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As technology continues to advance, social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, continue to rule the web. When we find ourselves in times like these, when unemployment is high, people are prolonging retirement, and students continue to graduate into an unstable economy, it’s important that we realize the benefit of using these social networking websites. Related posts: 5 Tips for Leveraging you Social Network in Your Job Search.

Top Companies Leverage Internal Social Networks


At the recent Working Mother Women’s Leadership Summit on Social Business, Sandy Carter, VP Social Business Evangelism at IBM, reported that 43% of companies are using social networks both internally and externally. She also cited a recent a McKinsey Global Institute Study (July 2012) revealing that 90% of businesses integrating social networks are experiencing a 25% lift in productivity.


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Social Network Drives Workplace Innovation & Productivity


Corporate Social Media as Collaboration Alternative. Email, a 50-year old technology, is a one-way communication tool and an inefficient way to collaborate. Companies are considering internal social networks and corporate social media as providing the answer the employee productivity and performance puzzle. The MECE principle can also be applied to workplace social networks and online collaboration-.

What is a Social Network?


In February of 2004, a couple of undergraduate college students at Harvard University launched Facebook and began a technological communication reformation that would go on to change the way people across the world live and communicate. That network would spur countless other similar platforms and social networks that would change the world and the way business as we knew it would be done going forward. Defining “Social Network”. Social Media

4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


26th on how to use social media and personal branding by clicking here. While social media seems to be infiltrating nearly every bit of your lives, what about work? You might be surprised at how savvy recruiters and human resources professionals are when it comes to using social media for recruiting, sourcing, and workplace branding at your organization. A transformation is happening in the way senior leaders and HR professionals view social media. Social Sourcing.

How to Use Social Networks?

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Social Media is about social science, not technology. Social Networks are about relationships with feeling, caring, passionate, thinking people. In Part 1 you’ll notice my belief in and passion for offline networking activities as a powerful conduit to career change, management and development in the 21 st century. Here are some practical steps: Careers Advice Networking Online Reputation & Branding

Create A Target Profile For Career or Social Networking

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But primary to that these days is having a strong career and social networking plan. How To Build Out Your Network During Job Search. So this is about career or social networking with a purpose. Because, as you’ve heard me say before, career or social networking without a purpose is just socializing. You’ve now given your network tangible information to help you. Now you need to identify a target network profile.

Building Actionable Relationships from Social Networking

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QUESTIONS CAREER ADVICE ARTICLES CLIMBING THE LADDER CHOOSING A CAREER PATH INTERVIEWING JOB SEARCH TACTICS NETWORKING RESUME & COVER LETTER SCORING AN INTERNSHIP Home » CAREER ADVICE ARTICLES » NETWORKING » Building Actionable Relationships from Social Networking Building Actionable Relationships from Social Networking September 30, 2010 Tweet View Comments By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert , Deborah Shane ?

The Social Networking Mistake That Could Hurt Your Job Search

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Using the Internet has become a great resource to job seekers but it also comes with its own set of pitfalls – especially in regards to social networking. 1 Social Networking Mistake. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking just because it’s social media that it’s casual. Make your personal social networking profile settings private. Don’t post things on social media you wouldn’t want brought up in an interview.

How Mobile Recruiting & Technology is Transforming HR


Download the full essay on how mobile, technology and HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . HOW MOBILE RECRUITING & TECHNOLOGY IMPACT HR. Social networks and technology are infiltrating every facet of our personal and work lives, and human resource professionals, senior leaders, and business executives are struggling to understand the full impact of this in the workplace.

5 Reasons Why Your Social Network Isn’t Working

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Thousands of social network accounts are created every month. And a large percentage of those new networkers become easily frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working for them. If you’ve been toying around with social networking for a few months you know it’s not that simple. Before you write off social networking as a waste of time, consider these five reasons social networking isn’t working for you: 1. “Are you on Facebook?

