Five Strategies for Leveraging Your Online Social Networks

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million participate in online social networks , compared to just 27 percent a year ago.&# networks. This article will provide five strategies for creating online social networking that will help you build your reputation and leverage your contacts.

4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


26th on how to use social media and personal branding by clicking here. While social media seems to be infiltrating nearly every bit of your lives, what about work? A transformation is happening in the way senior leaders and HR professionals view social media. Social Sourcing.

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How Social Networking Sites Can Help You Land Your Next Job

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After all, a scandalous picture or status update can doom your chances of bagging a respectable job, especially as more and more hiring managers take to social networking sites to screen prospective employees.

Social Network Drives Workplace Innovation & Productivity


Corporate Social Media as Collaboration Alternative. Companies are challenged to create and execute a strategy to facilitate knowledge sharing across the enterprise. The MECE principle can also be applied to workplace social networks and online collaboration-.

Social Networking for Career Success, A CNN “Top 10 Job Tweeter”

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Are you using social media tools well enough to help your cause? In my book, Social Networking for Career Success , I teach readers how to demonstrate their expertise online. Some things to think about: Don’t expect social networking to be a magic career wand.

How to Source Candidates & Prospects Using Social Network, Ello #sourcecon


Seems last week my Facebook feed was flooded as people flocked to the anti-social network, Ello. It’s being called the anti-Facebook and looking at the site it’s pretty much an ad-free basic social network where users can engage with friends.

Anatomy of an Effective Social Media Hiring Strategy

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Smart companies know that one of the best ways to connect with candidates is to go where they are: on social networks. However, just being present on these networks isn’t enough. Anatomy of an Effective Social Media Hiring Strategy.

10 Sure Fire Job Search Strategies

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If you have been looking for a new job and asking yourself why it’s hard to find one, it’s time to explore these 10 sure fire job search strategies. The post 10 Sure Fire Job Search Strategies appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

Employee Social Network Brings Employees Closer Together


Corporate Social Networks Solution for Workplace Engagement. Three years ago we launched an employee social network at our company for both professional AND social groups. The buzz around the water cooler was, “I’m not sure about this social network thing.

How Do I Find a Job in the “Hidden” Job Market?

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The main reason is that sourcing and screening candidates online through social networks (especially LinkedIn) is more cost effective and less time-consuming than posting openings online and reviewing thousands of resumes, many of which are submitted by unqualified candidates.

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3 Ways To Make Your Online Networking Count

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The best way to land your next great-fit gig is networking – fortified by targeting and personal branding built around your value to target employers. Along with so many other aspects of executive job search in the digital age, networking has changed and expanded.

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3 Questions For Managers Of Social Networking Groups

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When I speak to social networking groups , I often ask three questions. So after an event a few months ago, I wrote Career Networking Without A Purpose Is Just Socializing. What is it like in your social networking groups? Career And Social Networking

Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet

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Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Break up the long list into various categories to help you prioritize and manage your retweet strategy.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Companies Use Social Networks to Recruit

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Our friend and social media for job search expert Joshua Waldman recently released this infographic along with his new book Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies. Key takeaways from this infographic: - 89% of companies will use social media networks to recruit in 2011. -

6 Executive Job Search Email Content Blunders

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For your safety, never include any sensitive information in attachments (or in an email message, for that matter) – Social Security number, date of birth, etc. The meat of your email message – what you include, and don’t include, in the actual content – requires careful consideration.

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3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

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They put up a bare-bones profile, maybe years ago, and rarely complete it, update it or take full advantage of all the networking and personal brand-reinforcing features LinkedIn offers. Here are a few strategies that I rely on to build my personal brand and promote my business.

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How to Write a Dazzling LinkedIn Summary

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Here are some strategies I use to elevate my clients’ LinkedIn Summary section: As you’re compiling and writing this content, remember to pack in plenty of your relevant keywords and phrases, which you uncovered in researching your target employers.

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Do Cover Letters Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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They come through networking into “ hidden” jobs at the companies and organizations you’re targeting. Since you’ll be networking into the companies you’re targeting, you probably won’t have designated job postings to work from.

How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

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Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely search for social proof (or online evidence) to corroborate the claims candidates make about themselves in their personal marketing materials (resume, biography, cover letters, etc.).

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Oh, How the New LinkedIn Has Changed!

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Most of the strategies I recommend in them haven’t changed much over the past year but, as I got into LinkedIn particulars, I quickly realized that my content updates were going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. Because LinkedIn is such a robust social network.

