog is a good-fit strategy for their brand communications plan. Or, you can set up your blog to look like a career web portfolio or personal website with no blog stream at all – just pages and perhaps several important articles or white papers. How Much Social Media Is Enough?

2010 168

Career Smarts: 6 Things You Should Be Reading

Tim's Strategy

Social Media Strategy for Business. Industry Reports & White Papers. Tech Republic White Papers. As we all know, job security is no longer something that can be taken for granted in today’s market. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and downsizing have taken their toll. This is a guest post by Greg Johnson. Changes in technology and regulations happen at an amazing rate.

2013 72

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

Resume Bear

These companies are perfecting the art of integrating marketing with social media. John Hodgman: Hodgman owns the “pasty-white, nerdy intellectual everyone loves to hate” niche. This is the Twitter feed for the social media guru. Search Marketing Now: This feed is a great resource for homework and research help, with tweets with white papers about SEO and other industry topics. Marketing is everywhere.

Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Part 5 – Refining Quality-ofHire


Part 2 – Trend #4 The Rise of Social Media & Mobile. To that end – this series, white paper, and webinar have been created and produced to assist healthcare recruiters and staffing agencies in recognizing trends and ideas in an effort to abate the staffing crisis they are facing. Those in charge of healthcare recruiting efficiencies consistently seek for ways to do their job better and keep their hospitals & organizations staffed.

2012 100

Why the Healthcare Focus? Explaining My Reasons.


Recognizing the ongoing staffing shortages in healthcare, my company, Broadbean, decided to commission a white paper to aid healthcare-specific recruiters and HR professionals in understanding and taking advantage of the hot trends today. Social Media and Mobile. My first job in recruiting was as a sourcer for a healthcare-specific search firm. We filled positions that were difficult to fill, like OR Manager, Oncology Manager, and ER Manager.

2012 99

Maximize Your Executive Brand Online with the 6 P's

Executive Career Brand

Publishing Provide evidence of your subject matter expertise and thought leadership through: Your own blog Guest blogging on relevant sites Publishing white papers on relevant sites 2. Pontificating Express your opinions on relevant topics and add value through: Blog comments on top sites Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks E-lists, online forums, message boards Contributing to discussions on LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers 4. How Much Social Media Is Enough?

2010 164