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Link Your Social Networks

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We now share a lot of information about ourselves to a lot of people across many networks; and while this has been good for fostering and maintaining relationships that might not have otherwise existed, this sharing has also concealed and created threats that make the overly public vulnerable. Keeping different social networks separate (not allowing much crossover between them) is one way to protect yourself from some of these threats.

Looking Internal at Mobile’s & HR Technology’s Engagement Methods


This is Part 2 of a series on Workplace Trends in Mobile and Technology for the Human Resources Industry. Download the full essay on how mobile & technology are changing HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . Internal social-networking platforms allow for increased information sharing and data storage as well as connecting with coworkers, colleagues, and peers.

Enhance Employee Retention with Technology in the Workplace


Let’s rethink employee motivation and how intention, focus and technology can drive your team’s efforts. Instead of avoiding technology or maybe writing it off as purely a Millenial activity, I implore you to consider how technology just might be a catalyst and a way to connect with your employees to improve motivation and drive transformational change. The Fear of Technology in the Workplace. Yes, I understand the perils of technology.

Should I Refer Job Applicants From My Social Networks?

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Should you refer job applicants you’ve met, or maybe even haven’t met, from the social networks you participate in? Personal Branding Delivers An Evolving Resume If you’re using social media tools correctly (and at this point there are good & bad or right & wrong ways to use these tools), you’re developing relationships constantly. Assessing a candidate’s personal brand on social networks is easy. Networking career

HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: Is professional social networking a.


Is professional social networking a "foolish contradiction?" TOPIC: Is professional social networking a "foolish contradiction?" " Is professional social networking a "foolish contradiction?" Using social networks for professional reasons can be potentially damaging to your career if unprofessional information is exposed, so choose different networking avenues for work and personal use, Marc Hoag writes.

Battle Between Engagement & Automation in Human Resources Technologies


The Future of Human Resources Technologies. The technologies in human resources are just too much. And it is happening squarely in HR technology. Technologies in human resources and human capital management are and will remain an important part of our jobs forever. An HR technology company that develops a tool and software to accomplish this task will be celebrated and rewarded whether it’s recruiting-focused or employee-focused.

Use Technology in Your Job Search

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Like many other things in life, your job search has been impacted by the advance of technology. Careers Networking Social network serviceEmbracing these changes can greatly enhance and accelerate your ability to find your next employer. Fight against it, and you’ll quickly find that your competition has quickly outpaced and outmaneuvered you. In today’s job market, you need to.

67% Percent of Companies Plan to Adopt Work Social Technology in 2012


Social Media and HR’s Place in Business. Social media is no longer an acceptable strategy for online and internet recruiting. It is about social media for collaboration, engagement with employees to help share and information as an employee morale, retention, and knowledge sharing tool. Internal social media and networks are particularly on the minds of human resource professionals. Social Media Statistics and Infographic.

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Ep 59 – 3 New & Emerging HR Technologies #HRTechConf


EPISODE 59: NEW EMERGING HR TECHNOLOGIES – PART 2. This podcast is part two of a three (possible four) part series where I introduce my podcast listeners and blog readers to a group of new and emerging HR technologies. These podcast(s) include a series of short mini-interviews where I talk with CEOs and Founders of disruptive and impacting-making HR and recruiting technologies. You can check out Part 1 of our emerging HR technology podcast series by clicking here.

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6 Reasons Why Your Corporate Social Network is Failing Miserably


This is Part 3 of a series on Internal Social Media. Companies are investing millions of dollars at present on their workplace technologies. Whether it’s a new applicant tracking system, career site or learning management system, companies are investing in technology to help bring their people processes finally into the 21st century. One technology that companies are doubling down on is the internal social network.

External Best Practices for Mobile Recruiting & HR Technology


This is Part 3 of a series on Workplace Trends in Mobile and Technology for the Human Resources Industry. Download the full essay on how mobile & technology are changing HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . When it comes to companies selecting external engagement methods and technology to reach employees, consumers, and candidates, the world is their oyster.