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The Two Worst LinkedIn Profile Headline Mistakes

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but her strategy was all wrong. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking personal branding SEO social media

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LinkedIn FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Beyond personal branding and this post on LinkedIn FAQs, I’ll be writing posts on the FAQs that represent the major road blocks and/or job search strategies they have told me they need help understanding, across these topics: Executive resumes. Expand and engage your LinkedIn network.

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Updating: A Social Media Strategy For Job Search

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Here is the original (and still relevant) use of the word in social media for job search: “Updating&# is the act of refreshing or providing a reminder of your presence online. Updating your social media presence is important. You are there to network with a purpose.

How Many LinkedIn Connections Are Good For Executive Job Search?

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Your strategy is up to you, of course. You appear to be out-of-date with the new world of work, and not social media-savvy. You need to bring all kinds of people into your LinkedIn network.

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10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online have become essential components of today’s job search. Establish a home base for all your career and job search marketing materials, and social media activity. Get Busy on Social Networks.

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Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Those candidates are providing better “ social proof ” of their value, and they present as more up to date with the digital age and the new world of work. For strategies to balance that fine line, see my post, The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search.

How to Build a Balanced Talent Acquisition Strategy


We all need balance and that’s certainly true when it comes to your talent acquisition strategy. Each requires a very different strategy. Hell, we’ve even sent out our job postings on social media including Twitter. Social Media is Not Your Recruiting Savior.

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How to Conquer Ageism in Executive Job Search

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The 3-Step Strategy to Overcome Age Bias. Until recently, career professionals relied on a strategy to minimize age in our clients’ documents and online profiles – including only the past 10-15 years of career history and not including dates for education.

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10 Years on LinkedIn – Why It’s Still Indispensable To Me

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I now rely heavily on social media to market and promote the services I offer. Other than that first static website and using email, I had no involvement with social media. So many social media platforms come and go within a handful of years.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Build and Engage Your LinkedIn Network. Develop a strategy and scripts to connect with people you don’t know, who will be important to network with. Reach out to your network regularly to see how they’re doing, offer support, and pass along something of interest to them.

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12 Ways To Build Personal Brand Evangelism

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” Brand evangelism comes about when you network well. Stay top-of-mind with your networks. Practice “give to get” networking. That is, do things for your network without being asked. 5 Ways to Build Brand Evangelism for People in Your Networks: 1.

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The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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Understandably, many job seekers struggle with putting themselves “out there” when they’re building their online footprint by using social media. Networking is still the best method. To build an online presence, you need to have a social media strategy.

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Are You Executive Job Search-Ready?

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This is why I always advise that it’s best to first take time to learn about today’s executive job search, and plan your strategy. Do you know how to network your way into the goldmine of “hidden” jobs?

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Create A Target Profile For Career or Social Networking

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But primary to that these days is having a strong career and social networking plan. How To Build Out Your Network During Job Search. So this is about career or social networking with a purpose. You’ve now given your network tangible information to help you.

3 Ways To Get Discovered On LinkedIn: The Thought Leadership Strategy

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The term “thought leadership” was first coined by Joel Kurtzman, then Editor-in-Chief of Booz& Co’s Strategy & Business Magazine. Done right, this strategy helps your target market to find you, to get to know you, and to validate your knowledge when compared to other candidates.

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The Value of Blogging Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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Share the post on other social media outlets. But also, because they’re on LinkedIn, your Pulse articles will draw people to your LinkedIn profile and keep you top-of-mind with your LinkedIn network. Each time you publish a new Pulse post, your LinkedIn network is notified.

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10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success

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Related posts: Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding. Embrace Social Media. Network into the Hidden Job Market. Build a networking strategy that includes in-person interactions (networking events, etc.),

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Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I don’t need an online presence

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You’ve heard that social networking and online presence are important, but they’re just not for you. I don’t have time for social networks and I don’t like the idea of putting myself ‘out there’ online. and when networking.

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4 LinkedIn Ways to Keep Your Personal Brand Top of Mind

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Posting relevant updates to your “Activity Feed” is a relatively quick and easy way to stay top-of-mind with your network – which should include employees at your target companies and recruiters, along with your various professional contacts. An added benefit of using these 4 strategies.

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7 Ways To Contaminate Your Personal Brand and Doom Your Executive Job Search

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You’ll find strategies to deal with this in my post, Personal SEO in Executive Job Search: What’s in a Name ? With a president who thinks nothing of tweeting nasty, defamatory remarks, you may think the rules of social etiquette have loosened.

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