15 Savvy Tips To Boost LinkedIn Profile Views

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And you need to keep yourself and your personal brand top-of-mind with your ever-expanding network. Keywords typically represent your key areas of expertise, or “hard skills”, such as Change Management, Product Development, Emerging Technology Launch, etc. This is not the place to put phrases like “Open to Network” or “Seeking Opportunities in XYZ”. Keep expanding your LinkedIn network. Activities with your networks or LinkedIn Groups.

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Need A Social Kick In The Rear?

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How many one-on-one networking meetings did you have last week or the week before? Whether you are social networking for a job, to build a consulting business or to build awareness of your small business or nonprofit , social networking can play a big role in the effort. And sometimes it feels too social. One of the biggest issues I see with aspiring social networkers is a pretty simple one. And network for meetings there.

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“Deeper Social Integration” — HOT Trend #2 in Recruiting Technology


Tech-savvy recruiters discovered social media quite a while ago — how to make it benefit their job has been bubbing and brewing for quite a while. Innovation, like free social media, has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. Trend 2: Deeper Social Integration. I love Social Media. Applicant Tracking Systems Meets Social.

When Technology Malfunctions…

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Linkedin Twitter Facebook rss Home About Services & Packages Contact Recommendations Resources The Job Quest Helping You Reach Your Job Search and Career Goals When Technology Malfunctions… Posted by Melissa Cooley on | May 10, 2010 | 3 Comments Well, today Twitter’s gone wonky with everyone losing all their followers and the list of everyone they were following.

Get Social Regarding Your Career

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Socially speaking, a job in social networking is quickly becoming a viable career option for digitally savvy job-seekers the world over. From its marketing and customer service benefits to its undeniable popularity, social media is a must for businesses nowadays, which means its career potential is sky-high. Here are just a few reasons why a career in social media provides job stability for the foreseeable future: . Social Statistics.

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How I Deal with Spam & Other Inefficiencies of Electronic Technology


Learn more about mobile technology trends for HR & recruiting by joining our webinar 11/21 at 11 AM EST. Register here. . Sometimes technology really bites. Technology, particularly my mobile phone, tablet and laptop are the mobile office that runs my company, and when technology doesn’t work, there isn’t anther cell phone or landline to run to when my phone mysteriously bites the dust. Solution to Spam and Unsolicited Emails and Social Messaging.

The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes

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Technology has changed the world you live and work in beyond all recognition, and nowhere has the change been greater than in the world of job search and career management. Lack of social networking skills. Most executives simply haven’t spent enough time developing relevant professional networks. The biggest regret for an executive involved in a job search today, is invariably that, “I was too busy doing my job to think about building networks.&#.

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The Real Secrets of Personal Branding

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You could start with developing your LinkedIn profile , attending networking events or other functions. In the world of technology and automation today, it’s easy to get away from authenticity. Blog Career & Workplace Networking Resumes Social Marketing/Online Branding Branding c-level personal branding employment erin kennedy LinkedIn Profile Development social networking

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How To Exploit the New LinkedIn for Best SEO

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When recruiters and hiring decision makers source candidates, they search LinkedIn using relevant keywords and phrases, such as “Information Technology Executive, Enterprise Business Systems”. Instead, create something like this: CEO, COO, President – Global Manufacturing Turnaround Management – Lean | JIT | Demand Flow Technology. Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn User Interface To Draw More People To Your Profile.

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Employer Social Media Could Save US Companies $370 Billion in 2012


I’ve long been a fan of social media for the purposes of research, information sharing, and relationship building. The social intranet or employee social network is defined as an internal platform where all employees can author content and connect easily. This sort of enabling technology can have an effect on employee satisfaction levels, which are surprisingly low and can create a major drag on company performance and the economy as a while.

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Technology and the Aging Man

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One source indicates that nearly half of us in this cultural demographic born between 1946 and 1964 are “members&# of some sort of social network. Facebook seems to be the “drug of choice&# , with Twitter and Linkedin following in hot pursuit. I’ve been invited to Linkedin several times, why I don’t know. I have been. Humor Lifestyle Wisdom Baby Boomer Facebook linkedin Online Communities Twitter

10 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid During Your Job Search

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Beware of these mistakes in using social media during your job search. Aggressively arguing political, religious, social and other opinions. Neglecting to make personal contact with your network. Although you should mine your contacts on social networking sites, face-to-face contact is also essential. Social networking is seductive. Just like companies promote their brand using social media, you need to promote social media yourself.

5 Examples of Tech Permeation in Biz and Life


Though I shouldn’t be, I am always surprised by the difference that technology has made in my life. I am one of those crazy adapters and adopters who follows her gut when it comes to embracing a new technology. Social Networking. Before Facebook and before MySpace…, I had a profile on SixDegrees – a very early social networking site for families and / or friends. I fell in love with social then. Mobile Technology.

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Technology job shortages and rocket science

Cube Rules

Technology job shortages and rocket science Written by Scot Herrick on October 12, 2007 in management 4 Comments - Leave a comment! Business Week’s “ The Great Tech Worker Divide ([link] &# has an interesting look at the conundrum of technology workers here in the US not being able to find work while tech companies are continually complaining about not having enough skilled workers.

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There’s a Helluva Lotta Work in NetWORKing


Takes Work to Network. I love the industry in which I work: HR, HR Technology, Recruiting, Recruiting Technology, Marketing, Social Media, Business, and Strategy all combine to create “where” I work and “what” I do. There is always a sense of urgency, always a need to be fulfilled, always a reason to network, always a hunger for more knowledge. Networking takes Work. Why is it that so many forget the purpose of extended networking?

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How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search

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Recruiters and hiring decision makers search on keywords relevant to the kinds of candidates they’re seeking, such as “Information Technology Executive, Enterprise Business Systems” Working from this understanding, you need to determine which are the right keywords for your particular job search, and place those keywords in the online content you create, in the right places. Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding.

Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Those candidates are providing better “ social proof ” of their value, and they present as more up to date with the digital age and the new world of work. Your online brand communications plan should be built around posting relevant content that will demonstrate your subject matter expertise, and include things like: Posting articles on LinkedIn’s Puls e network. Posting LinkedIn network updates. Getting busy on other social networks – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4 Keys to Creating an Interview-Winning Information Technology Resume

Jennifer Anthony

Information technology employees sometimes assume that they can load up their resumes with technological terms and industry jargon-not realizing that the first one or two people who read that resume probably won’t understand anything it says. Did you administer a company network that successfully protected confidential information for 5,000 customers? A VA can help with blogging, social networking, website updates, newsletter administration, and more!

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10 Best Ways to Get More Executive Job Interviews

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The other day I was speaking with a CIO in healthcare who had been working with a few recruiters and networking a little over the past few months, but had only landed one or two interviews. In other words, be prepared to communicate your unique value proposition and best-fit qualities for your target companies when you network. Network with Purpose into the Hidden Job Market. Put more effort into directly networking your way into your target companies.

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What’s the Best Way to Land Your Dream Executive Job?

Professional Resume Services

Why Networking is an Effective Job Search Strategy. Networking has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s still one of the most effective job search methods. You never know whom you may cross paths with, so networking is always worth the effort. Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles. You have to expect recruiters and hiring managers to search for your name and check every social media profile you have.

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The Two Worst LinkedIn Profile Headline Mistakes

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I don’t know about you, but seeing “Director of Technology” or “VP of Information Technology” in someone’s LinkedIn headline would lead me to believe that person currently (or recently) held that title. This same client could have legitimately claimed in his LinkedIn professional headline (and resume) that he’s an “Information Technology Management Leader”, or something similar.

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